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Soapbox Commentary:  It Is An Honor To Be the 25th or 26th Man on a MLB Team

Sometimes I believe that some fans over exaggerate the importance of certain players.  It has always mystified me as to why so many have been against Austin Barnes, even though his pitchers and teammates love him.  He is a BACKUP CATCHER, whose sole purpose is to manage the pitch game and give the starting catcher a break.  He is not there to challenge JT Realmuto for NL dominance.  If he gets a hit, great, but certainly not game changing either way.  Barnes has already helped Smith with his framing (although he still has a long ways to go).  Barnes is in the 67th percentile while Smith is in the 24th percentile in framing.

Maybe now Barnes can help Smith with blocked balls.  Barnes is a better catcher at blocking balls than is Smith.  In Statcast Blocks Above Average:

  • Barnes – +3 and 80th percentile
  • Smith – (-7) and 1 percentile

It is a 26 man roster, and sometimes backups are simply…backups.

That being said, it probably is getting to the time when Hunter Feduccia should be considered for that role.  I am guessing that he will get that opportunity in 2025.  Barnes has a team option for 2025.  Austin will be 35 next year and probably ready to become a coach.  At least I hope that is what he wants to do next year.

It seems that most fans have now succumbed to accept Austin’s role.  But fans have to have someone else to blame for the Dodgers problems.  That torch has now been passed on to Chris Taylor, who I still refer to CT3.

For me there is a difference between CT3 and Austin Barnes.  Taylor plays a position where he is expected to produce offensively.  We know he is streakier than most streaky hitters.  We know his swing is not conducive to inconsistent PA.  We also know that CT3 has been electric in clutch playoff games, and is capable of carrying a team when his bat does catch up to the pitch.

That being said, a player with the CT3 role must produce.  I am not looking for Manny Mota or Andre Ethier bench role production, but something north of .150 BA, .400 OPS and 0 OPS+ should not be standards that are too high to reach.

So yes, I do think it is time for the Dodgers to DFA CT3.  But he does not warrant the venomous animosity that some seem to believe he deserves.  He should not get saddled with being Carl Crawforded.  Carl Crawford was never truly a Dodger.  While CT3 has been a fantastic Dodger player and teammate.  He does not deserve to have his nickname altered to KT3.

Right now he is not a MLB player.  I get that.  But he does deserve respect for what he has done and how he has shown himself to be a Los Angeles Dodger.  However, CT3 has appeared in 37 games this year.  The team is 23-14 in those games, for a .621 winning percentage.  The team is 18-12 (.600) in the games CT3 has not appeared in.  That certainly does not indicate that CT3 is a reason for LAD losses.  May not help them in wins, but is not a reason for the losses.

I do not want him to accept a MiLB assignment. He is not going to OKC to block anyone.  He would end up in Camelback to work on his swing.  But he needs consistent PA to be successful.   I want him to be DFA so he can land with a team where he might be able to turn his season around.  And if he does land on another MLB team I hope it is with a team where he plays at Dodger Stadium, and he gets a standing ovation in a possible return.

I cannot answer as to why Miguel Vargas is not getting a longer runway this year.  But it kind of indicates what the Dodgers do think of Vargas, doesn’t it?  Is his ceiling with the Dodgers that of a reserve OF?  If that is indeed his role, so be it.  I have zero problems with the 25th or 26th man on the roster.

My primary concern with Vargas in that role is that he was considered for a regular role for LAD.  Now he is a reserve OF.  What does that do for his trade value.  Say what you want about AJ Preller, but he sure knows the right time to trade prospects, and get value in return.  And after emptying his farm system, he rebuilds it very quickly.

This is my 8th year writing for a blog.  And many out there know why this besmirching of players bothers me.  While my son was never going to get the opportunity to become a regular at the MLB level, he was still a valuable player with the Phillies, Red Sox, and Blue Jays organization, even as depth at MiLB.  He kept producing at MiLB for the teams to keep him and promoting him, but was still castigated by ignorant fans and a certain sportswriter for the Phillies.  The name calling is what gets to me.  He (Austin Barnes, Chris Taylor) did (do) something that most out there have no ability to do.

My son did something that Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Dewey Evans, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, and Carlton Fisk were never able to do while with Boston, and nobody commenting on this blog or any other blog can say.  He has a World Series ring.  And so do Austin Barnes and Chris Taylor.  That in and above anything else deserves respect for getting to the point where you play on a Championship team.

My son was playing for Toronto in 2005 when he was recalled.  The team was playing in Minnesota, so my wife and I hopped on a plane to see him.  When Andy got to the hotel there was a box from the Boston Red Sox waiting for him.  It was his 2004 World Series Ring.  Andy always felt comfortable around the elite players, and they respected what he had done to get to the pinnacle.  So what is the first thing he does when he gets the ring?  He heads over to Doc Halladay’s room.  He tells Doc, “I know you are a great pitcher with a CY and probably headed to the HOF, but do you have one of these?” And shows him the ring.  Doc laughed and then kicked his ass out the door.

The 25th and 26th man on the roster deserve respect not disdain.  I will never tell anyone not to criticize or denigrate players, or even subject them to name calling.  I do not like it when fans say Taylor should be Carl Crawforded, or have his nickname changed to KT3. Of course everyone has the right to do so, and I will never edit it out or block anyone because of it.   The players are all big boys who get paid handsomely to play a game.  They can take the crap dished out. I choose to respect them.  That is my choice, and I guess it is my blog, and I can write whatever I darn well please.

Okay, now it is time for me to get off my soapbox and get back to watching the greatest team in all of Sports.  Yes…including fútbol.


Tuesday Power Display and a classic Miguel Vargas take.








OKC Baseball Club 11 – Sugarland Space Cowboys (Houston) 2

Landon Knack started and gave up a 2-out, 2-run HR in the 2nd.  After he got the first batters out in the 5th, Knack was pulled after 74 pitches.  Why?  My speculation is that after it was determined that Bobby Miller was going to have another rehab assignment, Knack was put on a strict pitch count so that he could be available to start Sunday in LA vs KC.  I have no idea if that is true, but that is what I am going with.

Kevin Gowdy, Nick Ramirez, and John Rooney shut out the Space Cowboys over the final 4.1 innings.

In the first, Drew Avans and James Outman both singled.  Avans scored and Outman moved to 3rd on a Kody Hoese single.  Outman scored on a Trey Sweeney force out.  Ryan Ward drew a BB.  Sweeney and Ward pulled off a double steal and Austin Gauthier singled them both home giving OKC a 4-0 lead after 1.

OKC scored one in the 5th on a single, balk, and double.

OKC scored 4 in the 6th and 2 in the 9th to finish off the scoring.

OKC had 11 hits but only 1 XBH, a double by Kody Hoese.

  • Drew Avans – 3-5, 3 runs, 2 RBI
  • Kody Hoese – 3-5, 2 RBI, double (14)
  • Austin Gauthier – 1-2, 3 BB, 1 run, 2 RBI


Some CF defense


Box Score



Tulsa Drillers 5 – Arkansas Travelers (Seattle) 4

Before the game, we learned that RHRP Edgardo Henriquez was promoted to Tulsa.  Edgardo really cannot be that far away from real consideration for a Big League promotion.

For the actual game, the Drillers were on the losing end of a 4-2 score in the bottom of the night when they got off the floor and walked off a 5-4 victory.

After 4 excellent starts, Justin Wrobleski had a mediocre 4 inning start.  He allowed just 2 runs on 6 hits (including 1 HR) and 1 BB to go with 4 K.

Tulsa got the early lead on a Dalton Rushing solo HR (9) in the first inning.


Michael Hobbs relieved Wrobleski and retired the side in order in the 5th.  But in the 6th, Hobbs walked the bases loaded and gave up a 2-run single.

Tulsa got one back in the bottom of the 6th on an Austin Beck solo HR (10).

No team threatened until Tulsa came to bat in the bottom of the 9th.  José Ramos led off with a BB. Brendon Davis followed with a single.  After Ramos stole 3B, he scored on a Bubba Alleyne double (6).  With runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, Damon Keith was called in to PH for Yeiner Fernandez.  Keith delivered a walk off 2-run single for a 5-4 Tulsa win.



Box Score


Dayton Dragons (Reds) 4 – Great Lakes Loons 3

Payton Martin made his first High A start, and I am sure that he wishes that it had gone better.  He threw 39 pitches (22 strikes) in completing 1.2 innings.  Martin retired the side in order in the first, and got the first batter in the 2nd.  Then it fell apart.  A walk, double, walk to load the bases, a sac fly, and another walk to re-load the bases, before Payton was lifted for Brandon Neeck.  Martin left the game with the score tied at 1-1.

Three 2-out singles in the 1st gave the Loons a 1-0 lead.  In the 4th, the Loons got a 1-out single by Kyle Nevin, a HBP, WP, and a Jake Gelof sac fly to give Great Lakes the 2-1 lead.

It was a short-lived lead as the leadoff hitter, Carlos Jorge,  hit a game tying HR in the bottom of the 4th off Brandon Neeck.

Neeck gave up a 2-run HR in the 5th, which would prove to be the winning run.

In the 7th, Gelof led off with a double.  Yunior Garcia reached on catcher’s interference.  2 ground balls scored Gelof.  But that is as close as Great Lakes would get.

  • Dylan Campbell – 2-4, 1 run
  • Kyle Nevin – 2-4, 1 run, 1 RBI
  • Noah Miller – double (10)
  • Jake Gelof – double (5)


Box Score


Fresno Grizzlies (Colorado) 7 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 3

None of the three Quakes pitchers were particularly sharp.  Okay they were not good.  The offense was not a lot better.  Logan Wagner went 2-2 with 2 BB including a solo HR (3).  Wilman Diaz had the only other XBH with a double (7).

Turn the page on this one.


Box Score



ACL Dbacks 16 – ACL Dodgers 1

Nothing to see here.  Joendry Vargas had 2 hits. The other point of interest is last year’s 17th round pick, Luke Fox, LHP from Duke was in his second appearance since returning from TJ surgery.  It was his 2nd scoreless outing.

That is two LAD 2023 draft picks who are just coming back and could become steals in the draft…Fox and fellow lefty Wyatt Crowell.  That does not include 3rd rounder Brady Smith who has not yet pitched for the Dodgers due to injury, and 4th round pick Eriq Swan who has been slow played also due to injury.


Box Score









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The look on Vargas’s face after Heyward’s bomb was classic. Bottom of the lineup set the table for the big boys. Nice to see. Lux is improving. Only Rojas did not get on base.

Duke Not Snider

Fully agree with all the sentiments you’ve expressed here regarding Barnes and Taylor.
I think the Angels have a couple of players who help the Dodgers. Luis Rengifo is having a great season as a UT guy and his lefty bat would complement Kike’s righty bat. As I recall it, the Dodgers wanted Rengifo as part of the Joc-Stripling deal that Arte Moreno nixed. I assume the Dodgers would still be interested.
The Dodgers have a deep farm system, and Angels’ farm is weak,in part because they rush players like Neto and Schanuel to the majors. There are several guys in the Dodgers system who have little chance of making to LA–but they might have a chance of making it to Anaheim.
Would the Angels flip Rengifo for a good prospect and Taylor, with most of his salary covered by the Dodgers? Arte Moreno may hate the Dodgers, but he might like the idea of the Dodgers covering the cost of one of his players.
Taylor could stay in SoCal and perhaps the change of scenery and coaching could help him revive his game. What would the Angels have to lose? The Angels are a young team, and Taylor could provide some of that positive “veteran presence” that I suspect is missing from a guy like Rendon. Worst case: the Angels DFA Taylor but have a good prospect on the way up.
I really don’t think the Dodgers have to do contortions to give Taylor a decent exit. And yeah, the Dodgers fans should always welcome him back with a standing ovation.


Last night was an example of what it looks like when it’s working.

Depth is important. All the way to 26 and further. That’s true in every sport.

I couldn’t access the OKC Box Score link. Do we have a legitimate Taylor replacement there? I would sure like to know before the deadline.

I keep thinking Vargas will be traded. He doesn’t appear to be needed here. I believe the outfield move is to bring Outman back.


Got it. Thanks.

Lipcius, 0 for 5. The bum. Trade him to Toronto.


I thought the Dodgers again failed to slide and bunt yesterday and instead they told a lot of us to shove it.

Barnes has had a few years where some fans have hoped he would be replaced and if that noise is worse this year it is probably due to lack of others’ production in the bottom of the order. The bottom of the order is gradually being more productive and that should help fans get off Barnes’ back.

Bring up Outman.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bumsrap

Pages/Outman in CF.

Who needs bunting when you can score like that? 11 a game the rest of the way should do it.


Dodgers in agreement with Toronto on a trade sending Cavan Biggio to the Dodgers for a minor leaguer. Someone will have to go down or be released. Biggio has played 1B, 2B, 3B, and LF this season. Hitting .200 with 2 homers.


Another strikeout machine. Could this be the end for Taylor? Only a slight upgrade over Taylor. Or will they send Vargas down since they aren’t playing him?

Last edited 1 month ago by OhioDodger

Lefty hitter. K rate not as bad as Taylor’s. But he sure does not have Kike or Taylors power. He also has an option left, so he might be headed to AAA.


Whether he plays in OK or LA this is really exciting.

Scott Andes

Theyre sending Vargas down. Reportedly.


Braydon Fisher is the player being sent back to the Jays. Hey Jeff, you know your kids baseball card on Ebay is selling for almost 30 bucks??? An autographed one that is. His card from 2000 and 2002 are selling for around 2.50. Those are minor league cards.


Mine would get maybe a penny. I have a Roy Hobbs somewhere. You would be surprised how many different versions there are of that card now. Some look like 52 Topps, some look like the old Goudey cards.


Cavan Biggio? Why? He’s no help.


I have no clue why. He is a left-handed hitting infielder who plays four positions.


I can’t believe in this FO. They are intentionally blocking Vargas and now Biggio steps in. They really don’t know what they are doing but they feel they have to do something. It’s inane.

Duke Not Snider

Biggio also plays some OF…
He’s struggling but still an upgrade over Taylor, whose fate remains uncertain. The lefty bat is a plus, especially with Max out. The Dodgers scout everybody, and they probably think the change of scenery and coaching can help Biggio return to his old form.
Biggio could also be used to sweeten a trade package. If the Sox are rebuilding, they’d probably appreciate Biggio more than Braydon Fisher.


I was wrong about the option. He is a five-year player and cannot be optioned to AAA without his approval.


Could it be there is interest in our MiLB players and Biggio is here to replace them and Taylor? There must be reasoning behind this move.


You cant fix stupid. In af there is little trust. Whats the problem with lipcius?


He is not on the 40-man roster. They would have to IL someone or trade or DFA them.


Release CT, trade Lipcius, Pages, and a lottery pitcher for Bichette.

Duke Not Snider

Lipcius hasn’t really proven much yet. I doubt that his market value is high.


There are primarily two kinds of deals Friedman makes:
superstars or undervalued assets.

clearly Biggio fits into one of those two buckets. Add his versatility and it makes perfect sense.

Will it end up being like a Muncy or Chris Taylor acquisition. Almost definitely not, but it makes sense.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto




this is all marginalia. So I wouldn’t and hope you don’t lose sleep over it.

I think there’s substantial amount of money coming back, which would lower the expense.

I think it’s pretty clear, that the team thought Lipcius could play third he’d be playing third with the Dodgers.


>>You cannot agree that none of the top Dodger MiLB players are good enough to play for the Dodgers, and then say how great the farm system is. Cannot have it both ways. Either they are good enough to play MLB or not. And apparently AF does not think they are good enough to play MLB…or at least it is pretty clear to you.

I’m not sure I’ve ever said anything about any of that. Except that the Dodgers have a great farm system. Which I don’t think anyone disputes.




By that criteria, I guess you could say it’s not great!

I don’t really have a criteria. Honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start to come up with a schema to evaluate one farm system as great vs. another.

I just go with people who are paid to evaluate farm systems.

There’s this recent Athletic poll:

Which surveyed MLB executives and found the Dodgers front office tops, and why?

One executive described a first-place vote for the Dodgers as “self-explanatory. They are elite at everything.”

“One of the things he does so well is knowing which stars to sign,” another executive said. With the notable exception of Trevor Bauer, …

In part, another executive explained, that stems from the front office’s “insane discipline,” not wasting resources on mid-tier players so that when a star becomes available, the team can pounce.

“Andrew,” another executive said, “is the best at this.”

Then there is the fact that the farm system is constantly (almost always, maybe?) ranked in teh top 10 by people like Law, Callis, Longenhagen, McDaniel.

But, it’s not without flaws! Nobody is perfect.

But this is all cool! If there are people who i am unaware of who cast Friedman’s minor league systems in a more negative light, I DO NOT want to overlook it. Let’s share those thoughts and comments (like you did with Jack Harris below). The worst thing for me would be to only listen to people I agree with.

Echo chambers suck! Let’s hear and promote the contrarian voices.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto
Scott Andes



Last edited 1 month ago by Scott Andes
Duke Not Snider

I still want to see what Lipcius can do, but I think this was a low-risk move in anticipation of more moves to come.
My thinking:
–Even while Biggio struggles, he is an upgrade over Taylor, whose fate has yet to be determined. He’s basically a lefty-swinging replacement for Taylor who takes his walks.
–Biggio may benefit from the change of scenery and coaching.
–Biggio could be used to sweeten a trade package. The Sox, eager to rebuild, would prefer getting a useful veteran like Biggio to Braydon Fisher. (It woudl be funny if Biggio is returned to Toronto in a package for Bichette.)
Some Blue Jay fans are wondering why management DFA’d Biggio and not Daniel Vogelbach, who only plays DH and is not playing well. And the Jays already have JT at DH.
I’m sure Dodgers management said a lot of sweet nothings when they informed Vargas he’d be heading back to OKC. But this is another sign that they just don’t see him in their long-term plans. The right thing to do is trade Vargas to a team that will provide with a better opportunity.


I don’t see Vargas in the long term plans of the Dodgers.


Trade KT3 for Eugenio Suárez.


Hey, CT popped one up. Credit where credit is due.


I am now the proud owner of a Andrew Dominique rookie card. I also have a friend, Pam Loe, whose son, Kameron pitched in the majors for a while. He gave me a signed card from his AAA days with the White Sox.


Kam now lives in Phoenix. His mom and her hubby, my buddy, Chad Watson, recently moved there from the Valley. Pam and Chad perform music together and still travel to LA to play at some of the venues there. Kam has a sports fitness business that he runs there. Using alternative types of treatments for injuries and such. I have performed with Chad and Pam many times. They are both very talented. Chad once toured with Janis Ian. Most recognizable player from my high school is pitcher, Joe Moeller. Used to face him during spring practice before he would head to Vero.

Last edited 1 month ago by Oldbear48

I have vivid memories Kam Loe.

Oh wait, that was Cam Lo. Combat Base not far from Dong Ha.

Never mind.

Duke Not Snider

Way cool, Bear.


Doesn’t our bullpen look pretty good? And if we are to swoop somebody up does it have to be a player released by a less than team?

Last edited 1 month ago by Badger

Shoulda known.

Paul DeJong makes some sense. Adames and Bichette are both on teams that are probably buyers.

Duke Not Snider

Crochet is intriguing….
The Dodgers have a good 1-2 punch in Glasnow and Yamamoto, but it looks like other playoff teams will have a 1-2-3 combo.
Who will be the Dodgers 3rd starter? Will Kersh come back strong? Or Miller? Is Stone good enough? Is there hope the Buehler gets back to ace form?
DeJong will almost certainly be dealt. I guess a DeJong-Mookie combo (with Rojas in reserve) would be better than the Mookie-Lux-Rojas mashup….
I worry about DeJong’s D, but Rojas could be a late-inning replacement….


Nice article Jeff. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to being critical of Barnes and Taylor. Barnes is al least having competitive AB’s this season. I didn’t realize that Smith had such poor stats with blocking pitches and framing. His throws on stealing attempts has to be pretty good though. Smith’s weaknesses are Barnes strengths and visa versa. Criticism of CT3 is warranted. It painful to watch him struggle. He has to be mentally crushed with how he is playing. For the team, CT3 and the fans he should be DFA’d ASAP.

I agree with Bear in Lux’s swings seem to be made with more authority and resulting in some line drive hits. He has been getting better offensively the last couple of weeks, but the contact wasn’t solid or exit velocity very low. Up to .223 and still doing well at 2B. How Scott A wants to DFA him is a head scratcher.

What a offensive onslaught last night. I turned the game after Mookie’s hit and missed all the HR’s in the 6th inning. Heyward’s blast was something crazy. I don’t know why, but I enjoy watching him hit. I didn’t realize he had that kind of power.

Cavan Biggio? Why? If he is on the 26 man roster and I was Lipcius I would be pissed. AF loves his prospects and depth. Until he doesn’t. I guess that puts every position player in the Dodger minor league system on notice that playing for the LA Dodgers is probably never going to happen. They are going to stay in AAA until they are no longer a prospect or being developed to be traded. Can someone help me understand the Dodgers’ front office’s thinking on this?

Last edited 1 month ago by tedraymond

I’m in no position to be name calling any professional athlete. I guess people find it easy to do sitting at a keyboard in their underwear.

Phil Jones

Great thoughts Jeff on respecting ballplayers for even being on a Big League roster and being successful enough in the minor leagues, to get even a cup of coffee. Sometimes fans forget that these are real people with real emotions and a real life outside of baseball.
I played in a town where one guy must have walked up to ticket window and asked if I was playing that night. He was devoted to just heckling the shit out of me. And he had impeccable timing. He would wait until it was pretty quiet so everybody could hear his one-liners. Some were pretty funny too. It got so bad that some of my teammates tried to find the guy. I didn’t bother but at times I fantasized about sitting down with him in the stands and have a chat. I wanted to convince him that I wasn’t such a bad guy, personally. I was just a young kid trying to make it in the game I loved. The funny part is while I ignored it, I still remember it 53 years later.

I’m guilty of expecting hustle and quality play from MLB players, especially with fundamentals. It’s a hard game and I get that. But the players know better than any of us that this isn’t the rec league. You produce or you don’t have a job. There are legit expectations. Barnes is meeting those expectations from the Dodgers, apparently.
I’m not hard and unfair with my criticisms. But I like players who want to be coached hard and aren’t satisfied with mediocrity.

I need more information on acquiring Gavin Biggio. Is there a DFA coming up? Why would we need another utility guy who can’t hit? He turned down a trip to the minors with the Jays and took the DFA instead. So I don’t see him satisfied to go to OKC. Please tell me he isn’t going to be dumped on top of a prospect who needs a shot.
Do we just collect these guys like bobbleheads?

Phil Jones

Jeff, I’m really glad my parents weren’t ever in the stands when this character was heckling me. My dad could have taken it as he played competitively where there were hostile and verbal fans. But my Mom, not so much. She would have fixed that guy up with a new zip code.
I love the stories about you son. And Happy belated birthday.


Just checked the Dodgers web page, Biggio is on the 40-man.

Watford Dodger

Vargas Optioned to OKC


Well, he did need a change of scenery. A new organization is next.

Sam Oyed

Basketball great Jerry West died. He was 86.


Quite a few.


I read between 5k-8k somewhere. Same with Pete Maravich I believe.

Phil Jones

The stat I saw on Pistol Pete at LSU would have been 69 points a game with the 3-pt line.


Good stat.

Duke Not Snider

Cool stat.
I also think, with a 3-point line, Bill Walton would have developed killer range. He was such a gifted athlete whose play was limited by the injuries.

Duke Not Snider

With a 3-point line, Mr. Clutch might be the all-time leading scorer. He’d have been up there!
He was one of my first sports heroes. I remember watching those games on TV with Chick calling play-by-play and the big debate over who should play center…
Imhoff or Gene Wiley?

Sam Oyed

Muncy comes back, Taylor most likely DFA’d. Biggio/Hernandez lefty/righty utility players. All can change as we get closer to the trade deadline.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sam Oyed
Ron Fairly fan

The only thing I see being done with Biggio is a platoon with Hernandez or Rojas at third until Muncy is back. He can’t platoon with Lux or Heyward as all three are left swinging bats. It looks like Taylor will platoon with Heyward for the time being unless Hernandez plays right and Rojas plays third against lefties. I see Rojas getting time at short and second giving Betts and Lux off days. Once Muncy is back all bets are off on who is the odd man out.

This trade does send a bad message to position players in the minor league system of the Dodgers. If I were a high school player drafted by the Dodgers and had college offers I would seriously consider signing with a college instead of the Dodgers it appears there’s very little chance of getting to the big team.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ron Fairly fan

8 Games. That’s all Rojas has played at 3B (starting 7.) He plays 2B in place of Lux against southpaws.

Since Muncy last played:
Kiké has started 17 of the 23 games at third base,
Rojas has started 4
Taylor (ugh) 2

I don’t think this affects Rojas’ playing time much at all

Eric Stephen has an opinion:


Other than the word need, I agree with all of this, but don’t find it very relevant.

Yes, many of the bench are underperforming. That’s Friedman’s fault. Definitely. And he’s trying to fix it.

I’m not sure what thinking Friedman is great, very good or #FireFraudman (Hi Scott!) impacts that observation.

Anyway, why did you use the word “need” in the below? I don’t think Friedman ever operates out of need. It’s why he passed on any trades beyond Lynn (when Rodriguez blew up) last deadline.

In recent moves, I’d say Ohtani was the only move that the Dodgers” needed to make.

And that’s only because of off-field opportunity AND that the magnitude of availability was a nigh-unique one.

The rest of the moves are just (IMO ONLY) predicated on evaluation and opportunity, but never need.

>>It is the fact that they need a player with a 88 wRC+ because he is better than 3 semi regulars that clearly shows how flawed this roster construction is. Who’s fault is that? It cannot possibly be Andrew Friedman’s!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Bluto

For reasons I can’t really put into work (And this is 1000000000% opinion, as it’s never been reported) I think the Bauer move was also made out of need.

Or desperation? Whatever the motivating factor, I think it wasn’t his process of properly evaluating an asset.

At least that’s what I think.

Scott Andes

Hi Bluto!!!

Duke Not Snider

If Max doesn’t improve, should the Dodgers go after Bregman? He is more likely to be dealt than Tucker.


I would not take on that contract. He is past his prime and we are seeing the beginning of his decline.

Last edited 1 month ago by OhioDodger
Phil Jones

I certainly don’t see a need for 3 utility guys on the roster. I don’t get it. Maybe I will with more information or transactions but for now this is a head scratcher that has the potential to really piss me off.
And until Muncy returns I would play Rojas everyday at 3rd base, when Lux is at 2nd vs RHP and at 2nd vs LHP. He’s a terrific defender anywhere in the infield and his splits don’t warrant a platooning with Kike. Miggy is hitting .259 vs RHP and .280 vs LHP. We are better when he’s on the field.

Ron Fairly fan

Actually it’s 4 utility players Rojas, Hernandez, Taylor and now Biggio.


I just heard Rojas isn’t 100%. Leg maybe?

Singing the Blue

Yes, leg.


There have been reports as well as comments from Robert’s that Muncie oblique is proving more problematic than originally anticipated. I guess that should read the recovery. It is more problematic.

Singing the Blue

Every Dodger injury turns out to be more problematic than originally anticipated.

Maybe we need to put someone new in charge of anticipation.


Carly Simon. Logical choice.


Quality reapons


I have said that over and over. The biggest Issue I have had with Roberts is listening to him blather on about injuries. It’s a low grade should be back when the time is up. So 3 months later mb. Just an example. Instead of just saying we are not sure he prognosticates and inevitably is nowhere close. I think the Dodgers ought to reconsider their training staff. They are either in cya mode or just slow play injuries. OTOH they pitch Gonsolin knowing he was hurt. I really am skeptical of how miller is trending. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went right back on the il. Velocity down can’t get class a hitters out can’t get to the fifth inning. The say stats don’t matter but scherzer mowed our triple a down. This is not spring training where u mb experimenting.

Scott Andes

BINGO. here’s the problem, there are actually quite a few. Vargas, and Lux both suck. Neither of them are good hitters. Vargas has a career .195 MLB average. Lux has a .277 OBP this year, and an OPS+ of around 90. They’re awful, and there isn’t much chance of that changing anytime soon.

it comes down to what we were talking about earlier, Friedman and the guy he hired Gasaprino are terrible at drafting position players. I think they are terrible at drafting in general, but have a better record with pitchers than hitters. But the Dodgers farm system is consistently ranked as one of the best. That’s the hype machine of the Dodger’s farm system. It’s ranked the best, yet never produces productive MLB hitters (outside of Will Smith). and before we get into this, just a reminder that all of the Dodger’s home grown hitting stars like Bellinger, Seager, Joc, even lesser productive like Verdugo, were all drafted before Friedman. This tells me that they either are just poor at drafting hitters, or they draft position players for utility roles, essentially drafting low-cieling players that will end up being the 25th or 26th man that Jeff was talking about.

The question is why is Vargas optioned while Lux gets almost unlimited rope to suck for years? Don’t get me wrong, both are bad, but if you’re going to play Lux every day, then why not let Vargas get the same playing time? It’s not like Jason Heyward is tearing the cover off the ball, and neither is their other overrated prospect Pages. It boils down to that Lux is Friedman’s “superstar” prospect, and if the Dodgers give up on him it would make Friedman and others look very bad. It’s likely that Lux will be given several more years to suck and continue showing his poor MLB hitting. No amount of coaching, or praying and crossing your fingers will change that.

Many of us here would like to see what Lipcius would do, or a couple of the other players down in the minors. But the fact is that Lipcius outstanding, there is nobody else down in OKC or Tulsa that can help. They are all low-ceiling overhyped crap prospects. If they are called up more than likely they will hit like Vargas, and bat around the mendoza line, in which the Dodgers will either option them back to OKC, or DFA.

Friedman loves utility players. He loves to draft them. He loves to hype them and he loves to trade for them. How many can he have on the Dodger’s roster? TONS. as many as his heart desires. If it were up to Friedman he would field a roster entirely comprised of utility players and have Roberts just rotate them around based on lefty/righty matchups. So many people would praise him for doing that and call him a genius.

As for Biggio, he hasn’t had an above average MLB season since 2020. He’s hitting around .200 all year, so he should fit in quite nicely with all the rest of the mendoza hitters like Lux, Taylor, Kike, Barnes (sorry Jeff). He’ll feel right at home. Friedman sees all players as equal, veterans, Prospects, journeyman, and yes he feels as though the Dodger’s system can indoctrinate any players and turn them into all-stars.

It would make too much sense to move Mookie to second, place Rojas at short permanenty, and call up Lipcius to play some outfield. They could then DFA Lux, or Taylor. (although ive always liked Taylor and find it sad he’s reached the end. He’s been such a good clutch hitter in the playoffs). But asking Friedman to do anything different is like asking for Lux to hit 30 Home runs.


The difference is that Lux can field. Vargas can’t.

Sam Oyed

Having trouble accessing Mark’s site. Is it down in protest to Vargas being sent back to AAA?



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Must be all that newfangled galldurn software stuff! I’ll bet it’s the fault of some moron or something like that!


That’s too bad. I miss reading the Eric v Mark battles about Vargas/Outman.


I look forward to seeing his stats for the second half of the year. I doubt Ozzie Smith’s stats would be any better if he were to first play SS at age 29.

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As you know, I thought from the beginning this was a bad idea. That opinion has not changed. The Dodgers need a new shortstop. I think one is coming but obviously I don’t know who it is. Mookie to second (or back to right field) makes sense but it means losing Lux. Now that he’s hitting maybe he has more trade value. Maybe not.

Im fine with the Dodgers system. But I would use just about any of them in trade.


I get a kick out of these guys who say how smart the front office is. Obviously their record speaks for itself. But , a couple of years ago we go over the luxury tax annually and we have this great farm system but didn’t have anyone at triple a that we could bring up. With lux I hear all this crying about how he needs more time blah blah blah and I agree his injury was very bad. So, why did we go into the season with him the ss? A guy coming back from a major injury who had not been an mlb ss could they not c that coming? They had to know when they added teo that outman, lux, Taylor, Muncy would not b a good balance because of the strikeouts. And now we bring a guy in with a 32percent strikeout rate who hasn’t ever been much of a hitter batting .200. I hope he works out but what would make me think he would? Joe Kelley 9mil plus for 20 innings.

Duke Not Snider

I wonder where does DeJong, Bichette and Adames rank on those lists….
Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers remain interested in Adames. Would the Brewers really deal him as they head toward the playoffs?


Not likely.


Totally agree. Just put Rojas at SS. Adames is overrated. He doesn’t hit lefties very well either.


What a bonehead play by Pages. Ran thru the stop sign at 3rd. Unacceptable.

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