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A Peak at the Dodgers in the ACL

I was out with friends scheduling our upcoming cruise Thursday evening, so I did not have a chance to watch the game and prepare any commentary.  Thus I thought it might be interesting to look at the Dodgers Arizona Complex League (ACL).

I said before the season started that this was a group I was very interested in.  Most of the key personnel were instrumental in the Dodgers championship teams in the 2023 Dominican Summer League.

Not considering Thursday’s games, the Dodgers ACL team has the best record in the League at 16-7.  They have scored the most runs in the ACL and have allowed the least.  They have scored 174, with Seattle scoring the 2nd most with 156.  They have allowed 88 runs, with Arizona having the 2nd least scored against with 104.  The Dodgers have the best run differential with +84.  Arizona has 2nd best at +41.

Team wise stats:

  • HR – #1 with 23; Mariners #2 at 22
  • BA – #1 with .299; Rockies #2 at .276
  • OBP – #1 with .406; Brewers #2 at .384
  • SLG – #2 with .462; Cubs #1 at .466
  • OPS – #1 with .868; Cubs #2 at .821


Batting Average:

  • Jose Meza – .380 – #1
  • Joendry Vargas – .357 – #2
  • Alexander Albertus – .347 – #7
  • Eduardo Quintero – .338 – #11
  • Eduardo Guerrero – .320 – #16


  • Alexander Albertus – .495 – #1
  • Jose Meza – .477 – #4
  • Eduardo Quintero – .473 – #6
  • Joendry Vargas – .456 – #8
  • Eduardo Guerrero – .455 – #9


  • Jose Meza – .592 – #4
  • Joendry Vargas – .554 – #9
  • Eduardo Quintero – .500 – #18


  • Jose Meza – 1.069 – #3
  • Joendry Vargas – 1.010 – #7
  • Eduardo Quintero – .973 – #12
  • Alexander Albertus – .962 – #13

Austin Barnes is a player many like to criticize.  I was researching some stats and I started to look at backup catchers.  Don’t know why, I just did.

I was surprised to see that Austin has better OPS than the following starting catchers:

  • Keibert Ruiz – Nationals
  • Miguel Amaya – Cubs
  • Nick Fortes – Marlins
  • Henry Davis – Pirates

Austin has better OPS than the following backup catchers:

  • Yan Gomes – Cubs
  • Yasmani Grandal – Pirates
  • Christian Bethancourt – Marlins
  • Luke Maile – Reds
  • Tucker Barnhart – Rockies
  • Kyle Higashioka – Padres
  • Garrett Stubbs – Phillies
  • Tom Murphy – Giants
  • Curt Casali – Giants

Also better right now than just returning Sean Murphy.

What does that mean? I guess appreciate that the Dodgers have Will Smith and that the Dodgers could do worse than Austin Barnes as a backup.

Onto NYY.



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Duke Not Snider

Barnes is unfairly maligned. I think it’s just a symptom of us Dodgers fans being spoiled by the team’s success.
The biggest disappointment now, of course, is Taylor. What to do, what to do??
I’d rate Lux second, who is getting thoroughly outplayed by 35-year-old Miguel Rojas. Lux is a former top prospect–SS of the future!–who has been relegated to a platoon at 2B. Yet he’s only hitting to a .590 OPS versus righties, with .277 OBP. Rojas is at .762 and .327.
Kike has also disappointed, but at least he’s versatile and is outplaying Taylor.
If the playoffs started tomorrow, this would be my lineup card:
Mookie 2B
Shohei DH
Freddie 1B
Dills C
Teoscar LF
Heyward/Pages RF
Outman/Pages CF
Rojas SS
Kike 3B

Sure hope Max comes back healthy; he’d slot between Dills and Teoscar, bumping Kike to the bench.


Rojas is better than Lux now and it isn’t close.


You got me with Dills. Had to look it up.

Jose Meza has played in the basement since ‘21. Time to move him up.

I agree that the team is better with Rojas at short. For a couple of reasons actually. Lux has 162 at bats. He’s OPS’n .713 in the last week, .615 in the last month. I know he has a long leash but it’s time. The Dodgers need offense out of that position and if they don’t start getting it from Lux they must move Mookie back.

The powerful Yankees on their home turf. This is going to be interesting. If this series was being played in a month it might be more telling. But even in June it will let us know how we look against the best.

Last edited 5 days ago by Badger

Looks like Soto will be out. Forearm problems.


I think if we want Rojas’ bat and glove in the lineup it should be at 3rd where he replaces weak hitting and older player. Kike’ isn’t getting it done any more than Lux.

Bring up Outman.

Phil Jones

You know Bum, that’s a pretty good idea. It appears Doc/the Wizard, is committed to playing Lux with Mookie at short, so let’s get the best glove of all of them and his current bat in the lineup with Rojas. Both Kike and CT3 need to be spot starters, giving guys rest. Or gone.

Last edited 5 days ago by Phil Jones
Scott Andes

I guess you could say Barnes is better than Bill Bergen.


Who is Jose Meza?


Trade talks.

Rather than add to yesterday’s busy and spirited trade strategy discussions, I will pick it up here.

Jeff, my reasons for waiting another 5-6 weeks or so to make a move: you don’t know who might be available yet, and, you may not know exactly what is needed by the end of July. Lux, Kiké and CT3 may snap out of it, Outman may return banging, Buehler, Muncy and Miller all could go either direction, and there could be unexpected injuries. It’s my opinion patience and analysis is needed at this time.


Ok. Sounds reasonable. If the guy the know they want is available now, make the call. But I still believe you don’t know who might be available until the last minute.

Wally Moonshot

Great analysis. If the Dodgers do another early exit in the post season I see you as a good option when AF is canned 😁. The only thing I would add is to cut bait on Taylor sooner rather than later. He’s had more than enough time to “snap out of it”. Give Vargas more at bats and see if he’s got it or not.


It seems like a no brainier to swap Vargas for Crochet. I assume he would be a reliever until a rotation need was warranted.

Here is what I would like to see prior to a trade other than a Vargas for Crochet and yes, I realize that trade is probably not a one-for-one.

SS Betts
1B Freeman
C Smith
DH Othani
LF Pages
CF Outman
RF Teoscar/Heyward platoon
2B Lux
3B Rojas until a trade is made for a younger player.

Teoscar and Heyward will most likely not be on the team next year and I prefer giving playing time to a young potential core that includes Pages and Outman. I would like to add another young core piece at third base.

Scott Andes

A potted plant would look better than Lux.

Duke Not Snider

I might prefer Tucker to Robert, but I doubt the Astros will deal him. The upside for Robert is 3.5 years at a relatively decent cost, and the fact that he’s a quality centerfielder. Not sure when Tucker is an FA, but I bet he makes a lot more that Robert over the next 3.5 years.
Yes, the question with Robert is the injury risk. I expect the Dodgers will do a deeper dive on those factors. Is there a chronic issue? Poor conditioning and preparation that can be addressed? I was wary of Glasnow but it seems the surgery fixed his main problem…at least so far.
AF may be more likely to go for a rental, but it’s rare that a position player like Robert comes on the market. With Acuna out, I assume the Braves will pursue him. Could be a few suitors.

Really nice 11-inning win today. Yamamoto’s best game yet. Nice to see Teo get the clutch hit.
Fun fact: Dodgers faced three former teammates from Yankee’s pen: Victor Gonzalez, Caleb Ferguson and Dennis Santana. And all did their jobs.


Hey Scott Andes, check out the production from the bottom of the order for the Dodgers. You’ve got to give credit where it is due.

Pages – .265
Rojas – .287
Heyward – .269
Vargas – .250

Although Lux (.210), Kiki (.200), and Barnes (.216) haven’t joined in and are still struggling. CT3? Why is he still with the team? Why not give a utility player in OKC a chance? I don’t get AF’s strategy of hoarding position prospects, but refuses to get them an opportunity to play for the Dodgers. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but I sure don’t see it. Does he know most are overrated and are AAAA players?

DFA Chris Taylor, play Vargas (until traded?), bring up Lupcius, and trade for Kyle Tucker.

Without any major injuries the pitching should be more than adequate.

Carry on.

Last edited 5 days ago by tedraymond
Scott Andes

Heyward has had a couple of good games, but he’s still unproductive. Rojas has been good. Pages is still learning. Vargas sucks.

Last edited 5 days ago by Scott Andes

How can you say Vargas sucks , he has not been in the every day.

Phil Jones

Jeff, I too would like to see Women’s softball ad Olympic Sport this year. I’m unsure why sometimes the sport is in and other times, it’s out?
Ella Parker is a beast. She reminds me of a young Jocelyn Aho, but from the left side. See will put up some impressive power numbers before she is done at OU. Pretty impressive for a freshman to hit in the 3-hole for this senior dominated lineup. Kasidi Pickering is another impressive freshman.
Oklahoma’s senior class won 4 straight WCWS titles. An amazing feat. And they did it this year without an absolute dominate pitcher. In fact this series was unique. The game is changing. Pitching used to completely dominate the game. Not so much anymore. These women can really hit, as you know Jeff. I loved the comments about your son’s chops as a hitting coach. I’m sorry to hear his career was cut short by a stroke. Very sad.
Oklahoma won the final game using 5 pitchers. It was like a bullpen game. Texas used 4 in a losing effort. There were 19 hits in the game and Texas only had 2 strikeouts and OU 6K’s. And the defense throughout was spectacular.
Women’s softball is fun to watch and in a great place. And Ella Parker is going to hit some bombs, in the coming years.

Ron Fairly fan

I would absolutely love to see Westburg in blue. Unfortunately the O’s need starting pitching and bullpen help. I don’t think the Dodgers could give up enough pitching to get it done. Maybe Knaack,Feyerisien and a lottery ticket. Just don’t think that would be enough to get it done.


Yeah, that was an odd set of circumstances. But once again, it wasn’t the pitching that let us down, it was the hit and miss offense that didn’t hit. And there is no cure for that. If 1 through 5 don’t hit in October, the Dodgers don’t win.


If needed, couldn’t the Dodgers trade for more IFA money?

Singing the Blue

Maybe the Dodgers have received information that Sasaki will not be available this winter or that he won’t be signing with us.


After 7 0 for 2 WRISP. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Ohtani; Betts. Yankees aren’t any better. Yet.


Good grief, I thought Stanton’s ball was on its way to New Jersey.

He JUST missed, thank god

Scott Andes

This has to be one of the most predictable shutouts of the year.

Lux, Kike, Taylor have gotta go.

Maybe they can squeeze a run in extras. No adjustments at all. Just an entire game of routine outs.


Good call Scott.

Lux’s leash has to be getting short. Another pathetic night. But, there were others too.

Last edited 5 days ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

I believe you said we would lose the next 4 games on the trip after starting 0-2 Scott.

Would you care to revise your prediction?

Scott Andes

I was wrong about the losses. For sure. No question there. I have no problems admitting I was wrong.

I think I may have underestimated the Dodger’s determination.

I’m happy to be wrong in this case.


Scott you said Vargas sucks how did you determine that when he hardly played.

Scott Andes

Take a look at his numbers last year, and in 2022.


Wow. What a sweet win..

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