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The Dodgers Will Perfect the Art of the Piggyback

Greetings from blustery South Lake Tahoe.  I do not have my MLB TV so...

2023:What A Roller Coaster Ride

Face it, this season has been a wild ride. More ups and downs than...

A Different Approach to the Playoffs

Well they made it. They won the division and proved the pundits wrong. They...

So You Say We Need Technology

Of course we do, but in a limited basis.  I am in favor of...

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What Qualifies As A Rotation Overhaul?

I wrote: “I agree with Bums. I can’t wait to see an infield of Kiké, Rosario, and Muncy. I think the ...
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WAR: What Is It Good For? 

Times change. Baseball changes. Stats that were the measure of a player's value have changed dramatically since I first watched ...
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Smith and Outman Lead Dodgers Win In Game Of The Year

This one could be a season changer.  It was a wild win.  Will Smith proved to be a hero both ...
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So You’re Not Impressed With AF At The Deadline?

We go through this every deadline and Winter.  Yesterday, one of our commenters said that he was not impressed with ...
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Dodgers Fail To Sweep For Third Straight Series

For the third straight series the Dodgers won the first two and needed to win the finale for a sweep.  ...
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