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Relax, There Will Be Changes

As per usual, when the Dodgers are winning, the fans are cool, when they lose a game, especially one where the offense takes a night off, the fans pile on. But that is what fans do. Fans also are not big on bullpen games. Well, the Dodgers lost to the Giants on what some call a bullpen game Wednesday night, and the offense also sputtered.

But in reality, it wasn’t a bullpen game in the exact sense. Two pitchers were called up from OKC to try and give the rest of the staff a blow in this stretch of 13 consecutive games.

The Giants had their best pitcher going last night. Logan Webb is the team’s Ace. He has not been having a great year so far. But last night, after loading the bases with just one out, he stopped the Dodgers cold in their tracks. Although he allowed three hits and walked three, he kept the Dodgers off of the board.

Meanwhile, Elieser Hernandez, just up from OKC, did a very good job keeping the score close. The Giants first two runs scored on a Mike Yastrzemski homer. A ball that would have been an out in most ballparks, but because of the dimensions at Oracle Park, it was a homer.

Matos, the Giants center fielder, made a great catch on a ball hit by Teoscar Hernandez that was over the fence in left center field. He and Lux were the only two players in the bottom five who hit a ball hard. Muncy, Hernandez and Pages all struck out twice.

Both Muncy and Hernandez struck out when the Dodgers loaded the bases in the first inning. This is something the Dodgers need to fix. Too many times this year they have loaded the bases with less than two outs and failed to score. Quite the opposite of last season when they hit 11 grand slam home runs.

They have two this season, both during this hot stretch they have had. Muncy on the last homestand, and Teoscar in San Diego over the weekend.

So, what can they do to make the offense better? Many want them to cut Chris Taylor and send Outman back to AAA. The latter will probably happen by the weekend if Jason Heyward gets activated.

Heyward went 0-3 Wednesday night in OKC, but he did draw a walk, and he did not strike out. Normally, one would see Pages as the logical choice to be demoted. But he is playing solid defense no matter where he plays, and although he has slumped some, he still is hitting 100 points higher than Outman.

Taylor has one more season at 13 mil plus a buyout left on his contract along with the money owed the rest of this season. The thing is that the front office values his versatility on the field, and so fat have shown little interest in getting rid of him. Miguel Vargas, who probably at this point deserves to be called up and get a shot at playing, is only an outfielder at this time.

Yes, he played some second base when he first came up, and he has had limited time at third. But there really is not an opening for him to play either of those positions. And to see what he can really do, he needs to be given the same chance that Pages got, in other words, to start every day.

Unless they DFA Taylor, or CT-3 agrees to a minor league assignment or some phantom injury comes up, I do not see that happening.

What I do see is AF exploring the options the team might have to upgrade the offense some, and if a feasible deal comes along, then he will make a move. The best solution for Taylor would be a trade somewhere he could get steady at bats. He has only played one game here in May.

But don’t expect a blockbuster deal, or some wild trade where they send a bunch of prospects for a relief pitcher because that won’t happen. But changes will come, just not right away.



MiLB Game Summary Reports


Sacramento River Cats (Giants) 8 – OKC Baseball Club 0

Hyun-il Choi back up with OKC.  His game tonight was not nearly as effective as his last AAA game.  He allowed 5 runs (1 earned) on 5 hits, 1 walk, and 2 HRs.  Stephen Gonsalves gave up 2 in 1.0 IP, while John Rooney gave up a run in 2.0 IP.  Rooney gave up 3 hits and also registered 3 Ks.

OKC was shut out on 6 hits.  Andre Lipcius had 2 hits including his 7th double.

Miguel Vargas was 1-1 with 3 BB.  Hunter Feduccia hit his 7th double.


Box Score


Wichita Wind Surge (Twins) 11 – Tulsa Drillers 8

 Tulsa scored 6 runs on a 2-run HR by Brendon Davis (3) and a Grand Slam by Austin Beck (5).  Tulsa scored 2 in the 8th on a HBP, single, 2 BB, and a WP.  Other than Jeisson Cabrera who made his 2024 debut tonight, and Ben Harris who had a scoreless 9th, the Drillers pitchers did not do well.  After the game the season ERAs are:

  • Yon Castro – 11.32
  • Christian Suarez – 8.10
  • Ryan Sublette – 7.36
  • Ben Harris – 6.08

Other than the 2 HRs noted above, the Drillers had 2 singles.


Box Score



Dayton Dragons (Reds) 11 – Great Lakes Loons 10

There was not much pitching in this one, so we can pass on that.  The Loons jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first.  Thayron Liranzo hit a solo HR, his 3rd of the year.  Two walks and a 2-run Dylan Campbell double for the 3-0 lead.

Jacob Meador gave up 3 HRs for 4 runs in the 2nd, and the Dragons had a 4-3 lead.

GL reclaimed the lead in the 5th.  Jake Vogel singled and Kyle Nevin drew a BB, and both scored on two throwing errors on the same ground ball.

GL got another on a single and 3 walks in the 6th.

In the bottom of the 6th, Dayton put up 7 runs.  Jonathan Edwards allowed 6 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks but recorded 1 out.  Madison Jeffrey allowed 1 additional run before the inning was over.

The Loons started to claw back in the 7th.  Jake Gelof drew a BB and scored on a Chris Newell triple.  Sam Mongelli walked.  Nelson Quiroz singled home Newell with Mongelli moving to 2nd.  Jake Vogel followed with a single to score Mongelli.

GL got close in the 9th.  Sam Mongelli led off with a BB and Nelson Quiroz followed with a single.  With one out, Kyle Nevin doubled home Mongelli and Quiroz moving to 3rd.  Down by one, Great Lakes had runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out.  But Nick Biddison and Jake Gelof both struck out to end the game.

  • Thayron Liranzo – 2-4, 2 BB, 1 run, 2 RBI, double (6), HR (3)
  • Nelson Quiroz – 2-5, 1 run, 1 RBI
  • Jake Vogel – 2-4, 1 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI
  • Doubles – Dylan Campbell (6), Kyle Nevin (8)
  • Triples – Chris Newell (1)

Chris Newell is an XBH machine.  He has 27 hits in 126 AB (.214 BA), but 17 are XBH; 7 doubles, 1 triple, 9 HR.  But 49 K in 152 PA (32.2%).


Box Score



Inland Empire 66ers (LAA) 6 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 4

Payton Martin pitched well the first 3 innings.  2 walks and a single were the only baserunners for the 66ers.  But in the 4th, Martin got the first batter out, but walked the next.  The third batter of the inning slugged a 2-run HR and Martin was pulled for Garrett McDaniels who struck out the two batters he faced in the 4th.

RC scored in the 1st on a Josue De Paula BB, ground out, and Jordan Thompson single.

The Quakes went up 2-0 on a De Paula HR (2).

RC went back out in front in the 5th on back to back lead off singles by Wilman Diaz and Kendall George,  On an attempted double steal, George was thrown out at the back end, while Diaz got to 3rd.  Diaz scored on a De Paula sac fly.  The Quakes scored an unearned run in the 7th.

McDaniels was breezing into the 8th.  But a walk/SB sandwiched between 2 Ks left a runner on 2nd with 2 out.  A double and single brought home the tying runs.  David Tiburcio relieved McDaniels with 2 outs and a tie game.  A WP, walk, and double plated the final two runs.

McDaniels struck out 10 in 4.1 IP.

  • Kendall George – 2-5, 1 run
  • Josue De Paula – 1-2, 2 BB, 2 runs, 2 RBI, HR (2)
  • Jordan Thompson – 2-4, 1 run, double (6)
  • Jefferson Valladares – 2-3


Box Score


ACL Reds 4 – ACL Dodgers 3 – 10 innings

The Reds walked off the win.  This was Joendry Vargas’ 2024 debut.  He went 1-5 in his inaugural game in the US.

  • Alexander Albertus – 1-3, 2 BB
  • Angel Diaz – 2-4, 1 RBI
  • Eduardo Quintero – 1-3, 1 BB, 1 run, 2 RBI, HR (1)


Box Score




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Seen enough of Outman, bring Heyward back, he sure cannot be worse, and he is a gold glove defender. Nice to see Taylor get a hit. But the whole offense stunk up the joint. Bullpen games are not fun to watch. Get to Montas early and take the pressure off of Paxton tomorrow. Feel bad for Sheehan, but that is one less injured pitcher to worry about. Just a blip for Glasnow, he could not hit his spots. De La Cruz is a very exciting player.


A couple of interesting stats from last night’s game: De La Cruz had as many hits as the Dodgers did and Taylor could go 1 for 11 and raise his average.

Outman with another barrel two blocks foul. Yeah, maybe he needs more batting practice against AAA pitching.

We’re still at .630. Third best team in the National League, so, we got that going for us.


I’ll , as will everyone here i am sure,t ake ,630 for the season every day of every year.


Me too. And Phillies fans will take .689, Braves fans will take .650.

And which of those two teams is most likely to maintain a win % higher than the Dodgers? Fangraphs says Braves. Other projection sites have the Dodgers. I say Phillies won’t win 100 but both Dodgers and Braves will.


My concerns about why they didn’t plug Knack in were answered here, he had to wait 15 days and Wed was day 15. So instead they brought up Eliezer sp? as the 6th starter. That definitely was not a bullpen game as he went 6 innings. The idea they were going to do a bullpen game was just all speculation.
We all know they are using 5 days of rest, more when there is an off day. So the next time through I expect Knack, Hernandez or someone else they want to give a shot. Eventually they will have Miller as the 6th( or 7th?).

Jeff Dominique

It would not have mattered had the 15 days expired already. Knack pitche 5.1 innings on Sunday with 88 pitches. He was not coming back on Wednesday.


But that was their decision, they could have easily had him on a schedule to be ready to pitch that game. Apparently there is some reason they are not as impressed w him as some of us are.


So looking at De La Cruz stats on fangraphs I’ve figured out how to pitch him. He strikes out 30.6% of the time and chases. So, throw the first one at his chin then hit the outside edges with breaking pitches, chin music again then strike him out on a Bugs Bunny change up. Easy peasy.

By the way, fangraphs has him listed at 6’2”, 150. That’s obviously wrong. I think he’s more like 6’6”, 140. He leads the league in skinny. So if fangraphs’ height stats are wrong, maybe my strategy for getting him out is wrong. Tell you what, just hit him in the knee with 98 mph fastballs and maybe he won’t be able steal bases. Or, just walk the guy in front of him. He can’t steal second if somebody is already there, right?

Singing the Blue

As I’ve always known, you’re a brilliant strategist Badger. Are you available to step into the role of Dodger bench coach?





What’s it pay?


Badger, agree with your De La Cruz approach. I think Karros, also, mentioned on the broadcast that fastball strikes were the wrong way to pitch him. Glasnow is more than capable to pull that off. Maybe not last night because of location issues. Cruz is a talent though. No matter what his height/weight might be.


And he’s just 22.


De La Cruz is an exciting player and surely needs to be held in check in order to stop the Reds offense. With their leadoff hitter with an average of .196 / .696 OPS and their #3 hitter hitting .182 / .539 OPS, De La Cruz has to get on base and create some chaos in order for their offense to be effective.

With the bottom four Dodger hitters last night with averages of .196, .083, .147, and .200 the odds for a Dodger win were reduced. But, with Glasnow on the bump and the five hitters at the top of the lineup it still gave the Dodgers a good chance for a victory. All the positives went out the window with Glasnow’s location issues and the top of the lineup going 2-12.

Sorry to see Sheehan going under the knife. This starting staff is in a state of turmoil right now. Stone has added some unexpected effective pitching though. I guess negatives with pitching injuries allows for opportunities for the youngsters to shine. Especially, early in the season.

Hopefully, Buehler can continue to get settled in. I would imagine having nearly two years off and a second TJ surgery it is a major mental and physical hurdle for Buehler to overcome. But, he’s tough, competitive, and knows how to pitch.

This starting staff can be awesome going into the playoffs if most of the infirmed can recover and build up arm strength. Possible starters to chose from are Glasnow, Yamamoto, Paxton, Miller, Kershaw, Buehler, and Stone. All they need are the best three for the postseason and put the rest in the BP.

Along with the above pitching outlook and the offense even somewhat showing up the Dodgers should have all the tools necessary to have a successful postseason.

Carry on.


MLBTR reported this morning that Heyward has completed his rehab assignment. Expect a roster move soon, maybe even today.


I would think it has to be Outman. That leaves Teoscar, Pages, and Heyward/Kiki as the starting outfield.


I will be very surprised if is not Outman that gets sent down. I don’t see any way that KT3 will get any better if he doesn’t get multiple AB’s on a daily basis.

Phil Jones

*Wow, Glasnow, uncharacteristically, came out and didn’t have dick. I don’t know if it was the extra rest or if it was just one of those starts? Way too many center-cut pitches of all varieties. No life on the fastball, no bite on the breaking balls. Just flat. Mixed with getting too much of the plate is a poor recipe.
I had hopes that he would find it after the first, like Webb did last night, but the stuff got no better . At that point, a stud like Glasnow just wants to compete and minimize the casualties and keep his team in the game. To his credit, he completed 5 innings.
*What a useless run in the top of the 5th. Barnes just attempted a lazy, backhand pick, and the ball goes to the backstop.
De La Cruz who miraculous got to 3rd in the first place, on a walk and 2 stolen bases, scored.
*That’s at least 4 balls that when down as wild pitches, in the last couple of games, between Will and Barnes. The previous night, Will attempted a backhand and had one go thru the wickets, both to the screen.
*I really hate the way guys catch now with the knee on the ground, limiting lateral movement and exposing the catcher’s junk and inner thigh. Barnes does it less.
*From my Get Off My Lawn attitude after a loss, the lead off ass hole, Will Benson introduces himself to everybody as he steps to the plate, hits one out and acts like he just won the World Series. The A-hole is hitting .194. You’d think Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift was entering the building. Back in the day that bullshit would earn a dot the next AB. It’s a new day.
*It’s not relevant, but help me out here, why pull Vesia after a strikeout and fly ball, in the 7th, for another LHP, to face De La Cruz? Was Vesia on a 27 Pitch count?
Also the De La Cruz delayed steal in the 7th was a gift. The guy is about 3.2 seconds on a straight steal. Why delay and give Barnes a chance?
*I’m laughing with the booth on the name Buck Farmer, an announcers nightmare.


That was Vesia’s longest outing of the year, 1.2 innings. So that was the reason they pulled him, and the other reason was that they wanted to keep De La Cruz hitting from the right side where he has a lower BA and less power. As for Benson’s little show, it also bothers me when fans act like they have won the World Series after their team beats the Dodgers in a seemingly meaningless regular season game. Padres’ fans went nuts after winning Sunday’s game, and the Giant fans did the same when they beat the Dodgers Wednesday night. Scoreboard morons, the Dodgers still have the largest lead of any division leaders in the majors, and they only lost one half game of that last night, so they are still seven games up on SD and AZ, and 8.5 on the Giants.


With the big lead in the standings and surely to expand as the season progresses it helps to overlook games like last night and recent losses against the SD and SF. With possible improvements at the bottom of the order, returning starters, and a healthier BP the Dodgers haven’t even begun to leave the division in the dust. Lots of time to get everyone lined up for the postseason.

Last edited 26 days ago by tedraymond
Jeff Dominique

With antics like Benson, and David Bell pulling the s*** he did in the 9th, I am afraid the Reds are destined for second level and third level results. Challenging a play at the plate with a 7-0 lead in the top of the 9th? Not on one point, but on two points? And then bringing in the RHRP Farmer to face Teoscar, in the 9th with a 7-0 lead. Wanting to protect that shutout??? It was evident he was trying for more than a win. It was also clear Eric Karros was unimpressed with his continuing “trying to protect that run differential” line. It serves Bell right when Lux snuck one through for a 2-base single. I used to respect the Reds. Not anymore. I guess for some teams it is true. For them beating the Dodgers is like winning the WS, because that is as close as they will get to it.

I too questioned whether the extra day had something to do with Glasnow. Obviously we can never know. Pitchers love their routine, and deviating from it is not always well received. I know, I know. I can hear it now. We are trying to save him for October. This one game was not as important as the entire journey. But maybe it is for Glasnow. We know it is for Kershaw. Reading his book, NOTHING messed with that routine…Every 5th Day. At 30, Kershaw would never had allowed Doc to push his start back a day.

After a 45 pitch night, you know Nick Ramirez is going back to OKC. The team already has 2 multi-inning relievers in Elieser Hernandez and Ryan Yarbrough. That undoubtedly leaves Landon Knack back in OKC. Salazar and Varland were just optioned 1 and 2 days ago respectively. Connor Brogdon was on a rehab assignment, but he has not pitched since May 7. Why? He cannot be ready for MLB hitters. That leaves Ricky Vanasco. He last pitched May 11. He pitched well the last time he was up, and he has two bad outings. He allowed 6 earned runs in 1.1 innings. He allowed only 1 earned run in the other 11.2 IP (13.2 IP if you add the 2.0 IP at MLB). Like most Dodgers MiLB pitchers, he walks too many.

Last edited 26 days ago by Jeff Dominique

Glasnow, with his injury history, should make the adjustment to the extra day’s rest. It will benefit him in late September early October. Personally I don’t believe that was it. Every player has off days.


I don’t understand the way big league catchers receive now. Makes no sense. They are giving bases away.

Benson is a blind squirrel hitter. Ignore him, and others who hot dog. And beating the Dodgers in front of 53,000 will become a story those guys will tell their grandchildren.

Jeff Dominique

Dodgers just traded for LHRP Anthony Banda. He was on a MiLB deal with Cleveland. In 12 games at AAA this year, he has 17.0 IP, 2.12 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, 6 BB vs. 25 K (1.47/IP – 13.24 K/9). He does not need to be added to the 40 man.  


Tony Banda. Wasn’t he on Taxi?




Yeah. I know. That was an attempt at humor.

Tough crowd.

Last edited 26 days ago by Badger

Whoopsie……….I liked him on that show when he played that woman’s house sitter.


You need to learn how to tell a joke


I’ve lost what little touch I had.

Singing the Blue

Frances Romero, the leading authority on all things Cuban baseball related, says Vargas is coming, although not certain if he’ll be activated for tonight’s game.

Romero rarely gets things wrong, so with JHey and Vargas added, which of Pages, Outman, CT3 are removed.

I’m hoping they give Pages some more time before sending him back. Outman seems like a no-brainer and I would be surprised if CT said no if they asked him to go to OKC to work on his hitting.


Outman is as good as gone. It would be in KT3’s best interests to go to OKC and get daily AB’s. He is not going to miraculously get better playing once or twice a week with the big club. I guess we will see what kind of team player he is.

Jeff Dominique

So if CT3 does not accept going down to MiLB he is not a team player? For a player who has always been team oriented, he is now going to be judged by you if he chooses not to do something that could be detrimental to his career? Yes he is getting paid, but if the Dodgers do not want him, it would be best for him to be released so he could hook up with a team that could use his talents. If he is not going to stick with the LAD 26 man, that is what I hope for.


How is it detrimental to his career to go to OKC and work on improving. Seems to me it is more detrimental to continue to suck at a historic level on the big club. And yes, if he refuses a trip to OKC, I can judge him all I want. It is a free country and I am entitled to my opinion on the matter. Just as you are entitled to yours.

Jeff Dominique

Jason Heyward is in tonight’s starting lineup, as is Andy Pages.

Singing the Blue

Muncy to the IL with an oblique strain. Those rarely cure themselves in 10 days.
Vargas up, Outman to OKC.
Vanasco up, Ramirez to OKC.


Unfortunately oblique strains can take a long time to get better.


Is the team better?

Jeff Dominique

Of course they are. Just ask all those that didn’t want to give Outman more than 124 PA, and are happy that he has been optioned so that a player with a .414 OPS can take his place. This move now makes it a certainty the Dodgers are going to win the WS. Lot of Fantasy League GMs are pissed off at Outman’s start.

Last year Vargas got 81 games and 304 PA before he was optioned AFTER playing poorly the year before. Outman is #3 in NL ROY in 2023, and all he gets is 36 games and 124 PA.

Why would any non pitching prospect want to be drafted and signed by Dodgers?

After Pages hot start, now that the scouting reports are coming in, his last 11 games, 41 PA, .139/.220/.167/.386. with 17 K (41.5%). How long before the Fantasy League GMs want him gone?


“Why would any non pitching prospect want to be drafted and signed by Dodgers?”

I know the answer to that one – so they can be developed by superior coaches then traded to a team that will promote them.

Jeff Dominique

Well that is a good and undoubtedly correct answer. I like it. But they probably hope that trade comes before they are 26 or 28 in the case of Drew Avans. 2+ years at AAA just is not long enough.


I wonder if his oblique strain had anything to do with how hard he swings.


Jared Karros has been promoted to Double-A and his making his Tulsa Drillers debut as the starter tonight

Jeff Dominique

I was watching that one, and Jared did not do well. There will be some that will be calling for Karros to go back to the Arizona Complex League. The OKC game is now the game I will be watching instead of the Dodgers.


He gets sent down and Rancho is giving away his and his dad’s bobblehead.


I meant promoted. RC won a thriller 13-12.

Singing the Blue

According to Doc, Muncy’s oblique strain is a Grade 1 and they hope he won’t be out too long. Translation – he might make it back by September. (I hope I’m kidding).

Kike and Rojas will cover 3B while Max is out.

Vargas will play outfield (LF) only and will start tomorrow.


Changes came faster than I thought.

Jeff Dominique

Apparently the Dodgers have told OKC that Outman cannot hit LHP (Blake Snell). He is sitting in tonight’s game. 

Apparently Nabil Crismatt said he has had enough of the LAD yoyo plan of their pitchers and has elected free agency.  


Sent to OKC’s bench. Ouch.

Lux, G-4-3. Sigh.

Crismatt will get picked up.

Muncy’s oblique is the second largest muscle in his body. Might take a while to heal. I kid Max.

Singing the Blue

How do we even know that Outman made it there in time for the game?
That said, they may have decided not to have him face Snell and get off to a poor start in AAA.


Don’t blame them. Snell struck out 10 in five innings. Lipcius knocked in the only run with a homer. OKC had 2 hits. DePaula hit two more homers tonight, now has hit HR’s in three in a row.


How long is the leash on Lux. He is not getting it done.


Lux has a very long leash. You have to factor in the fact that he missed an entire year. He is going to play against RHP and sit against lefties. He has been hitting the ball hard, and for the most part, his move to second has been seamless. He made an error tonight, but he has played well defensively.

Watford Dodger

Blake Treinen has some absolutely filthy stuff.
The movement on his pitches tonight was insane.

Good to see JHey hit one out.

Last edited 26 days ago by Watford Dodger

Jeff, I loved the interview in the booth with Reggie and Matt. It was totally cool and then Ohtani goes yard. I knew they would give Karros a little business there since he was a Bruin.

Duke Not Snider

The changes are here…
Looks like Pages will be CF full-time while Outman tries to revive his skills in OKC. Varga should essentially platoon with Heyward, with Teoscar will shuttle between and LF.
With Max injured, it looks like Kike will see most of the action at 3B. Too bad that Vargas is no longer considered viable at 3B or 2B. Roberts still has the problem of working Taylor into the lineup.
How good is Lipscius at 3B? If Max is out for a while, or if another injury happens, he could be in the mix.
Or if Taylor is willing to accept a visit to OKC…


The Dodgers score runs when the top half of the lineup is rolling. Vargas, Pages, Kiké, Lux, Taylor Barnes, when he’s in there aren’t much help offensively. Adding another minor leaguer, Lipcius, probably won’t change anything but it would be interesting to see what he could do.

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