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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!!!!

I love baseball. It makes me a very happy person. I love the Dodgers. Over the years they have been my go-to activity for relaxation. And the last 11 seasons have been unreal. Never before in the history of the franchise has there been this much in season success. Yes, they have had their problems in the post season, but name a franchise that hasn’t. 

Many fans, not all, complain that they have won only one championship in that span. A logical complaint. But the Braves won 14 division titles in 15 seasons from 1991 to 2006. And they won only one World Series. There were no playoffs in 1994 due to the strike. Some fans also decry the fact that the 2020 series was not legitimate since it came in a shortened season. Well, all the teams played under the same rules and circumstances, so it is very legitimate. If one thinks that, they must also think the 1981 title is not legit. 

Again, all the teams played under the same rules. If anybody had a real gripe about that season, it had to be the Reds, who won the most games in the NL, but missed the playoffs because they finished second in both halves. So, the Astro’s, who won the second half in the NL West, and the Dodgers, who won the first half, played for the division title. 

The game can be really unfair at times. I have been lucky enough to be alive when the Dodgers have won all seven of their titles. My favorite has to be 1963 when they swept the Yankees. 1959 was nice, because it was the first in LA. We have seen some really good teams in LA, and we have seen a few stinkers. Believe me, the last 11 seasons have been a lot more fun that when they were not even close to contending. 

I really do understand the frustration the fans feel. Unfortunately, it is just not that easy to win the whole thing and the best team is not always the last team standing. All the arguments have been put out there as to why the Dodgers have found it so hard to cross that finish line. And blame is placed in many places including upper management, Dave Roberts, who is one of the fans favorite whipping boys, to the hitting coaches and pitching gurus. 

Another thing that really baffles me is the reaction of a portion of the fan base over a loss in April or May. It also happens when the offense sputters, or the pitching falters in early season games. You can look back over the last month or so and see that the Dodgers are not really hitting on all cylinders. The have been barely above .500 for the last several weeks. They lost series to the Pirates and the Reds, both sub-.500 teams. Fans went bat nuts. 

Now, with injuries to two major starting lineup pieces, Betts and Muncy, the loss of Yamamoto for an unknown period of time, and the lack of production from bench pieces, Chris Taylor, Kike Hernandez, and Austin Barnes. Fans want change. And they want it now, not at the deadline. AF did pick up infielder Cavan Biggio. But Biggio has not exactly lit up the scoreboard with hits, so fans are down on that deal already. 

Taylor has been awful. But he is also a fan favorite, and well-liked by his teammates and management. He also has another year on his deal at quite a bit of money, so trading him would not be easy. Kike is a mystery. He played well for the Dodgers after being traded back last season, but he has struggled all of this year. 

Miller has struggled since his return, so I really believe that they really need to get at least one starting pitcher at the deadline, and I mean someone who can give them length, so the pen does not get burned out. I also think they need better bench pieces than they have now. Cavan Biggio has not really impressed much. It is said he is working with the batting coaches to alter his approach. 

With the deadline now just a little over a month away, I have to believe that Gomes and Freidman are exploring all of their options. This team has a ton of talent on the roster and in the minors. I would love to see what Lipcius can do at the major league level. He sure has played well at AAA. Maybe give Vargas a few more opportunities against RHP. Whatever they do, the second half of this season is going to be exciting. 









Reno Aces (Arizona) 4 – OKC Baseball Club 2

River Ryan started for OKC and completed 3.2 IP allowing one run, 2 hits, 1 BB, while registering 5 Ks.

Jack Little relieved Ryan and allowed 3 runs in his 1.1 IP.

Sauryn Lao made his 3rd OKC relief appearance.  He went 2.0 innings allowing 1 hit, 1 BB, and 2 K.

Michael Flynn pitched a scoreless 8th, registering 2 Ks.

Austin Gauthier homered in the 9th for OKC’s final run.


  • Austin Gauthier – 2-3, 1 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (8), HR (2)
  • Chris Okey – 2-4, 1 run



Box Score



Tulsa Drillers 2 – Amarillo Sod Poodles (Arizona) 1

Chris Campos, a 23 year old RHP from St. Mary’s (sound familiar) was making his AA debut and was simply brilliant.  He completed 6.0 innings, 76 pitches (56 pitches).  He allowed 4 hits, but did not walk a batter while striking out 5.





Tulsa broke out on top in the 4th with a two out Brendon Davis triple and José Ramos single.

Michael Hobbs relieved Campos in the 7th and issued 2 walks and a run tying single.

In the bottom of the 7th, Ramos had a one-out single followed by a two out double by Alex Freeland.  Ramos scored on a fielding error on the play.

Logan Boyer pitched the final two scoreless innings, allowing a single with 3 Ks to record his 5th save.


  • José Ramos – 2-3, 1 RBI
  • Double – Alex Freeland (10)
  • Triple – Brandon Davis (1)








Box Score



Lake County Captains (Cleveland) 13 – Great Lakes Loons 3

Patrick Copen made his Great Lakes debut and completed 2.2 innings allowing 2 runs on 4 hits, 3 BB and 3 K.  He threw 67 pitches. 

Great Lakes got one run back on a pair of walks and a Kyle Nevin single.

Lake County scored 11 runs against the Loons bullpen.

Great Lakes scored a pair of runs in the 8th on 2 walks and 2 singles.

  • Kyle Nevin – 2-3, 1 BB, 1 RBI
  • Jordan Thompson – 2-4, 2 RBI
  • Josue De Paula – 0-1, 4 BB, 2 runs


Box Score



Lake Elsinore Storm (San Diego) 9 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 8 – 10 Innings

The Quakes jumped out to a 6-0 lead after 5 innings but could not hold it.  The Storm scored 6 in the 6th – 8th innings. 

RC scored 3 unearned runs in the first.  Sean McLain reached 1st on an infield error.  He scored after a pair of singles from Alexander Albertus and Jeral Perez.  A groundout moved the runners to 3rd and 2nd, and they scored on a Carlos Rojas single.

3rd inning doubles by Samuel Munoz and Jeral Perez scored a 4th run.

In the 4th, Jose Meza singled and scored ahead of Sean McLain’s HR for a 6-0 lead.

Wyatt Crowell had his 2nd solid RC start.  He is still on a strict pitch count.  He increased his pitch count from 33 to 46, although he was not as efficient as was only able to get through 2.1 IP instead of 3.0 he had last start.  He allowed 1 hit, 2 BB, and registered 4 K.

Sean Linen waltzed through 2.1 innings without a baserunner.  But a HBP and triple gave the Storm their 1st run in the 6th.  With 2 out in the 7th and a runner on 1st and 2nd , Linan gave up a single and double to give LE 3 more runs to make the score 6-4.

Reynaldo Yean relieved Linan in the 8th.  Three walks and an error scores 1.  Christian Ruebeck relieved Yean and threw a WP for the game tying run.

RC scored a pair in the 10th.  With a runner starting at 2nd, Alexander Albertus double home one run, and he came around to score on a throwing error.

But Callum Wallace could not protect a 2-run lead, and the Storm scored 3 in the bottom of the 10th for a walk off win.

  • Alexander Albertus – 2-5, 2 runs, 1 RBI
  • Jeral Perez – 3-5, 1 run, 2 RBI
  • Double – Samuel Munoz (8), Alexander Albertus (1), Jeral Perez (13)
  • Triple – Wilman Diaz (3)
  • HR – Sean McLain (1)


Box Score


ACL Brewers 11 – ACL Dodgers 5


Box Score








Born June 14th, 1948, in Los Angeles California. AKA The Bear

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Jeff Dominique

Some will say…I told you so. While others will say…I guess it was his turn, means nothing. AF is a very polarizing POBO for many LAD fans.

But congratualations are still due no matter how you feel about him.

Now prove it and finish it by bringing home a 2024 WS championship. No more Ryan Yarbrough’s or Lance Lynn’s this year.

Last edited 25 days ago by Jeff Dominique

They are referencing a poll we already discussed, no?

Jeff Dominique

The article was published June 27, 2024
“In a recent poll, Friedman was voted as having the top front office in all of Major League Baseball.”

“Receiving 284 points from a pool of 40 executives from across the sport, the Dodgers’ top executive sat atop everyone else, per Andy McCullough, Patrick Mooney and Tyler Kepner of The Athletic…”


Yes. Thought so. Thanks!


Fried in LA makes a lot of sense.


it does? I think he makes sense only as a rental! I’m so confused, perhaps I haven’t been keeping up enough.

Jeff Dominique

You have something against elite LHSP, something the Dodgers no longer have? Max Fried is a local kid, a LHSP with a career 3.03 ERA over 800 IP. Let’s see. Do the Dodgers have one of those not named Kershaw? And Kershaw is no longer that Kershaw.

What is not to like except he doesn’t fit into your little box. Except he is a veteran pitcher and that makes him more desireable to AF than Justin Wrobleski.


Back to the weird box thing!

I like Fried as a rental. For all the reasons you document.

What does this have to do with Wrobleski?!??!?

I’m totally flummoxed by some of your responses this morn!

Jeff Dominique

Dionysus was responding to the report about next year’s free agent market in MLBTR. It had nothing to do with rentals. It was a re[ort on who the top free agents will be next year, topped by Juan Soto and Corbin Burnes. He wants the Dodgers to pursue Max Fried, next winter. So do I. Next year free agency has no rentals, thus your comment does seem to indicate that you are indeed confused.


Yeah, I went to that response to Bear’s solicitation where I posted the idea (dream, maybe?) of the Braves falling apart and the Dodgers pursuing Fried as a trade rental.


Scott Andes

There’s no way the Braves move him. Why would they?


If they fall out of contention and know they won’t resign him? At least that’s what I think.

Admittedly it’s a bit of a dream.

Jeff Dominique

And of course, we can all dream. I would love to go into the playoffs with Max Fried.



Duke Not Snider

Fried won’t be a rental, though. The Braves are contenders and won’t be trading him.

So the issue is whether the Dodgers should pursue Fried as a FA over the winter. He’d be a fine target–but AF might prefer to reserve $$$ for Sasaki.

Wrobleski, as a lefty prospect under contract, is an alternative to signing Fried–or, for that matter, trading for Crochet, also a southpaw, and has another two seaons on his contract.

If the Dodgers deal for Crochet, they are less likely to sign Fried. Crochet may be the more desirable option as he would cost prospects and not as much money as Fried.

Last edited 24 days ago by Duke Not Snider

Anybody notice Gelof and Vogel in the box scores above? I did. Outman 0 for 4 with 3 Ks. Trade him.

Congratulations to AF. “Knowing which stars to sign”. “Insane Discipline”. “Elite at everything”. Yeah. I guess. I think it must help knowing you have an insanely elite budget at your disposal, though we’ve seen others f that up.

One day closer to the deadline, though still a lot of days to go. Nobody knows for sure who might be available in a month. Will the Dodgers get one or two of the stars being mentioned or will it be a couple of players not yet considered? I think I’ll take the field on that one.

Jeff Dominique

Will Smith .079/.182/.211/.392 in his last 44 PA. Trade him. Or maybe this is why Bluto thinks that AF is not going to leave his box. Look what happened now that AF has signed a 10 year extension for a player not yet in his FA walk year.

Yes Bluto, I am being sarcastic.


What box?!?!?


what’s in the box?!?


I watched the first 2 innings of River Ryan’s start yesterday for OKC.

Man, he has some fantastic stuff! I could totally see him as a high leverage reliever later this summer and into October.

Jeff Dominique

That is a possibility.


It’s a #s game, but so many lovely options.

I figure the team uses 8/9 in playoffs:

Five Locks:

Five who have varying track records past two years:

Four unproven with upside:
Lao (Sao?)

Last edited 24 days ago by Bluto
Jeff Dominique

It is Lao – Sauryn Lao

Duke Not Snider

Could be wrong–it happens–but I don’t see Yarbrough as a lock. A soft-tossing long reliever makes a lot of sense in the regular season, but not as much in the playoffs.
With the current roster, Paxton could shift to the BP to take his place as a lefty option. For that matter, if the SPs are Glasnow, Yamamoto and Stone, perhaps Miller shift to the BP. A lot of arm talent!
I certainly hope we can assess Hurt and a few others in the coming months.



Singing the Blue

Yesterday, we started a brief discussion about the rumors which have AF talking to the Tigers about Tarik Skubal.

This is what the Trade Simulator has to say about that:

Dodgers get – Skubal
Tigers get – Rushing, Stone, Lux, DePaula


Dodgers get – Skubal
Tigers get – Miller, Pages, Lux, Ferris

On the other hand if we took Baez in the deal his value is so far into the negative that the trade would look like this:

Dodgers get – Skubal, Baez
Tigers get – Lux

Maybe the one thing all of this proves is that the Simulator isn’t perfect.

Jeff Dominique

Was there ever a doubt?

Singing the Blue

I know you like the idea of going after Skubal, Jeff. And apologies if you’ve already done this, but what would you offer the Tigers?

Jeff Dominique

I wanted Skubal when he was hurt. So I have been an advocate a long time. I just posited a trade on the simulator…Tarik Skubal for Bobby Miller, James Outman, Dalton Rushing, Justin Wrobleski. It was validated so we will see what a moron I am for such a proposal. None of those players the Dodgers would be trading away are core players, but they are young, controllable, and could be good for Detroit. But then again if you ask Mark Timmons I have no knowledge or understanding as to how baseball operates. His new way of saying if you dare disagree with him you are a moron.


Wow I had no idea that Skubal was that good, if the offers include Bobby Miller PLUS several others.

This isn’t a sarcastic post; I really just dont know much about Skubal (or any Detroit Tiger). I recall the exciting, popular Baez in Chicago, but I also had no idea he was this beyond pathetic for Detroit .

Jeff Dominique

Corbin Burnes and Skubal have to be the current CY favorites. If the Dodgers end up with Flaherty over the other two, I am okay with that.

Jeff Dominique


Jeff Dominique

Running a site is extremely difficult, and Mark has been a master at it. There really is only one commenter that I have a huge problem with, and he is the only commenter that I have banned. Most people would prbably have no problems with him, but admittedly I do. Mark has called me a moron so many times I have lost count. He has always been welcome to post here.

Mark just needs to block anyone that pushes his buttons. It is his blog, and he should not have ulcers running it.

And Bear, I am not releasing you from your contract. 😃

Last edited 24 days ago by Jeff Dominique
Scott Andes

Is that me Jeff????😉

I didn’t think I was that difficult. Although admittedly at times, I can be.

Jeff Dominique

No. You are fine.

Scott Andes

You are right Jeff, running a site is extremely difficult, and many may forget I did for years as well. but as Patch loves to poiint out, my sitte is deserted. So I know what you are talking about.

Scott Andes

wow, but I thought my site was the negative skewer Friedman site and his was the bastion of sunshine,

“It’s a great day to be a Dodger fan” Wasnt that his motto? lolz


He is a narcissist and fractious.

There are some posters over there that enjoy pushing his buttons because they can.

Last edited 24 days ago by OhioDodger

I read that.
There are many dingbats there.
There are also many other places to read good (non-dingbatty) Dodger conversation, this place included.

Singing the Blue

I like the Mark who comments here a lot more than I do the guy who runs LADT.

Seems much more mellow and has some good points to make.


He knows Jeff will not put up with his name calling and his disrespect for others and their opinion. Mark can make excellent points and make meaningful conversation when he wants but he likes bullying and when some push back he can not handle it. He will be back.
Thank you for this site Jeff, I read your site everyday.

Jeff Dominique

Thank you!!!

Scott Andes

That’s Mark’s MO

Singing the Blue

Interesting trade you’ve put up there.

Skubal has already had one elbow surgery and would be controllable for only 2.5 years (assuming he doesn’t get injured again) so I’m thinking that you’ve offered a bit too much here.

I would think that AF considers Miller a core player, although if he continues on his current path (shoulder problems plus a slow return) that label might be adjusted in the future.

You are correct when you say it seems as though the Dodgers have decided that Outman probably won’t be part of their starting outfield anytime soon. Rushing is expendable since we’ve signed Smith long term and Wrobleski is still just a prospect with lots of potential.

All that said, I wouldn’t send all of these guys for Skubal. But I wouldn’t violently argue with anyone who would.

Jeff Dominique

I guess you are right that AF considers Miller a core player. But this year, right now, I am hoping for more Landon Knack than Bobby Miller. If Miller turns it around in his next start, maybe I will change my mind. However, he has pitched horribly since his Game 1 against the Cardinals.

That being said, Skubal helps the Dodgers much more this year than the other four. And the Dodgers have ready replacements for the others in the system.

Not that it means anything, but the Trade Simulator says that it is a very slight overpayment for Skubal – 98.6 to 94.8.

There will be multiple teams who will offer multiple top 100 prospects, so the likelihood of the Dodgers getting Skubal are less than negligible.

Jeff Dominique

Interesting point devaluation for Bobby Miller. On June 26 his trade value was 58.3. Today his trade value is 39.1. Perhaps that is why STB thought my propsed trade was too much.

Singing the Blue

Actually my conclusion wasn’t based on the Simulator, but rather just my gut reaction. Do we know how often they update their valuations? I think it’s a lot more frequent than it used to be.

Knack is quickly becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of MLB. He’s been great and is basically being totally ignored. They tap him on the shoulder when they need him, he pitches well and then they tell him to go back and stand in the corner until they decide if they want to use him again. Maybe he’s pitching way over his head, but if I’m a team talking trade with the Dodgers, I want him included.

Jeff Dominique

Per their site – “We’ll now be updating player values every week”. Then again, they still show Jimmy Lewis as a Dodger, and he was released by LAD on June 5.

Phil Jones

precisely why I no longer bother with his site.


Apparently your wife doesn’t read this blog. Does she know you just traded Outman?

Jeff Dominique

I do not tell her about those things. I am trying to ease her into the chance that he is traded, but certainly not by me.


Doors 1&2 hell no.

Door #3? Fine by me. But they better pick up Bichette too.

Singing the Blue

You mean you wouldn’t be willing to make Baez our permanent second baseman for the next 3.5 years?

Don’t know what happened to him. When he first came up with the Cubs he was absolute poetry in motion around second base and he actually contributed as a hitter.

Maybe he just needs a full stadium and a penant race as inspiration. If the Tigers feel Lux alone isn’t enough on Door 3, I think AF could be convinced to include Biggio.


Of the choices, I like Skubal and Baez for Lux but I would add Taylor to that trade to better match $$. I would be okay with Miller and Pages for Skubal with someone other than Lux and Ferris. That way I get Outman back to the Dodgers.

I would offer Ferris and Knack for Pepiot.

Jeff Dominique

There is no way I would offer Ferris and Knack for Pepiot. And I have been a Pepiot advocate since he was drafted. Knack is pitching better than Pepiot now.

I too like Outman, but it sure looks like the Dodgers have made their decision as to who their CF is. You might have to get used to rooting for Outman on another team. It is best to trade Outman before he gets to the Hoese trade value level.


Why in the world would the Dodgers offer prospects to get Pepiot back?

Is this the idea-train from the other day? The admittedly limited preference for home-raised players in basketball and baseball?

Jeff Dominique

It is Bums. He likes Pepiot. He like Outman. He would offer prospects for Joc. He likes certain players, and I am fine with that.


True. I like Knack as well and Ferris too. I would have named other pitchers instead but I was lazy.

Singing the Blue

Don’t shoot the messenger here, but if you include CT3, that’s adding more negative value to the Dodger side and you’d have to make that up by sending the Tigers Outman, or Pages, or Wrobleski/Ryan, or Wrobleski/Sheehan, or something else of equal value to those scenarios. So sayeth the Simulator.


Fine, add Muncy then 😀

Jeff Dominique

I hope both are back by July 9, the first game of the LAD/Philly series in Philly. I want to see what the LAD pitchers can do against the Phillies A team.

Singing the Blue

At least that way, AF would be able to understand why he needs Flaherty, Skubal and Crochet. 😎

Jeff Dominique

Now we are talking!!!!😂

Duke Not Snider

Why not Skenes too?

Jeff Dominique

I am in.

Jeff Dominique

I have to put up with the Giants announcers tonight. Sunday is Mickey Mouse Day at Oracle. They will be handing out Micket Mouse caps to rub the 2020 WS victory into LAD fans noses. The 2020 WS win is quite often referred to as a Mickey Mouse WS win, and this give away is timed for the Dodgers.


What a bunch of losers. I am sure they would proudly display a pennant with 2020 World Champs on it if they had won it.


Yep. From the fans of every team that didn’t win it.

Jeff Dominique

So do I up here in SFG country.

Scott Andes

I hope they are enjoying their mediocrity up there. My brother in law is a giants fan and its gross.

Duke Not Snider suggests some first-half MVPs for the farm teams, starting with Lipcius….
So when will he get a promotion???

Jeff Dominique

He certainly deserves it.

I cannot argue against any of the picks. Actually they were very easy picks.

Last edited 24 days ago by Jeff Dominique
Singing the Blue

AF tells me he was ready to promote Lipcius this weekend but didn’t want to deprive them of their MVP.

I keep on forgetting about Newell. I guess maybe I shouldn’t.

Phil Jones

I’m personally looking forward to the Kruk and Kuip broadcast of the game tonight.
First I think they are very good. Witty, knowledgable baseball guys who are always respectful to the visiting teams – even the Dodgers.
I like to listen to the opponent’s feed at least once a series. I hear new takes, new scouting reports and new perspectives. And these guys are at the top of the craft.
So, perhaps put your Giants dislike aside and give them a try for a game.

Jeff Dominique

As long as the Giants do not hit a HR I can handle the Kruk and Kuip show. I am sure Giants fans are okay with it, but it drives me crazy.

I agree they are knowledgeable, and for the most part fair. Just no HRs.

Jeff Dominique

If Baltimore wants Garrett Crochet and they agree to this proposed deal, it would be awfully tough for AF/BG to match it.

The deal involves Heston KjerstadConnor Norby, Dylan Beavers, and Cade Povich. That is the O’s #4, #6, #7, and #9 prospect.

Jeff Dominique

Orlando Cepeda has passed away. He was 86. Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Hart. Now that was a rivalry.

RIP Baby Bull


Dodgers hosed by the umpire tonight. What a load of crap. 2nd pitch was a strike called a ball. He should have been struck out.


The paywall has been removed from this amazing piece of writing by Sam Miller. It deals with Kershaw and it’s great:


entertaining, insightful read

Must See

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