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First Half Stats and Notes on LAD MiLB Affiliates

Some MiLB News.

The first half of the MiLB season has concluded, and none of the teams are in playoff position yet.  Before I get to the results for these teams, there are some player transactions that need to be disclosed.

From Tulsa to OKC:

  • C Diego Cartaya
  • RHP Sauryn Lao

From Great Lakes to Tulsa:

  • RHP Chris Campos
  • RHP Lucas Wepf

From Rancho Cucamonga to Great Lakes:

  • LHP Garrett McDaniels
  • RHP Patrick Copen
  • OF Josue De Paula
  • RHP Carson Hobbs
  • RHP Jesus Luna

From ACL to Rancho Cucamonga:

  • SS Alexander Albertus (Was waiting on this. Now what about Joendry Vargas, and Eduardo Quintero)
  • LHP Luke Fox

From DSL to ACL

  • RHP Roiger Mujica


  • OF Yunior Garcia
  • RHP Jonathan Edwards


Shockingly (sarcasm alert), the promotions seem to be pitching oriented.  Diego Cartaya, Josue De Paula, and Alexander Albertus are the only position players moving up.


OKC Baseball Club: Finished 2nd  in PCL East in 1st half with a 40-35 recordF

 Surprise – Kody Hoese has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix.  He does not have the slug that he was supposed to have when he was drafted, but he is hitting very well in his first year at AAA.

  • .297/.360/.455/.815 – 6 HR, 15 DBL, 1 TPL, 20.6% K rate
  • BA – .297 (#10 in PCL)

Team Leader – Andre Lipcius – Traded to Dodgers for cash after being DFA by Detroit

  • .306/.377/.574/.951 – 18 HR, 18 DBL, 2 TPL, 21.2% K rate
  • Hits – 87 (#1 in PCL)
  • Runs – 54 (#5 in PCL)
  • HR – 18 (#2 in PCL)
  • Doubles – 18 (#8 in PCL)
  • RBI – 58 (#6 in PCL)
  • BA – .306 (#5 in PCL)’t
  • SLG – .574 (#3 in PCL)
  • OPS – .951 (#5 in PCL)
  • Why isn’t he with LAD???


Team Slugger – Ryan Ward

  • .278/.329/.659/.988, 20 HR, 14 DBL, 2 TPL, 27.5% K rate (Largest OKC K Rate)
  • HR – 20 (#1 in PCL)
  • RBI – 55 (#7 in PCL)
  • SLG – .659 (#1 in PCL)
  • OPS – .988 (#2 in PCL) (#1 is .991)
  • Why isn’t Ryan being considered???

Overall – Drew Avans

  • .297/.386/.459/.845, 5 HR, 16 DBL, 7 TPL, 25.5% K rate
  • Runs – 63 (#1 in PCL)
  • Doubles – 16 (#9 in PCL)
  • Triples – 7 (#1 in PCL)
  • Walks – 40 (#3 in PCL)
  • Stolen Bases – 24 (#3 in PCL)
  • BA – .297 (#9 in PCL)

Others of Note:

Hunter Feduccia (1 PA shy of Qualified)

  • .292/.396/.491/.887, 5 HR, 13 DBL, 3 TPL, 19.3% K rate
  • An injury away?

Austin Gauthier – Early season promotion to OKC

  • .262/.385/.359/.744, 1 HR, 7 DBL, 2 TPL, 23.6% K rate

Trey Sweeney – SS Closest to MLB

  • .234/.319/.403/.722, 10 HR, 15 DBL, 2 TPL, 26.7% K rate
  • RBI – 49 (#8 in PCL)

Chris Owings

  • .273/.399/.417/.816, 6 HR, 7 DBL, 1 TPL, 23.7% K rate
  • OBP – .399 (#6 in PCL)


  • BA .272 (#4), OBP .363 (#4), SLG .467 (#3), OPS .830 (#3)
  • HR – 101 (#3)
  • Runs – 463 (#3)
  • Hits – 706 (#4)
  • Walks – 357 (#3)
  • Strikeouts – 698 (2nd most in PCL)


Tulsa Drillers:  Finished 4th in Texas League North, 3.0 games behind with a 34-35 record

Surprise for me – Taylor Young

  • .251/.349/.374/.723, 4 HR, 15 DBL, 1 TPL, 26.4% K rate
  • Doubles – 15 (#7 in Texas League)
  • Stolen Bases – 25 (#1 in Texas League)

Best Overall Player – Alex Freeland

  • .272/.408/.475/.883, 7 HR, 9 DBL, 1 TPL, 18.9% K rate
  • OBP – .408 (#2 in Texas League)
  • SLG – .475 (#4 in Texas League)
  • OPS – .883 (#3 in Texas League)
  • Should be in AAA?

LAD Prospect #1 – Dalton Rushing

  • .258/.374/.468/.842, 9 HR, 11 DBL, 1 TPL, 21.1% K rate
  • HR – 9 (#9 in Texas League)
  • RBI – 39 (#5 in Texas League)
  • More catching with Cartaya at AAA – How much longer as a LAD MiLB Player?

There is still hope for – Austin Beck (Does not qualify for slash line leaders)

  • .248/.319/.509/.828, 11 HR, 8 DBL, 1 TPL, 34.6% K rate
  • HR – 11 (#5 in Texas League)
  • RBI – 39 (#5 in Texas League)

Now at AAA – Diego Cartaya

  • .236/.354/.379/.733, 5 HR, 8 DBL, 29.2% K rate

Star fading – José Ramos

  • .202/.282/.365/.647, 10 HR, 8 DBL, 37.4% K rate
  • HR – 10 (#6)

Star not as fading, but…- Brandon Lewis

  • .228/.302/.424/.726, 8 HR, 5 DBL, 1 TPL, 32.4% K rate
  • HR – 8 (#10 in Texas League)


  • BA .241 (#5), OBP .340 (#2), SLG .401 (#1), OPS .741 (#1)
  • HR – 77 (#1)
  • Runs – 375 (#1)
  • Hits – 551 (#5)
  • Walks – 295 (#2)
  • Strikeouts – 663 (2nd most in Texas League)


Great Lakes Loons: Finished tied for 2nd in Midwest League East with a 34-32 record


True Three Outcome Approach but Deserves a Promotion – Chris Newell

  • .229/.368/.530/.898, 19 HR, 12 DBL, 1 TPL, 32.2% K rate
  • HR – 19 (#1)
  • Runs – 48 (#3)
  • RBI – 51 (#1)
  • BB – 48 (#1)
  • K – 94 (#2 most)
  • SLG – .530 (#3)
  • OPS – .898 (#4)

Dylan Campbell – .277/.357/.388/.745, 3 HR, 11 DBL, 1 TPL, 21.2% K rate

Thayron Liranzo – .230/.354/.382/.736, 6 HR, 13 DBL, 26.3% K rate

  • Stolen Bases – 22 (#7)
  • Doubles – 14 (#8)

Noah Miller – .249/.326/.351/.677, 6 HR, 11 DBL, 14.6% K rate

  • Runs – 46 (#4)
  • Hits – 71 (#6)

Kyle Nevin – .244/.319/.372/.691, 5 HR, 11 DBL, 4 TPL, 31.5% K rate

  • Triples – 4 (#4)


  • BA .230 (#6), OBP .332 (#5), SLG .364 (#8), OPS .696 (#6)
  • HR – 60 (#4)
  • Runs – 351 (#3)
  • Hits – 531 (#6)
  • Walks – 326 (#1)
  • Strikeouts – 670 (2nd most in Midwest League)



Rancho Cucamonga QuakesFinished 2nd in California League South with a 30-34 record

Bayou SS moved up to GL – Jordan Thompson

  • .264/.376/.491/.867, 8 HR, 12 DBL, 25.9% K rate
  • HR – 8 (#5)
  • SLG – .491 (#6)
  • OPS – .867 (#6)

Teenager moved up to GL – Josue De Paula

  • .279/.388/.447/.835, 6 HR, 11 DBL, 3 TPL, 22.7% K rate
  • OPS – .835 (#10)
  • Just out of the top 10 in a few others

Teenager with Slug – Jeral Perez

  • .273/.393/.436/.829, 8 HR, 12 DBL, 22.6% K rate
  • OBP – .394 (#8)
  • BB – 40 (#8)

Top 10 Prospect with no Slug – Kendall George

  • .279/.379/.315/.694, 3 DBL, 2 TPL, 19.0% K rate
  • SB – 20 (#4)
  • Runs – 43 (#8)

Juan Alonso

  • .259/.376/.406/.782, 4 HR, 11 DBL,3 TPL, 30.6% K rate

Wilman Diaz

  • .232/.325/.343/.668, 3 HR, 7 DBL, 2 TPL

Samuel Munoz

  • .218/.301/.366/.667, 2 HR, 7 DBL, 4 TPL, 25.3% K rate
  • Triples – 4 (#3)


  • BA .249 (#3), OBP .364 (#2), SLG .385 (#3), OPS .749 (#2)
  • HR – 50 (#2)
  • Runs – 392 (#2)
  • Hits – 568 (#4)
  • Walks – 361 (#3)
  • Strikeouts – 712 (Most in California League)

There were only a handful of qualified pitchers in the LAD affiliates.  I will report on them later in the week.

  • OKC – None
  • Tulsa – Justin Wrobleski, Orlando Ortiz-Mayr, Kendall Williams
  • Great Lakes – Jackson Ferris
  • Rancho Cucamonga – Patrick Copen


MiLB Game Box Scores



OKC Baseball Club 6 – Reno Aces (Arizona) 3

Box Score


Amarillo Sod Poodles (Arizona) 7 – Tulsa Drillers 4


Box Score



Lake County Captains (Cleveland) 8 – Great Lakes Loons 3


Box Score



Lake Elsinore Storm (San Diego) 3 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 1


Box Score



ACL Dodgers 5 – ACL Athletics 0


Box Score




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Duke Not Snider

Very informative review at the midway point. It’s interesting to see how the prospects are sorting themselves out, which seems especially important as the trade season approaches.
I agree that Alex Freeland looks like the best overall prospect, and could compete for the SS or UT jobs in another year or two. Jerel Perez seems to have a lot of promise too. His numbers (and age) are remarkably similar to De Paula’s.
And yes… .when will we see Lipcius?
I am rooting for some of these guys to get traded.
If the Dodgers won’t give Ward or Avans a shot in LA, just add them to the offer for Tanner Scott or Luis Rengifo. Let them be bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Last edited 27 days ago by Duke Not Snider

My #1 would be Wrobleski


Looking at the box scores I see nobody that stands out. Tulsa with 12 Ks, nobody near .300 and only Freeland is near .900 OPS. And who in AAA there stands ready for promotion? If we hire Biggio instead of promoting our own what does that say about how we value our prospects?

At this point I think I trade any of them to bolster the October 26.

Duke Not Snider

Ready for promotion?
I think Lipcius merits a look, and Outman has earned a return.
Chris Owings is a veteran, not a prospect, but if Biggio, Lux, Taylor and Kike continue to struggle, he could be an upgrade–and the brass might prefer a veteran.
Toward the end of last season, the Dodgers could have promoted Vargas or another prospect, but opted to bring in veteran Kolten Wong.


Friedman and George Allen think alike.

Duke Not Snider

With 81 games played and 81 to go, Shohei is on a pace for…
–a 1.032 OPS
–a .398 OBP
–a .320 BA
–48 HRs
–126 runs scored
–120 RBI
–198 hits
–42 doubles
–32 stolen bases (and 4 caught)
With Mookie injured, it looks like the MVP battle could be between Shohei and Bryce Harper, whose numbers are nearly as good while playing a quality 1B.


A DH as MVP?

Michael Norris

Would be a first for the NL, but it could happen.


He is the NL WAR leader.


Can’t just come real close to 50 home runs and 200 hits to win MVP–has to make those numbers.


Shohei I threatening a triple crown. Of course he’s an MVP favorite. Harper fits the narrative too.


does Kody Hoese have any shot of being called up? Isn’t he a rule 5 guy this offseason that we’d need to put on the 40 man roster or waive ?


I think there is still worry about his swing, but…

you have to love and admire his perseverance. So many wrote him off, and I’m sure his career path hasn’t been what he expected.

kudos from me.


I remember Lux saying what a great hitter Hoese was.


then again, Lux did hit like .390 in AAA


Not this year, no.

Phil Jones

“Missing Bats, a special series this week in The Athletic, explores how baseball’s profound metamorphosis over the last two decades traces back to one simple idea — maximizing strikeouts at all costs — that became an industry-wide obsession”
The Athletic is running a series on the development of pitching labs and all things tech, Well worth the read and an in depth look at the interworking between players, coaches and pencil-necks in improving pitching. It was a hard sell for some but not anymore.


I’m on it Thanks for the heads up.


This is so good.

Mike fast’s impact on pitching has really been amazing. From framing to pitch analysis

Phil Jones

This was meaningful for me, especially episode 3. It features the saga of Brent Strom and how the sport finally caught up to some of his ideas. I don’t know Strom. A couple of guys I have had contacts with are prominently mentioned in this series is Tom House and Ron Wolforth. I got tons of information from these guys in the 90’s and beyond until I retired in 2015. I shared conversations and ideas with Ron on his pitching materials.I attended a few Tom House clinics and stole a lot of his ideas which I employed for years. He called me “Foghorn Leghorn” as I had the voice for it and he picked up on that right away. Early on I liked Tom’s ideas on physical training, drills and pitch mechanics. To this day I still focus on balance, posture and alignment as key pieces in success in both hitting and pitching, promoted by Tom.
House was thought to be weird and off-the-wall to many old school pitching coaches and baseball folks. That is until technology showed that they were on to something years ago. Now they are viewed not as crack pots but pioneers.
This Athletic series is a nice history of where we were and what has changed.
Technology has had a huge impact on sequencing, pitch shaping and spin.
Swing and Miss.
Now if it can be used to prevent arms breaking down, we’d really be on to something.

Last edited 26 days ago by Phil Jones
Michael Norris

Great information Jeff. I really do not follow the minors as much as I should. For those wondering about the Dodgers getting a player from the Angels, Rengifo, or the Rockies, McMahon, the Dodgers have not gotten a position player in trade from the Angels since Kendrick was traded for Heaney in the 2014 winter meetings. The Rockies have never traded a position player to LA. The only trade they have made sent Nicasio to LA in 2015.

Singing the Blue

My feelings about trades are that good owners will allow their GM’s to trade with anyone as long as they feel they are getting better value than what they are giving up. That could mean younger, cheaper, filling in a weaker position, etc. and does not necessarily mean that they have to get the players who are performing better on the day of the trade.

Bad owners (Angels/Rockies) let spite and or love of a particular player get in the way of good trades and that’s why those two teams are always losers.

Last edited 26 days ago by Singing the Blue
Michael Norris

Exactly, and living here in Colorado, I see how Rockies fans are really fed up with Monfort. He had them trade Arenado, paid 50 million of his deal so St. Louis would take him, and then let Story Walk as a free agent.

Michael Norris

Padres have won 5 of their last 6 games, and lost 1/2 game in the standings. Tatis is out, and they score 7 then 9 runs. They seem to play better without him.


I hope they study those stats and believe they are better off trading him. I hear he can play shortstop.

Michael Norris

You read some of the fan’s comments on other blogs and you would think the Dodgers were 31-50 instead of the other way around and leading the division by 8.5 games.

Phil Jones

These acquisitions finally light my fire. I love Crochet but have no desire with him in a trade package with Robert Jr. I’ll pass on Robert.
But Crochet and Arozarena, I like that a lot.

Duke Not Snider

Arozarena is an exciting player. If he’s really back in form, he’d solve the LF issue. (I’d offer Vargas + ??? and try to keep Outman and Pages to platoon in CF.)
If the Dodgers decide to pass on Robert, an extension for Teoscar would be nice.


At first blush, I really like the idea of Arozarena. And for reasons I can’t put into words. I think he’d be a better value pick up than crochet.

Singing the Blue

Arozarena would be intriguing.
He loves the big stage and what bigger stage on a daily basis than Dodger Stadium.
I doubt very much that AF will give Teoscar enough money and years that he’ll stay here and I see Arozarena as something of a Teo replacement going forward.


Are you talking performance or cost?

Singing the Blue

Cost (salary) should be a fair amount lower.


I have always liked Arozarena and while I would like him being a Dodger, I question if he is needed considering Hernandez, Pages, and Heyward are doing so well. Would he platoon with Heyward?

Outman would be back with the Dodgers if the Dodgers believed he would be better than one of Pages, Hernandez, or Heyward. I like Outman and see him along with Pages as core outfielders. Heyward and Hernandez are rentals. Would the 3rd non-rental be Arozarena or Ryan Ward?


I agree on if Arrozarena is really a need, and worth elite prospect capital, when Pages has already shown he’s an MLB player. He went thru his slump and bounced back very well. Hell, he’s batting 4th many games!

Granted, Arrozarena has had success in October, and THAT alone may be worth it.

I’d still think a Bichette would help more, as it’d allow Mookie to move to 2b. Lux is playing well lately, and Rojas been nice, but a middle infield of Bichette and Mookie is fantastic.


Feels like I’m the only left still believing Robert Jr would be a good fit in center field for us.


IMO, Roberts swing needs altering to unlock it’s full potential. Maybe the Dodgers could still swing a deal for him in the off-season, and then RVS/Roberts could work together on it.

Last edited 26 days ago by Wayne

There will be interest in Robert from a number of contending teams should Chicago decide to move him. The reason why it won’t be the Dodgers is, in my opinion, because the Dodgers will be looking at infielders and pitching.


Trade Lux.


You’ll go blind

Singing the Blue

I would gladly do either of those Donovan trades but I agree with your conclusion that the Cards, unless they totally crash between now and end July, would not.


How about this trade, it works on the Simulator:

Gelof, Ferris and George for Arozarena
Henriquez and Wrobleski for Arozarena and IFA $$$

Singing the Blue

Agree with your statements on #1 and #2.
DFA candidate – Mr. Biggio. They may think they need a lefty hitter there but it ain’t him.


Yeah, we will never get the trade right, I’m just trying to point in the right direction.

if the big problem is finding room on the 40, and the Dodgers are in good shape with regard to this trade


Grayson Rodriguez made his 37th Major League start (reg+post) today.

He’s started EVERY SINGLE ONE with a four seam fastball 

TennisMenace (TM)

I still haven’t moved from my 2024 position- trade anyone who is not a top of the line pitching prospect for anyone who can fill a need and who has proven their talent and are not a three month rental.

Must See

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