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Dodgers More Reliant on Home Runs

          Oh, what a difference 66 years make. In 1958 when the Dodgers moved to LA, they had a team total of 172 home runs. The most by any player on that team was the 22 slugged by Charlie Neal and Gil Hodges. No one else had more than 18. And those belonged to Carl Furillo in his last full season as a Dodger. He was injured most of 59 and released in 1960. 

         In 59, that number dropped to 148, with 6 of those being hit by pitchers. Hodges 25 and Snider’s 23 led the team. Ohtani has 26 already. In 1960, it dropped to 126. Seems to be a trend there. Only Howard hit 20 or more that season. Frank Howard was the first LA Dodger to hit 30 or more when he slugged 31 in 1962, their first year in Dodger Stadium. But even there, they only hit 140 all year. 

       Since Freidman became the boss, they have not had a season under 187 except the covid year. Since 2017, they have consistently been over 200. 2017, 221, 2018, 235, 2019, 279, 2021, 237, 2022, 212, 2023, 249. At the halfway point this year, they have 113. Easily on pace for another 200 plus season. In the covid year, they hit 116 in 60 games and followed that up with 30 in all of the playoff games. 

       You go back to the last 11 years in Brooklyn, the Boys of Summer teams, those teams hit over 200 homers exactly twice. 1953 and 1955. And they were supposed to be full of power hitters. But it seems almost everybody in baseball slug’s homers now. Chris Taylor and Kike have both had 20 homer seasons.

       No Tommy Lasorda team ever hit 200 homers. The most they got was the 191 in the year that Garvey, Cey, Baker and Smith his 30 or more. 1977. The first LA Dodger team to top 200 homers? The 2000 Dodgers led by Gary Sheffield’s 43. They hit 206 the following season led by Shawn Green’s Dodger record of 49. No Dodger player before or since has hit more. Beltre’s 48 got them back over 200 at 203 in 2004. They were the last LA Dodger team to top 200 until the 2017 team started this run. 

       Are the Dodgers too reliant on homers? One could make the case that they are. Just look at their record this year, they are almost unbeatable when they hit 2 or more homers. One or none, they are not nearly as good. They only hit two in the series with the Giants and lost two games. When they are slugging, they are lethal. 

        The only consistent hitters in the lineup at this point are Ohtani, who is almost a lock to become the first Dodger ever to crank 50 homers in a season, and Freeman. They miss Mookie’s bat a lot. Muncy is not nearly as consistent, but when he gets on a roll, he can carry the team and has done that before. 

      In my humble opinion, they could use a player or two who are good bat to ball skills type players. Someone who also brings some occasional pop with him. I have no clue who might be on the market, but we all know several have been mentioned as possibilities. Home runs are fun to watch, just like great defensive plays in the field. But you cannot build a steady offense by counting on the longball. 

    You need guys like there used to be, Brett Butler, Maury Wills, great leadoff men who set the table for the guys behind them. The game is so much different now, and those days are gone for good. Although there is a trend among some teams to bring back those good contact so so power guys. Steven Kwan with Cleveland is one example, another would be Luis Arraez with the Padres. 

    Might be why the Dodgers took a flyer on Kendall George. He has struggled some, but he has great speed, as witnessed by his 21 steals at Rancho. He also has his BA up to .283. He has no homers, and only 5 extra base hits. But the kid is 19 and should hit for a little more power as he gets some more muscle on him. 

     For now, Dodger fans are going to have to live with the present approach to hitting. It is taught throughout the system, and it seems to be the way they want their players to hit. One player that type of hitting has affected adversely is Miguel Vargas. Miguel has gone back to his old style, and so far, it seems to be working. But he is nothing more than a platoon player right now facing only lefties. I have the feeling he is being showcased for a trade. 

    I am sure you all have your opinions on this. And if you agree or not, I am sure I will see your arguments. But I think that is just the way this organization is wired right now. And I do not see it changing anytime soon. The last Dodger to lead the league in home runs was Duke Snider, with 43 in 1956. Duke also led the National League in home runs in the decade of the 50’s. He had four straight seasons hitting 40. A rare feat. Gil Hodges was second to Duke in the 50’s. They were the only two players with 300 plus for the decade. LA Dodger hitters have come close to HR crowns, Bellinger with his 47 in his MVP year, Beltre with his 48, and Green with 49. 

D. Snider, Dodgers career home run leader 379





OKC Baseball Club 3 – Las Vegas Aviators (A’s) 1

This was a big River Ryan game.  He completed 4.0 innings for the first time this season, and did so on 57 pitches (40 strikes).  He allowed 2 singles and a BB to go with 4 K.  Ryan threw five pitches – 4 seamer, slider, change, cutter, curve.  He got his fastball up to 99 and was sitting 97-98 for the first three innings.  He only threw one 4-seamer in the 4th. Both singles were off sliders. 

Tanner Dodson and Ricky Vanasco pitched 3.0 scoreless innings.  Mike Flynn gave up a solo HR in the 8th.  Matt Gage pitched a perfect 9th for his 1st save.

OKC scored the game’s 1st run on a pair of walks, double play moving a runner to 3rd, and WP. 

A pair of solo HRs by Ryan Ward (22) in the 4th, and James Outman (9) in the 8th completed the scoring. 





Ryan Ward was the only OKC hitter with 2 hits.  Besides the 2 HRs, the other XBH was from a Hunter Feduccia double (14).


Box Score



Tulsa Drillers 3 – Wichita Wind Surge (Minnesota) 2 – 10 innings

Remember the name Chris Campos.  Campos was the LAD 7th round draft pick in 2022 from St. Mary’s.  He was a  2-way player at St. Mary’s.  Remind you of anyone?  Except Campos was a SS while Gonsolin was an OF.  Some considered a sleeper in the draft.

Campos has started 2 games for Tulsa and has completed 6.0 innings in both games.  He did not allow a run in his first start, and allowed one unearned run in his 2nd start.  Overall, at Tulsa, 12.0 IP, 1 unearned run, 8 hits, 2 BB, 11K.  He left the game with a 2-1 lead that stood until the 9th





Ronan Kopp followed Campos and pitched 2.0 scoreless innings.  He struck out 4, but more importantly for him, he walked only 1 batter.

Lucas Wepf relieved Ronan Kopp in the 9th and hit the first batter he faced.  After a strikeout and WP, Wepf gave up the game tying double. 

Tulsa scored a pair in the third.  Bubba Alleyne singled and scored on an Alex Freeland double.  Freeland scored on Taylor Young’s single for a 2-0 lead.



Tied at 2-2 in the 10th, Brandon Davis was the free runner at 2nd and scored on a Bubba Alleyne single for the 3-2 lead.

In the bottom of the 10th, Wepf struck out the first two batters and got the final out on a fly out for the win. 

Bubba Alleyne was the only Tulsa hitter with a multi-hit game (2-4).

Doubles – Alex Freeland (11), Damon Keith (5), Griffin Lockwood-Powell (10).


Box Score


Great Lakes Loons 6 – West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit) 5

Great Lakes jumped out to a 4-0 and 6-1 lead and held on for the 6-5 win.

In the 1st, Josue De Paula led off with a single, moved to 3rd on a Noah Miller single, and scored on a Kyle Nevin fielder’s choice. 

In the third with 2 outs, Noah Miller doubled and scored on a Kyle Nevin single. Sam Mongelli followed with his 3rd HR of the season, and a 4-0 lead. 

In the 5th, Josue led off and reached on an E-3. Nevin doubled to score De Paula, and Nevin scored on a Jake Gelof single.

With Felix Bautista on the mound in the 7th, with one out, a pair of singles, WP, and double scored two.  The third run scored on a fielding error to cut the lead to 6-5.

Michael Martinez and Kelvin Ramirez pitched two scoreless innings to preserve the win with Ramirez registering his 5th save.


Box Score


Visalia Rawhide (Arizona) 5 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 1

Jeral Perez led off the bottom of the first with a ground rule double, moved to 3rd on a Samuel Munoz single, and scored on a Alexander Albertus single.  That was it for the RC offense.

Wyatt Crowell continued his solid pitching returning from his TJ surgery.  This was his 3rd start for RC, and in 3.1 IP he allowed 1 run, 1 hit, 1 BB, and 5 K.  After keeping Visalia off the board for 3.1 innings, 19 year old RHP Sean Linan relieved Crowell with a runner on 1st.  Linan gave up a BB and 2 singles to allow Crowell’s run to score.

Crowell has now allowed 1 run in 9.0 RC innings.


This was Wyatt’s initial RC game on June 22.



Linan followed that up with allowing 4 unanswered runs of his own.

Waylin Santana pitched a scoreless 9th.

  • Carlos Rojas – 3-4, double (5)
  • Doubles – Jeral Perez (14), Cameron Decker (4), Wilman Diaz (11), Jose Meza (4)


Box Score








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I can understand the desire for slug. A guy,goes 1 for 4 w a hr he’s hitting .250 w a run scored. Another guy can go 4 for 4 and not score but he’s hitting 1.000. But I believe there is a benefit in having baserunners almost every inning, moving the line along,running up the pitch count and setting the stage for more runs. As with most things in life there needs to be a balance.


I agree of course Dave, but the Dodgers lead MLB in OBP. They have people on (though not last night), they just leave them out there way too often.

Last night was a team effort. The offense scored nothing in the last 8 innings and the pitching was dreadful. This is another one to put in the rear view.

That said, I would recommend the organization view this game as a blueprint for what is needed to finish off ‘24. If there’s a clutch bat to put in right (or center), and pitching. This team needs pitching If nothing else, some added arms to give the current staff time off.

Last edited 10 days ago by Badger

If you noticed, the bottom part of the order did not contribute like the top part did. This has been a consistent part of the problem which the FO has not and seemingly will not address.

Then there was the pitching………..This team gets imbalanced easily.


Not only that, but the last three pitchers that we sent out are unlikely to be on the team come playoffs if things go the way we all hope.


Well Bear, are you just coming around to this conclusion after so many years of this approach? You are the one that usually wears rose colored glasses. The Dodgers are the worst winning team I’ve ever seen.

Mookie is missed, mucho. He was a great presence in the booth during the broadcast. Very open and talkative. He’s got so much joy and enthusiasm for the game and he seems able to articulate it.


“The Dodgers are the worst winning team I’ve ever seen.” Said the blind man.


Seriously. What a weird statement to make.

Jeff Dominique

I understand his point. Maybe a bit hyperbolic, but is it really that inaccurate?

The team wins during the season because of depth. They lose Mookie, they fill in with Miggy Ro. They have pitching depth, although that too is running very thin. They just have not shown that they can consistently win when it matters the most, in the playoffs.

You call it luck. You might be right. But then why is it that the Dodgers always seem to have bad luck (save 2020)? Because it is not always luck. Why does a whole team go cold in the playoffs? Could it be the wrong approach for the playoffs? Why can’t AF trade for Jordan Montgomery, Ryan Pressly, Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario, Adam Duvall, Joc Pederson, Steve Pearce, instead of Lance Lynn, Bud Norris, Joey Gallo, Tyler White, Brian Dozier? You can point to Manny Machado, but that was out of need for a regular SS. You can point to Max Scherzer but that too was out of need. Where are those bench pieces that others seem to find but AF can’t? Where are those bat to ball skill players that keep the bat on an even plane rather than the extreme launch angle? Could use a few of those WRISP in the playoffs. Why didn’t AF get Luis Arráez or someone similar. Will he? Who are they? I don’t know, but I am not paid multi-millions to know. If his job is to win the most games in the regular season, or to win the NL West, or to have the most 100 win seasons, then AF is a roaring success. Let me know when the next parade is for winning the regular season, the NL West, or another 100 win season. But if you are like me, then you measure success with WS Championships.

Weird? I don’t think so. 

Just because it is different opinion from what you may think, does not make it weird.


“Maybe a bit hyperbolic, but is it really that inaccurate?”
The worst winning teams I’ve ever seen are those low-seeded teams who maybe get a little hot at the end of the season and then have what I think is pretty much a proven advantage over the top seeded of teams who kicked their asses all season long.


It’s weird because it’s totally and completely unsupported and unarguable.

its a statement without value or import. It’s total opinion positioned as fact.

weird and silly

Jeff Dominique

Says you. I just argued a point that success for many of us is winning WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS. You know, like SFG 2010-2012-2014. You like Boston, so maybe you are satisfied because of their 2004, 2007, 2013, 2018 run. It is not weird. It is not silly. It is just different from you. My points of argument are different from yours. Since 1988, the Dodgers have won one WS, and that was in a 60 game season. Maybe that is enough for you. It is not for me. For many of us, your satisfaction with being the best regular season team and then collapsing in the playoffs is silly and weird.


This has nothing to do with the following comment:
“The Dodgers are the worst winning team I’ve ever seen.”

nothing. I have no clue how you got to your current argument from that statement.

that silly and weird statement.

nobody is denying more World Series wins would be nice.

Last edited 10 days ago by Bluto
Jeff Dominique

Again hyperbolic but not inacurate. They are the “winningest” team since AF has assumed control. And yet they have only one WS victory in the last 34 years, in a 60 game season. Since you do not define success with World Series wins and rather call them “nice”, it is easy for you to dismiss the statement as silly and weird. I expect more from the “winningest” team. And I am extremely disappointed every year they lose, as opposed to “Oh well, better luck next year.”

World Series wins would be nice. Kind of like Manfred’s comment about the WS Tropy being a piece of metal?

For the record, I would put Atlanta and Houston (for different reasons) at the top of the worst winning team.

Last edited 10 days ago by Jeff Dominique

What does Manfred have to do with anything?

Perhaps the word nice has triggered you. Let me rephrase. Having a great regular season is very rewarding to me. Winning the World Series would be even more rewarding to me. Does this sit better?

I feel this discussion has moved into the absurd.

Back to the original point:
Cleveland is a winning (better record as of right now) team, by your WS heavy rationale are they not a worse team?

Seattle and Baltimore are both winning teams (right now), by your rationale they haven’t even been to WS recently. They have to be worse, right?.

Is this a serious discussion or are you just creating silly arguments out of nothing?

Last edited 10 days ago by Bluto
Jeff Dominique

Yes thanks to your original statement it has gone into the absurd. Why does every comment that you disagree with have to be silly. Your patronizing and condescending tone is silly and absurd to me. I am done with responding to you. Others seem to ignore you and I just don’t learn. That is a shame on me.

Jeff Dominique

Two more thing (no I cannot help myself). Why Manfred? Because you both made belittling comments about winning a WS. The trophy is iece of metal. Winning a WS is nice.

Secondly – Is this a joke? Baltimore and Seattle have not reached the playoffs the last 11 years, so they cannot be considered winners like the Dodgers, and neither team has the payroll capacity of the Dodgers. Not the same. How silly and absurd of an argument.


They are WINNING teams!

They have winning records!

That what makes the original statement (“… the worst winning team I’ve ever seen.”) so silly and weird.

Your response kinda makes my point, I think. It’s silly to try and define worst and weird to try to define winning as the Original Poster intends or intended.

Your definition of winning seems to be high-payroll teams, who consistently make the playoffs, and don’t win more than one World Series.

Last edited 10 days ago by Bluto
Jeff Dominique

Why does it have to be LAA as a comparison? I don’t think Jeff is asking for the Dodgers to stumble around and then win once in a while. To be as dominant for as long as the Dodgers have been dominant, maybe more than 1 WS is not asking too much. For a lot of fans, it is enough. Especially for those that point out that only 1 team has won more than 1 WS since 2013…Houston. That’s okay. But for others, it is not enough.

I also do not like the comparisons to the Atlanta run of 14 division championships, and 1 WS. They had multiple HOF players/pitchers (and multiple near misses) and yet only 1 WS? That is not success. If the Dodgers want to emulate success, how about NYY 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000. SFG – 2010, 2012, 2014. Boston – 2004, 2007, 2013, 2018.

The Giants absolutely mocked the Dodgers with the Mickey Mouse ears handout last weekend. Everybody knows what that was in reference to. The 2020 WS is considered by Giants fans (and fans of other teams not LAD) a Mickey Mouse WS win. And the Dodgers just laid down and died. Can’t prove it, but I cannot see Kirk Gibson accepting that mockery. Tommy Lasorda? Not a chance.

There is no denying that the 1988 team did not have the talent as the 2024 team does. But IMO there is also no denying that this team does not have the fight or resolve of that 1988 team. Who is the Bulldog on this team? Heck, he went 3-3 in the World Series, hitting. Who is this year’s Mickey Hatcher? Mike Davis, a Mendoza line hitter, went 1-7 with a HR and 4 walks, including the critical BB in the 9th inning of Game 1. He had a 1.026 OPS in his 4 games. Franklin Stubbs? Steve Sax? And of course a former WS MVP (1983), Rick Dempsey, guiding Orel in Game 5. And that is not taking away anything from Mike Scioscia. They do not get to the WS without Sosh against NYM in NLCS. Some teams have the refuse to lose mentality. And some just expect to win because, well…look at our 162 regular season record.

The 1988 team had one HOF pitcher on the roster during the year, but not on the roster for the playoffs…Don Sutton.

The Braves run – Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Chipper Jones all HOF. Near misses – Dale Murphy, Andruw Jones.

Current LAD – Clayton Kershaw, Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman all probable HOF. I know some want to, but I am not yet including Will Smith.

It is not just talent that wins championships, but the best team. Build the best TEAM, and they will win.


It’s just entertainment. Pure and simple entertainment. I’ll take the 6 months of entertainment a year. Everything else is bonus. Especially with the new playoff system. Honestly, I look for sports entertainment in the summer. As soon as the last game is over whenever that is I start rushing around getting ready for ski season.


“If the Dodgers want to emulate success, how about NYY 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000. SFG – 2010, 2012, 2014. Boston – 2004, 2007, 2013, 2018.”

Exactly Jeff D. I certainly enjoy winning the division and contending every year, but it is an empty accomplishment when they do not finish the deal and bring home a WS championship.

World Series championships define great teams.


Fans come in different sizes and shapes, Bear. This fan may not think like many of the fans on this board and not agree with how the Dodgers manage themselves. I’m not really sentimental about players and have forgotten more about the Dodgers past than I remember. It doesn’t take away from my viewing each game as it is played, good or bad. This team is in disarray, but it has enough talent to hide the many holes in how this team is constructed and run. Money makes it go and has since AF and ownership came into power. Catchers like Barnes, allowing 4 SBs in the present game, so far, cannot throw out a runner and has provided a weak bat for years. Heyward, Taylor, Lux, and Kike, all need to move aside and on. Everyone can see that, yet the FO allows it to continue. Every year we see the various holes in our team that never get taken care of because they’ve got HR hitters that deflect your attention. Yes, this fan is frustrated at the ineptness of the FO and the lack of consistent skills many of the Dodgers have, and that is not even looking at the pitching, yet. They need a shakeup in management. It’s the only way they can make real changes in the team’s makeup. They have many players who will survive a management shakeup. No worries of the quality going down from Ohtani, Mookie, Freddie, etc.


To start with, Doc and Prior, since AF is not going to fire himself. If this team is so good, changing the manager and pitching coach should show no change. That is where I would start if this were my team.


Heyward needs to hit much better than what he does to justify keeping a young player in AAA ball. The Dodgers have only so many prospects that other teams might want which limits the spots in the lineup they might improve. I want an outfield of Teo, Outland, and Pages with Heyward on the bench. I would not platoon those three outfielders.

I still prefer getting Pepiot back if the Dodgers add a starter.

Lux is playing good defense and is progressing. I still want a 3rd baseman. The Angels Luis Rengifo isn’t as good of a defensive player as I want but he could play 3rd until Muncy returns and then replace Kike’.

Last edited 10 days ago by Bumsrap
Singing the Blue

Rengifo hurt his wrist yesterday. Going for tests today. If it’s even mildly serious that probably takes him off the market. If he’s OK, I give you my permission to trade for him.

Based on your three outfielders, I guess that means you’re trading Vargas? Maybe you can use him in the Rengifo deal.

And lastly, James has asked me to tell you if you’re going to make him the centerfielder to please spell his name correctly.


While he is in Outland the name fits.

If Rengifo is hurt maybe Friedman will think he is a good fit.

Last edited 10 days ago by Bumsrap

I keep hearing Lux is working hard and even Betts talked about it last night but I don’t see it. His last week stats show an OPS of .535 and he sucks so badly against LHP he’s platooned against them.

I think Outman will return soon and Heyward goes to the bench. Hope it works.

Singing the Blue

Mookie said Lux was working hard.
I’m working hard too. Doesn’t mean that work will make me good enough to be the Dodger second baseman.

Duke Not Snider

Rengifo is an excellent trade target. At age 27–five years younger than Kike–he’s a switch hitter who is having a career year and can play all over the field. He’s under team control for another season. He wouldn’t be a rental, which would add to the cost. He’d be a major UT upgrade.
It might take an overpay to persuade Arte Moreno to deal with the Dodgers, but probably one that the Dodgers could tolerate. How about Cavan Biggio plus 3 prospects like Ryan Ward, Gauthier and an SP?

Singing the Blue

If you insist on including Biggio in the deal, you’ll have to make it 5 prospects.

Wally Moonshot

I doubt if Moreno would do anything trade-wise that would help the Dodgers.

Duke Not Snider

Wouldn’t we all like to see a classic contact hitter or two in the lineup? Two winters back, I was hoping the Dodgers might sign Yoshida for LF–but the Red Sox got Ichiro Lite instead (and in retrospect I’m glad he’s not a Dodger.)
Well, let’s not forget we were expecting to see two high-contact, low-K,high-OBP guys in Vargas and Lux. But neither have fulfilled expectations.
Is Lux progressing? Is he progressing so well that Mookie should return to SS and Rojas be moved to the bench?
I don’t think so.
With Mookie destined for 2B and Lux no longer considered viable at SS, I don’t see how he fits the Dodgers’ long-term term plans. If possible, I would trade Lux straight-up for DeJong or Rengifo–and I’d toss in Biggio too. Or maybe Lux + ?? could get Nico Hoerner from the Cubs.
As for the OF, the return of Outman would shore up the CF defense. Teo would play daily, while Pages could platoon with Outman and Heyward. When Outman doesn’t start, he could be a late-inning defensive sub. Taylor would be in the mix too, now that he’s showing signs of life.
If the Dodgers really think Vargas could be a long-term solution at LF–that contact hitter we’d all like to see–they should play him every damn day. They’ve got a big lead in the West and can afford to give him the opportunity. The fact that they aren’t giving Vargas that chance has me thinking that he’ll be traded–and it would be the best thing for Vargas.
Similarly, the Dodgers should either play Outman in the majors or trade him.
The front office needs to make a few moves to fix this roster.

Last edited 10 days ago by Duke Not Snider

Bringing back Outman insures that platooning will be a priority. I don’t see this as a solution to the OF. Defensively, it can work, but hitting-wise, Outman is not my kind of player. I used to support him but I see now that I did not really have a clear picture of his game. AF needs to make some trades and Outman is a really nice dangle to include in some packages.


And throw in Lux.

Phil Jones

Let’s look at where we are just past the half-way point. 
And I’m not overreacting to last night’s debacle.
*Starting pitching is inconsistent. Between guys on the IL and guys coming off the IL, the situation is a mess. Miller, Buehler, Kershaw, May, Kelly, Gonzo and Graterol are question marks. Treinen has looked shitty. Stone, Yarborough and Ramirez were BP, last night. 
*My main observation is – is this a Dodger team constructed to win in the Playoffs? Let me give you 6 reasons why NOT.
Lux .217, Barnes .208, Kike .206, Heyward .205, Biggio .188 and CT3 .162. We hold out hope that the savior will arrive soon – Max Muncy @ .223. 
*There’s no denying that the top 5 in our lineup are lethal. And they are expected to carry the mail. And Mookie’s return is huge. 
*But some fans clamor to go find a new, likely expensive SS and return our SS, hitting .290, to the bench. I know he’s 35 and needs some days, but we have far greater needs.
*All the while, watching ineffective platoons and our “other” utility guys, not hit.
*We’ve all heard all the perceived deficiencies that keep Outman, Feduccia, Hoese, Ward, and perhaps others, in AAA and Vargas sitting every game. Now he apparently can’t hit RHP. We bring in a guy like Biggio instead of giving Hoese a shot. That says volumes. OKC, for most, must seem like a black hole.
*At this point in the season it’s my opinion that the Dodgers are the most overrated team in MLB. There’s no middle class. We have the 5 or 6 elite position players and 7 bottom feeders. I’d like to see some moves not based on veteran bias and sentimentality. If AF doesn’t have any faith in his minor league players and doesn’t have plans for the guys stuck in the organization to help, get busy making some deals and trade then for “better” players.  
This team will win the division, most likely, and that’s it. We all are waiting for too many miracles and sudden turn arounds by too many players. I’m getting tired of waiting on our bottom feeders to suddenly find it.
That’s my first half review.

Jeff Dominique

Careful there Phil. That position might be considered weird and silly. For some all that is important is winning the regular season, and at the least the NL West.

Phil Jones

Not the first time I’ve been weird and silly.


Nice way to pigeonhole those of us who actually enjoy the regular season regardless of the outcome of the playoffs and world series. Some here, if all you did was read their posts, would lead you to believe they don’t like the team at all let alone baseball.

Jeff Dominique

Never said that. I enjoy the regular season as well. But for me and others, 162 games does not the season end. Entertainment? Absolutely, but every once in a while (more than once every 34 years) many of us want to see a happy ending. I no longer ski, so my winter entertainment is USC football and Hot Stove League rumors.


Maybe tonight’s debacle will help you decide.

Duke Not Snider

Who is the greatest “Dodger killer” ever?
Christian Walker is leading the way now. Just uncanny.
I figure these Dodgers are bound to get blown out a couple of times a season. It happens. But they should blow out their rivals about ten times per season.
Still, it was disappointing that Stone got rocked.


Seriously. I saw a funny post about trading for Walker and only playing him at home!

Duke Not Snider

The guy now has 22 HRs for OKC but he seems to get zero consideration for a promotion to LA, for whatever reason. Is he a poor fielder? Is he slow? Did he piss off the wrong guy? I have no idea.
Whatever the reason, I hope the Dodgers deal Ward to a small-market team without a full-time DH that might give him a chance.

Jeff Dominique

Ryan Ward would be perfect for a small market team in need of a DH/LF/1B. He is not a great defender in the OF (maybe less than that), but then again neither is Miguel Vargas. Both are limited to LF for the OF. BA (2022) had a comparison to Matt Beaty. Per BA, he is not the most athletic player, “but he just plain hits. He has a picturesque lefthanded swing and drives balls hard with authority to all fields. He controls the strike zone, limits his strikeouts and has a short, direct swing that makes a lot of impactful contact.” I question the limits his strikeouts, but everything else… Maybe the Dodgers can find a team with a River Ryan type return.

Ward is probably not the only player in the organization looking to be freed. Vargas, Outman, Lipcius, Hoese, Feduccia, Sweeney, Avans… I can keep going.

Last edited 10 days ago by Jeff Dominique

This is a consistent situation in the AF algorithm that they use to determine who gets a shot at MLB. It’s failing miserably.




I fear that AF uses some metrics that block many players from consideration. They treat the Farm quite ruthlessly, imo.

Singing the Blue

Good News: Muncy is taking swings
Bad News: He still has soreness
Doc says: Max’s return will be “well after the All Star break”
Conclusion: We need to trade for a good 3rd baseman, the sooner the better

I now turn the floor over to Bums who will provide us with a list of candidates (some of whom we might be able to trade for).


Alt Conclusion: The playoff-outlook for this year’s team continues to worsen.


What has happened to Corbin Carroll??!?!??

Injuries? Sophomore slump? Regression to the mean?

Also, this is a weird and awesome stat:
Christian Walker just hit his 18th career homer at Chavez Ravine, in just his 42nd game here

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Knack off to great start.

Heyward has become a problem.

dbacks may be waking up.

Carroll? I sure hope he doesn’t.


Two pitching promotions on the farm:

-RHP Carlos Duran promoted to Tulsa to make his Double-A debut today. Making his way back from Tommy John surgery, Duran has one of the best sliders in the system

-LHP Moises Brito (acquired from TOR in Mitch White deal) promoted to Single-A

Jeff Dominique

Everyone keep AF away from his phone. NYM released Trayce Thompson.


Haha. I felt that way about his brother, too.


Another stellar pitching performance.


But we don’t need any pitching?
but we don’t need any hitting?
we got about 6-7 players who can’t hit .200
starting pitchers can’t go 5
this team is nothing special for sure
13-13 or close with everyone in the division not named Colorado.
all the money thrown at this team and all the holes. Hard to believe. Without Yamamoto at his best we r very mediocre at sp.
our bullpen/ who would have thought, Ramírez, Ramirez,etc etc
i don’t c a fix when they don’t even c a problem
dont blame Roberts he has to play who he is given.


You are right. This mess is on Friedman.


At some point the runway for Kike, Taylor and Lux has to come to an end.

I know it’s July, but at some point you can’t have four replacement level players in every lineup.

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