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How Did the 2023 Draftees Do?

The Dodgers drafted 22 players at the 2023 MLB Draft, and signed 19 of...

2023 MiLB W/L Record and Dodgers AFL Roster

In the first what will be multiple posts with respect to the MiLB affiliates...

Ready or Not – It Is Going To Be the Kids

It has been said so many times that it has become ingrained.  This was...

Moving On

Over the years I have noticed it is really difficult for some fans to...

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Smith and Outman Lead Dodgers Win In Game Of The Year

This one could be a season changer.  It was a wild win.  Will Smith proved to be a hero both ...
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So You’re Not Impressed With AF At The Deadline?

We go through this every deadline and Winter.  Yesterday, one of our commenters said that he was not impressed with ...
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Dodgers Fail To Sweep For Third Straight Series

For the third straight series the Dodgers won the first two and needed to win the finale for a sweep.  ...
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Dodgers On A Roll At The Right Time?

Yep, I believe it is time for the Dodgers to surprise us all again, and this time exceed fans expectations ...
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Jonny DeLuca Web Gems Highlights Game 1 Victory Over Texas

Once again, it was not offense that was a problem. With All Stars aplenty, the Dodgers All Stars out-performed the ...
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