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Scandals in Baseball: The List is Growing – Part One

Note – Picture –

Chicago White Sox players Eddie Murphy, John ‘Shano’ Collins, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Happy Felsch, and Nemo Leibold at 1917 World Series. Photograph, 1917.


When the Ohtani betting story broke, my first reaction was, oh crap, not again. First Bauer, then Urias and now this???  Since most of us start out very young as fans, we usually do not see the dark side of the game until later. I think I was in my early teens when I first read about the Black Sox.

But they were not the first to be suspended. Other players pre-1900 got tossed too. And of course, Mantle and Mays, who were already retired, got short suspensions when they were hired by casinos on the East coast as greeters. Bowie Kuhn was the commissioner then.

Now I turn on the MLB channel, and there is a show produced by Bet MGM called “The Bettors Eye”. If betting on the game is such a no-no, how do they justify a show dedicated to gamblers?

Manfred made Bet MGM an official partner of MLB and gave their betting books advanced stats. Seems like a double standard to me. But I thought we might look back on some of the black eyes the game has suffered.

You can actually find this stuff on Wikipedia and other sites. One thing I have noticed, lifetime bans are fairly rare. Some players have been banned for as little as one year.

Three players, Thomas Devyr, Ed Duffy and William Wansley, were all banned in 1865 for associating with known gamblers. Of course, this is before the establishment of the office of the commissioner. All three were members of the New York Mutuals. Devyr was reinstated in 1866, the other two in 1870.

The first player to be banned and never reinstated was George Bechtel of the Louisiana Grays in 1876. He conspired with his teammates to lose a game for 500 dollars, equal to 14,300 today. He died in 1921.

The next year, four more Grays players were banned for throwing two games. Jim Devlin, George Hall, Al Nichols and Jim Craver were all banned. Although there was no evidence to prove Craver had done anything wrong, he refused to cooperate. None of them were ever reinstated.

Most banned prior to the 1900’s would be allowed back in the game. One player was banned for his play being so bad, it was considered suspicious. Lip Pike was reinstated in 1883 after being blacklisted in 81.

A team physician, Joseph Creamer III, was banned in 1908 for trying to bribe umpire, Bill Klem 2500 dollars, about 85,000 in today’s cash to conspire against the Cubs in a playoff with his Giants.

Even though the Black Sox were the culprits in throwing the World Series in 1919, in 1921, Hal Chase, was banned for consorting with gamblers and betting on his teams among other disallowed practices. Chase had been accused of fixing games as early as 1910. In 1918, Reds manager Christy Mathewson. suspended him mid-season for fixing games. Giants manager, John McGraw, persuaded Matty to trade him to the Giants.

At the end of the 1919 season, NL president, John Heydler found evidence that Chase had bribed players on other teams. He ordered his immediate release. No team in the NL would touch him, and no AL team would either. He and Heinie Zimmerman of the Giants, who was also accused of fixing games. He had been benched by McGraw in 1919 and informally banned from the majors. But Landis’s decision on the Black Sox effectively banned him and Chase for life. Chase died in 1947, Zimmerman in 1969.

In total, besides the 8 Sox players banned, 8 others would be banned by Landis. The eight were Joe Gedeon of the Browns, conspiring with the gamblers behind the Sox scandal in 1921. Eugene Paulette, Phillies, 1921, associating with known gamblers.

Benny Kauff, Giants, banned in 21 for selling stolen cars. Banned despite being acquitted of the charges. Lee Magee, Cubs. Released just before the season began in 1920, he sued for his salary and lost. After it was revealed in testimony in that case that he had been involved in throwing games and collecting on bets, Landis banned him for life in 21.

In one that would not happen in today’s game, Ray Fisher of the Reds, was banned in 1921 when he left  the Reds to accept a coaching position at the University of Michigan. He thought his status was voluntarily retired. When he found out he was ineligible, he appealed to Landis who banned him for violation of his contract. Bowie Kuhn reinstated him in 1980. He passed away in 82.

Phil Douglas of the Giants was banned after telling an acquaintance of the Cardinals that he planned to leave the Giants during the pennant stretch run to spite McGraw, who he had a severe falling out with during the season, 1922.

Jimmy O’Connell and Giants coach Cozy Dolan were banned in 1924 for offering Phillie SS, Heine Sand, 500 dollars to throw a game between the two teams for the financial gain of O’Connell and his gambling backers.

There was a lull for several years and then in 1943, Landis banned Phillies owner, William D. Cox, for betting on his team’s games. Cox died in 1989, the last living person banned by Landis. He and former Phillies owner, Horace Fogel, are the only owners banned for life.

In part two, we will look at the post Landis era. Not nearly as many banned, but problems just the same involving some of baseball’s biggest stars.


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Keep an eye on the DSL this season:

Jeff Dominique

I always do, but it will be very hard to match last seaseon. Both LAD DSL teams made the playoffs and one of them won it all. There were some absolutely fantastic players on both of those teams that I have written about.

Jeff Dominique

BTW, that post has apparantly been deleted.


So weird, as it was totally informational and inoffensive.


Choi also promoted today.

Oddly, it’s still available on Twitter, that platform is really going downhill. Here is the text:

Second time seeing 17 yr old Dodgers prospect Jesus Tillero this spring. He throws gas. Last year in the DSL had a 1.47 ERA 34K’s in 30.2 innings. DSL midseason All Star, he, Angel Cruz, Joendry Vargas, Eduardo Quintero, Eduardo Guerrero, and Angel Diaz promise an exciting ACL.

Jeff Dominique

I am not sure why Hyun-il Choi got promoted. But good for him.  


“It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Friedman hath put in His own power.


Glasnow did not have it tonight. With the starters struggling as they have the last several games, the pressure has been on the offense, and they have not yet responded like most expect them to. Until the bottom three in the lineup begin to contribute on a more consistent basis, the top 6 are going to have to up their game considerably. Of note, Shohei Ohtani, despite his BA over .300 and his extra base hits is 1-17 with runners in scoring position and he left a couple out there tonight. You are not going to win many games when you continually leave men on base. Nice first game for Vanasco tonight. Good chance Hurt gets called up with Tuesday’s game being a bullpen game. Supposedly, Buehler is going to make one more rehab start before rejoining the rotation. No structural damage found in Miller’s shoulder.


Pitching is the problem. What team wouldn’t want our top 6 batters? We will see some hero ball from them but we cannot expect them to do it every night. The human being is but a machine of sorts and not a very good one, behaviorally. The pitchers are the ones that have to step up. No one goes the distance with a pitching staff like ours. We’ve got potential but nowhere near what it takes for a WS. It wouldn’t surprise me if we battled in the West for the division. Unless reinforcements arrive by mid season that can make a difference, we may see more disappointment this year.


Well done throwing in the “may” near the end there.


Let’s face it, gambling is addictive and MLB is condoning it. Put Rose in the Hall now. Maybe it can be done quietly. Just make an announcement, put up the bust and move on. What the heck, might as well make a move on the steroid guys too. The Hall is a place that has enshrined racists, bullies, wife beaters, drunks, philanderers, speed users, cocaine addicts and I’ll bet some even smoked pot before it was legal. Might as well allow the modern day miscreants in the place. After all, it’s about baseball isn’t it?

Last edited 1 month ago by Badger

It seems to be heading in that direction. The research I did on this story shows how prevalent gambling was early in the games history and fixing games was a way to supplement your income. Landis was an avowed racist, he nixed every teams attempt to bring players of color into the game, and he is in the Hall. Kuhn might have thought he was protecting the game from scandal by not allowing Mays and Mantle to become greeters at the casinos. Baseball was reeling after the Sox scandal. Ruth saved the game. Baseball was reeling after the strike cancelled the 94 season and impacted 95. Sosa and McGwire’s HR race helped bring the fans back, only to have the PED debacle put a bad face on the game again. As for Rose, I have softened on this some. Especially with all the gambling ads and such on during the game. I believe Pete belongs in because of his playing career. He has never officially been on the ballot. The only two roads for him to be in were being voted in by the BBWAA, which would have been a slam dunk, and then if he did not make it that way, the Oldtimers committee. Which is now called the Era committee. But in order for either of those to happen, he has to be reinstated by the commissioner. So far, no sitting commissioner has been inclined to do that. This despite several requests for reinstatement by Rose. Here is what I believe, the same stubborn competitiveness that he had on the ball field has kept him from making a heartfelt apology to the fans and the game. I think if he truly did this, and it showed, he would be more likely to get in. He is not allowed to participate in any organized or official baseball activities. But the Hall is a museum not run by baseball. Get it done, and let him in.


Pages being promoted to the majors. Most likely 26-man casualty, Trammell.

Jeff Dominique

Trammell is most likely. But Pages has to play, otherwise there is no reason to bring him up. I think this means a lot less AB for CT and Kiké. It probably also means a more pronounced platoon for Outman. This could also be shortlived as Jason Heyward is reportedly due back soon. But he should play as long as he is up with the ML team.

Jeff Dominique


The Dodgers are overdue for a Cuban player success story.


Pages vs high velocity will be interesting


I just read that Andy Pages is being called up. Anxious to see how he does. He has done well at OKC so far this year.

Will anyone step up to be the ace of this staff? The pattern seems to be one great start and then a shit show the next.

I think it was Jeff who yesterday posted a list of injured pitchers the Dodgers have.
There could be two starting staffs put together from that list. What the heck is going on with the Dodgers inability to keep a pitcher healthy?

Phil Jones commented about how scouts and front offices use velocity as a starting point in evaluating a pitcher. That’s what was mentioned on the broadcast as well. And, I agree. Obviously, that needs to change if they want injuries reduced in the future. But, maybe the teams don’t care. With the number of youngsters and the huge money involved to draw them to pitching a baseball 100 MPH MLB may not be concerned about the injuries. I guess we’ll see if it gets bad enough to consider a change by MLB teams.

Carry on.

Phil Jones

It might be a good idea to put the WS talk to bed for now and just hope we play better, daily. This team has a great lineup one through 6 but after that this isn’t a good team right now. The starting pitching is sporadic and the bullpen, with a couple of exceptions, has been shitty. The emphasis should be, in my opinion, on finding a LHRP and improving the bottom of the order.
Are the 6 guys at the bottom of the order all slumping simultaneously or are they just not that good? I know it’s early. We hear that repeatedly to justify the ineptitude but I can understand a couple of guys slumping; but all 6?
The most maligned hitter, Miggy Ro, is the hitting star of this group, so far, batting .227. The stats are ugly; Kike .189, CT3 .030. With Heyward out, who was hitting .214, these 2 have become starting outfielders. Both are utility players and NOT starting outfielders for an elite team. Outman has hit the ball hard but has had bad luck. Lux, who has garnered plenty of attention to keep his bat in the lineup, is hitting .227 and Trammell is at .000. Not exactly murder’s row.
It’s time to stop reading the press clipping about how great we are, and play better. I hate pissing away these games.
Glasnow was remarkably shitty. The capper was the 55 foot dirt ball, scoring the guy from 3rd with 2 outs in the 1st.
Aside from a handful of guys this team has way too many underperforms right now. I have a calendar. I know it’s April but these games all count.

Phil Jones

Lux is hitting .157 and not .227 as I mistakenly posted. Only Rojas is hitting over .190 of these 6 guys.


The Padres were loaded last year and the Mets tried to win with high priced veteran pitchers. Neither worked.

Outman is young, athletic, powerful, and unlucky. I stay with him in CF. Pages in RF could be uplifting. Lux needs at bats and won’t get them sitting on the bench. Betts is cooling down now that he is bouncing back and forth between short and second. Not surprising.

Rojas needs to play more third against lefties and keep Betts at short.

Jeff Dominique

Tommy Pham signed a MiLB contract with Chicago White Sox. With his signing, that leaves Brandon Belt as the lone unsigned “named” free agent in the 2023-2024 class.

Whitey Herzog passed away at the age of 92. One of my favorite managers. Best known for managing both St. Louis (11 years) and Kansas City (5 years).


This Vin story about Whitey and Satchel Paige is just awesome.

Phil Jones

Thanks for sharing that Bluto. Vin was so awesome


I am so glad Dodgers called up Pages instead of signing Pham.




No reason to hold Pages back. They need help, badly.

Ron Fairly fan

Per the MLB network Carl Erskine has passed away at 97

Phil Jones

Great post Jeff on gambling history. Can’t wait for more. I have done a 180 on Pete Rose getting reinstated. I was hard line on this until what I believe is great hypocrisy on the part of MLB. I very much dislike the double standard as the ad’s and promotion of things like BetMGM and others. It’s encouraged for all the Jimmy’s and Joe’s but not for players. And oddly these are okay but betting with a bookie is illegal.
Many baseball players like other athletes, bet on everything. I had friends who were frustrated when the got called up to the Bigs because the price of participation in bets with teammates increased significantly. From the golf course to the poker games, the call-ups didn’t have the jingle to participate on a minor league salary. There were bets on everything, just to make it interesting. I absolutely know players bet on every other sport even if they are smart enough to not bet on baseball. All you have to do is look and the warning signs in every clubhouse explaining the two original sins in baseball.
To me this is total hypocrisy. Pete now has a strong case to me, due to the current exceptance of gambling by MLB.

Last edited 1 month ago by Phil Jones
Jeff Dominique

Phil, this one was Bear’s. There is an extra step I need to do when Bear authors a post, and I forgot to do that step. Thank you for pointing it out, I was able to correct it.

Phil Jones

Thanks Jeff. I did look to see the author as this did look like Bear’s handiwork.


Sometimes stats can drive the ship and Rose’s stats are on course to the Hall.


Rose voted all time least liked Reds player. Some interesting names here: All 30 MLB Teams’ Most Disliked Player Who Even Their Own Teammates Couldn’t Stand (


CBS sports also reporting Erskine’s death. RIP to a true gentleman. And the only other Dodger pitcher in history besides Koufax to toss multiple no-hitters for the Dodgers.


This old man, he played two,
He played knick-knack on my shoe.
With a knick-knack, paddy whack,
Give a dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home.

Is Knack next up?

Jeff Dominique

I do not know who is responsible for putting out these injury releases, but once again we have word from a player that is different from what gets reported. Emmet Sheehan indicates that he has never had a shoulder issue, and it has always been his forearm discomfort. 

Yesterday, this was reported.

Emmet Sheehan has been shut down from throwing again, Dave Roberts said. Just hasn’t been responding the way they’ve wanted to. It’s “a longer term situation,” Roberts said.

Today, no structural damage. Plans on beginning throwing program this week.

Of course one was getting their information from Roberts and the other was getting the information directly from Sheehan.


Jeff, please reply to your comment above with the one you posted yesterday which was classic concerning Dodger injuries and how they have been described.

Jeff Dominique

Per your request:

We have heard that Blake Treinen is out due to a bruised lung. Well, not true. When the Dodgers returned home from Seoul, Treinen had an MRI that revealed fractures to his fifth and sixth ribs. That was nearly a month ago, and we are learning about that now??? 

“Treinen’s revelation comes two weeks after Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said the reliever had not suffered a setback in his recovery and was merely dealing with “residual” soreness from the bruised lung.

Bobby Miller injury per Fabian Ardaya, The Athletic:

“The 25-year-old, who was the hardest-throwing starter in the sport who hadn’t gotten hurt, has complained of discomfort in his right shoulder for weeks. The sensation was essentially the same as typical early-season soreness, the type of thing that shut down Miller for all of 2023 spring training before he rattled off 124 1/3 big-league innings last year without issue. This time, it hasn’t gone away. He struggled to recover between starts, and within them (including his last two outings when he allowed seven runs in 5 2/3 innings) he showed atypically poor command and an inability to finish off his secondary offerings.”

“An MRI revealed no structural damage. The ailment didn’t necessitate an injection or any procedure. That brings relief. So, too, does the expected timeline — both Miller and Roberts were hopeful Miller could resume throwing in as soon as five to seven days, which would mitigate any sort of build-up period that would prolong his absence.”

Emmet Sheehan was slow started due to “general soreness”. He was then put on the IL due to forearm inflammation. I guess that defines general soreness. 
Now, Emmet Sheehan injury per Fabian Ardaya, The Athletic:

“Emmet Sheehan had ramped up enough to face hitters but has been shut down from throwing again, Roberts said. Sheehan said Sunday night he received a scan that he didn’t believe showed any structural damage in the area. His arm “just hasn’t been responding” since the Dodgers placed him on the injured list with forearm inflammation, Roberts said, and his return will be a “longer-term situation.”

I am guessing that Sheehan will not be available at all this year. I am not sure that I can believe anything more positive coming out of Dave Roberts’ mouth.
So what should the fans believe about the injury status for?

·      Walker Buehler
·      Bobby Miller
·      Blake Treinen
·      Emmet Sheehan
·      Clayton Kershaw
·      Dustin May
·      Brusdar Graterol
·      Nick Frasso
·      Tony Gonsolin
·      River Ryan
·      Justin Chambers
·      Wyatt Crowell
·      Eriq Swan
·      Damon Keith


Thank you

Scott Andes

Happy to see Pages being called up, but this is the same club from last year, and the year before, and the year before that just with Ohtani added. It’s the same problems year in and year out.

  1. Pitching staff is trash. They have maybe 2 good starters, and 2 reliable relievers
  2. starting pitchers not allowed to go more than 80 pitches. No length from the starters, which at this point is mostly on management for not allowing starters to go deeper in games, or not building them up enough.
  3. unreliable bullpen.
  4. multiple hitters in the lineup batting under .200
  5. weak and predictable game strategies
  6. constant lefty/righty matchups on offense
  7. multiple bullpen games, at least one per week, when the bullpen is one of the worst in the majors.
  8. Michael Busch traded for nothing

Friedman is a total clown.


I absolutely agree — particularly withe the very last comment/statement. When the Dodgers field their ridiculous team against lefthanded pitching, I simply pursue one of my other hobbies. I don’t have to partake of a lousy product. I just say no to Friedbrain’s and Roberts the Clown’s lineup.

Last edited 1 month ago by mqarep
Jeff Dominique

Okay, I am officially pissed. James Outman is one of the Dodgers who is actually starting to hit. Yes, for the last 11 games, he is outhitting Mookie and Freddie. Shohei, Teoscar, and Will Smith are the only ones hitting better than Outman. Muncy has more XBH, but Outman is hitting better. 

I have zero objection to Andy Pages playing, but Chris Taylor playing over Outman??? Are you flipping kidding me? The next time Doc says Outman is not being platooned, I want to see someone say Bulls***.

If I were Outman I would be requesting a trade so he could play for a team that might play him…like the Cubs playing Michael Busch. The same with Vargas. Trade them both for players that they will never promote to the ML team. Then they can spend $1BB on more free agents. Or just another $60MM on a utility player that they obviously feel they have to play.  

Scott Andes

ahhh yes the Andrew Friedman regime. Welcome to his logic.

but the best in baseball!

I’ll wait for Bluto to come in and tell me everything is great, and I’m being irrational or something. lol


No need, Scott. Your words speak better than mine to that end.



Last edited 1 month ago by Bumsrap
Phil Jones

It all seems like some grand process to do things the Dodger way for whatever reasons with no urgency to try to win games. Normal baseball thinking, like playing the guys who are playing hot, isn’t followed. Just do the predictable, rote script regardless of performance. The bullpen usage is the same deal. It’s like the YMCA League where everybody plays and gets a participation trophy.
I thought the idea was to win games with a line up designed to do that.
Geez we wouldn’t want to hurt CT3’s feelings or give up on him? He must feel terrible hitting .038 and let’s not give up on the guy. How about Outman’s feeling? He’s hit the ball hard with little to show for it. But we’re going to get our $15 million worth from CT3 by God.
So much for earning playing time on this squad unless you’re trying to break into the Varsity.
It’s still early. But is it really that early not to expect performance? They’ve been at this since February 23rd. That’s 53 days, counting those wasted days to Korea. How are 6 position players, a bullpen and most starting pitchers not ready in almost 2 months, to be competitive?
Maybe they need to play more than 3 at bats in Spring games every other day so it’s not “so early”.


Trade requests?
Participation trophies?
hurt feelings?

come on. Can we all meet back on the planet Earth sometime soon?

Jeff Dominique

Planet earth – Your plantet earth? Where the Dodgers win 100+ games in the regular season, but flop in the playoffs? We know you believe it is the lucky team that wins the WS and not necessarily the best team. Whatever Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman do are always the right move for you? Because they have more information than any of us? But pardon me for having a thought process for myself. I do not need Dave Roberts or Andrew Friedman to tell me what I should think.

I hope CT goes 5-5 and hits for the cycle, and makes 3 web gems. But before the game, I think it is a mistake for the 04-16-2024 game and for the season to put CT3 over James Outman. If you disagree tell us why. And not because they have more information.

It is sort of difficult to believe anything Roberts says. I have already outlined his statements regarding the injuries and how wrong he has been (and this is not the first year). And when he says that Outman and Lux will not be platooned – BS.


I dunno Jeff, sometimes I think you write without thinking.

I’ve been publicly and metaphorically scratching my head over Roberts’ moves on this very blog. So, not sure where the beginning of your response comes from.

I think Outman should be starting instead of CT3 too.

I just don’t think it merits, in any way, shape or form, the words: “trade request”

It’s early in the season, they are trying to get CT3 going. Should it be at the expense of Outman’s momentum? Not in my book, but it’s not beyond credulity.

That’s silly hyperbole. As are the other two phrases I cited.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto

You cannot believe anything Roberts says concerning Dodger injuries. Why they put him in front of the camera to spout his bs is just embarrassing. Next he will be blowing about how great the Dodgers are and it’s the World Series championship or failure. Win a playoff game or shut up. He just sounds so arrogant. We are the best but the World Series is just a crapshoot. His winning percentage could be matched by any competent manager who had his players. The Dodgers organization is top notch just like the Braves were with Bobby Cox, Glavine etc.but like the Braves the best regular season champs. They should have hired Bruce Bochy if they wanted a World Series title.

Jeff Dominique

Kyle Hurt was recalled and is the SP for Tuesday’s game. Eduardo Salazar also had his contract purchased and was recalled to LAD. 

Taylor Trammell was DFA to open a spot on the 40 man for Salazar. 

Nick Ramirez and Ricky Vanasco were optioned back to OKC. Yes, Alex Vesia and Michael Grove are still on the 26 man.

Jeff Dominique

Jeff Dominique

Here is someone that the Dodgers have absolutely no chance in drafting this July.

He is also an accomplished pitcher.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jeff Dominique
Singing the Blue

I think Doc’s biggest managerial failure on offensive strategy is not regularly going with the hot hand. He played the game so he knows that a confident player often performs above his numbers where a guy in a slump performs below his numbers. Yet he seemingly refuses to consider that when making out a lineup or subbing players during a game.

A number of people who comment here were of the opinion last November that sitting around for the beginning of the playoffs was not good for us. Maybe all of the weird lineup moves we’re discussing here is just a way of making sure that doesn’t happen in 2024.


I think there’s something to this. For whatever reason the team seems to prioritize “letting players work themselves out of it” over seemingly everything.

The theory I’m still working on is that this is kinda like what my wife and I try to avoid with our kids. Coddling.

There’s no urgency for players to break out of slumps, because the team seems to believe it’s an organic process that’ll happen if enough ABs are allocated.

My theory is that this comes back to bite the team on the ass when games are few. Like in the playoffs, the installation is not “What can I do with urgency to change my slump” the installed mindset is, “I’ll break out of the slump any at-bat, now.”

I think that has been a problem in the playoffs.

Again, just a silly theory, half-baked from someone who knows nothing about baseball, baseball analytics or baseball strategy.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto

My theory is it’s very early in the year and giving everyone at bats is good idea. And it makes sense to me to give CT3 at bats against a left hander. I expect to see Outman hit later in the game.

Ohtani leading the league in a few important categories but one of them isn’t WRISP. He’s 1 for 18 in that category. The team needs him to be better.

I’m not concerned about what Roberts does or says about injuries. I’m not really worried about the offense. As bad as they’ve been lately they are still second in runs scored. I do remain apprehensive about the pitching. They are currently 24th in ERA, and that is very un-Dodger like.


I mean this, Badger, is 1000000% correct.

But it’s not nearly as fun as coming up with half-baked theories.


Mitch White was DFAd today by the Jays. Jessica Mendoza is not good to listen to.


AMEN! So it’s the Nats broadcasters for me!


Kevin Gowdy is turning into a personal fave.
Had another scoreless inning tonight, which makes it 6 out of his 7 outings this year.
So far it’s 7 Ks with just 1 walk. 
Dodgers pitcher development reportedly transitioned him to a 2 seamer and it’s worked. He’s also 92-95 on the sinker & throws that for a strike 75% of the time.

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