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Meet the 2024 Tulsa Drillers

Before I get to the Tulsa Drillers 2024 Opening Day Roster, there have been a couple of transactions that have impacted Tulsa.  RHRP Nabil Crismatt cleared waivers and has been reassigned to OKC.  Recently acquired LHRP (from NYY) Nick Ramirez, has also been assigned to OKC.  To make room, RHRP Braydon Fisher and RHRP Michael Flynn were reassigned to Tulsa.


Tulsa Opening Day Roster (28)


Starting Pitchers (6)

  1. Justin Wrobleski (23) – LHP – 2021 Draft (11th round) – Last year Great Lakes
  2. Ben Casparius (25) – RHP – 2021 Draft (5th round) – Last year Tulsa
  3. Kendall Williams (23) – RHP – 2019 Draft (2nd round – Toronto) – Acquired in Ross Stripling trade – Last year Great Lakes and Tulsa, 1 start at OKC
  4. Orlando Ortiz-Mayr (26) – RHP – IFA Puerto Rico – Last year at Tulsa
  5. Hyun-il Choi (24) – RHP – IFA Korea – Last year Great Lakes
  6. Logan Boyer (26) RHP – 2019 Draft (11th round) – Has not pitched since 2021 due to injuries

Relief Pitchers (10)

  1. Sauryn Lao (24) – RHP – IFA DR – Last year RC, Great Lakes, Tulsa
  2. Braydon Fisher (23) – RHP – 2018 Draft (4th round) – Last year Tulsa
  3. Michael Flynn (27) – RHP – 2018 Draft (6th round by Seattle) – FA – Last year A+ and AA for Seattle
  4. Ben Harris (24) – LHP – 2021 Draft (8th round) – Tulsa
  5. Juan Morillo (25) – RHP – IFA Venezuela – Last year RC and Great Lakes
  6. Michael Hobbs (24) – RHP – 2021 Draft (10th round) – Last year Great Lakes
  7. Antonio Knowles (24) – RHP – 2021 Draft (13th round) – Last year Great Lakes and Tulsa
  8. Ryan Sublette (25) – RHP – 2021 Draft (7th round) – Last year Tulsa
  9. Jack Dryer (25) – RHP – UDFA – Last year Great Lakes
  10. Jack Little (26) – RHP – 2019 Draft (5th round) – Last year Tulsa

Catchers (2)

  1. Diego Cartaya (22) – IFA Venezuela – Last year Tulsa
  2. Dalton Rushing (23) – 2022 Draft (2nd round) – Last year Great Lakes

Infield (6)

  1. Austin Gauthier (25) – SS (Utility) – UDFA – Last year Great Lakes and Tulsa
  2. Yeiner Fernandez (21) – 2B – IFA Venezuela – Last year Great Lakes
  3. Taylor Young (25) – 2B – 2022 Draft (8th round) – Last year Great Lakes
  4. Brandon Lewis (25) – 3B – 2019 Draft (4th round) – Last year Tulsa
  5. Griffin Lockwood-Powell (26) – 1B – UDFA – Last year Great Lakes
  6. Brendon Davis (26) – 3B – 2015 Draft (5th Round) – Signed MiLB FA contract – Last year AAA for Detroit

Outfield (4)

  1. José Ramos (23) – CF/RF – IFA Panama – Last year Tulsa
  2. Damon Keith (24) – RF – 2021 Draft (18th round) – Last year Great Lakes
  3. Austin Beck (25) – CF – 2017 Draft (1st round – Oakland) – Signed MiLB FA contract – Last year A+ and AA Oakland
  4. Lolo Sanchez (25) – LF – IFA DR (by Pittsburgh) – Signed MiLB FA contract – Last year AA Pittsburgh


Note – Both Yeiner Fernandez and Griffin Lockwood-Powell are also catchers, but will be transitioning away from catcher.


Top 30 Prospects (6):

  • #1 – Dalton Rushing – C
  • #9 – Diego Cartaya – C
  • #16 – Justin Wrobleski – LHSP
  • #26 – Austin Gauthier – SS/Utility
  • #28 – Yeiner Fernandez – 2B/C
  • #29 – José Ramos – CF/RF

There are a couple of names that have not been assigned to any affiliate.  Instead they have been assigned to Dodgers Organization.  This is like last year’s Development List.  They are back at Arizona Complex for additional work.  It is not a demotion.  Just additional work.

  1. Maddux Bruns (22) – LHSP – 2021 Draft (1st round) – Last year Great Lakes
  2. Ronan Kopp (21) – LHRP – 2021 Draft (12th round) – Last year Great Lakes
  3. Payton Martin (20) – RHSP – 2022 Draft (17th round) – Last year RC

All three are LAD Top 30 prospects: Martin (#11), Bruns (#15), Kopp (#17)

That leaves 6 LAD Top 30 prospects assigned to the LAD ACL roster:

  1. Joendry Vargas – #13 – SS
  2. Hyun-Seok Jang – #18 – RHP
  3. Emil Morales – #19 – SS
  4. Eduardo Quintero – #20 – OF
  5. Alexander Albertus – #24 – Infield
  6. Jesus Tillero – #30 – RHP


Tulsa opens the 2024 season on Friday at NW Arkansas Naturals (KC) – Justin Wrobleski will start for Tulsa.

Great Lakes opens the 2024 season on Friday at home against Fort Wayne TinCaps (San Diego).

Rancho Cucamonga opens the 2024 season on Friday at Lake Elsinore Storm (San Diego).


MiLB Game Summary


Albuquerque Isotopes (Rockies) 5 – OKC Baseball Club 4

For the first four innings, Albuquerque would take a lead, and each time, OKC would tie it up.  After 4 innings, the score was 4-4.

Landon Knack started for OKC, and this start did not go as well as his last one.  He surrender 4 runs (all earned) on 5 hits, including a HR.  He uncharacteristically walked a pair, but had 4 Ks.  Knack threw 79 pitches (54 strikes).

Alec Gamboa gave up the eventual winning run in the 7th.  He gave up a double and walk to start the inning.  After he struck out Sam Hilliard, Michael Peterson was summoned to relieve Gamboa.  He walked a batter to load the bases, and a ground ball force out allowed the run to score.  Peterson got the final out of the 7th.

John Rooney entered in the 8th and pitched 2.0 perfect innings, with one K.

No real offense for OKC on the night.

  • Trey Sweeney – 1-3 – Triple (1) and 2 BB, 1 RBI
  • Chris Okey – 2-3 – double (1) and 1 BB, 2 RBI
  • Team – 10 Ks
  • Team – 1-9 RISP, LOB 10
  • Trey Sweeney has not hit in 4 straight, 5-13 and 4 RBIs
  • Miguel Vargas singled and has hit in 5 straight, 8-20 and 12 RBI



Box Score





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  1. Trade Proposal: Los Angeles Dodgers get LHP Jesús Luzardo; Miami Marlins get INF Miguel Vargas, C/1B Dalton Rushing (MLB No. 71, Dodgers No. 1), OF Josue De Paula (MLB No. 99, Dodgers No. 4)

Anyone interested in that one?


Dodgers say no way!!
Miami is not trading a pitcher. They barely have enough pitching to start the season much less lose their best.

Duke Not Snider

Then you compensate them with two pitchers.


Maybe, at the trade deadline. At only 26, he still has two years of control after this year. And, he is a much needed LHP. With Buehler close to return there may not be a spot for him currently. By the trade deadline that all can change. Plus, as mentioned by TR10 Miami’s staff has their two top pitchers out with TJ surgery.

I have no problem including Vargas, Rushing, or DePaula in the trade. As good as prospects as they are I don’t see where they would ever find a position with the Dodgers. Especially, Rushing. IMHO I think Rushing’s offensive overrated and there is no place for him defensively. His value is probably at it’s peak right now.
To use the three of them to acquire a pitcher like Luzardo could be a wise use of these prospects.

Last edited 1 month ago by tedraymond

No, but it’s realistic.

Duke Not Snider

No, but I’d love to land Luzardo.
Wouldn’t the Marlins want an ML-ready pitcher to take Luzardo’s place in the rotation?
So how about Vargas, Rushing and Knack? And if the Marlins toss in lefty RP Tanner Scott, the Dodgers could give back something extra.
Really don’t want to trade Rushing, but now that Will Smith is signed longterm, he and Cartaya could bring a nice return in a trade.

Duke Not Snider

Have the Marlins seriously put Luzardo on the market? Are they entertaining offers?
If so, I would want to expand the deal to include Tanner Scott. (Never heard of Kemp Alderman, but Vargas for him and Scott work for me. Dodgers might have to toss in another prospect to balance it out.)
Before Will Smith was signed long-term, I was a Rushing hugger. He was the last prospect I was willing to trade, in part because I envisioned moving to 3B to succeed Max, while also serving as a backup at catcher and 1B. But now I’d be quicker to deal him than De Paula.
Will Cartaya bounce back? Even if he does, he now projects as Will’s backup. For some reason I can’t get excited about “the next Austin Barnes.” Maybe that’s the ceiling for Yeiner Fernandez.
(In case anyone missed it, Smith says his plan is to play out his 10-year contract as a catcher. While that is unlikely to happen, it was good to hear that Smith is thinking that way. I think he’ll be penciled in at catcher for at least another 5-6 years.)
I was proposing deals for Luzardo over the winter, and always included Vargas in part because he’s Cuban and his family now lives in Miami. He might thrive as a bigger fish, so to speak, in a smaller pond, and be a boon for a franchise that needs help.
In related news, Micheal Busch must have the happiest guy in baseball when he homered against the Dodgers. My longshot ROY choice is batting over .300 for the Cubbies.


Vargas, Rushing, plus a pitcher and I am all in.


That might set up another trade once Buehler, Sheehan, Kershaw, May, Gonsolin etc are available.


Heading back home on Thursday morning. The funeral is tomorrow. Been a busy week. Big stink about the fan and Ohtani’s first home run ball. Fan says security pressured her into making a quick decision. With the price of memorabilia these days, some suggested the ball would be worth about 100,000 dollars at auction.


The Dodgers look absolutely idiotic on this one. It’s literally being discussed right now on ESPN 710, and it’s all negative.

They need their ridic PR dept to take over and fix this situation.


I think security overstepped their bounds on this one. Who ever took such a heavy handed approach to this should be fired. Totally wrong. I would have told them to eff off, I am keeping the damn ball.


Me too. Unless of course they offered $100,000.

Duke Not Snider

Or a Porsche…


Maybe she got home and learned the ball might be worth $100,000 and now wants to renegotiate. If you go to a garage sale and pay $5 for something that you know is worth $100,000, what is the right thing to do?


I concur, like you, I would have given the ball to him with little or no compensation. People do though look at the monetary side of it. Maybe he would have given her a Porsche.

Singing the Blue

I’m with Jeff on DePaula. We are not in good shape on outfield prospects so he’s on my NoTrade list.


Nobody is on my no trade list.

I think would do that trade. We aren’t going to use any of those guys any time soon and Luzardo, only 26, could be in the rotation for a long time And as was mentioned the trade simulator favors the Dodgers. Of course, it might not by the trade deadline.

And we have another ump that is all over the map. Oh, it’s Lance Diaz. He’s always sucked.

Last edited 1 month ago by Badger

As someone who may be turning into a defense skeptic.

What has happened?

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto

Michael Grove once again proving he is nothing more than a AAAA pitcher. Turns a one run game into a three-run deficit on nothing flat. Needs to be GONE.


Jeepers, lots of rushing to action here.


Grove has stunk so far. So yeah, get him outta here.


How long is Outman’s leash? Need to move Muncy down in the order and Teoscar up.

Last edited 1 month ago by OhioDodger

This umpire the entire game called anything within 5″ of the zone a strike on Gavin Lux.

Lux had no shot today


Muncy, Outman, Lux, and Taylor went 1 for 17 with 9 SO’s. Pathetic.


At least Bellinger didn’t hurt us.


Jeff is right about the Cubs’ defense playing a big part in their victory. Right down to the last out.

I watched the first inning. Dodgers score two and Miller K’s three. I had to head out for lunch with friends, but figured this game was looking like another victory. Listening on the radio and by the time I arrived at the restaurant Miller had given up five and was out of the game. How does that happen? From complete dominance to a shit show in one inning.

I thought Grove had a chance to be the long man out of the BP. He’s been too inconsistent with now leaning toward being plain bad so far this year.

Teoscar is thriving hitting down in the order with all offensive weapons providing him lots of chances to pile up RBIs. Hey Max! Take notice!!!

Watched the highlights after the game. No complaints about the offensive even though the bottom of the order had a tough time which was compounded by the ump and the Chicago defense.

Last edited 1 month ago by tedraymond

Muncy needs to move down in the order. He failed miserably today.


Well, this is one birthday Miller won’t forget.


He got too close to the candles on his birthday cake and got torched. All he had to do was wait for the wind to blow them out.


Miller had a bad day. Muncy sucks. He may drive in a hundred runs, but he will leave 200.

Last edited 1 month ago by OhioDodger
Singing the Blue

Actually, that would be a very good statistical result.

There’s a stat called BRS% which measures what percentage of runners on base scored when a specific batter was at the plate. (This is runners on base, not necessarily in scoring position)

Looks like league average is 14-15% and Max is right there for his career. I checked Freddie and Shohei and they’re only a couple of percent higher.

I’m not telling you that you can’t badmouth Max, but you should probably pick another stat.


Busch hitting and fielding. He is off to a good start this year. Bellinger is doing what teams feared he would do so far when he wasn’t signed early as a free agent.

Singing the Blue

For a guy who “has no defensive position” he made one helluva play to end the game. If it goes through, the game is tied.

And he also hit his first Cub homer. Seems like he celebrated Miller’s birthday much better than Bobby did.


Miller had 31 tickets to hand out for this game. But they are probably all Cub fans so it worked out ok for them.

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