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Observations From Game 1 Freeway Series

Kendall George – He’s doing the things that the Dodgers were hoping that Jeren Kendall would have done.  He is so fast.  Ground ball up the middle, and the SS had no chance to throw him out.  He then steals second base with ease.  He still needs work on his routes in CF.  But he is 19, and is less than a year out of high school.  He will get acclimated to the better bats with more experience.


Josue De Paula – He has such a sweet swing.  He handled LHP specialist, Adam Kolarek, with a line drive up the middle that Kolarek caught.  Hit was not hit hard, but he got a good 2 strike swing on him.


Mookie Betts – He is looking to get off to a great start.  


Max Muncy – Had a good 2-strike approach on his single in the 2nd inning.  He was a little out in front but went down and made a good controlled swing.  He did not try to hit the ball to Pasadena.


Gavin Lux – Is getting more and more comfortable at 2B.  Not one of his throws was an adventure in Game 1 of the Freeway Series.


Austin Barnes – Hold the presses.  Austin threw out Jake Marisnick attempting to steal.


Miguel Rojas – He is so good at SS defensively.  His glove is great, but his throws from the hole to 1B were special.  I think there were three in the hole that he got to, and threw two out.  Only Mike Trout beat it out.  He is going to be a weapon late in the game.


Trey Sweeney – Keeps hitting.  I hope he gets to start at OKC and proves he can hit. NYY has a very good record at selecting quality SS. This could be a big steal from NYY.  He is an upgrade over Jorbit Vivas.  Vivas hit HRs in 2 of his first 3 PA this Spring, but then went 3-20 after that.  Vivas’ OBP is excellent because of his 4 BB and 4 HBP to go with 10 Ks in 31 PA.


WRISP – Dodgers were 2-11 and a sac fly (Kiké).  With such a great lineup, why are they struggling WRISP?


Bobby Miller – 4.2 IP and 80 pitches overall. He allowed 4 hits and had 5 K’s against 1 walk.  After an 8-pitch 1st inning, he followed that up with a 25-pitch 2nd inning.

  • 19 pitch – 3rd inning
  • 16 pitch – 4th inning
  • 11 pitch – 5th inning

He had too many three-ball counts, and at times could not put hitters away.  I believe with more experience, he will get much better at sequencing his pitches, and could get more chase.  It was good to see that he was working on the edges with his 4-seamer, and he was just missing. He will begin hitting those edges with more experience. His change his outstanding.  Miller is a competitor very similar to Walker Buehler.  He has a chance to be special.  He is ready to go against St. Louis on Friday.


Michael Grove – He is working into that Ross Stripling and Mitch White role.  That might indicate a trade deadline move for prospects.  That is especially true if Dustin May is back at that time.


Dustin May – Speaking of Dustin May, per a recent interview with Bill Plunkett:

The right-hander said he was devastated upon finding out that he would need another surgery.

“You have no idea,” the 26-year-old right-hander said with all the weariness that two major elbow surgeries 26 months apart will bring. 

“It was definitely not what I wanted to hear when I heard that I needed surgery again. … You can understand the first one. It’s, ‘Okay, I’m going to go get fixed and then I’m going to be fine and I’ll be able to stay healthy and compete.’ Then as soon as I get back basically, the same thing happens again. It’s just a gut-wrenching feeling. It’s like the rug keeps getting pulled out from under my feet. All I want to do is go and compete and I keep being told I can’t.”

May added that it only took a brief amount of time to come to terms with the diagnosis and he vowed to return to the mound as soon as possible:

“I was definitely very frustrated, especially in LA after I got my MRI results,” May said. “I was very frustrated just in the moment. Then it was like – it took me a day and then I was, ‘What am I mad about? I can’t do anything about this. This is the cards I’ve been dealt. I’ve got to go do what I gotta do and hopefully be back whenever I can.’”


Ryan Brasier – I am getting uncomfortable with Brasier’s performances.  I certainly did not expect him to replicate what he did last year for the Dodgers.  But this does help to explain why AF is not for multi-year contracts for relievers.  They are very rarely consistent.  He may be another who needs more innings to get his command.  I will be patient with Brasier.  He was just too good last year to lose it.


Evan Phillips – 1.0 IP, 3 batters faced, 3 K’s.  He seems ready.


Sauryn Lao – He is a little older, but he bears following this year.  He made AA last year, and I will be looking forward to the Tulsa roster at the beginning of the year.


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Make mine Blue

REgarding Dustin May: with his injury history, I don’t see the dodgers taking a quick evaluation on his permanent status. What do I mean, how can they make a trade after evaluating May on a short observation of his recovery. He is dominant on the mound for sure, he just hasn’t been able to stay on the mound for very long periods of time. To me, he has to be viewed as a bonus, if he stays healthy he is a bonus but it is likely the injury hammer falls on him at any given moment, so you really can’t count on him for the future. Just take what you get from him and nothing more, he is just a BONUS.


Well, apparently we hear sometime today from Ohtani himself about the whole gambling issue


I’m hoping there is a reasonable explanation offered by Ohtani. It seems he is incredibly nice and humble and not a gambler, but stranger things have been known to happen.

For a millionaire, loaning a trusted friend $4.5 million would be like me giving a friend $50, and while ignorance of the law is not an acceptable legal defense it very well may go a long way in aiding in his explanation of the events that occurred.

His crisis communication team has, I believe, put him into a position where he has to stick to the story he was duped or that a “massive theft” occurred. I hope that is true, but If it’s proven he willingly participated in the wiring of funds he very well might have problems, even though he may have lacked criminal intent. It might have been better for his team to offer the explanation that he was naive, helping a desperate friend, was unfamiliar with the law, never ever gambled and position himself in the court of public opinion and with the law enforcement authorities that he was nothing more than a loyal friend.

Hard to believe by some but millionaires live in a different world than most of us. They wipe their ass with hundred dollar bills, they buy a teammates wife a Porshe and they very well may loan a friend $4.5 million in a moment of crisis and not think twice about it.

The press conference should be a “made for Tv moment.” Today, Ohtani becomes credible and believable (comes across as a legitimate victim in this circumstance) or it becomes a shit show with a gray cloud hanging over the Dodgers for a very long time.


 “It might have been better for his team to offer the explanation that he was naive”

In most cases ignorance of the law (naive) doesn’t matter. You did mention this in your post. If that is what’s offered today we will see if it matters in this case. Frankly I don’t buy it. Ohtani has been in the Major Leagues long enough to know the rules. It’s also hard for me to believe the “massive theft” premise. First, someone has access to your bank account? Is his signature on that account? If so, how dumb is that? Secondly, $4.5 million is missing and you don’t know it?

I am surprised Ohtani is being allowed to speak. So what can we expect? I don’t know, but I think Ohtani knows more than his lawyer says he does and I also expect him to skate.


“This is consistent with the biomechanical research that is available: fastballs result in higher torques on the elbow”

Fastballs vs. Offspeed Pitches – Comparative and Relative Elbow Stress

Maybe those of you with younger minds can read all those links provided and give a proper analysis, but it seems to me it might be a good idea for May to back off that fastball a bit and work on locating all his pitches. Frankly I would advise Miller to do the same thing. 99? All day? How about 96 on the edges to go with that change?

When Yamamoto figures it out, this starting staff looks to be dominant. Give those first 3 proper rest so they will be ready 6 months down the road, and with the additions of Buehler, May and Kershaw this team appears to be unbeatable. What could stop it? A scandal maybe.

Make mine Blue

If the current situation in MLB is to throw crazy heat all day, every day, then it might be time that 6 man starting rotations or even 7 man becomes a real thing (expand 26 man rosters to 30 man rosters, and don’t tell me they don’t have the money to pay for a 30 man roster). I know I know, how many teams can come up with 6 or 7 quality starters, not too many but that is life in the bigs so deal with it. If a team can’t find those pitchers, sucks to be you, deal with it.
Reality is teams want to see missiles thrown, only a few exceptional pitchers will be allowed to survive if they rely on soft stuff, shoot it is probably difficult to even get a serious look if you don’t throw missiles nowadays.


Good points.

It appears to me the art of pitching, and that is what guys like Maddux and Glavine did, is not being taught. I read an article about this a while back, may have posted it on another site.

Here it is:

Where Have All The Crafty Pitchers Gone?

If it continues to be as hard as you can as long as you can, then controlling the use of those arms must begin early. The Dodgers didn’t do it with May and Buehler. In my opinion they better start doing something, and it can begin with 5 days off for every starter. Same goes for starters in the minor leagues


I have the same concerns with the long term health of pitchers. Location and working a hitters’ weaknesses seem to be a better way to approach for a starting pitcher. It’s pretty much a given Miller will need TJ surgery if he keeps trying to throw 98-99 his entire outing. But, then it’s usually only 4-6 innings. I agree with you with what’s wrong with 95-96 and located properly?

I don’t see May having much of a career if he keeps throwing in the high 90’s. He has so much movement on his pitches why the needs to throw so hard? I don’t know if that same movement would happen if he decreased the velocity. It’s a shame that May has had such an injury plagued career so far. He was so much fun to watch. I’ll never forget that pitch he threw to Machado that started over the plate and ended up about three feet inside. After Machado swung and missed he just shook his head in amazement and walked back to the dugout. It would be nice if May can learn to pitch and not just throw the ball hard.

What time is Ohtani’s presser? What a mess and distraction to start off a season with was to be one of the most dominate teams in baseball history. Let’s hope it can all be resolved soon.

I think with all the new faces and position changes it’s going to take a couple of months to have the team settle in and get comfortable. By then Buehler should be in the rotation. The ETA’s on May and Kershaw will most likely be clearer as well. Regardless, Roberts will keep us informed along the way with his usual clear and honest thoughts (sarcasm).

Carry on


3 p.m.

Singing the Blue

I’m seeing 2:45 and since he’s only reading a statement and won’t be taking questions, it’s probably going to be over before 3:00.

Don’t be late.

I’m guessing the statement will only lead to more questions and we’ll know less than we did before the presser.


One reason they are so bad right now with men on base, Freddie is struggling. He did not hit a fair ball hard the two-game set in Korea and openly admitted he is looking for continuity. Hernandez and Outman both left men on base multiple times. Outman popped out twice and struck out. Hernandez struck out twice. The team struck out 11 times. Freeman, Hernandez and Heyward each twice. Heyward did hit a scorching double though. Ohtani looked like he was somewhere else. Hopefully that does not continue.

Sam Oyed

Ryan Brasier; remember he was bad last year, until he was good. Might need more time then most fans will like.


Agree on Kendall George. My god I wish he’d learn from Brett Butler how to bunt and then how to slap the ball thru the left side. Who cares about doubles, when he can hit a 20 foot single and steal himself into basically a double!

He has 100 steal capability in this new MLB (granted he won’t be up for 2-4 years), but with him and DePaula, we have some crazy talented teenagers!


Awesome news for Beeter!

Scott Andes

It’s hard to imagine Dustin May returning at all, and even if he does after multiple surgeries, what can we and the Dodgers reasonably expect from him? I feel the same about Buehler too, but he has more experience, and has pitched in a lot of big games. After so many surgeries, you’re probably never the same pitcher. Sadly true.


Accountants, maybe. Interpreters?

Nothing was learned in that presser. The investigations, both federal and MLB will tell us more, though I fully expect MLB to sweep it under the rug.

Make mine Blue

Othani poops Porsches out, 4.5M ain’t a big deal for him. Totally possible that he had basically no knowledge prior.


Him? Yeah, maybe But doesn’t he have accountants working for him? And how were those losses, or loans, or whatever they might have been called, accounted for in tax returns? There are still questions about this.


Ok. You’ve seen a lot more of this kind of thing than I have. The whole thing beginning with the public announcement by Mizuhura that Ohtani ok’d these payments I find to be bizarre. Makes no sense to me but everyone seems to buy it.

Singing the Blue

I believe Shohei is innocent of any wrong doing and I understand your example of trusted people having authority to wire large amounts without the main guy’s approval.

Only one question: what in the world did Ippei tell Shohei that he needed such a high limit for? He isn’t a financial guy so any large purchases (such as a house, car, etc.) wouldn’t go through him.

“Hey Ippei, please go to Starbucks and bring me back a chai latte and a scone.”

“No problem, Shohei, just sign this form which gives me permission to pay by wire and let’s set the limit at half a mil. Coffee prices are ridiculous these days.”


He translated funds from one account to another 😆


Sure did. Right under Ohtani’s nose and Shohei allegedly didn’t smell a thing.


Either this strike zone box is off, of this umpire is horrendous, in favor of us.

I’ve seen him call 5-6 balls on pitches that were strikes against our hitters.

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