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Fans Seem More Concerned Than The Front Office

                 You read almost any Dodger blog and it seems the fans are far more worried than the front office. Fans want the powers that be to be a lot more expedient addressing what they believe are the team’s biggest weaknesses. Considering that they have been treading water for the last 40 games, and only own a winning record over San Francisco and Colorado in their own division, 11-5. And are under .500 against the Padres, who all of a sudden are hot, and Arizona, who spanked them soundly in the last two games of their series this week, and who easily could have won three if not for some very late heroics with two outs. 

                     I totally understand where they are coming from. I believe there is more fight in this team than they are given credit for. Someone mentioned on another site that the team was on cruise control. What I have heard players saying in interviews paints a different picture in my mind. I think they realize that they cannot take their foot off of the gas. 

                     This series they started with a win tonight, and the next one beginning next week in Philadelphia, are going to show what kind of grit this team might have. They are going to have to play mistake free baseball as much as possible. They are also going to have to get more length out of their starting pitchers than they did in the Giant and Arizona series.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            They have 8 games before the All-Star break, and then 10 before the trade deadline on the 30th of July. 7 of those 18 games are against teams under .500.  But the Giants, who play the Dodgers for the last time this season between July 22-25, are now only one game under .500, and have been playing a lot better of late. They play these two division leaders in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, then go to Detroit. The Tigers are 8 games under .500 right now. They are 3 games under .500 at home, but 5 under on the road. Skubal is their best pitcher with 9wins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          One can clearly understand why fans want immediate action. They want the Dodgers to not always win, but to own their rivals and beat the really good teams. Fans are not known for their patience. I can look back on when I was young, and I followed the trade deadline hoping the Dodgers would trade for Willie Mays. I had no real understanding of the feud between the teams. I knew Drysdale was likely to hit one of the Giants at some point in the game, although I did not understand why. The Fans Targets

                       I did some research yesterday when replying to a poster on another site who felt that the Padres, D-Backs and Giants, would all be amenable to a trade with LA if it benefitted their team and made them better. Last trade between the Dodgers and the D-Backs at the deadline brought Steve Finley to LA in 2004. They have not made one since. Maybe waiver pickups and such, but no trade of major players. 

                   The last trade between the Dodgers and Padres was when Matt Beaty was sent to SD for River Ryan a couple of years ago. The last time they traded players that were stars was the Kemp-Grandal trade after the 2014 season, it was the second major trade by Freidman

                         The last trade of any kind between the Giants and Dodgers occurred in 2007 when they traded for Mark Sweeney. Other than waiver deals, or signing a free agent from that team, they have not made a single trade. Farhan might have an affinity for Dodger players, the same way AF does for former Rays, but he will not trade with the Dodgers to get them.

                       Colorado has made only one deadline deal with LA of any consequence, they got Todd Hollandsworth and a couple of minor leaguers for Tom Goodwin. Nicasio was a pre-season trade. So, you can basically take four partners off of your trade possibilities. They have made a lot of trades with the White Sox, Rays, Reds, Yankees and the Braves. At one point, they made several with the Phillies. Angels have not made a major trade with LA since they sent Howie Kendricks to LA.

                       From what I have read on many sites and blogs lately, is that the fans want something done now. And they have their list of people to get rid of, Kike, Barnes, Lux, Heyward, Biggio and Taylor. Other than that, they like the roster. It is funny because all of those guys are position players. I see no fan uprising to get rid of any of the pitchers.    

                      Well in about 24 days, we will find out what the plan is. Hopefully the fans will be happy, the team will be improved and have some new vitality, and they get the full season championship they have been pursuing since the change of the guard. Typically, AF and the Dodgers keep their plans close to the vest and do not let fans know anything. Case in point, I cannot remember one single story in print or on the internet last season when the trade for Eduardo Rodriguez fell through. I had no clue they were even talking.  There wasn’t even any chatter on Twitter, now X. That is unusual. Because all of the other trades were in discussion there hour before they came to fruition.

                          As a fan, I am going to have to be patient. Sometimes it is fun to speculate, and sometimes fans speculations and expectations are pure fantasy with no chance of happening. But like many say, it is fun to dream.       


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And so, it begins. Giants traded outfielder Austin Slater to the Reds tonight. They received LHP Alex Young in return and assigned him to their AAA team.

Jeff Dominique

Alex Young is a decent reliever that SF is getting. He was with SF in 2022. Slater just never fully took hold. I think this was a good return for Slater and Cincinnati is getting a decent OF who hits LHP well. Good trade that nobody will remember.


Other than some journalists is there anyone else who would like to see Kenley back in Dodger Blue? Not me!


Two words, NO WAY! That rumor has been going around for a couple of months now. I think some Boston writer dreamed that one up, and with the Sox back in contention, I do not think it has any basis in fact.


It’s a hard pass for me as well Dave. Flashbacks of Kenley’s up and down performances his last couple of seasons with the Dodgers are something we don’t need to see again.


For me, so far this season has been frustrating.  After spending over $1.2B in free agency the Dodgers still have concerns not only on offense, but pitching as well.  The following players have not played up to expectations:

Heyward – again, injuries have plagued this 34 year old
Kiki – solid wherever asked to play, but his offense has been absent all season.
CT3 – his offense continues to deteriorate as if that was al all possible.
Barnes – fans accept his empty at bats and weak arm.  But, darn, as long as the pitchers love throwing to him he’ll have a job.  This is even though Glasnow, Paxton, Stone have never had Barnes catch them until this year.
Lux – I was a big Lux supporter when he first came up.  At worst he could be a solid, everyday 2B with some good offense.  He thrived as a nine hitter and was like having an additional lead off hitter at the bottom of the order.  I can imagine it’s hard to come back and play everyday after being out for a whole year and not being able to rehab with actual baseball activities.  I understand that possibility.  But, it’s his lack of hustle and enthusiasm for playing that bothers me.
Biggio – AF has some explain’ to do on this transaction.  And, the FO is afraid to put Vargas at 3B?  Criticisms of the above players is a daily topic. So, I’m not to say much more. But, with the Dodgers highly touted development capabilities why do they continue to struggle?

RVS and his staff have been credited with helping Dodger hitters improve their home run potential.  Really? I was thinking who has benefited from their coaching?  Looking at the Dodger roster the only one that I can see is Will Smith.  They tried to change Miguel Vargas last year and that resulted with him going back to OKC.  Apparently, having broken fingers doesn’t help in trying to improve your launch angle. James Outman is another example.

Mookie, Freddie, Teoscar, and Ohtani were already established stars and didn’t need any help with their hitting approach.  We watch Lux. Kiki, CT3 regress even further from less than average past production.  One approach doesn’t fit all hitters. Muncy had retooled his swing after he was traded to the Dodgers.  Sure, he hits 30+ HR’s a year, but he leaves a lot of run production on the bases.  Also, when he is not hitting well he takes too many center cut, first pitch FBs.  He, along with Teoscar, are poster boys for the three outcome club.

I’m not calling for RVS to be fired.  But, how about another hitting coach that can help with the bottom of the order and bench guys.  Learn to make contact with runners on base and have a “must” approach to the AB and not a suggestion.  I think this could make the top of the order more productive as a result of the bottom of the lineup moving runners into scoring position.  Except for the rare player who might succeed with increased HR production, these guys have no business with an all or nothing approach.  To me it’s one wasted AB after another.

But, it’s all about analytics and bizarre stats.  I used to be a batting average and OB% watcher to compare players.  The past couple of years Badger has guided me (as only Badger can) to consider OPS as a better stat for comparing hitters.  Not that it makes any difference to the Dodger FO, but strikeout rate is another stat I like to consider.  So, now OPS is the stat for me! 

And then there is the pitching… but enough for today.  I have some opinions and questions with Dodger and baseball’s throwing approach.  There seems to be a lack of concern for the pitchers’ arm health by baseball.  The attitude appears to be “with a chance to make millions there will always be a good supply of arms available” attitude.

Carry on.


Taylor is actually the one player who has done something over the last 28 games. His BA over that period is .268, not earth shattering, but acceptable. But he has slumped again the last 7 days.105. His OPS in that 29-day period was .949. His contract makes him virtually untradeable.


Well said Ted.

It appears to me the bottom of the order is streaky, which might be fine if they are streaking in October. I don’t know if I can blame that on hitting instructors but the lack of a two strike approach is definitely something I can pin on them.

As was mentioned yesterday the OPS of 6-9 in our order is well below league average. How to get that section to league average is what I would ask and I think the answer just might be giving a couple of them a change of address. There must be consistent .250 hitters out there. Bring them in. 5 solid players is not going to be enough. Not in this league.

I still say starting pitching is what worries me the most. And maybe my apprehension about that is unfounded. I feel nobody on this staff is capable of 150 innings and that means support must be added. And AF knows this. Our best minor league starting pitcher just began his career with a 7.2 ERA. Help isn’t likely coming from the system, and that system must now be used to get that help.

And while you’re at it Andy, find another relief arm that can be used. If it isn’t Brasier, Kelly or Graterol, it has to be somebody.

Phil Jones

Terrific post, as always Ted.
Once again, take Miggy Ro out of the bottom of the order and Biggio, Pages, Vargas, Lux, Kike and CT3 were 1 for 17. The ball hit CT3’s bat for the only hit.


Totally onboard with everything tedraymond and Badger wrote.


Guys, Jeff is going on vacation tomorrow, and I will be doing most of the posting, so if there is a topic or player you would like to see on here, let me know. He is also having surgery later in the month and will not be too active then. Right now, there is a glitch on the dashboard for the site where we compose the posts. Jeff has his IT guy on it, so hopefully we will be running smoothly. At present, I cannot log on to compose a post.


Jackson Ferris


I will see what I can find on him. Usually there is not much on the internet about prospects.


The Vulture


Phil Regan? Sure, I can do that.


Maybe not by himself but I thought of him when Smoltz or Orel mentioned relievers as vultures when they get the win.


I very much appreciate your contribution here Bear. It’s ok if there is a dearth of new posts. The community here will keep it lively.


Thanks Badger, at the very least, I will do a game summary and post what I can about the minor league games. There will be a post about the draft coming, I am not sure who is doing it.


You’ll have everything under control Michael.
No worries.


Thanks Ted, I really appreciate it.

Phil Jones

It’s all good Bear. There are enough civil opinions and conversations on this great site to keep folks occupied.
We’ll miss your stuff but take care of yourself. Good luck on the upcoming surgery and thanks for all you do on this site.

Last edited 6 days ago by Phil Jones

Jeff is having the surgery, not me, but thanks. Although it has been suggested by some that I try getting brain surgery! 😅 


Doctors didn’t find anything!



Probably not, but that headline was used many years ago when Dizzy Dean was hit in the head with a line drive. X-Rays of Deans head show nothing.

Phil Jones

Unquestionably the most enjoyable ass-whuppin I’ve ever sat through. Listening to Mookie and Orel talking baseball for 9 innings was a clinic. Joe Davis was smart enough to sit back and let it happen. Mookie can do anything it seems. He leaves his ego at the door unlike some guys who have to dominate the conversations. I absolutely loved how he picked Orel’s brain about pitching. He is a sponge trying to understand pitchers more and Orel provided great answers to his questions. Then Mookie talked from a hitters perspective. That was terrific. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t.
I thought the new kid, Wrobleski, pitched great, all things considered. He gave up the 2 dingers which hurt but our offense did nothing to help him. A base hit with the bases loaded by Pages in the 3rd could have changed the whole complexion of the game. Same with Ohtani in the 4th. 
I like his stuff, his poise and his strike throwing. He didn’t show fear of MLB hitters and I like that. It would be nice if he could work off that opportunity and settle in and be fill a void. And obviously not break down. This should earn the kid another turn.
We could certainly use a LHSP, and it would be refreshing to have a homegrown prospect come up and fill a need and help the club for a change. Except for Pages, we haven’t seen much from our prospects. Vargas could be an exception, as well. I hope we are on to something here, with Justin and he can build on that start.
Yarborough, like Paxton, likes to pitch at the top of the zone which makes both susceptible to the home run. That’s why coaches used to preach keeping the ball down. It’s sort of paradox now. Hitters want to lift the ball and get it into the air and organizations now want to pitch up in the zone. Disciples of spin rate. It always been a tool for the gas-men. Guys with a high hard one. But softer throwers, like Paxton, try to live at the top of the zone. Home runs are a reality with this approach. You better be prepared to out slug the opposition.
CT3 has great feet around second and turns a great double play. Makes good tags as well.

Singing the Blue

Hey Phil. So many good points, as always.

Last one first. I also enjoyed watching CT3 around second base yesterday and was struck by how much more natural he looks there than does Lux.

Wrobleski – he definitely didn’t seem overcome by the moment. Looked very much like he belonged on a major league mound. That, after only 2 games at AAA.

If we trade for another starter, I wonder if there is even a slight chance that AF would consider moving Paxton this month? Barring lots of injuries to the starters come October, there is no way we need both Yarbrough and Paxton on the playoff roster. One, yes. Both, no. Of course October is a long ways off, so I guess it might be foolish to ship out one of the few guys who has remained healthy so far.

Last edited 6 days ago by Singing the Blue

I would play Taylor over lux against righties and lefties. If lux has no trade value I would send him back to triple a to get his swing straightened out if that is possible.

when/if we get some starters back and Grove I would c what trade value Paxton and Yarborough have. Yarborough is the emergency insurance in case of injuries but he is not getting it done currently. Some team might take him as a starter and/or future starter.

neither should be on the playoff roster. Like you say injuries or if we don’t get people back might change the thinking. I would give Wrobleski a few more starts. Mb he could be the next Michael wacha in the playoffs. He has the stuff and it looks like the composure. Just needs a little experience and command.

Last edited 6 days ago by Therealten
Phil Jones

Thanks STB. I agree, CT3 looks very natural and comfortable at 2nd. He’s a veteran pro infielder. I wish he could hit .250. Lux, by comparison looks stiff and just doesn’t have good feet around the bag, including how to tag runners. Very mechanical, even before the injury. I will give him credit. I think Miggy changed Lux’s transfer on routine ground balls and the yips are a thing of the past.
Watching spring training this year with Miggy and Lux taking ground balls and turning double plays side-by-side was an eye opener. Lux would be adequate if he could hit.

Last edited 6 days ago by Phil Jones

Outman is 3-5 in his return so far. My favorite moments were when Mookie told J-Hair, watch out, I am coming for your job, and then early in the broadcast he kidded Orel about his weak 91 mph heater. Classic. The guy is a lot of fun to listen too.


The last couple of years the starting pitching prospects that the Dodgers have called up have been impressive in their ability to throw strikes and challenge the hitters. Sure, Wrobleski gave up a couple of long balls, but I see good things ahead for him, Knack, and Stone. Velo is important, but the three above rely on other pitches as well. They’re pitching, not just throwing hard. In previous years the youngsters making their debuts would nimble at the corners and appeared to be reluctant to challenge a hitter. I would think “you are pitching for the Dodgers because they believe you have MLB stuff. Quit f@#%’n around!


…”Hitters want to lift the ball and get it into the air…”

Mookie clarified what he thought about lifting the ball in the air when he said that meant not letting the ball bounce before it goes 65 feet.

Last edited 6 days ago by Bumsrap
Jeff Dominique

What Mookie thinks and what is being taught might very well be two different approaches. The extreme upper cut swings give the impression they are not looking at just getting the ball in the error.

Singing the Blue

Bear, I was probably the poster you were referring to who said that the other teams in the division would trade with us if they felt the players they got back would make them a better team.

You gave us a rundown here of the last time we made a trade of consequence with those 4 teams and also mentioned 5 or 6 teams we have traded with a few times. That still leaves more than half of the MLB teams unaccounted for.

Maybe we haven’t been able to trade with the teams in our division because the trades simply never came together for both sides.

When did we last make a trade of consequence with the teams you haven’t mentioned?

Just as an aside, I have heard both Andrew and Farhan (while with the Giants) mention that they would have no problem trading with a team in their division if the trade was of benefit to their team.


No teams in contention will likely want to trade with us, and that includes San Diego and San Francisco. If either felt what we were offering would help them this year they might consider it but that likely won’t happen.

Wrobleski. I guess I’m the only one who thinks he needs a little more time. His mistakes are obviously hittable. Like so many young pitchers it’s about command. Another start against what used to called a “lower division” club would be my suggestion. If there’s nobody else, ok, but him followed by our junior varsity bullpen arms the team will need to score.

Last edited 6 days ago by Badger
Jeff Dominique

I agree with you about Wrobleski. He is not ready to join the rotation full time. Neither was Pepiot, Sheehan, and certainly not Stone when they first came up. But what Wrobleski did show was the game was not too big for him. He threw strikes and two of them just got too much of the plate. He does need to go back to OKC and work on command and to tighten up his secondary pitches. Work on more spin to get a later break to get that swing and miss. He is a AAA pitcher that helped the MLB team for one day. More importantly, he is a solid LHP for 2025.


I will check into that SB. I am sure they have made trades with many of the other teams. They get a lot of their players now off of the waiver wire. Rarely do they go the rule 5 route. As far as what AF and Zaidi said, they might trade a player like that in the winter, but at the deadline, in a pennant race, highly doubtful for a couple reasons, one, the fan base would go berserk, and two, why would you want to make your biggest rival better???? After their next series, after the All-Star game, the Dodgers do not play the Giants again this year.

Jeff Dominique

I think it is curious for those who are so convinced that the Dodgers have what they need in MiLB, especially pitching. And yet many are disappointed when the best LAD MiLB pitcher does not pitch 5.0 shutout innings. Justin Wrobleski is a AAA pitcher who came in to give Bobby Miller another day’s rest. He is going to go back to OKC, but he will have one or two MLB games under his belt. It wasn’t great, but it was better than Gavin Stone’s first three starts. 

There is a HUGE difference between MiLB and MLB. So for those of you who do not believe that Wrobleski can help (and there are a lot out there – not necessarily commenters at LADC), there is no other MLB ready SP in the system. Now if you are convinced that Yamamoto, Kershaw, Miller, and Buehler will all be recovered fully from their injuries, because the Dodgers have such a great track record of advising us that their pitchers will be ready, and that being true, then there is no reason for the Dodgers to get a top of the rotation pitcher in a trade.

Then again a pitcher is not going to change the Dodgers approach WRISP. The Dodgers were an Octoberesque 3-21, while Milwaukee was 7-18.

Arizona, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and San Diego all have better numbers WRISP than do the Dodgers. With Milwaukee and Arizona rather significantly better. So unless the Dodgers slug as they did this past weekend, it could be another short NLDS (or Wild Card series). LAD and Atlanta are pretty much on par with each other, but St. Louis is VERY bad WRISP.

If Miguel Vargas is the best bat to ball player out there, then there should be ZERO reason for him to be out of the lineup. Randy Arozarena is a clutch playoff hitter, and must be considered, IMO.

The Dodgers are balking at the price for Crochet, and CWS seems more likely to keep Luis Robert Jr. at least through the season. I think Eric Fedde, Tommy Pham, and Paul De Jong are all possible acquisition targets.

I agree with Bear and others that I do not think the Dodgers will re-acquire Kenley Jansen. It is July, and the bullpen arms seem to be dragging. I think River Ryan could be a September callup and see if he can help the back end of the bullpen for the playoffs. Outside of Ryan, I am not sure who in the organization can help THIS year. Get Tanner Scott and Trevor Richards. Those are the two I would most like to see.

One other player that I would not mind seeing come October would be a RH bat coming off the bench…Justin Turner. Turner could be the 2024 version of David Freese. 

Why do fans seem more concerned than Front Office? Because we have no information? The Front Office is not going to tell us who was offered for Crochet. How do we know if it was a reasonable offer (reasonable in our eyes). But it does seem outrageous when we read trade proposals such as this from Bleacher Report:

Josue De Paula, Nick Frasso, Ronan Kopp to LAA for Tyler Anderson and Luis Rengifo. 

As long as we are in an information vacuum, we fans are always going to be more concerned. Plus I have no knowledge as to what levels of concern the Front Office has. Do they have the same concern about hitting WRISP as we fans do? Why do they not see an advantage to a proven 2-stike approach. RVS may not be able to give the lecture, but Freddie sure can. Why does Freddie have that approach and most others do not? Just how injured are Max, Yamamoto, Kershaw, Buehler Brasier, Graterol, and others?  Not knowing the 2024 status of Brasier and Graterol, how do we fans know how many relief arms might be needed.

I do not expect anyone from the Front Office to go on record and advise us what offers are out there. But I would like to see a baseball journalist ask Andrew or Brandon if they are concerned with the lack of hitting WRISP, especially in light of the last two NLDS. And if so, how do they fix it? Not specific players, but approach.


Fantastic post Jeff with many good takes.

That Angel trade is ridiculous IMHO.

I could go for some Redturn. He would be a better option than what they have now. Great teammate, clutch hitter, and playoff success.

There are so many ??? regarding which pitchers are going to be available by the postseason. I guess the best case would be most of the infirmed become available and one or two pitchers trade for are available as well. Most of the injured probably won’t be back until after the trade deadline. Very tough decisions for the Dodger front office. There will definitely be plenty of opportunities for criticism regardless of what happens. Unless, of course, the Dodgers win the World Series. Then all is forgotten.

Enjoy your trip and a speedy recovery with your surgery.

Last edited 6 days ago by tedraymond

Turner barely plays the field anymore, and he has played only 5 games at third and did not do that well. He plays first base more than third, but he mostly DH’s. He is hitting .245 and age has caught up with him. Not an option.

Jeff Dominique

I do not see JT playing the field or being DH. I see him as a RH bat coming off the bench. Like David Freese. If he has to play 3B for a couple of innings, I would not be too worried about that. He could play once a week at 3B to give him more ABs. I would much rather have JT coming off the bench than Kiké or CT3. And you only need once of those two, not both.

You have to know what their total plans for the August roster are before we can fully judge what they are doing. We will have to wait and see.


I like having a pinch hitter in the Manny Mota mode. Roberts wouldn’t try to give him at bats or playing time like he seems he has to do with Kike’, Taylor, Vargas, Biggio, and Heyward. Mota, Hansen, Hatcher, Harris and now Turner.


I would always trust JT in the late innings. But his last two postseasons with the Dodgers were not that good.

Jeff Dominique

Seager’s 2021 was not very good either. I will trust JT more than any bench player currently on the roster.

Wally Moonshot

Ownership should be the ones who are very concerned. After all they shelled out a gazillion dollars this past off season with the premise, I’m sure, of a sure ticket to the WS and instead got a roster that still has serious deficiencies. The inability to hit WRISP is all about the organization’s approach at the plate and IMO sucks. The fact that Friedman is apparently in love with reclaimed pitchers who can’t go more than 150 innings a season is also flawed. For a team still leading their division by a good margin they seem really fragile.

Jeff Dominique

For the back of the rotation guys and 150 innings, I agree with. But no team’s #5 is expected to go 150. Most #4’s won’t.

Most of the LAD starting pitchers are home grown.

They signed Glasnow for more than this year. He may be hitting somewhat of a proverbial wall, but he will need to work through it. Glasnow is at 109, 150 should not be a problem. His 5th and 6th innings in his last start were dominant. He had a brain fart in the 4th. He had to throw a number of stress innings when his team scored him ZERO runs for five games. He had to be perfect, and he wasn’t. Nobody is. Even HOF like Kershaw.

Yamamoto was a work horse in Japan. Nobody saw this coming with him. NOBODY.

Paxton is a #5, and he sits at 80.2 IP. He should hit somewhere between 120 and 140. I think to expect more from him was not realistic.

Homegrown (not reclaimed projects):

Miller was penciled in for more than 150. He threw 124.1 in 22 starts last year which was on a pace of 186 for a full season. He had a second consecutive shoulder concern. Is it chronic?

Stone is at 92. He could exceed 150. I hope he slows it down a bit. His last start may have been impacted by the complete game shutout in his start before that.

Buehler was never going to pitch 150. Neither was Kershaw. Neither are reclamation projects.

I would say that AF’s reclamation project acquisition of Tyler Anderson worked out well. He threw 178 in 2022. Now Noah Syndergaard was a mistake, but I think that was more on him than on AF. He could not get it thru his head that 100 MPH pitches were behind him.

The current #5, Landon Knack is homegrown.

May, Gonsolin, Frasso, Sheehan are all homegrown but are out due to injuries.

And of course, Clayton Kershaw is homegrown.

There is a lot that I disagree with AF on, but his pitchers are generally not the problem. Now the training could be an issue, and it should be reviewed. Not just the Dodgers, but also all MLB, MiLB, College and High School.


I write the following as a proud and contributing member of the Dodger “online community.”

Ownership could care less about the sentiment around Dodger blogs and rightfully so.

The majority of Dodger fans are happy and satisfied. I know this because of the attendance and partnership numbers. They have the 2nd best record in the NL. They are, as per the BG discussion previously, almost assured of another playoff appearance.

I understand the underlying motivation for the unease of fans here (lack of WS titles) but most fans. MOST fans are not as invested as we are, they are more easily satisfied.

On the note and surprisingly recurrent pining about RVS and the Dodgers hitting:
Sure, WRISP numbers could be better, this is undeniable and analytically confirmed. You know what else are?
On a MLB level the Dodgers, without Muncy for a long extent and Betts for a shorter time, are:
3rd in HRs hit.
3rd in the (IMO ONLY) misleading RBI standings.
1st in OBP.
2nd in Slug, OPS, and drawing walks.
7th in BA, if you are into that stat.

Are those really numbers that will drive a team to re-evaluate their hitting philosophy and staff?

Serious question. Not joking.

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I would like to c the media ask Roberts about the 2strike approach. Or, are u trying to make contact or just going for the homer? Ask Roberts why we are so bad wrisp. Why don’t somebody do an interview with the hitting coach and ask what the philosophy on wrisp. Ask Roberts, Friedman, Gomes, hitting instructor if they are concerned about wrisp and the 2 strike approach. Roberts would be easier to ask because he is accessible and can’t shut his mouth. The hitting guy might be afraid to answer. AF and Gomes will just spin but who knows what Roberts might say. While they are at it mb ask one of their trainers about prevention or up to date on injuries. I doubt they really trust this info with Roberts but he would definitely put it out there.


“Why does Freddie have that approach and most others do not?”

Yup, that’s a question begging for an answer. But more pointedly, it’s the media covering the Dodgers that should be asking ALL those proposed questions. But with very, very few exceptions, the overwhelming majority don’t do their jobs because they value “access” over integrity.


How would asking that question impact “integrity” because you, Wayne, want the question asked?


This was a silly post by me.

I apologize.

Jeff Dominique

Brewers manager, Pat Murphy, on Justin Wrobleski.

“I think that kid’s special,” said Brewers manager Pat Murphy. “I don’t know if he’s their top prospect or one of their top prospects, but I think that kid’s good. He has great poise, great feel, he holds runners great. He’s just going to get better and better. If he stays with the Dodgers, he’s going to pitch a long, long time.”

Phil Jones

Jeff, I’d like to see Wrobleski get a couple more starts and see how he does. He may be more ready than we think. He’s been fast tracked so there are skeptics. I’d certainly rather see him than a bull-pen game. Let’s give him some room before we put him on the shuttle to OKC.




Me too. We will need extra starters until we acquire one or two, if Wrobleski is the best we’ve got then put him out there.

Jeff Dominique

No if. He IS the best the Dodgers have right now. I can see him sticking around for another 1 or 2 starts. There are 6 games until the All Star Break. Keep all 6 starting pitchers. After the All Star Break there are 10 games before a day off, the day before the trade deadline. That could be set up for one more game during that stretch. They could put Knack and Wrobleski at #5 (July 23) and #6 (July 24). How they pitch could decide how AF/BG decide to approach the trade deadline. Getting more timely information cannot be bad.


Wrobleski will become an elite MLB SP when he develops an off-speed pitch that can effectively command

Singing the Blue

Just about anything is better than a bullpen game.

At worst he gets clobbered and goes back to OKC to work things out. The kid doesn’t panic or lose his cool on the mound so he could easily come back next year all the better for the experience, same as Stone did this year.

On the other hand, he could be one of those rare pitchers who basically jumps from AA to the big time and never looks back. That would certainly help AF determine how to play the deadline with regard to pitching.

Phil Jones



Stone and Wrobleski both keep their poise. Miller working on it.

Singing the Blue

Working on it, yes, but he has a ways to go.
Just different personality types, I guess.

TennisMenace (TM)

I’m tired of being concerned. Nothing has changed this past month…we are playing bout .500 ball and I’ve noticed teams are scoring more runs against us of late. Bullpen must be wearing down in this heat.

Again, once we get past #4- Teoscar, we go I into the Twilight Zone for the next 5 batters. And yes, I include Pages in that group of “the can’t count on me guys.” Hopefully Outman will spell him for some games when we face tough RHPs. Pages is our 2024 Outman, only much less.

I do want to correct myself- I would not put Rojas in that “can’t count on me” list because he doesn’t belong there….so remove his name please.

I won’t discuss pitching due to all our injuries. There could be hope when we get some guys back at 100%. But yes, I still think we need at least one more proven SP just in case. -TM

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I think Orel mentioned Wrobleski was getting hit later in the game because hitters were sitting on a pitch speed indicating Wrobleski needs to change speeds more.


He also needs to hit his spots.

Singing the Blue

Orel gets long winded sometimes, but he knows his stuff. I’m amazed at how much thinking about pitching he did, both on and off the mound. I’m sure there are others that were just as cerebral, but I don’t think it’s the norm.


Dylan Hernandez, who I waffle on liking, has a piece where he wonders about Roberts’ lame duck status ($$$$)

What I found interesting was this text that AF sent Dylan:
“Doc is a big part of what we have accomplished in the past and we look forward to him being a big part of what we will accomplish in the future. Right now, all of our focus and attention are on doing everything we can to win a Championship this season.”


What are the chances of getting Luis Rengifo to play 3B? Probably wouldn’t cost a lot. He would be a big upgrade over Biggio, Kike, and Taylor.


Chris Taylor, June 8 – July 7 (53 PA)

.267 / .377 / .533 / .910
158 wRC+
.392 wOBA


And I bet you would not bet the rent money on him keeping up that pace.


I’m an optimist.

I’m also the one who said it was time to DFA him back when his OPS+ and a negative number.

Jeff Dominique

He is and he did.

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