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Do I Continue For Another Year?

It is time for me to renew my annual website hosting and website maintenance contracts, and I needed to think about if I was going to renew.

t is not easy to come up with fresh ideas almost every day.  This is going to be an especially difficult year for me as there will be multiple obstacles for me, some good, and some not so good.

It is the year for my wife and mine 50th Wedding Anniversary, which we will be celebrating on May 25.  That will also be the 20th anniversary for my son’s MLB debut.  We are planning on a two week Alaska Cruise in July with friends who are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

My wife and I will be going to Pismo Beach for our actual anniversary.  There is nothing like the California coastline.

Today we are leaving for 10 days to Windsor for our semi-annual wine tasting/resting retreat.  We are not that adventurous, and generally do the same thing every time.  We will try and get to a couple of new wineries (new for us), but we always hit up Korbel (my wife’s favorite) and do a wine and food pairing at Kendall Jackson.  We spend a day in Healdsburg.  It is a trip we look forward to.

The not so good obstacles are that it looks like I will be going through two knee replacement surgeries this year.  No, not at the same time.  That will not be fun.  But my goal is to be able to golf with my friends in the summer of 2025.

Another not so good obstacle is the cost.

Before talking with my wife, I was leaning more towards not renewing my hosting and maintenance contracts.  You know…time and money.  However, she looked at me and said, are you really not going to do this for THIS YEAR!!!!

After a long deliberation, I decided to renew, and have already paid for the two annual contracts.

As I said, the topics do not come easy, but I appreciate Bums and his trade scenarios.  No matter how he spins it, they are just never going to happen.  But he is consistent and it is all in fun.

I am a MiLB snob, and I just do not stick with the Dodgers farm system.  I follow all of the teams and their prospects.  I like to find players who could become that player before he is that player.  I spent two years following Fernando Tatis Jr. in MiLB.  I spent three years following MacKenzie Gore.  I was an Alex Bregman fan once he was drafted until 2017.   I wrote about how he was going to be a star.  He has, even though he cheated.

I like to complain because the Dodgers did not select the players I wanted in the draft, only to see them excel at the MLB level, but not with the Dodgers.  Bo Bichette, Shane McClanahan, and Gunnar Henderson are three recent draft picks not taken by LAD, when they had the opportunity.

I bring up names often before and during the season.  I brought up Zack Gelof before last year.  I brought up Evan Carter before last year.  I brought up Chase DeLauter before this year.

Another – Orelvis Martinez – Toronto Blue Jays – SS, 2B, 3B

I think my following of all MiLB gives me the reasons as to why I believe that LAD MiLB lacks super star prospects, have a few future star prospects, but a ton of depth.  The organization is unmatched with their development team.

I spend much time following the Dominican Summer League, because I am hopeful that the Dodgers can come up with a gem, as it is much harder to find that superstar where they draft every year.  11 of the Dodgers Top 30 prospects are International Free Agents.  That does not include Miguel Vargas, an IFA who the Dodgers hope will not only stick this year, but will shine.

Anyway, here’s to another year for LA Dodger Chronicles.  There will be periods that I will not be able to write a new column or comment.  But I trust that the community that has been developed can continue to carry on.






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Hey Jeff. I really appreciate your financial investment to keep this site going in 2024. It should be quite a season for us Dodger faithful.

If you need some help with some content I would be happy to help out. It sounds like a busy year for you and your wife.

Carry on….indeed!


Thanks for all you do Jeff. I know I’m a newbie but this is a great site and appreciate you and all the posters..

Happy New Year !! Have fun !! You deserve it

Singing the Blue

Let me add my thanks to the others for all the time and $ you put into this blog.

Enjoy your stay in the wine country. A great way to unwind and relax and who could blame you for doing it many times over.


Thanks for deciding to stick around. I don’t mind not seeing a new post every day. The conversation usually drifts from topic to topic anyway. I’m not up to date on our own system let alone all of MiLB, so I appreciate the info.

You and Bear are both good writers, so, thanks to both of you.


Glad to hear you are continuing this site. I enjoy it very much. Thanks.

Fred Vogel

Glad that you are sticking around. This should be a fun year.
If you haven’t been already, may I suggest you visit Ridge Vineyards

Lytton Springs

Happy New Year.


Thanks Jeff for continuing the blog, I find the depth of research by you and Bear to be excellent with detail not known by the casual fan.

I like the blog dialogue back and forth, and for the most part I find the posters to be dedicated and knowledgeable without “attitude” that I see from time-to-time on other Dodger Talk blogs.

Thanks again!

Fred Vogel

Glad you are sticking around. Should be a fun year.
If you haven’t been already, may I suggest you visit Ridge Vineyards

Lytton Springs

Happy New Year.

Farhan Friedman

I enjoy your website every day and appreciate all your time, effort and the expense you put into this Jeff. I know you weren’t asking for donations, and I know it’s not much but I’d be happy to send you a check for $100 to help toward expenses. Maybe others would be willing to chip in. I know you probably don’t want to give out your physical address but perhaps you have a Post Office Box?

Last edited 5 months ago by Farhan Friedman

Jeff, you are an accountant and finance pro. Why not prepare an annual budget for this site and post it. Include a few enhancements that you would make were it not for the cost.

Let us pay for our play. I want to own a share or whatever you want to call it. Offer ten shares and let 10 of us each buy one of them.

Last edited 5 months ago by Bumsrap

Back home from Cali, and I can start contributing a little more. I have one I am working on now that should be ready this weekend, I appreciate all you have done for me Jeff. I also have enjoyed writing for the site. Hard to carry on alone.


Hey Bear, yesterday on a post on the other site which I couldn’t reply to because it’s shut down for replies currently, you asked if I was talking to you or another guy. Please know that for sure I was talking to the overly verbose other guy.

RC Dodger

Thanks for hosting the website Jeff. You have great insights into MLB and MILB.
I also appreciate Bear providing his stories and content. I am thankful to have this site to learn more about the game and to offer opinions occasionally.


Thank you Jeff for this site. I do not post very often but read this site everyday. Love how you back up all your views with facts and treat all posters with respect.


Thanks for doing this Jeff. Of all the Dodger websites I view this one has the most insightful and indepth info. The other posters have great insights and I enjoy the back and forth.. I agree w the suggestion to post a budget and let us chip in, or maybe post some of your favorite charities for us to contribute to in your name.

Claude Osteen

Jeff, thanks for all you do here. I don’t post often but read daily. You have a good group here and I do believe this by far the best quality and most respectful banter of any Dodger site.


Thank you sir


Well now that we know you’re here, give us your take on left field. I heard Pham was getting some traction but I say no to that idea. I’m not crazy about Hernandez either and Duval, who is also being mentioned doesn’t project all that well. I think Vargas can outhit all those guys. Give the kid his shot.

Last edited 5 months ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

I hereby cast another vote for Vargas.

Brian Perkins

I enjoy your prospect content.


Thanks so much for continuing Jeff. Your insight is the best!


Yours is still the only blog I read and post on. The question is can you really leave this? It must be kind of addicting and I’m sure you get something out of it or why would you even do it? Keeps you busy and has killed your competition (the nasty one in Indiana) without even trying, Best Wishes and follow your feelings.

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