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Teoscar Hernández – The Newest Dodger

I am about as excited with this team going into the season as I was for the 2017 team and 2020 team.  Are they perfect?  Hardly.  But they have certainly addressed their primary concerns with Starting Pitching, and the need for a RH bat who lights up LHP.

We have already had multiple writeups on both Tyler Glasnow and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.  I am bullish on both.  Probably more bullish on Glasnow than most LAD fans.

With the loss of JDM as a RH bat, the Dodgers needed another big RH bat.  We know that the Dodgers signed the best and 3rd best free agents (per MLBTradeRumors), and paid more than $1B for their services.  Now they have signed the third best position player free agent, and best RH bat in the free agent class.  While Matt Chapman may be more highly ranked by some, that is more for his outstanding defense.  But his offense does not favorably compare to Teoscar Hernández.

Hernández is one of the best hitters in all of baseball against left-handed pitching, something the Dodgers desperately needed.

His numbers against LHP since 2020:

  • 2020: .275 AVG, .935 OPS, 145 wRC+
  • 2021: .372 AVG, 1.151 OPS, 203 wRC+
  • 2022: .286 AVG, .978 OPS, 176 wRC+
  • 2023: .287 AVG, .817 OPS, 120 wRC+

How do you not get excited about those numbers? Even looking at last year’s numbers, he posted a 120 wRC+ against southpaws in what is surely his worst season. 120 is still very good. I think the Dodgers will take that for a “down” year.

As indicated above, his numbers took a bit of a hit last season, as he hit .258 with an OPS of .741. However, he struggled at T-Mobile Park, which isn’t a hitter friendly park by any means. His home slash line was .217/.263/.380/.643.  On the road, Hernández hit .295 with an .830 OPS and 126 wRC+.  Teoscar will always be a strikeout hitter.  Although, he cut down his strikeout rate to 27% in the second half, compared to 32% the first half.

Eliminating the 2020 season, Hernández has hit at least 20 home runs in five consecutive seasons. Even in 2020 he hit 16 HRs, which put him well on pace to exceed 20 HRs. Considering his 162-game average since the start of the 2018 season, he’s averaging 32 home runs and 96 RBI over a full season.

I think these are better numbers than any player that we have talked about as a potential RH bat.  He is a one year only OF, so he is not blocking anyone. Not that there is anyone in the system to be blocked.

While his overall numbers were down dramatically in 2023, Teoscar struggled at T-Mobile Park, which isn’t a hitter friendly park by any means. His home slash line was .217/.263/.380/.643.  On the road, Hernández hit .295 with an .830 OPS and 126 wRC+.

In the final two months of the season, Hernández hit his stride by hitting .294/.339/.491/.830 over 54 games. He had 12 doubles, 10 homers and 34 RBI in 54 games.

Hernández has one all-star selection and has 2 Silver Slugger awards (2020 and 2021).

Defensively, Teoscar had 12 assists, tied for third in MLB among outfielders.   For his career, Hernández has 58 assists.  He is not a GG, but he is more than just a competent OF.  His OAA was 0 last year, while his DRS was +1.  Hernández/Outman/Heyward is a very good defensive OF.

Hernández is a MASSIVE upgrade over David Peralta from last season.

With Hernández, the Dodgers now have 5 players with more than 26 HRs from last year in their lineup:  Ohtani, Betts, Muncy, Freddie, Hernández.  Outman had 23, so he is just on the outside looking in.  Smith next at 19.

So while some may focus on the strikeouts and the first half of last year, I will preliminarily judge the signing while considering Hernández’s 2018-2023 in total, and his 2nd half 2023 numbers.

From a team that won 100 games in 2023, there is a starting pitching upgrade, and an overall offensive upgrade.  And it still feels like there is more to come.

Finally – from The Dodgers:






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Duke Not Snider

The more I read about Teoscar, the more I like him for the Dodgers.
Dodgers Digest has a report about the international signing period that suggests the Dodgers may be holding off a bit to prepare for Roki Sasaki. It had me thinking that maybe AF won’t be going after Luzardo, Burnes or Cease because Sasaki is the priority. When 2025 comes around, will the Dodgers have a six-man rotation that is half Japanese? As the writer for DD suggested, Ohtani might only be the third best of the groupl

Mark Timmons

Teo is exactly what the Dodgers need: A RH Hitter who kills lefties. I hoped that Peralta could fill that need last year. After a slow start (he had offseason surgery), he OPSed .961 in June, and sometime after that, he hurt his arm and had to have another surgery in the offseason. Overall;, he was pretty bad. Hopefully, Teo stays healthy and rakes against LHP.

dodger dad

looks like no reunion with kiki. dodgers don’t need another outfielder, and depending on vargas and ability to hit , they don’t need any infielders either. the marlins would be a good landing spot for kiki. big gamble for the giants on jordan hicks, a starter? don’t see that ending well. i believe Belli ends up back with the cubs or possibly in toronto. Blake Snell is probably sweating a bit these days. if montgomery signs before him he may end up signing for a lot less than he expected. all the base on balls could possibly be one reason he hasn’t signed yet . high strikeouts and high number of walks doesn’t equate to many innings . he’s a 5 inning pitcher. i would sign montgomery ahead of snell. will rojas make the roster? will barnes hit .200? will taylor strike out 40 percent of his at bats? will clayton resign? is walker healthy? is lux 100 percent? can muncy hit .230? will heyward hit like he did last year? does bobby miller take a big step up? is ohtani going to hit 50 homers? will dave roberts navigate this powerful team to a world series? i guess we’ll find out soon so stay tuned to As the Blue Turns!


A lot of ifs there. I think they will be cautious with Buehler. Kershaw can’t pitch until at least August. Miller will improve. Why? He has that kind of mentality. You cannot predict injuries, but if this team is injury free, it is going to be a monster. Kike is nothing more than a scrub anyway. He had a resurgence of sorts when he came back, and he played a role in a few wins. But he still strikes out too much for the type of hitter he is. His defense is his strongest asset. Seems the Angels are very interested in him. If Ohtani hit’s 50 bombs, he would become the first Dodger in their long history to do that. Team record is 49. Shawn Green did that in 2001. Their last 40 homer man was Beltre in 2004. I saw Buehler pitch twice last September on TV when he was rehabbing. His fastball was sitting at 94 then. With all this recovery time, he should be just fine. Lux says he is healthy. He is still young and should be fine. In his last really full healthy season, Max hit .249. He should be able to reach that mark again. He was injured a couple of times last year, But his career average is .228.


Beltre, one of the best that should have been a life long Dodger.


Yes he should have. And considering how he played in Seattle, he probably wishes they would have kept him.

Duke Not Snider

Kike needs a new employer. The good news is the report that the Angels are interested.
He’d be a great fit, especially because that team is hurting and needs more personality. Angel fans need somebody new to root for.

Mark Timmons

I meant that Peralta could kill RH. 😉

Mark's ghost (from a past website)

sure, politically correct Mark. Much more polite on this website. I am PC (politically correct) in nature but here you are a pussycat. Whatevs, if you wish to play it safe here then good luck. I would rather have it crazy on your site than PC on another.


I agree with you Duke on the Dodgers interest in Sasaki and would keep them from pursuing another starter right now. With Frasso, Knack, Stone, and Sheehan on the 40 man it would make sense to give these players an opportunity to make some starts in the first half (at least) of the season. If one or two of them can have some success as a starter there may not be a need to sign Sasaki. Although he would be hard to pass up.

Initially, I was not that enthused about signing Teoscar Hernandez. Sure, he had the right hand power that the Dodgers could use. He, also, had a high K rate which Bear often pointed out. But, after the reading more about him and his stats I’m on board with the signing. I didn’t realize he was so good defensively. Maybe, as he did in the second half last year, reduce his K rate. Still, for one year let’s see what happens. He has to be better than Peralta’s output in 2023.

My first reactions to the Glasnow trade, the Ohtani signing, and now the Hernandez signing have proven to be overreactions and wrong. With Glasnow it was his injury history and lack of availability. It turns out it was one injury that was not properly diagnosed and has now been fixed (hopefully). With Ohtani it was the outrageous amount of money and how it was going to cost the team draft picks and tax penalties. Until it wasn’t with the generous deferrals offered by Ohtani. Finally, with Hernandez and his high K rate and reduced production in 2023. He has a good chance to have an outstanding year. Nothing like a superstar team and winning to motivate a player to be better. Plus, he’s a GG caliber fielder whether be it LF or RF. Bottom line is to trust AF. He seems to know what he is doing. Lol. I need relax and enjoy the process.

So, where does this leave Miguel Vargas? I loved his swing at the beginning of his career. I liked the way he was driving the ball especially to the opposite field. I wasn’t concerned about his lack of power at this point of his career. But, the hand injury really messed with his swing mechanics and mind. Right now there isn’t a place for him on the 26 man roster. Maybe they can move Margot and find a spot for Vargas.

Really looking forward to Spring training and the upcoming 2024 season.

Carry on

Last edited 4 months ago by tedraymond

Ted, Vargas probably begins the year in AAA playing 3b [and some 2b]. He’s the first guy up when someone gets injured and he still has a clear path as 3b of the future.


I think that’s a reasonable scenario Dionysus. I would like him to remain with the Dodgers. I think the 3B and possibly LF at OKC would increase the chances of him staying with the team. If Hernandez is a one year commitment then a spot in LF would be available for Vargas or a Muncy replacement down the line. Options are good. Hopefully, Vargas is as well.


Yeah, in 2025 potentially two corner outfield spots could be available. Pages would have a clear shot at one but maybe Vargas would be in the mix too. He flopped so hard–even though he had a legit injury excuse–that we shouldn’t feel bad not breaking camp with him. I’d like for him to be a full-time player someday.


If Ohtani can’t pitch again then he will probably play in the outfield.

Mark Timmons

A lot could be decided in Spring Training. Vargas could hit his way on the team or off the team. I have always maintained that he could be a very good (not superstar) player. I have not changed my mind.


I have been a big fan of Vargas as well. A disappointing 2023 for him because of the injury to his hand. We don’t need him to be a superstar. If he ends up being a solid everyday player then I’m good with that. This is similar to Gavin Lux and the criticism he received because he wasn’t a batting champion after tearing up AAA. But, he became a solid player for the Dodgers in my eyes. Where the team drafts each year the chances of developing a superstar are almost impossible. The Dodgers, fortunately, have the funds to buy their superstars and develop the rest of the team.

Duke Not Snider

I hope Vargas gets a lot of reps at 3B and LF in OKC in case he is needed.
One reason I always prefered Outman to Vargas and Busch is that fact that Outman was a quality outfielder, while the others are bat-first guys who are probably best at 1B. (Finally Busch should get his chance.)
Even if Miguelito has a spectacular spring, who does he beat out? An injury could create an opportunity, but otherwise I think he’s either sent to OKC or dealt to team that could use him. (And wouldn’t that be his preference?)
Something I wonder about: Did the Rays ask for Busch or Vargas in the Glasnow-Margot deal? It seems clear that the Dodgers have always valued them more highly than they did Deluca. Or did the Rays always prefer Deluca, a quality outfielder with speed, as the economical replacement for Margot?
Still hope the Marlins might like a prospect from Cuba in a blockbuster. But if Luzado isn’t going to be dealt how about Vargas straight up for Tanner Scott? Good lefty reliever for a guy who would otherwise be in OKC.


Sasaki, like Ohtani with the Angels, will not be a big hit to payroll in his first few years.

Hernandez is a good defensive player except when he isn’t. Apparently, he will make a few unwatchable plays to go along with otherwise good defense.


Dodgers Digest, which I feel is perennially underrated, also has a nice piece on the second (?) International signing. Toolsy OF named Rafy!


Like what AF has done this off season. Dodgers appear to have an excellent roster, but I still think we need one more SP so we don’t have to lean too heavily on Walker or Sheehan early in the season.

How about a one year “pillow contract” contract for Ryu or Paxton?


Sounds perfect to me.

Duke Not Snider

Makes a lot of sense if the Dodgers don’t swing a blockbuster for Luzardo and Tanner Scott.That’s still the deal I’d most like to see.

Just for fun, here’s a roster of ML-near Dodgers prospects. No teenagers allowed:
C– Cartaya (fingers crossed), Feduccia as backup
1B– Rushing (because Cartaya is said to be the better defender)
2B– Gauthier (undrafted Hofstra guy who walks more than he Ks. Great on-base guy. Could be the next McKinstry)
SS– Sweeney (smart acquisition from SS-rich Yankees)
3B– Jake Geloff (a bit young for this list at 21, but maybe he’ll break through like his big brother on the A’s)
OF– Pages, Ramos, Chris Newell (Newell is getting some comparisons to Outman for his athleticism and improvement)

It’s good to be a Dodgers fan.


You might want to pencil in Alexander Alburtis at SS: From Bruce Kuntz

this kid looks like a stud in the making.

Duke Not Snider

Nice. I’d never heard of him.
Also rooting hard for young Jeondry Vargas and now young Emil Morales. I keep hoping for a true phenom ala Acuna and Soto.

Fred Vogel

Interesting tidbit from The Athletic (Rosenthal)

Before trading infielder Michael Busch to the Chicago Cubs, the Dodgers included him in some of their offers to the White Sox for Cease, according to sources briefed on the discussions.
The Dodgers’ interest in Cease was stronger before they signed Japanese right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto. They continued talking to the White Sox afterward, but their trade with the Cubs indicated they were looking for future value. They discussed flipping Cease to another club — the Orioles were one possibility — and acquiring prospects that way.
Busch and reliever Yency Almonte brought back two players the Dodgers do not yet need to add to their 40-man roster, left-hander Jackson Ferris and outfield prospect Zyhir installed Ferris, 19, as the No. 5 prospect in the Dodgers’ talent-rich system. Busch, now the Cubs’ No. 3 prospect, could be the team’s regular first baseman in 2024.


Can you imagine if we would’ve flipped Cease? AF going all active-trader on the league.


They still have one roster spot open, so they will sign or trade someone.


Bet you money it’s a reliever.


For the 40 or the 26?



High end guy


Really interesting.

Thanks for that.



Post season cumulative line: .200.294.600.894 with 2 home runs in 15 at bats.

2023 line vs righties: .249.305.413.718
2023 scoring position: .300.337.453.790

Max Muncy 2023 line vs lefties: .155.263.378.641
Miguel Rojas 2023 line vs lefties: .286.331.406.737

Hernandez looks like a full time player and he and maybe a platoon of Muncy and Rojas at third would improve the Dodgers both defensively and offensively against lefties.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bumsrap

I don’t think the Dodgers really need another SP. Right now it’s:

Yarbrough if you need a leftie/6 man rotation

Going into the season the bottom of the rotation order is pretty weak, but the point is to peak at the end of the season. I would expect Kershaw to be back in August and Buehler to be healthy. If he has his 98 MPH fastball back is anyone’s guess, and he was pretty mediocre last year before we went under the knife and had many of us speculating on what the problem was.

I think Miller is poised to break out. His Stuff+ metrics are right up there with Spencer Strider and Gerrit Cole. Based on his stuff, he’s elite. He throws strikes. He just needs to put it together.

You need to be able to see what you have with Sheehan and Stone. If they struggle a bit at first, that’s something the Dodgers can weather with their offense, at least for the first half. The Dodgers bullpen looks to be a strength, and it’s pretty deep. They should be able to pick up any slack from weak/short outings by Sheehan/Stone/Yarbrough.

If the Dodgers need another stud starter, Burnes will be cheaper at the post ASB trade deadline than he is now, and if the Brewers are floundering they’ll want to unload him. Right now they’re less inclined to sell unless the package is ridiculous.

I don’t see any real challenge to the Dodgers winning the division again pretty easily. It’s just a matter of the team you bring to the playoffs, and in the playoffs you really only need 3-4 starters, not 5-6. Glasnow, Yama, Buehler/Miller, and a healthy Kershaw are fine.

Mark Timmons

100% agree! I think that is the tact that AF is going to take. “Let’s see what we have in Sheehan, Stone, and Knack, and if May and Buehler are OK and if Kershaw comes back. We will know by the Trade Deadline.” I think it would be counterproductive to make another trade now.

Last edited 4 months ago by Mark Timmons

Definitely give the youngsters a solid chance and like you said, regroup at the trade deadline if necessary. With the teams offensive potential, why not? AF will take into account that Gonsolin, May, and Ohtani possibly joining the starting rotation in 2025 if needing to trade for a starter.

Duke Not Snider

Dodgers certainly don’t “need” another SP, but Prior could use reclamation project. Would Ryu or Paxton fit?
I’m fine Dodgers trading from the pitching and catching depth to land a couple of big Marlins like Luzardo and RP Tanner Scott. (With 3 years of contract control, Luzardo isn’t just a “win-now” play.)
In addition to all the pitching talent in the minors, the Dodgers also have ML-tested pitchers expected to come back from injury. This year it’s Kershaw, and perhaps May. Next season it should be Ohtani and Gonsolin. And then there’s the younger wave in development, a group that now includes Jackson Ferris along with Kopp, Bruns, Martin, Jang, etc.
The pitching depth is really impressive–but also unproven on the ML-level. If AF decides that Luzardo and Scott could help win a championship, he has the prospect capital to swing a deal, even if it’s an “overpay.”
The objective isn’t to “win the trade.” The objective is to win a championship.


I think we might, but I don’t think we need to. As it stands, getting innings for Sheehan, Stone, Hurt, Knack, Grove & possibly Frasso will be challenging enough.

I kinda want Hurt and Frasso in the pen right now.

Sam Oyed

MLB trade rumors has Dustin May returning to the Dodgers mid season. If so, will it be as a starter or as a reliever?

Mark Timmons

If May comes back this year, I would guess that it might be as an “opener” pitching 1-3 innings.


Good call. If he throws another pitch for us it’s a win.


The Kenley Jansen back to LA rumors just are not going away.

Phil Jones

Say it ain’t so on KJ.


I have read it on multiple sites. Mostly on Yahoo sports. But have even seen that on MLBTR. Would have to be a trade. He still has one year, 16 mil on his deal with Boston. A former teammate ripped Alex Verdugo. A Red Sox teammate.

Mark Timmons

Jonathan Papelbon said this bout Verdugo: “Verdugo, I mean Vertigo, is an (expletive); Cora has his player’s and teammates’ backs more than anyone in the game. You aired yourself out by being late, lazy, and unproductive. If I played for Cora I’m drilling this (person), just saying.”

Mark's ghost (from a past website)

sounds about right when it comes to Jonathan Papelbon, don’t even need to fact check that one, lol. I am not always your biggest fan but when something sounds right then I don’t recheck the link provided. If you provide a link, then I trust in the fact that the link is sound…unlike a certain ex-prez that we know if full of @#$%

That is a true statement. I am the Mark’s ghost and I support this statement.

Last edited 4 months ago by Mark's ghost (from a past website)
Singing the Blue

If this is for real, I wonder if there is a chance that CT3 goes back the other way?

Between Rojas and Margot, we’ve pretty much got all the positions CT plays covered.

Mark's ghost (from a past website)

“If this is for real, I wonder if there is a chance that CT3 goes back the other way?”

lol , that is kind of funny in a South Park way


Dollars match

Singing the Blue

But CT has an extra year.

Duke Not Snider

Interesting idea. If Taylor goes, maybe Kike resigns.

Mark's ghost (from a past website)

from ” It’s safe to assume that the Dodgers will continue to monitor the market for any bigger-name possibilities, yet Rosenthal writes that Los Angeles might now be “looking for future value” in any further trades, such as Thursday’s swap with the Cubs that saw the Dodgers acquire two teenage prospects in exchange for Michael Busch and Yency Almonte.
In one particularly novel scenario, Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers even considered acquiring Cease from the White Sox and then flipping him to a third team. The specifics of this arrangement aren’t clear, yet it would’ve been a fascinating way for both the Dodgers and White Sox to obtain some high-level young talent for Cease, in a mix-and-match of prospects each team might’ve had their eye on in the Dodgers’ organization or within the pipeline of whoever the third club involved might’ve been. ” another words for those for whom do not like reading. the Dodgers wished not to trade & use Cease as a starter on the MLB club but whom wished to seek to flip him much as I would like to flip a house. I am sure you all can relate to those terms. (yes, I am a Dodger fan & yes I like to profit in my personal affairs). We did this with Andrew Heaney and we hoped to do this with Cease. Never a front end hope, but merely a trade to an org and buy back low (again much like we did with Andrew).


SI is dead


Buehler might have been able to return at end of last year and Dodgers played safe with him. That might indicate they will do the same with May in 2024.

Mark's ghost (from a past website)

 It’s safe to assume that the Dodgers will continue to monitor the market for any bigger-name possibilities, yet Rosenthal writes that Los Angeles might now be “looking for future value” in any further trades, such as Thursday’s swap with the Cubs that saw the Dodgers acquire two teenage prospects in exchange for Michael Busch and Yency Almonte.
In one particularly novel scenario, Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers even considered acquiring Cease from the White Sox and then flipping him to a third team. The specifics of this arrangement aren’t clear, yet it would’ve been a fascinating way for both the Dodgers and White Sox to obtain some high-level young talent for Cease, in a mix-and-match of prospects each team might’ve had their eye on in the Dodgers’ organization or within the pipeline of whoever the third club involved might’ve been.
Busch was also part of some of the Dodgers’ offers for Cease, Rosenthal writes, so the young infielder might’ve found himself on the south side of Chicago rather than landing in Wrigleyville.

Another words, The Dodgers, for those whom do not wish to read this entire post, might have wished to acquire Cease for the sole purpose of acquiring Cease so as to flip him (as one would wish to acquire a house so as to flip it at a future date, & yes the why is known to us all, or so I hope) for future assets much like they did with Andrew Heaney. I got no problem with this, especially since the the Dodgers reacquired Andrew at a later date at a cheaper rate. So, for those who don’t get it, The Dodgers don’t value Cease as the White Sox might see him valued at currently & the current market but see a future value in him and wish to acquire him on the cheap far further down the line. This makes sense. Why buy high when an org can buy low.


Before you decided to post that twice, it had already been posted above. Just without your horrible English add-ons.


Bluto, you’re like an AP teacher dealing with English as their second language students!


Mabye more like a part-time, frustrated English teacher?
Needless repetition, grammar, phrasings.


Maybe there is an English literature blog you could comment on where readers would be more interested in form over content and comment here about baseball?


Is too much to hope for both?

Aspire to a community of competence!


Take a day off and relax!

RC Dodger

Excellent analysis Jeff.
Teoscar Hernandez definitely provides a strong bat against LHP that was lost when JD Martinez was let go. The Dodgers scored 906 runs in 2023, the second most runs in the MLB behind the Braves, and the most in LA Dodger history. The offense was fantastic last year, and that was with injured/ineffective hitters like Peralta, Rojas, Vargas and Barnes all getting significant at bats.
Even though JDM was great last year, Ohtani should be an upgrade this year, Teoscar should be an upgrade to Peralta, Lux should hit better than Rojas, and Vargas should be healthier. On paper, the Dodgers should have an even better offense than last year which was the best in LA Dodger history.

Singing the Blue

And on the pitching side, we’re adding Yamamoto, Glasnow and Buehler plus Miller will have a year’s more experience.

The future looks bright.

Duke Not Snider

The offense should be scary.
My favorite offensive stat is OPS because it combines on-base skills with power.
JDM had an excellent 2023, compiling a .893 OPS with 33 HRs. (Which team is going to sign him? I hope not the D’backs.)
Ohtani, meanwhile, had an ML-highest OPS of 1.066, with 44 HRs.
Ohtani, Mookie and Freddie finished first, fifth and sixth in OPS in ’23.
But the Braves should be damn scary too.
Acuna, Olson and Ozuna finished third, fourth and ninth in OPS. And Austin Riley was 15th and Ozzie Albies 20th.
So the Braves had five of the top 20 players in OPS.

Mark Timmons

A couple of days ago, Bear wrote a great piece about Frank Howard, and in it, it was mentioned that after raising six children, he and his wife divorced. That seems incredibly sad to me, so I dug a little deeper. I found an article in the NY TImes and it said this in his obituary:

Howard married Carol Johanski in 1959. They divorced in the mid-1980s. He and Donna (Scott) Howard were married from 1990 until her death in 2016. A few years ago, Howard and his first wife remarried.”

Very interesting! If someone else posted this, I apologize for repeating it.

Here was another tidbit about Hondo and Ted Williams from the NY Times:

“A humble muscleman well liked by teammates and friendly to fans, Howard could laugh at his failings. He once told how the great hitter Ted Williams, who became the Senators’ manager in 1969, helped him show more patience at the plate. Still, Williams couldn’t contain his frustration.

“Somebody was explaining to a visitor that some of the outfield seats in R.F.K. Stadium had been painted white to mark where some of my long home runs had landed,” Howard told The New York Times in 1981. “Ted turned to the guy and said, ‘All the green seats are for the times he struck out.’”

Again, if I am repeating what was alreadt published, I apologize!

Last edited 4 months ago by Mark Timmons

Great additions to his story. Thx Mark


I did not know about him re-marrying his second wife but I chronicled his conversation with Williams.


Power rankings:

1. Ohtani [80 grade]
2. Teoscar [dude is strong]
3. Muncy [Maximus Muncius]
4. Betts [game power is real]
5. Outman [imagine if he took a full swing!]


I looked at the rosters of the Dodgers affiliates and I saw something I found interesting. Yenier Hernandez is at high A Great Lakes and he is listed as an outfielder. Not a C or an infielder.


That’s a mistake

Singing the Blue

I’m surprised you found anyone named Yenier Hernandez because the Dodger c/inf prospect’s name is Yeiner Fernandez.


You are right, but he is listed as an outfielder on the Loons roster.


Update on the International Free Agent front:

As long reported, Dodgers have signed top 17-year-old shortstop prospect Emil Morales.

As mentioned (by me!) above Dodgers also signed Rafy Peguero, OF also from the DR (anyone wonder why so many signing from the DR and not Haiti?)

The next four signing are all from Venezuela:
Yojackson Laya (SS)
Erni Orellana (OF)
Carlos Sardinas (RHP)
David Romero (SS)

Three other, unconfirmed, names are:
Heudy Peña
Alexis Dominguez
Euri Rosa

Dodgers also signed a Ugandan!
Allan Ajoti (C)

BASEBALL: Los Angeles Dodgers sign Ugandan teenager Ajoti

Last edited 4 months ago by Bluto

If you missed the VERY interesting article on the Dodgers Ugandan “effort”

Singing the Blue

Nothing like a little bad publicity. Maybe there’s a reason but after spending 700 mil for one player, you’d think they could spend a few thousand to provide equipment to kids who don’t get into the academy.

And then Kasten won’t comment for the article. All very strange.

Mark Timmons

I don’t think it’s strange at all, and it has been rumored for a while now that the Dodgers are investing a lot of money into Uganda. They just want to keep the players for themselves. Baseball academies are how Major League Baseball recruiters develop the talent they find across all of Latin America. In 1987, the Dodgers were the first MLB club to establish a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic when they opened the doors to Campo Las Palmas. Now, every single one of the teams in the MLB has a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. The Dodgers are just trying to maintain their edge in Uganda.

Singing the Blue

Article made it sound like the Dodgers aren’t giving much back, just finding the best of the best and discarding the others. Granted, you can’t believe everything you read, but if they gave out equipment they’d build up some important goodwill so that, when other teams established their academies in Uganda, people would think most highly of the guys who helped out first and would want to sign with them.



Mark Timmons

There are 2 Million Orphaned Children in Uganda, 45% due to Aids. Many work in the streets to survive. Baseball has given these children hope, a chance to have a dream!!!
LA Dodgers donate uniforms and equipment to Uganda Baseball in preparation for opening of new development academy

There is a lot going on over there and the Dodgers are at the forefront. Could they do more? Yes. Give it a little time.

Singing the Blue

Glad to hear they’re doing something. Thanks for the update.


I think the Haitians are more worried about finding food everyday. If you’ve been to the DR the Haitians are their version of our illegal aliens. We want places where they just all lived and camped right on the beaches and tried to sell really crappy trinkets to tourists. Kind of sad.

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Have you read about or been to Venezuela recently!!?!?!

Mark Timmons

Our graphic designers live there, and it is really bad. We are trying to do the paperwork so they can move here.


Mark, what line of business are you in?

Mark Timmons

The question about the differences between Haiti the DR actually came up once over on Mark’s site.

The DR is thriving. Haiti is not.

I like this YT channel. I generally think it’s very well researched and objective.


That was a nice watch. Thanks.

Yeah, Haiti like Cairo and Beirut have gone from reasonably cosmopolitan places to just awful places.

On a brighter note, Ben Fountain’s new novel, Devil Makes Three, takes place in Haiti and is a wonderful read.

Same guy who wrote: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

BUT, baseball prospects are rising from all sorts of places that have seen (or could see) better days. And my main point was Haiti is right next to the DR.


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Mark Timmons

Port au Prince, the capital, has very little electricity, running water, sewage, and trash collection. They are 95% Catholic and 100% Voodoo. The last time I was, there was on World Water Day in 2019 when we met with several NGOs and Haitians. We were completely safe there, but that is no longer the case. I could no longer be in a photo like this… alive!

[URLcomment image?width=960&height=720&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL]

Mark Timmons

It’s extremely bad. Here’s Haiti. This is someone’s front yard. They have no trash service.

[URLcomment image?width=960&height=720&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL]

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Singing the Blue

Life is so incredibly random.

If those kids had been born on the other side of the island, their entire life’s path would be totally different.


Go to go to the Dodger affiliates, click on the Loons, and check out their roster. Fernandez is listed as an outfielder.

Mark Timmons

That has to be a mistake… I would think. He has played C, 1B, 2B, 3B, and SS, but to the best of my knowledge, he has never played the OF. After playing in the AFL in the fall, it would seem unlikely he will now become an outfielder. On the other hand, maybe they are turning him into Kike.

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Mark Timmons



Mark I went to LADT and it’s for sale. Did you shut it down for ever?

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Eric, I own about 400 URLs, and we are buying a new house, so I figured I would just list about 300 of them for sale. I also own the following, and they are for sale:

… plus a whole bunch of others.

I am 70. My wife and I are buying a new house on 3.5 acres. I am finishing my book. I am enjoying my kids and grandkids, and I am still having fun at USwaterSystems.

There’s not enough time for… plus, if I sell it, there is no temptation to go back. 😆

You should post here. You are not the reason I shut it down. I count you as a friend.


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I offered to David Vassegh😂, but he’s a tight a$$.


Did you really??

Dont think he needs it but I enjoy the radio show. He’s a good dude.


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Thanks for the extra info, Mark. Best of luck on your various pursuits!

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I’ll still be here. Jeff has the best Dodger site on the Web. Where else is there?


Congrats on the house. It must be a nice one.

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Happy wife – Happy life! You know the routine…


Ok thanks Mark. I count you as a friend too. I wish you the best at buying a new house and I understand about the kids and grandkids.

Any chance you can send me a copy of your book when you finish it? No I shouldn’t ask that. What is it about?

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E-mail me, and I will send you one.

Hell, I’ll send one to anyone who wants it.


Ok I’ll send you an email telling you it’s me and I’ll keep your email address.

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Mark, You and your site will be missed immensely. Many people like me do not engage in your site but enjoy reading all the comments. It’s there way of escaping reality and I wish you the best with your future.


Full and complete list of Dodgers International Signings:

C Eduardo Rojas, Venezuela
C Euri Rosa, Dominican Republic
C Francisco Espinoza, Venezuela
C Allan Atoji, Uganda
SS Emil Morales, Dominican Republic
SS Yojackson Laya, Venezuela
SS Heudy Peña, Dominican Republic
IF Reyli Mariano, Dominican Republic
IF David Romero, Venezuela
OF Rafy Peguero, Dominican Republic
OF Leider Padilla, Venezuela
OF Erny Orellana, Venezuela
LHP Michael Ramírez, Venezuela
RHP Carlos Sardina, Venezuela
RHP Angel Ramirez, Mexico
RHP Christian Muñiz, Mexico
RHP Axel Perez, Dominican Republic
RHP Alexis Dominguez, Dominican Republic
RHP Jose Lopez, Venezuela

Mark Timmons

Hey, I know all of those guys!


Singing the Blue

How much did we spend?
And how much does that leave for Roki?

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