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Gavin Lux’s Leash and A Quick View of the Current Offensive Production

After Gavin Lux’s beginning to the 2024 season, there has been some discussion as to just how long of a leash does Lux have.  Dave Roberts said they wanted Lux to reach 150 PA before judging him.

As Blake Harris pointed out in a recent article, Gavin is at 133 PA now.

Per Harris, 193 players have at least 130 plate appearances this season. Here is where Lux ranks among them.

49 wRC+ (189th)

.194 AVG (183rd)

.248 OBP (187th)

.258 SLG (190th)

.506 OPS (190th)

.231 wOBA (189th)

.065 ISO (184th)

-0.2 fWAR (171st)

Blake went on to write:

“At some point, the Dodgers just have to realize he isn’t the player they were hoping for when they drafted him. He has nearly 1,200 plate appearances over the course of his career. He has a .688 OPS and 93 wRC+ during that stretch, both below league average.”

“Lux had a really good 72-game stretch in 2022 where he hit .310 and had an OPS of .865. He proved he could be a great hitter during those two months. Unfortunately that’s the only glimpse we’ve gotten from him.” 

“Over his first 187 career games, Lux posted a 89 wRC+. He then had that amazing stretch where he had a 145 wRC+. Since that great run, he’s posted a 35 wRC+ over his last 50 games.” 

“So you have a pretty underwhelming stretch of games. A really, really good stretch of games. And a really, really, really bad stretch of games. Which stretch do you prefer to believe?”


I have generally been supportive of Gavin.  Is the team better with Miggy Ro in the infield and lineup?  Probably so.  But Lux is the youngster, and the number of legit infield prospects at OKC is marginal at best.  So he is probably deserving of more than 150 PA to get things right.  Go back and look at his swing when he was MiLB Player of the Year in 2019.  He drove the ball all over the yard, with a lot of back spin.  He lost 2020, and 2021 was somewhat of a lost year as well. But that compact swing was lost to one of excessive launch angle.  I would like to believe that he is capable of hitting as he did in that 72 game stretch in 2022.  Blake and I disagree on that point, as he is very skeptical that Gavin can replicate those numbers.  Then again, when the team is winning, I have a tendency to side with the youth.

Gavin Lux aside, there has been the hyperbolic comments on the prowess of the LAD lineup.  Early on, yes.  Lately?  Not so much.

I went back to the Miami series, 13 games.

  • Mookie Betts – 53 PA, .292/.359/.479/.838, 5 BB/5K, 4 XBH
  • Shohei Ohtani – 51 PA, .318/.412/.568/.980, 6 BB/11K, 5 XBH
  • Freddie Freeman – 53 PA, .296/.396/.500/.896, 7BB/8K, 5 XBH
  • Will Smith – 43 PA, .171/.326/.229/.554, 6BB/9K, 2 XBH
  • Max Muncy – 37 PA, .094/.162/.219/.381, 3BB/13K, 5 XBH
  • Teoscar Hernández – 51 PA, .229/.275/.479/.754, 3BB/13K, 5 XBH
  • Andy Pages – 49 PA, .182/.245/.273/.518, 4BB/16K, 2 XBH
  • Gavin Lux – 44 PA, .195/.250/.342/.592, 3BB/10K, 3 XBH
  • Kiké Hernández – 24 PA, .200/.333/.350/.683, 4BB/6K, 1 XBH
  • Miguel Rojas – 12 PA, .250/.250/.417/.667, BB/2K, 2 XBH

Every hitter other than Lux and Kiké are under their season numbers.  And Lux and Kiké  are right at their seasonal numbers.  Smith and Muncy are well below their seasonal numbers.

In Monday’s game, other than the 3rd inning, the Dodgers hitters were once again shut down.  But that one inning does show how lethal that lineup can be.  6 runs on 3 HRs, with Freddie’ grand slam the big hit in the game.

After Smith’s HR in the 3rd, the Dodgers could not get any on base against Slade Cecconi.  The first runners to reach after the third inning came in the 8th.

Yoshi Yamamoto was excellent again.  Anthony Banda pitched in back to back games in his first two games with LAD.  He came out in the 7th with one inherited runner, and got out of the inning.

Elieser Hernandez tried to follow up his start against the Giants with a good relief appearance against Arizona.  He allowed 2 HRs to let Arizona have some hope.  But Daniel Hudson dashed those hopes with a shutdown 9th and his 3rd save.

With the win, and the Padres DH split with Atlanta, the Dodgers are 8.0 games ahead of San Diego, 9.0 games ahead of San Francisco, and 10.0 games ahead of Arizona. The Dodgers now have the 2nd best record in the NL and 3rd best in MLB.  They are now on a 107 win pace.

Gavin Stone gets the ball for Tuesday’s game. A win on Tuesday give the Dodgers another series win.  That will be 8 out of the last 9.  The Dodgers are 14-4 in May and 20-6 in their last 26 games (9 series).  Philadelphia is 14-3 in May and also 20-6 in their last 26 games.

The Dodgers will first play the Phillies in Philadelphia on July 9-11, and at home in August 5-7.



LAD ACL 8 – White Sox ACL 5

  • Joendry Vargas – 2-5, 1 run
  • Alexander Albertus – 2-3, 1BB, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (3)
  • Jose Meza – 2-4, 2 runs. 3 RBI, triple (1)
  • HR – Mairoshendrick Martinus (2)
  • Double – Victor Rodrigues (1)


Box Score




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It’s hard to imagine the Dodgers not taking the division once again. But we all know the playoffs are the beginning of the real season, the one that players live and dream about and lead to something very special, the ring. Our team has decidedly fallen short in spectacular ways for the last 2 seasons. While I don’t expect a repeat, I can’t imagine it happening with this lineup of talent both pitching and batting, there are some holes that remind us of our liabilities. Our inability to create a solid bottom of our batting order, 3 or 4 questionable players, both in defense and offense, and a pitching staff which has succumbed to injuries for the last 3 years. We went out and bought new pitchers because all of our homegrown ones couldn’t hack a full season of playing at this level. We know we can score with the best of teams so what can hurt us? Come the playoffs, we should know if our FO have addressed our problems. Choking, BP, and injury have been the main obstacles. Since the manager doesn’t play, we have to assume he must motivate and outsmart the opposition. Has he done his job the last 2 years or longer? Has the farm produced the players that we need to achieve dominance? I know the FO buys dominance but haven’t seen it produce it from the farm consistently. Could no one see the accident waiting to happen with Urias all these years? All of this has left me wondering about our team and its ability to compete when it counts.


This one has to be a joke.


You must mean your reply, no?

Duke Not Snider

Before the season began, I was marveling at the offensive potential of this team. The ’23 Dodgers had the game’s second best offense, following the Braves. But the ’24 Dodgers would have three big upgrades.
Shohei > JDM
Teoscar > Peralta/Taylor
Lux > Rojas
Two out of three isn’t bad, I guess.
Lux really needs to raise his game to prove he belongs, and the clock is ticking. Right now, he really isn’t justifying a platoon. His OPS versus righties is just .533, while Rojas’s is over .800, albeit with a much small sample. Against all pitching, Rojas is at .755 and Lux at .506.
Lux has another problem: Having failed at SS, he is now perceived as simply a second baseman. He might be good at 2B, but he lacks the arm to be a quality UT guy. Similarly, Vargas now seems limited to LF. This is his third chance to shine in the majors, but it’s not clear if he’ll get sufficient ABs to do so, unless somebody gets hurt.
What if Lux continues to struggle? Does he have any options left? If not, would he accept an assignment to OKC?
If so, the Dodgers have some interesting infield options that could be called up, like Gauthier and Lipscius.
Unless Lux and Vargas start hitting, the odds of them being dealt increase. Unfortunately, their value as trade chips would decrease.

Last edited 22 days ago by Duke Not Snider
TennisMenace (TM)

Again I have to repeat what I see and what I believe….Lux and Pages will disappoint as the season wears on and you really don’t want them in the playoffs. Kike is fine…he has shown to be clutch in pressure but the two I named will wilt like a thirsty flower.

My solution….use our “hot prospects” who are probably more fluff, to acquire an OF who has proven to be reliable. That way we at least have 4 dependable OFs to be rotated (Kike included).

For now, platoon Rojas and Lux and if it were me, I’d move Betts to 2B on the days Rojas is playing. He is a magician out there, and I’m sure all our starting pitchers would agree.

What about Vargas you ask? What about him? Haven’t we seen enough of what he could do in the bigs? Nevertheless, I’m all about forgiveness so make this his final audition and if he doesn’t cut it, ship him out too at the trade deadline. As for Pages…I think he is another tease, another Outman….starts strong, then the word gets out how to pitch to him….then he becomes useless. But, I can agree to giving him more time to see which Pages will come forward…the one who was hot for those two weeks or the one we have seen cold and is now batting .256 and sinking fast.

Come on AF- do your thing- don’t wait until the deadline- get us a bona fide proven outfielder and don’t worry about the prospects you are giving up. No big deal,

Thanks for listening,


If Lux does not turn it on until the trade deadline I would actively shop for either a ss or 2b. Preferably a ss to move Mookie back to 2b to provide some rest for him.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TennisMenace (TM)

i might be alone on this, but I’m completely okay with Rojas being our everyday SS. I think his bat is sufficient enough and his fielding is superb. But, if you can find someone you get and better, I agree, make it happen. Moving Betts to 2B makes a ton of sense to keep him fresh.


The plan appears to be keep Lux in the lineup to get at bats. How long will this strategy be employed? That’s the question isn’t it. The team loses nothing moving Betts to second. In fact, a strong argument could be made they are better offensively and defensively with Rojas at short.


The Fielding without Rojas is the best in MLB by some metrics.


Well, I don’t buy it. Do you?


Isn’t the point of positioning that you won’t need to make webgems?

You get to most of the same balls with less effort.


Of course I do! I mean a set of metrics doesn’t tell the whole picture, but it informs a lot


Ok. I see his bobbles, his throws, his Range Factor numbers and his fielding percentage.


All those could very well be negatives, but it’s hard to contribute more defensively than preventing runs.

i haven’t thought much about it, but I THINK that’s hard to argue.


I like it! Wonder if it’s more or less important than the runs prevented one?

who knows!

And how much better would the team be with Rojas playing more?

Really appreciate the stat


Betts will not be moving to second base. He is the SS period. He does not want the back and forth of moving between second and SS. Do you guys not listen to what is being said? Just which bona-fide outfielder did you plan on trading for?? Which one is available in trade? Who else is looking to upgrade their outfield? It is not like you can just go get the best. They have to be on the market, or the opposing team has to be willing to trade them. Many wanted Pham. LA passed. Why? Supposedly Pham is not a good clubhouse guy. At least that is his rep. Pham is hitting .314 in Chicago with the Sox and probably will be on the market come the deadline. Myself, I would rather see them get someone like Robert jr. But that won’t happen unless they give the Sox a real haul. As for Pages, he is a kid, learning his job at the big-league level. He is going to have to adjust to have success. But I wouldn’t just dismiss the kid like you have. Varga will only get some reps in left. I doubt they will just give him the job. He is going to have to hit to earn it. My thinking is that next year in spring training, Vargas will be out there every day. Hernandez and Heyward will be gone most likely. Betts will not be moved back to the outfield; he loves playing the infield. What AF will most likely do at the deadline is fill what the team perceives to be holes. Don’t expect some big-name trade.

TennisMenace (TM)

Naturally, because I root for the Dodgers, I will root for Pages, Vargas, Outman…anyone who trots out on that field.

But, as you know, I’m not optimistic like you and am hoping there are GMs out there who think like you and are coveting our “hot prospects” and would be willing to trade their proven players rather than pay them a big salary for our hot prospects like Vargas, Outman, and Pages. We have some catchers too in the minors we can include in a package.

Just keep the pitchers….can’t lose any of these hot prospects……if at all possible.


Duke Not Snider

Which proven OF should AF target?
I have an idea…
How about the A’s Brent Rooker? (I assume that everybody on the A’s is on the market.) He’s been DHing a lot but can play LF. Hitting to a .935 OPS with 11 HRs.
And what the hell, while we’re at it, why not get Mason Miller too.
Now that could be quite a blockbuster.

TennisMenace (TM)

Honestly Duke, I don’t follow most teams not named Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Diego, and New York. I do know the bad teams still do have some talented players so yes, I would start with them. They usually like cheap prospects like Vargas, Outman, and Pages, so make them available and acquire a bona fide OF or possibly SS.



Superstars or undervalued assets. Unlike most things in life, it seems that it’s very binary with this front office.


Vargas on the bench, where he will spend a lot of time with Teo and Heyward in the lineup, makes no sense. Even when there was an opportunity for him last night Taylor got the call. He probably should be traded but what value does he have?

Outman OPS’d .550 in May and June last year then finished strong. Hopefully Pages will do the same. When it comes to rookies nothing surprises at this point. We’ve seen it all.

Lux. This team can afford to have patience with him. His swing appears loopy but as Jeff mentioned he was hitting it all over the yard a few years ago. I think he can do it again in time. How to turn rollover grounders into line drives to the gap? That is a question for the hitting instructors.

Elieser just needs to keep the ball away from center cut. The strike zone isn’t a bullseye. Up down in and out.

This team will obviously ride the top of the lineup all year. They can score 6-8 on any given night. The bottom of the order appear to be blind squirrels. With Taylor first off the bench It would appear they will easily OPS less than .700. What to do about that? Hope it gets better and trust the guys at the top will be there all year.

Sam Oyed

Can someone explain what’s going on in the outfield? A couple of days ago Pages and Vargas crash into each other. Teoscar talks to Pages afterwards about calling for the ball. Then last night Teoscar and Mookie both fail to call for a ball. Ball drops in for a single. Later a hit that should have runners on 1st and 2nd becomes 2nd and 3rd because of bad fielding and throws. Shades of the ‘62 Mets.


It’s not that complicated; if nobody calls for it, Pages in center and Teo in left, nobody is going to catch it. It’s about communication and the Dodgers defense needs work on it.


And to add to that – it’s the infielder’s ball until he’s called off. You have to go after it as if there were no outfielders there. As soon as you hear BALL!!!, or whatever word is used, peel off.


Pages does not appear to be as good an outfielder as Outman. Communication, reads, speed, take charge needs improvement. He is also a strikeout machine but has been better than outman. Neither inspire confidence in a playoff situation. If Toronto drops out of the race mb Kermaier could be had. If Lux would start hitting package him with others to get an of. Then, make Rojas the ss or 2nd basemen. Against playoff pitching our offense has to get better.


Jeff Dominique and I are in full agreement regarding Lux.

Last edited 22 days ago by Bumsrap

Where is Outman? Has he played yet for OK or is he in Glendale?


First off, I wanted to thank Jeff D for writing and maintaining this terrific Dodger blog. His extensive MiBL coverage adds to it’s excellence. I, also, enjoy other contributor(s) (Bear) and the other posters who add so much to the conversation.

The record for the Dodgers in turning their prospects into future, successful Dodgers is not that good. But, it’s still interesting to follow their progress. Hopefully, they can get a position player or two added to the starting lineup in the near future. Right now they Lux, Vargas, Pages, and possibly Outman as candidates. The pitching prospects have blossomed this season. It seems that their health has been the main hurdle in their progress and success. It will be exciting to watch how it all unfolds toward the end of the season.

Many here have been concerned/complained about the bottom three in the lineup during most of the season. I believe the FO felt good about the entire lineup to start the season. Their assumptions could have been that the Heyward/Kiki/ Taylor RF platoon would provide decent production offensively as well solid defense. With Lux they assumed (hoped) that he would continue and improve on his late ’22 offense and acclimate to at least a average SS. And, CF would continue to be manned by James Outman and he would surely grow offensively from his second half of ’23 results. With what they had in the top six hitters and the above players why wouldn’t the FO be very optimistic?

Well, things went south right from the get go.Lux was pulled off SS even before the season stated. Heyward is injured after four games and out for a couple of months. The platoon partners started out awful, especially, CT3. Outman was a close second to CT3 with another miserable start. Both had big issues making contact. Complete non factors. Gavin Lux rounded out the last of the poor offense results. I had high hopes for Gavin in ’22 with how he ended the season. Even though many were disappointed with expecting a super star because he had been a MiLB player of the year a couple of years earlier. I was happy if he continued what he was doing offensively while playing solid 2B. You know, being a everyday solid player. I didn’t care about the HR’s. So, color me very disappointed right now. I hope he can turns things around soon or he may not be with the team much longer. But, maybe he’ll get the James Outman treatment and a long leash like discussed above. With Heyward back it should lengthen the lineup a bit more. Kiki has picked it up somewhat. And, CT3? How does this happen to such a athletic player? I see no fixing this.

In the big picture though the Dodgers are going to run away with the division again. The big question is the status of the starting pitching and the BP going into the postseason. If most are healthy then it could lead to a dominating postseason and a World Series victory. And, the concern about the bottom three hitters will be long forgotten.

Carry on.

Watford Dodger


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a similar post to the ones posted yesterday and today by yourself., and I am in total agreement.

IIt is because we get to pick so low in the draft every year that we never get the cream of the crop, the can’t miss elite prospects.and why we do such a great job of player development. It’s as much out of necessity as anything else.

So the only way to get the elites is through trade or Free Agency. Mookie and Glasnow by trade and extensions and Freddie, Yamamoto and Shoehei by Free Agency.

I was against signing Ohtani for fear of tying all those dollars to one player (broken already), would restrict us going forward, but the whole deferring business has changed that. Didn’t Shoehei say that he’s deferring it to allow AF to be in on the big names?

i suggested Sheehan (before I knew of the TJ), Grove, Lux and Vargas for Abram’s of Washington. We need a long term SS and he is gonna be a stud. Throw whoever at it, but we will not regret signing him, snd he’s cheap. Then extend him.
In the winter sign Soto. Yeah it’s gonna be expensive but it seems to me that everyone else is more worried about the money than the people who matter!

TennisMenace (TM)

I tip my hat to you Watford for being out ahead of this and definitely ahead of me on this thinking. I didn’t have this thinking until very recently. I used to want us to hoard our prospect kids but now it is clear to me, most of our great players we have, we acquire, not develop.

I hadn’t thought about the angle you added- we pick late in the rounds- which obviously removes us from the really cream of the crop guys. I can see that logic.

Like you, I too was against signing Ohtani. Someone punch me hard in the mouth, please…..or at least give me a bar of soap to chew on.

Surely there has to be some good proven players on these horrible teams…so let’s start making a deal now….why wait..…give me that proven player we need, and you can choose any top prospect we have who is not a top rated pitcher.

How about James Outman….or here you go…a minor league super star for several years, rated #1 MLB prospect for two years….Gavin Lux. He’s all yours……I’ll even throw in a catcher of your choice….or Chris Taylor, if you prefer. Just give me that bona fide proven SS or OF who you don’t want to pay big bucks to next year. As you know, thanks to Ohtani’s deferred salary, We have plenty of money…..



I don’t think his personality fits us at all

Watford Dodger

Seems to be well liked in the Bronx!


Abrams SS
Betts 2B
Ohtani RF/ DH
Soto CF
Freeman 1B
Smith C
Muncy 3B
Pages LF
Heyward / Outman RF


The personalities of the fans in New York and LA are quite different.


I am beating a dead horse mb. Looking forward our offense has to improve particularly with runners in scoring position. It was embarrassing watching Kiki try to bunt the other night. A novice knows u have to get on top of the ball. Barnes is the only one capable of bunting but I hope with the game on the line he is not in there to do it. But kike might be but I just don’t think we have anyone who can execute a bunt in a high leverage situation.

so how about just not striking out. Betts is the best at working the count with Ohtani probably second. We have to get Freeman having good at bats. He is capable as is smith. After that, Hernandez and Muncy you would hope could have a good at bat but too often strike out. They can do damage on mistakes and they will be in there so the rest have to be disciplined and make contact. Pages, outman, lux, Taylor, are strikeout candidates. Kike vs righties not good, Rojas mb. Vargas don’t know but doesn’t look like he will get a chance. For the playoffs we need a solid hitter who can make contact. Pitching, defense, bullpen barring injury will be playoff ready. Offense no


I ponder the likelihood that Outman was sent down for only a couple of weeks to clear his head and to give Taylor 15 more days to show enough to stay a Dodger. Sometimes I also ponder what I would buy if I won a big lottery payout. After yesterday’s round, I pondered why I chased a golf ball around.

I have consistently preferred combining players in their primes with players working toward their primes as opposed with players past their primes. An example would be Outman and Lux mixed in with Betts, Ohtani, Freeman, and Smith and keeping the likes of Heyward and Rojas as subs with subs not to be synonymous with platoon players.

Betts will become a better shortstop and should stay at short.

I’ll take Royce Lewis over Muncy every time.

SS Betts
LF Ohtani
1B Freeman
C Smith
DH Pederson/Kike’
3B Lewis
CF Outman
RF Pages
2B Lux


Betts’ fld% is well below league average and would be even worse if Freddie wasn’t 6’5” and digging his weak ass throws out of the dirt. His RF is also around League average. Yeah he’s new over there so maybe he needs time to figure it out. Next year if Lux is gone, I put Betts back at second and if a real SS isn’t obtained I live with Rojas at short.

DH Pederson and Kiké? How about Teo and Muncy?

Soto in center? I’d take him for left or right. I know others around here want nothing to do with him.


Soto in CF would make Betts look like a gold glover by comparison.

Teo and Max are much more expensive and both want to be regulars.


They could both play in the field too. Or, just get another JD.

Singing the Blue

Soto is not leaving NY. He loves it with the Yankees and unless the Mets make him a crazy offer, he’s staying with the Yanks.

If not, he’s going to the Mets.

No way he becomes a Dodger.


Fine by me.

TennisMenace (TM)

I see Pages went 0-4 again last night in our 7-3 loss. He is now below .250. If he continues to play against all pitchers, he should be under .200 very soon. Probably joining Outman too. And the same old problem continues in the outfield. You just can’t count on a “hot young prospect” to be the solution to the problem.

Come on AF….due your due diligence. For starters, I hear that Chazz kid in Miami is available. What do you think?

Singing the Blue

Jazz Chisolm’s lifetime stat line over 5 years is .246/.308/.754 and his dWAR over the past 2 years is negative.

Why exactly would we want to give up prospects for this guy who, admittedly would fit in perfectly with the other guys we have at the bottom of the order since he isn’t producing much either?

TennisMenace (TM)

i threw his name out there because I know his contract expires after this year. Miami is paying him 2M…May not want to go too much higher.

Based on his 4 years, we probably wouldn’t have to give up much to get him….but what I like about him is his consistency.

You know what you will get with him:
.250 BA
20-25 SB
50 RBIs
.760-.800 OPS
Good glove on defense

With our great All Star batters, we don’t need another All star….just a consistent defensive player who can give you enough with the bat to compliment your super stars.

Oh, and one more thing…the kid (26 years old) plays CF, 2B, and SS. Hmmmmm, sounds like a guy we could use at those positions.

But I threw his name out there for starters…..I’m not plugged in to the entire league. I guarantee he will be traded to a contending team before the deadline…maybe Philadelphia.


Scott Andes

The point of this article seems to have gone slightly off-topic in the comments. Jeff was originally talking about Lux, and how much rope the Dodgers should give him, which IMO should run out.

Lux has been incredibly disappointing. He’s had over 5 years to prove himself and done little. Lux has the same profile as VArgas, weak hitting utility infielders with no power. The Dodgers can’t keep starting these auto outs any longer, (Lux, Taylor, Kike, Vargas) (Barnes too of course, but he’s the backup catcher) Don’t shoot me Jeff lol.

How much more of Lux do we need to see here? He’s one of the most unproductive hitters in MLB. Why in the world do the Dodgers need to continue to start him? To flagulate Friedman’s ego? To flagulate his fan’s ego? The prospect gurus like Keith Law, who got it wrong with Lux?

Better off putting Rojas at short, (Ha Jeff you win!) and moving Mookie to second, or you could even put Muncy there, move Mookie back to right, and have someone else, like Kike play third moving forward.

Singing the Blue

I think Mookie has made it pretty clear that he much prefers the infield to the outfield. That might eventually mean second base instead of shortstop, but I don’t see him going back to right field on a permanent basis. He’s convinced that he expends more energy playing outfield, and while I don’t necessarily agree with that, management will bow to his preferences.

I think moving Kike to third base on an every day basis would lead you to the same frustration you are now feeling with Lux.

Scott Andes

I think management has the final say on where Mookie plays. Somebody has to play third if they move Muncy to second, or maybe Rojas can play there. But they can’t keep Lux in the lineup anymore. Lux is atrocious, terrible on both sides of the ball. He doesn’t play any position particularly well.

Singing the Blue

I’m certainly no expert, but it seems to me that Lux is playing a decent second base. That’s not the problem……………..his hitting is, and I’m willing to give him until the trade deadline.

You, obviously, are not. To each his own, as the saying goes.

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