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Which Team Is The Los Angeles Dodgers of 2024

I was doing a little self-reflection in light of Bluto’s comment about his self-confessed overreaction to Thursday’s debacle. Was I overreacting? And in retrospect, I concluded that I was not overreacting.

First, I react to the game itself.  Did it stink?  100%. Was it emblematic of who they are?  Not that game.

Friday’s game was on the other side of the spectrum.  Total elation for the win.  Is that an overreaction?  Not to the game.  But I also do not believe that game is emblematic as to who this team is.

Prior to Friday’s win, the Dodgers were embarrassed for 3 out of the previous 4 games.

The talent is there.  Pieces are missing, just like with every team.  But the talent on the LAD roster is elite.  But something seems to be missing.  Mookie?  They are 10-6 since he went on the IL (.625 winning percentage).

The team started out as most of us believed they were capable of.  After the first 39 games, the Dodgers were 26-13, a 108 win pace.  That includes a 14-2 run at the end of the first 39 games.  Thus, before that run, they were 12-11.

For the next 50 games, the Dodgers are 28-22 (.560 winning percentage), or a 91 win pace.

Since Max went on the IL, the Dodgers are 25-18 (.581 winning percentage), or a 94 win pace.

Thus, outside of the Dodgers 14-2 run, they are 40-33 (.548 winning percentage), or a 89 win pace.

Run Differential is even more telling:

  • 14-2 Run – 69
  • 1st 39 games – 74
  • Last 50 Games – 35
  • Since Max on IL – 33
  • Since Mookie on IL – 8

For a 16 game run, the run differential is 69.  Outside of the 14-2 run (73 games), the Dodgers have a run differential of 40.

See chart below for where the Dodgers fall within those 5 game sequences:


R/G = Runs per game

RA/G = Runs against per game

HR/G = HR per game


Outside of the 14-2 run, the HR/game have been very consistent.  What isn’t consistent is hitting WRISP.  Take a look at the team stats and they are at the very top of most of the offensive metrics.  There is no question that this team has the capability of hitting.  It is the timing of the hitting that is inconsistent.

The team, more importantly RVS, needs to watch Freddie with 2 strikes and the game on the line.  No overswing with a launch angle designed to hit the ball 450 feet, when simply a single will do.  Freddie has done that twice in the last 4 games.  There are those out there that think Freddie listens to RVS.  No he doesn’t.  He has not changed his approach since he came over from Atlanta.  He is still a line drive hitter who sprays the field, mostly up the middle and gap to gap.  Check out Freddie’s 2024 Hit Spray Chart below:



This is what Freddie was trying to get Gavin Lux to do in 2022, and he Lux was doing well.  Lux needs to go back to try and emulate Freddie and stay away from the RVS school of pull side power.  How many times has he simply just rolled over and grounded out to 2B and jogged down the 1st base line.

The big question is which team is this?  They have a 50 game run that shows they are a bit better than average.  Good enough to get into the playoffs and then hope for luck. This is the approach many fans like.  Just get to the playoffs and hope.  But it is teams that make their own luck that I want this team to be.  I agree with Orel that they need put on their hitting pants for more than 1 inning a game.  Friday’s game was an excellent example.  Of course the 4 HRs had something to do with that.

In Friday’s game with the scored tied 5-5, Miguel Vargas led off the 8th with a single. Gavin Lux came to the plate, 0 for his last 17 AB, and he did not even think about bunting.  He did what he most often does and that was to ground out to 2B.  Fortunately the ball was hit slow enough and close enough to 1B that the play at 1st was the only play.  The result was there, and for that we should be happy.  But his intent was not to ground out slowly to 2B, and that is what the problem is.

I do not have an answer, or I would be making the millions that Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts make.  I can certainly question, and often times obnoxiously do.  But it is concerning that this team is so complacent at times, and cannot get out of their funks timely enough.  There is no spark, no fire, no sense of urgency.  That is what has decimated this team in the last two NLDS.  Yes, last year the starting pitching was bad.  But they scored a total of 6 runs in the three games, including two 4-2 losses in Games 2 and 3.  The pitching got the blame (deservingly), but the offense should not have gotten a pass.

They do not need to get away from their slug personality, but they do need to do the little things in critical situations like what Freddie did on Tuesday and Friday nights.  Don’t strike out or pop up with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.  Get the runner to 3rd with no outs.  Bunt when the situation calls for it.  How about a little hit and run once in a while.  Nothing like the runner on 1st taking off with a RH batter at the plate, and the batter letting the pitch travel and punch it through the right side.  Yes it does take bat control, something that used to be taught.

I have no idea what AF/BG plan to do with the trade deadline.  But I sure hope to see a different approach to the all or nothing swingers they seem attracted to.  I love Teoscar Hernández, but they already have one (or two or three or four).  Nico Hoerner replacing Lux at 2B (can also play SS) seems like a great tradeoff.  Maybe the Cubs would like to get rid of that Hoerner salary.  Lux and pitching for Hoerner?

I like the approach that Miguel Vargas is showing this year.  JDM told Vargas to be himself.  He is not JDM and JDM is not Vargas.  That seems to be taking hold this time around.  I want to see more.  Keep him in the games.

Could be worse.  NYY, after being the best team in MLB for first 72 games of the season, have gone 5-13 since (before Saturday).  And then you get remarks like this from Aaron Judge’s personal hitting instructor:

“They’ve lost 13 out of 18 while he’s hitting like an MVP,’’ Richard Schenck posted to his Twitter account Thursday. “The Yankees offensive player development is terrible.’’

 Schenck’s post was in response to a YES Network tweet July 4, quoting broadcaster Michael Kay saying of Judge: ”He hits, they win. That simple.’’


Manager Aaron Boone’s response:

 “People are going to say things, and certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion,” Boone said. “Especially when you go through a tough stretch and you wear this uniform, I know people are going to take shots and things like that.

You can’t get all consumed with all that stuff. We’ve got enough to worry about, making sure we’re buttoned up and putting our best foot forward every day. So that’s the focus.”

 Judge’s response – I didn’t say it, go ask Schenck. 


Other specious observations from this amateur baseball fan:

Why does Lux seem to be late on most groundballs not hit right at him.  Is it always due to where he is positioned?  Orel made that comment on Friday’s game on a ball hit by Willy Adames that alluded Lux to his left.  He said it was the pitcher who did not pitch the ball where he should have. I get that, but does that explain it completely?  Lux seems to miss a lot of balls hit to his left. Could it be he does not react immediately to the ball? I have watched countless 2B make that same play.  I first started to pay more attention after watching the Nationals’ Luis Garcia make play after play to his left against LAD.  It cannot be proven of course, but I think Luis Garcia makes that play on Adames’ ball.  I think Ketel Marte makes that play, Marcus Semien, Nico Hoerner, Thairo Estrada, and I believe Brice Turang all make that play.  I wish I had a video recorder that I could synch up batted ball to reaction.  Split screen with a timer to time his reaction.  As I said, it is something that is rattling around in my brain with no clear answer.

That play in the 4th by Miggy Ro on Brice Turang was eye-popping.  Turang was safe, but the effort was exceptional.  There is only a handful of batters who are safe on that play.  I agree with Sam Oyed that the Turang infield single seemed to unnerve Glasnow.  It was that one inning.  His 5th and 6th innings were just as dominant as the first three innings.  His velo was slightly up over his 2024 average, so I do not think he was running out of gas.  He allowed 6 hard hit balls, and only 2 > 100 MPH.  Hoskins HR was 99.3 MPH.


Not a good pitch.  Certainly not where he wanted it.





Las Vegas Aviators (A’s) 4 – OKC Baseball Club 2

Ryan Ward slugged a 2 run HR (PCL leading 23rd) in the 1st for a 2-0 lead.  Hyun-il Choi gave up a 3-run HR in the 2nd for the lead.  3 singles in the 4th gave LV their 4th run.


Tanner Dodson, Jack Dreyer, and Michael Flynn completed 4 scoreless innings, but the offense could not generate any additional runs.

  • Andre Lipcius – 2-4, 1 run
  • Ryan Ward – 1-4, 1 run, 2 RBI, HR (23)


Box Score


Tulsa Drillers 7 – Wichita Wind Surge  (Minnesota) 4

Kendall Williams completed 6.0 innings, allowing one run on a solo HR.  He gave up 5 hits in total , 3 BB, and 2 K.

Tulsa tied the score in the 6th when Dalton Rushing was HBP and scored on a Damon Keith double.

In the 7th, Griffin Lockwood-Powell walked and moved to 3rd on Brandon Davis’ double.  Both runners scored on a Bubba Alleyne triple.  Alleyne scored on Yeiner Fernandez’s sac fly.  Taylor Young drew a BB and scored on Dalton Rushing’s single.

In the 8th, GLP drew a BB, Brandon Davis singled, and Yeiner Fernandez walked to load the bases.  Alex Freeland hit a 2-run scoring single to give Tulsa a 7-1 lead going into the 9th.

Lucas Wepf was summoned to close it out.  But he surrendered a 2-run HR and a solo HR in the 9th before he got the final out.

  • Dalton Rushing – 2-3, HBP, 1 run, 1 RBI
  • Brandon Davis – 2-4, 2 runs, double (15)
  • Bubba Alleyne – 1-4, 1 run, 2 RBI, triple (2)
  • Damon Keith – 1-3, 1 BB, 1 RBI, double (6)

As an aside, Minnesota drafted Luke Keaschall as a CF out of Arizona State in the 2nd round in last year’s draft at overall #49.  Billy Gasparino passed over Keaschall for Kendall George.

  • Keaschall (21) is from Watsonville, so he is probably a Giants fan.  But he is probably a better choice for the Dodgers than is George.
  • Keaschall High A – 197 PA – .335/.457/.544/1.001, 12 doubles, 7 HRs, 30 BB, 29 K, 14 SB, 1 CS
  • Keaschall AA – 170 PA – .291/.400/.411/.811, 9 doubles, 2 HRs, 21 BB, 37 K, 5 SB, 3 CS
  • Kendall George Low A – 250 PA – .277/.376/.310/.686, 3 doubles, 2 triples, 33 BB, 51 K, 21 SB, 8 CS
  • Keaschall is already Twins #5 and MLB Top 100 at #94.

George was LAD 1st round pick at #36 overall.  He is LAD #10 prospect.


Box Score


West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit) 2 – Great Lakes Loons 0 – 8 innings

Jackson Ferris pitched the game of his short career.  7.0 shutout innings, 2 hits, 0 walks, 1 HBP, and 11 K.  This was a scheduled 7 inning game, Ferris throws 7 shoutout innings, and he gets a no-decision.  Three Whitecaps pitchers matched Ferris with 0 runs, even though they allowed 4 hits and 5 walks.


Michael Martinez allowed 2 runs in the 8th, and Great Lakes stranded runners on 1st and 2nd with a pop out and 2 Ks.

Jake Vogel was 2-2 with a BB, while Kyle Nevin and Thayron Liranzo had the other two hits.  Nevin’s hit was a double (13).


Box Score


West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit) 5 – Great Lakes Loons 3 – 7 innings

Great Lakes broke out a 2-0 lead, and 3-2 lead but could not hold it.  In the 3rd, with two outs, Noah Miller and Dylan Campbell singled.  Miller scored when Kyle Nevin reached on a fielding error.  With runners on 1st and 3rd, Campbell and Nevin tried for a double steal, and Campbell scored before Nevin was tagged out.

Jose Rodriguez walked a pair in the 4th, a passed ball moved the runners to 2nd and 3rd.  A two-out double tied the score

Sam Mongelli hit a solo HR in the bottom of the 4th.

In the 6th with Garrett McDaniels on the bump, he allowed a walk, 2 singles and a double to push across 3 for the eventual win.

  • Noah Miller – 2-3, 1 BB, 1 run
  • Chris Newell – 1-3, double (13)
  • Sam Mongelli – 1-3, 1 run, 1 RBI, HR (4)


Box Score


Visalia Rawhide (Arizona) 10 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 6

Despite a pair of homers from Cameron Decker, the Quakes dropped Saturday’s game in Visalia, a 10-6 decision to the Rawhide.

Decker’s first homer, a two-run shot, broke a 2-2 in the fourth, giving Rancho a 4-2 lead. That was the last time Rancho led though, as the Rawhide scored five times in the fourth and took the lead for good, on their way to a series-win over the Quakes for the second time this week.

Down 7-4 in the eighth, Decker struck again, hammering his second two-run homer and third of the year, making it 7-6.

That’s as close as the Quakes would get though, as an error in the last of the eighth allowed three unearned runs to score, as the Rawhide took a 10-6 lead and held on for the win.

  • Jesus Galiz – 4-4, 3 runs, 3 doubles (14) – 2 passed balls for 13 thus far in 2024.
  • Cameron Decker – 2-3, 1 BB, 2 runs, 4 RBI, 2 HR (3)
  • Sean McLain – 1-3, 1 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (4)
  • Wilman Diaz – 2-4, 1 RBI


Box Score


ACL Dodgers 8 – ACL Padres 7


Box Score








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Like many I used to look at batting averages to determine how good a player was. I learned early to just get on base so I looked at that too. Now the go to measurement is OPS.

Looking at the Dodgers team stats this morning it’s clear to me that something is clearly amiss.

The league average OPS in ‘24 is .706. The Dodgers have 7 player below that figure and one, Pages, barely above it at .715.

Lux .547
Heyward .698
Kiké .567
Taylor .485
Outman .532
Barnes .529
Biggio .452.

For a team that stresses OPS something appears to have gone terribly wrong.

I think it’s important to note that yes, the team is among league leaders in runs scored. But these numbers, and WRISP numbers, are in my opinion indicative of a system problem that needs to be addressed.

I’ve said all year that taking get me over Strike 1’s is just wrong. I believe in Corey Seager’s approach which has resulted in an OPS over 1.000 on the first pitch. I’ve also criticized the team’s all or nothing approach with 2 strikes.

Is it the RVS approach? I believe so, and is not going to change. These 7 players that are well below league average are going to have to take it upon themselves to learn how to hit line drives. And yes, watching and repeating what Freddie does would be a good place to start.

Last edited 7 days ago by Badger

Did you see the first-pitch swinging by Outman last night. In his 4 AB’s he swung at the first pitch all 4 times and smoked 3 of them. Perhaps over-aggressive, but I liked it!


I’m okay with your use of and which could leave one of them on the team and hopefully it is Outman. Roberts said Pages will be an everyday player but to give Vargas some at bats against righties, Outman will sit some against righties and as it looks now, against all lefties.

Phil Jones

Spot on Badger. Too many below average hitters on this team. Obviously, the top 5 or 6 carry the mail and I’m not expecting all-stars at every position. But jus give me an average performance at the bottom of the order.
And Vargas is hopefully forcing Doc to play him and not platoon him or sit him for Taylor and Kike.


I wonder if Vargas can play enough defense at third to keep his bat in the lineup at third.


Thank you for your take on the Dodgers situational hitting. And irrespective of RVS’s past successes, it’s obvious–with every monotonous, tiresome rollover to 2B–Lux does not benefit from his coaching.

Last edited 7 days ago by Wayne

As fans, if we simply watch the game and how it is played and performed by players like Lux and Vargas, we see that Lux has problems on both ends, fielding and hitting. No one needs to tell me anything about his swing, stance, attitude, or where he should be playing. It’s self-evident that he is not doing well.

OTOH, I see a completely different picture regarding Vargas. If he has indeed turned the corner on his hitting, and that HR was beautiful he hit yesterday, he should be given every opportunity to maximize his playing time.

Without going into naming the players I feel are really not contributing this season, what the hell does the FO expect the fans to feel and think regarding their continued use of players that are not getting better? So many fans feel that players who have had really good seasons in the past will magically have another and all you have to do is march them out every game. Brings to mind Kemp and how hard it was to accept that he didn’t have it in him any more. If you are not having more really good years than not, you don’t belong on my team.

Outman will be the next experiment and I hope Vargas doesn’t suffer for it. Outman’s splits and SO frequency are a problem especially for a team that is trying to build up its bottom rotation pieces.

Muncy is probably gone this year. I have to question the trainers and what kind of program they have a guy like Muncy on. Usually overweight, I would think athletes should pride themselves on being and staying in shape. Muncy is oft injured. If he didn’t hit so many HRs, he would have been traded long ago. In a way, the Dodgers will have to learn who those players are that will help this team win games without necessarily being all or nothing players. I was hoping Heyward would rise this season but alas, he has not, and the team should try and move off of him and free up the space for the Farm. Isn’t that what the Farm is all about? They commit to the wrong players too often. It’s that algorithm, I say.


I agree w your statement about there being a lack of fire and urgency. That’s what I have been saying for a few years.
Is it because the team takes on the personality of the manager? Is it because there is so much talent they expect to win? Is it because they lack a player,like Gibson, who will keep the pressure on?
I believe all 3 are having their effect.


I was looking for a place to speak about lack of fire on the Dodgers. I disagree. If Freddie is going to be praised for his calm approach with two strikes or his overall demeanor, then how can he also be part of the lack of fire mentality. Can’t have it both ways.

The players have adrenaline every time they stand a foot off the plate where 95 mph objects buzz by them. The large crowds excite them. It is their ability to calm their heartbeats when balls are hit at them and when they are at bat that make them better, not worse.

Rah Rah guys are annoying and often grumpy and throw things. Breaking the water cooler has never fired up a team. Usually players just want to get away from the destruction.

Okay, the lack of fire doesn’t mean there is a need to be demonstrative. So, please describe what fire looks like.


Fire is telling Lux to run out every ball, fire is rallying the team when they are slumping, fire is making sure everyone, rookie or veteran, plays solid baseball. Fire is an expectancy that every player do his job every at bat no matter how much money other players are making. Fire is establishing a kangaroo court so mistakes can be pointed out in a lighthearted yet serious way. Fire is challenging each other to be their best. Fire is benching someone when they don’t hustle or continually do not perform.

Sam Oyed

There’s nothing wrong with RVS. There is something wrong believing one size fits all. Take Freeman for example. He has an approach that works for him. He stayed with that approach when he came to the Dodgers. Vargas on the other hand tried to apply RVS principles to his detriment. He seems to be back to his old style and the results speak for themselves.

Roberts has said he would give Taylor a long runway at 3rd. It’s also be said that Vargas is taking ground balls at 3rd. Play him as soon as he is ready (to close enough), and the Dodgers RISP will improve. There is more than enough slug on this team to support a bat to ball approach in the lineup.

Lux is fast but maybe he’s just not quick.


Vargas should be playing every game now.
Who keeps the has beens on this team or paying for players who are hurt and never play, never willing to admit when he has fu.
friedman is the problem as is his puppet roberts cant understand why no oneholds them accountable. Lux is a bust and i was a big fan but performance speaks for itself. The Dodgers would be better if some of the ideas from this sight were enacted. Badger and Jeff etc. are right something is terribly wrong.,

Last edited 7 days ago by SandyAmoros

We keep looking for a hitter. I guess Vargas is hitting too well to be in this lineup. To me he now looks good in the outfield. Let him play. The rest have had chances so give him a long leash.
The lack of passion and urgency is something that I think derives directly from Roberts. No urgency just “keep running them out there.”
keep playing the long game. Of course we played the long game last year and had zero playoff pitching.
i read somewhere that the Dodgers have the most pitching injuries of any team. Why? Is it our continuous taking risks on pitchers like Buehler because of our draft position? Is it our commitment to rest pitchers? Is it our medical staff? Pepiot and now Muncy out most of the year with oblique? Everyone we have who goes on the dl lingers. “It is a grade 1 strain” “should be back after 10days” surprised he went on dl, Kelly out for months with mild injury(doesn’t matter if dodgers want to pay 9mil for 20 innings) a calf muscle? Out for months who in the world is rehabbing these guys? Where is the prevention? Has the organization just decided that our players can only play a half season? Graterol? At one point he was quoted saying “I feel great” but hasn’t appeared. May, Kershaw just talk? Probably won’t c either one. Yamamoto, I don’t believe he had an injury history but here we go with some thinking he may not return this year. What? After all the resting? Again, who is rehabbing these guys?


I agree that Vargas should be playing every day. It doesn’t look like we will see any AAA hitters until the rosters expand. In the mean time, we appear to be stuck with a bench, and a couple of starters, below league average in OPS. That isn’t likely to change unless Friedman changes it in the next few weeks.

Starting pitching. Glasnow needs a break. Miller needs to perform and Friedman needs to add an arm or two. Here’s hoping Wrobleski is ready.


Remember Badger, now only two players can be added on September 1. And one has to be a pitcher.


Good point Bear. And we might need two pitchers.

Phil Jones

Nice win yesterday. I’d like to see us not go 6 innings without scoring but I’ll take it.
*Paxton had a good 5 innings. As a north-south pitcher, he’s going to give up some home runs. Living at the top of the zone with fastballs is going to produce some long balls. And the Varsity bullpen group had a nice 4 innings giving up one.
*I’ve said my piece about CT3 so I’m going to make a couple more observations and then shut up about him.
CT3 struck out swing twice again yesterday. With 2 on, he missed a perfect center cut, cockshot, at 95 and swung right underneath it. Big League hitters should never completely miss that pitch. The very worst is a foul ball but a complete whiff is seldom seen.
Smoltz had a real accurate comment about CT3’s swing. “He has basically the same swing no matter what pitch.” Yup, occasionally the ball might hit his bat. I’ve also noticed how often he runs out of bat on breaking balls low and away. He needs about a 40” bat. He missed a breaking ball in the zone, away, yesterday off the end of his bat. How about moving closer to the plate so he can cover that pitch? Ans swing at strikes.
Later, Smoltz also mentioned how hitters no longer move around in the box based on the pitcher’s out pitch. Basically, moving up in the box to take away the breaking ball. I never like that personally as it makes you vulnerable to the fastball, in perceived velocity. But it was an interesting comment and absolutely nobody does it. Rod Carew had many stances and was all over the batter’s box.
*Jackson Chourio leads off for the Brewers and is 20. It’s also his 4th year in pro-ball. That’s another example of Latin kids having an advantage over US kids. Signing at 16 gets those kids started in pro ball when US kids are sophomores in high school. They can have 6 years by 21. With Academies, quality coaching, good weather and a desire to hit your way off the island have these kids way ahead of the game. Paul Skenes has been on the super fast track to the Big Leagues, throwing 34 innings in MiLB after 3 college seasons. He just turned 22. His teammate at LSU and the 2nd overall pick behind Skenes in last year’s draft, is doing well in AA, also at 22. Orioles catcher Adley Rutschman, the 1 -1 in the 2019 draft was a sure thing, yet spent 3 seasons in MiLB debuting at age 24. Mets catcher, Francisco Alvarez, by comparison, is 22. He is in his 3rd season as an MLB catcher and 5 seasons in pro-ball.  
*I like Pat Murphy. He just looks like a baseball guy. Which brings up the Trivia question. How many guys have been a College Head Coach and an MLB Manager? I have looked it up and can’t find any. Plenty of guys played in the bigs and went on to coach and be administrators in college but I can’t find one who skippered a college and MLB team. Bear, come to the rescue.  
*Ohtani’s baseball skills are obvious but he is so attentive on the field. On his triple, he saw the throw get by third. He was up and looking to go home until he saw the pitcher backing up third. Not everybody does that. Most guys would be doing the Freddie at the bag instead of looking to advance.  
*I’m warming up to the City Connect uniforms. After seeing some others around the league, these may be the least ugly. I mean, we could look like SD with the ones that look like an explosion in a paint store or the horrible all black outfits. Have you seen the All-Star Game uniforms?  


I think they should go back to wearing their team colors at the All-Star game. Those uniforms are hideous. And the only reason they use them is for the sales they generate. Worst city connect unis, San Diego, Arizona, Boston and Miami. Cubs and White Sox have two of the best. I like the jersey’s the Mariners wear, but you can have those black pants.


Entertaining read Phil. Thanks.


Did some online sleuthing and I came up with two gentleman who headcoached at the college level and managed at the major league level (but it looks like they did major league managing first and then sunsetted as college coaches):

John “Stuffy” McInnis
Phillies manager in 1927
Head Coach: Norwich University, The Brooks School, Cornell, Harvard

Jack Barry
Red Sox manager in 1917
Head Coach: Holy Cross

My main source was:

Last edited 7 days ago by Bisonjones
Phil Jones

Wow Bison, great snooping to come up with those guys. They certainly weren’t going to roll off my tongue.
Pat Murphy seems like a great replacement with the Brewers. He has that you group playing good ball. He’s a baseball guy.


Well-written piece. Good news on Ferris.


Our pitching woes could be solved. Dakota Hudson dfa by Colorado go get him AF. (Sarcasm) couldn’t beat anybody else but beat the Dodgers 4-1 completely dominating. Injury prone, reclamation project, former projected star in the Cardinals system, cheap. Yep a target for AF.


hawk tuah


Prior can fix em.


Rockies designated Dakota Hudson for assignment.


Vargas might get some reps at third, we need to wait and see. Looking forward to seeing Wrobleski today


It was sooooo goood!

Obviously, in hindsight a good follow-up question was needed. But I doubt Gomes (or anyone in Dodgers management) would give anything more specific.


Bigger picture to me reads where he believes the team will be in mid September. If everyone heals, and those still standing but clearly need R&R get it, this team could beat anybody.

Singing the Blue

I don’t think I really care what Brandon’s view of the bigger picture is. It’s Andrew’s view I’m interested in. I believe Andrew listens to Brandon and his other lieutenants, but he’s still making the final calls.

Someone on Mark’s site named John mentioned the A’s #1 prospect today, Jacob Wilson. I must admit I hadn’t paid any attention to him, but his numbers are pretty terrific. He’s a shortstop/third baseman/left fielder who doesn’t walk but also doesn’t strike out and hits a ton. I have no idea if he can field a baseball.

Jeff, what do you know about him? He’s at AAA now. Maybe we can use the prospects the A’s weren’t going to trade Miller for and convince them to give us Wilson instead. He looks to be just about ready to become our next shortstop or third baseman………..if he can field.

And Bums will approve of this trade because Wilson is from SoCal.

Last edited 7 days ago by Singing the Blue

Scouting grades: Hit: 70 | Power: 45 | Run: 50 | Arm: 55 | Field: 50 | Overall: 55

The son of former All-Star Jack Wilson, Jacob played for his dad at Thousand Oaks High School in California and then headed to Grand Canyon University for college ball. He immediately established himself as one of the better pure hitters in the college game, producing better numbers as he progressed, including a strong showing for Team USA. After hitting .412 with a 1.096 OPS as a junior, he became the No. 6 overall pick in the 2023 Draft and hit a combined .333 while jumping on a faster track by advancing to High-A Lansing during his pro debut.

Wilson’s knack for contact is otherworldly, and he left Grand Canyon with an absurd 4.4 percent strikeout rate (2.3 percent in 2023). That carried over to his pro debut, when he struck out in just 9.9 percent of his plate appearances. There has been some concern over the lack of impact and lower exit velocities, but the A’s are not worried and feel that as he adds strength and learns he can use his incredible eye to work better counts, he’ll naturally drive the ball more as he swings at more heart pitches.

While he’s an average runner, Wilson’s hands, actions, instincts and IQ, not to mention his above-average arm, all point to a long-term future at shortstop. He has an extremely high floor because of his contact skills and steady defensive presence, and a step forward with offensive impact could move him to another level.

Singing the Blue

I’m convinced. He’s their #1 prospect so we’ll need to overwhelm them but I think it’s doable.

The Simulator says Rushing, Ferris and Sweeney. I think it would probably take a little more.

We could use him at short or third. Let’s do it.

Singing the Blue

Appreciate the added info. I have now added him to the Bums List of Guys We Want But Will Never Get. It’s an impressive list.


Dodgers just sold Matt Gage to the Mets. Roster spot now open for Wrobleski. Just need to move a man off of the 26-man roster.


The team traded LHP Matt Gage to Mets for $$$$$. If you will recall, Gage was part of that trade sending Caleb Ferguson to NYY. Has never been a good fit, he started with elbow issues and from there went 1-3 with a 4.29 ERA in 20 games for Triple-A Oklahoma City.



Varland sent to AAA as a corresponding move. Vargas is in the lineup and Bum need not complain about the losing Sunday lineup. With Monday being a travel day, Smith is catching for the third straight day. Taylor at second, Kike at third. Vargas is playing left.
I think the Dodgers are posturing. They never let anyone know what they are thinking or even who they are targeting. I also think besides AF, the ownership has a lot of say in who they trade for as far as adding salary goes. That is why guys like Yelich and Arenado have never been options.
They will add in areas of need, SS is not a need.


I think shortstop IS a need. It moves Betts back to second and gets Lux out of the lineup.


Disagree. I think Betts is fine where he is, if you want to move him, wait until spring training next year and get a SS in free agency. You can always get rid of Lux now.

Duke Not Snider

I’d rather have Mookie, Rojas and DeJong than Mookie, Rojas and Lux.
If Lux is still on the roster, he’ll ride the bench in the playoffs while Mookie and Rojas play.
We’ve waited all season for Lux to heat up. But over the last 30 days, his OPS is .559. During the same period, Rojas’s OPS is .776.
I don’t know if RVS is to blame, but Lux should be a Freddie disciple. Before he wrecked his knee, he added about 20 pounds of muscle–and we expected more power. Now his knee is better but he isn’t making much contact or hitting for power.
I would rate Lux as the single biggest disappointment on the team. Back in ’22, he hit to a .745 OPS with a .346 OBP. If he was doing that now, Mookie would be playing SS or maybe RF.

Ron Fairly fan

I always liked when Kershaw was interviewed during the game by the booth. He always was knowledgeable and entertaining. I thought Kershaw would make a great color commentator. I have to admit Mookie might be just as good as Kershaw.


Kershaw and Betts was an awesome listen.

That said, this modern style of baseball can sure be a tough watch some days.

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Wrobleski making a statement through 3

Singing the Blue

Even after giving up the homer, he got right back to work. Didn’t let the inning get away from him.

Every phone call Andrew makes in the next couple of weeks will involve the other team asking for Wrobleski.


4 earned in 5 innings. Meh.

And here’s a scoop: after 4, Dodgers 0 for 4 WRISP, making it 0 for 11 in the last two games. This is an ongoing problem.

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Who cares what they ask for?
Team is loaded in prospects they can move.
Still wonder what direction they will go, can’t wait for hug-watch week.


Pages hasn’t made good contact in a while. Many weak pop-ups the last few games 🙁


Trade him


I think you meant to post that response on the Dodgertalk blog. It would fit in there better.


I was kinda kidding, but, I’d trade him in the right deal. You wouldn’t?


For a good SS, sure.

Phil Jones

Pages swings at balls inside off the plate and jams himself too much. He has to learn to stay off that pitch on his knuckles.


He’s a work in progress.


Rookie starter + Ramirez + Yarbrough….. gotta score 8.


Wrobleski looked very good at times. I remember how Stone looked and Wrobleski was so much better. He definitely has the talent.

Good to c outman put it in play and get some hits. I wonder if his strategy is to be aggressive trying to avoid the k. If he can cut his k rate he could really help. His defense, power, and speed are much needed.

pages is going the other way. He looks like he is pressing. Mb he can c outman will probably cut his playing time.

why would Roberts pinch hit lux for Rojas? He give up on the game or I hope he is not injured. He should have pinch hit for Kiké. Kiki continues to try to pull every pitch. He cannot stay through the ball against righties. I now c him as 25th man with Biggio tied with Barnes for 26th. I would play Taylor over lux against righty or lefty. Platoon outman/pages in cf, teo in right, Vargas in left. Bench/lux, Barnes, Biggio, pages/outman, kike. Trade/release lux, Barnes, kike, and Heyward. It won’t happen but I think we can do better.


Rough day. 1 for 9 RISP, 11 LOB. Good weekend however. Took the series against a good 1st place team. Just gets tougher. Phillies up next on the road.

Not a great outing by Wrobleski, but not terrible. Yarbs and Banda let it get ugly.

Wally Moonshot

One of the great things about Vin was he knew when to talk and when not to. Watching today’s game with three guys in the booth talking incessantly was excruciating.

Phil Jones

Not to me Wally. I loved the exchanges between Mookie and Orel about the finer points of baseball from the pitching side and the hitters side. Mookie just picked Orel’s mind and he had great answers. I could have listened to this all day instead of Karros rambling on about bullshit or the D-Train talking about his Whooper-Dooper. They made a miserable game way worth listening to, IMHO.

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I loved it when Mookie told J-Hair in the pregame he was sorry, he would be taking his job.

Singing the Blue

The give and take between Mookie and Orel was what I loved when they had a 3-man booth that included Nomar.

I guess they thought a regular 3-man team was just two much talking but when Joe and Orel are left to their own devices they go off the beaten track and talk about way too much non-baseball stuff.


Orel just plain sucks.


The exchanges today were very informative, and Mookie got in a pretty good dig at J-Hair, and then he nailed Orel with a comment about his 91 MPH heater. Normally if it is just Joe and Orel, I turn the sound down. They bullshit too much.


Orel or Betts said Brewers were zeroing in on a pitch speed due to lack of use of off speed pitches. Sounded like Wrobleski needs one more pitch in his quiver.


He showed promise. Mistakes were punished. I think he should get another start before being sent down.


Six Dodgers on the All-Star team. Ohtani, Smith, Betts, who won’t play, Glasnow, Freeman and Hernandez. Should have known something was wrong with my sign in, has me as Old Bear, should be Michael Norris since I changed it.


Who are you, really?


Damned if I know. I went on the dashboard to work on a new story, and I got an error message, and could not sign in. You go back a few posts, and it has me under my real name because I changed the sign in on the dashboard. That is where we write the stories Jeff. So, Jeff has to get in touch with the IT guy. I cannot post any new stuff without it.


Jekyll and Hyde is right, three stinkers and three thrillers. I don’t think my heart can take this all year!!!


Riddle me this, how come Gavin Stone is not an All-Star and Paul Skenes is?????


I think Skene is a MLB favorite and Stone isn’t. Also the NFL built QB’S that were there favorites. Just my thinking.

Duke Not Snider

Um, because Skenes is better?


Kid has pitched 7 games in the majors, on a non-contending team. Stone has the best record on a division leading team. He deserved to be on the team. He has been in the majors all year.

Singing the Blue

Simple matter of publicity.
Everybody is talking about Skenes.
Half of all baseball fans still have no idea who Stone is.

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