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We are now at the start of the 2nd half, and the draft is behind us.  AF/BG now need to ink the 22 players drafted before the August 1 signing deadline  Interestingly, the trade deadline, and the deadline for draft picks to sign or the team losing that are both August 1.  I am sure that baseball organizations are more than capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.  Different factions within the organization handle the two facets of player acquisition.  However, AF will have veto power over every transaction…draft or trade.

More and more teams are sliding into the seller class, and I would expect more will as the deadline approaches.  Trade scenarios are going to be headline material for the next near three weeks.  Many teams that are (or should be) sellers are posturing that they will in fact be buyers at the deadline.  So there are going to be some outlandishly crazy scenarios.

No matter how many times I get scoffed at, I remain convinced that the team as it is RIGHT NOW, cannot win the NL pennant much less the WS.  The injuries continue to mount and we still do not know when Clayton Kershaw will pitch next.  The players who were acquired to be reserves or platoon at most (Miguel Rojas, Jason Heyward, and David Peralta), are playing a more prominent part of the lineup.

I am not going to do the research, but can anyone tell me when was the last time four rookie pitchers were prominent for a WS team?

One thing I have learned is that LAD fans seem to want to hold onto all of the prospects or believe they have more value as MLB players with LAD than being trade material for more imminent needs.

Besides the four rookies: Emmet Sheehan, Bobby Miller, Michael Grove, and Gavin Stone, the Dodgers have three starting pitchers who become Rule 5 eligible this December:  Landon Knack, Nick Frasso, and Kyle Hurt. Nick Nastrini, River Ryan, and Ben Casparius are Rule 5 eligible December 2024.

Two other players that will become Rule 5 eligible this winter and need to be considered are Yeiner Fernandez and Kendall Williams.

Current Rule 5 draft eligible players that could draw interest this winter:  Hunter Feduccia, Devin Mann, Ryan Ward, and Alec Gamboa.  Alec Gamboa absolutely needs to be considered.  Once he was permanently moved to the bullpen, he has been outstanding. He knows his role in 2023, and he has been excellent in relief.  Plus Gus Varland got through once already.

Two more pitchers that need to be considered are Carlos Duran and Edgardo Henriquez.  Duran is eligible and Henriquez will be in December.

I bring this up, because it absolutely needs to be considered when discussing trades.  As I often say, you cannot keep them all.

With that as a preface, here are some LAD trade scenarios postured by a couple of baseball journalists.

My comments in italics.


Per BleacherReport – Zachary D. Rymer

 Dodgers get LHP James Paxton and OF Adam Duvall, Red Sox get RHP River Ryan and LHP Maddux Bruns.

  • James Paxton is an interesting target. He pitched 7.2 shutout innings on June 30 on 110 pitches.  For June he pitched 7.0, 6.0, 6.1, 4.0, and 7.2 innings.  He added 6.0 IP on July 8.  That is 5 QS.  He was pitching well in the 4.0 game, so I do not know why he came out. But he was over 100 pitches in 2 of the games and over 90 in all five.
  • I am not sure that the Dodgers need Adam Duvall.  But maybe he can become the Jorge Soler, Steve Pearce, David Freese, Scott Brosius in the WS.  Maybe they change Duvall to JT.


Dodgers get LHP Jordan Montgomery and OF Dylan Carlson, Cardinals get RHP Gavin Stone, RHP Nick Frasso and LHP Maddux Bruns.

  • Jordan Montgomery should be a huge priority, but not so much Dylan Carlson. Louis needs to trade at least one of their OF and packaging Carlson with Montgomery may be the only way.  But I would not trade Stone, Frasso, and Bruns for a rental and multiple years of a mediocre CF.
  • This is more of a concern now that Montgomery is on the IL with a hamstring injury.  How severe?


Dodgers get RHP Shane Bieber and SS Amed Rosario, Guardians get 2B Michael Busch, OF Josue De Paula and SS Rayne Doncon.

  • Amed Rosario falls into the same category as does Dylan Carlson. He may not be desired, but you may not get Bieber without taking Rosario.  Plus, if I have an untouchable it is Josue De Paula.  Switch Andy Pages for De Paula and it becomes more palatable for me. 


Dodgers get RHP Marcus Stroman, 3B Patrick Wisdom and RHP Michael Fulmer, Cubs get C Dalton Rushing.

  • Stroman, Wisdom, and Fulmer for Rushing? Why do the Dodgers need Patrick Wisdom or Michael Fulmer?  I like Stroman, and the Cubs are not extending him. Thus he is a rental as long as he chooses to opt out after 2023 (which he will do).  Is Fulmer better than the back four of the LAD bullpen?  I do like Stroman, but I do not think I want to trade Rushing straight up for Stroman much less take on the other two.


Dodgers get RHP Lucas Giolito and SS Tim Anderson, White Sox get RHP Nick Frasso and C Jesus Galiz.

  • Giolito and Anderson for Frasso and Galiz. If this is even a consideration, AF should begin negotiating now.


Eight trade scenarios.  I failed to write down the author of these eight proposals:

Dodgers/CWS options:

Option 1:

Dodgers get Tim Anderson and Kendall Graveman for Jorbit Vivas and Ben Casparius.

  • Anderson and Graveman for Vivas and Casparius? While the cost is very minimal, neither Anderson nor Graveman are needs.  Although, I would like to see what Graveman might cost on his own. 

Option 2:

Dodgers get Lucas Giolito for Landon Knack, River Ryan, and Eddys Leonard.

  • Lucas Giolito for River Ryan, Eddys Leonard, and Landon Knack is doable. That is LAD prospects #12, #17, and #18.  I would prefer to keep Knack, but to get a pitcher at the level of Giolito, the values are going to be up for the number of teams that will be in on him.  This will probably not be enough when all of the teams are bidding.

Option 3:

Dodgers get Dylan Cease for Michael Busch, Nick Frasso, River Ryan, and José Ramos.

  • Dylan Cease for Busch, Frasso, Ryan and Ramos – I do not believe that AF is going to trade 4 prospects for a non-rental. That is not who he is.  Should he?  For Cease, maybe he should.  Is Cease a lesser version of Alek Manoah…one year wonder?  Or is he the CY candidate he was in 2022?  That is a risk.


Dodgers get LHSP Jordan Montgomery and RHRP Jordan Hicks from St. Louis for Landon Knack, José Ramos, and Maddux Bruns.

  • Montgomery and Hicks for Knack, Ramos, and Bruns? Is Hicks really that much of a late inning reliever?  He strikes out a ton, but his WHIP is 1.48.  Too many BB and almost a hit an inning.  The Dodgers have plenty of pitchers at that level. But I do like Montgomery.  What would it take to get him alone?


Dodgers get Marcus Stroman from Cubs for River Ryan, José Ramos, and Alex Freeland.

  • Marcus Stroman for River Ryan, José Ramos, and Alex Freeland. Why in the world would Chicago do that deal?  It is going to take a lot more to get Stroman.  Yes Stroman would be a rental, but he is the Cubs Ace.  The Dodgers have a good and deep farm system, but will their #12, #21, and #25 prospect be all that is needed to get Stroman?  I would bet there will be more teams willing to pony up more.  Somewhere between Rushing and this offer could get it done.


Dodgers get Corbin Burnes from Milwaukee for Dalton Rushing, Nick Frasso, Nick Nastrini, and Rayne Doncon.

  • Milwaukee learned a valuable lesson last year with Josh Hader. They are not trading a non-rental top of the rotation pitcher when they are in the playoff hunt.


Dodgers get Lane Thomas from Washington for Nick Nastrini, Yeiner Fernandez, and Rayne Doncon.

  • The one RH bat that I have mentioned is Lane Thomas. I have no idea why Washington would trade him, but he is the one player they can extract talent for.  If all it would take to get Thomas is Nick Nastrini, Yeiner Fernandez, and Rayne Doncon, why is AF waiting? 

Those are my comments.  What say you?

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Keith Law, normally a fan, not a fan of the Dodgers draft!


More on this, Longenhagen says the Dodgers wanted Thomas White, but the Marins took him and thus the George pick.


I wonder if we would be more impressed with George if it were not for the previous speedy centerfielders we picked that didn’t work out?


I read Law’s analysis and he had nothing good to say about most of the 1-10 round picks. I don’t much about the draft prospects, but I was underwhelmed. Absolutely, no one to get excited about. That first pick will most likely never wear Dodger blue. But, it’s all about opinions right now. Let’s see if the Dodger developmental coaches can salvage at least some future trade material.
Thanks for the heads up on the Athletic article.


Most of these are huge overpays.

Adding an SP, no matter how much we need one, who will pitch 10-12 times for us this year isn’t worth multiple AA studs.

Playoffs are where we most need arms, so high end all the way.

Maybe we take back a bad contract to make it work.


Generally, I think we are in this mess because we have failed to develop enough starting pitchers or traded some who could be part of our current rotation.

With enormous depth in the minors, I’d rather reverse the trend and develop a homegrown rotation filled with guys who have time to improve.

I know not all of Miller, Sheehan, Stone, Knack, Nastrini, Frasso, Ryan, Hurt, Bruns, etc. will make it, but those are some massive-upside dudes.


They are growth stocks in other words, not mere speculative assets. We need to be careful how we trade them.


There are some head scratching proposals listed above. Why is it necessary for the Dodgers take on a player they have a minimal need in order to get a pitcher they want? I would be good if they could obtain a starting pitcher. A pitcher that is available to pitch when his turn comes up in the rotation. Montgomery has been that kind of pitcher last last three years until his recent hamstring injury. So, no to him. No to injured players hoping they will be ready for the postseason.

I like the following starters. None are aces, but at this point I would be looking for guys that dependable, effective, and can pitch into at least the sixth inning on a regular basis.

Shane Bieber – having a down year, but still shows up when it’s his turn.
James Paxton – had TJ surgery last April, but has been very effective this year.
Dylan Cease – regressed this year after a excellent 2022. Buying low?
Marcus Stroman – having a nice year and will probably cost a lot. LAD has the prospects. A great teammate and leader.
Lucas Giolito – Another workhorse and the player that should be AF’s main target. He’s a FA after the season, a local guy, and could be signed long term. With Urias and Kershaw probably not returning, a veteran starter like Lucas should be considered.

The Dodgers have a ton of pitching depth in their farm system. They all are not going to be pitching for the Dodgers in the future. The team has catching depth. I believe they are two of the positions that teams typically can use. Do what it takes to strengthen the pitching staff. Their offensive is more than enough to be successful in the playoffs. Healthy, veteran pitching should be the aim here with the front office.
Carry on.


No to any trade that is not an obvious and definite upgrade. Don’t waste prospect capital unless it significantly improves the team and their chances to win a championship. I don’t see many players out there that would make a big difference in the Dodgers chances at a championship. It will be a sellers market and that means overpaying. And no top prospects for rental players.


From the great Baseball Trade Value Simulator:

Trade 1:
Cardinals GET Nick Nastrini 11.5
Dodgers GET Jordan Montgomery 14

Trade 2:
White Sox GET
Maddux Bruns 3.4
Diego Cartaya 54.5
Nick Nastrini 11.5
River Ryan 5.6

Dodgers GET
Dylan Cease 48.5
Lucas Giolito 14.8
Cash 10

Trade 3:
Dodgers GET
Jack Flaherty 3.3

Cardinals GET
Ben Casparius 1.1
Eddys Leonard 0.9
Carson Taylor 0.9

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto

I do not like any of those deals, but that is just me. Montgomery is injured, so he is off the table in my mind. I see no need for Rosario. He is not that big of an upgrade. I do think they need a RH power bat for the bench. If a starter is acquired, I would vote for Giolitto. Local boy comes home and makes good.


Im ok with Montgomery depending on the grade of the hamstring injury.

Trade 2 as presented is one I might walk from. I am keeping Cartaya. Leave him out and work the deal for Giolito. In fact, replace him with Rushing, drop Ryan and it’s enough for Cease.

Stroman would obviously work. His value is only 9.4, which suggests that Trade Simulator is suspect. Is it because he’s older?

Giolito, 14.8, should be relatively easy for the Dodgers to get.

Flaherty eats innings, which we need, but his WHIP is rather alarming.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

I prefer Rushing to Cartaya. I think he projects as a better hitter and he plays other positions. Cartaya at this point has regressed a lot. I dislike trading for damaged goods but they did it with both Darvish and Hill.


I’ve heard others say that about Cartaya but he’s still our top prospect, is younger than Rushing and playing in a league higher than Rushing. And look at the simulator values – 54 to 21.

I don’t know who the Dodgers value more, so I will defer to them on this. Do we need both? If either are traded they better get it right.


All this trade talk bores me.


Despite my above post, I low-key agree

Singing the Blue

I believe Fred made that comment facetiously, since he suggests more trades here than anyone.

Although he may be bored because he didn’t find the names Joc, Witt Jr, Gleyber, Max or CT3 included in any of the suggestions.

C’mon Fred, join the party.

Last edited 11 months ago by Singing the Blue

Is the party a byot? t=trade

Singing the Blue

Great idea.
We haven’t heard one from you in the last few days. I’ll give you until tomorrow.

Singing the Blue



Bums, curious what you meant In the last sentence of your post yesterday

The Dodgers might have lost some needed input when Billy Gasparino left ??

Last edited 11 months ago by nonicnamebumfan

I guess it made little sense since I was thinking of Alex Anthopoulos when I wrote Billy Gasparino. I have days like that, actually more than my share. Usually Singing The Blue is my explaining assistant but I stumped him with that one.


Thanks, Alex Anthopoulos makes sense. I really like what he’s done with Atlanta.
It looks like he’s got them a position to win for quite a few years. So yes, it does seem like we lost a lot of sharp input when he left


Not a whole lot to talk about Fred. ‘tis the season to be trading, fa LA LA LA LA

There will be a lot going on over the next two weeks. Time to decide who stays and who goes.


For those who are ready for 2024:

Singing the Blue

I hadn’t realized what a nice year Paxton was having. Might definitely be worth a look. We could use some of our Rule 5 eligible guys to tempt the Sox.

I’m still interested in Lance Lynn. His last game was excellent and he’ll come a lot cheaper than Giolito.

Lane Thomas intrigues me. I’d give them Feduccia, Ramos and Knack but I’m not sure that would do it. They’re all just about MLB ready which might suit the White Sox more than the above-mentioned players.

Still think we need a veteran for the back of the bullpen so we can use Phillips in high leverage instead of just holding him back for the 9th inning. Hudson would have been perfect but we can’t count on him. I’d love to get Hendriks but I’m not sure he’ll be healthy enough to pitch again this year. Elbow problems are scary.
So maybe we should go after Graveman. He’s an experienced closer with a good track record.


Dodgers signed Jake Marisnick to a major league contract. I am shaking my head on this one.


He’s better than DeLuca right now.

We needed a RH bench OF.


A career .228 hitter over 11 years is better than Johnny DeLuca??

I wonder if he’s even better up at the plate than Brusdar Graterol??


DeLuca is at .212 😉


Dodgers think they can make him a top spin or back spin hitter depending on whatever is opposite of what he was doing.

Singing the Blue

I hear JHey is going to be his personal hitting coach.

Singing the Blue

Stop the presses!
We’ve just signed centerfielder Jake Marisnick (who wasn’t good enough to keep a roster spot with the Tigers) to a major league contract.

This means that Jonny D. is probably on his way to OKC as I write this and someone will have to be lopped off the 40 man roster or Thor will have to be moved to the 60 day IL (the more likely result).

Who needs Lane Thomas or Luis Robert when you can have Jake Marisnick?
No need to answer that one, folks.

Last edited 11 months ago by Singing the Blue

At least it opens up more trade ideas that might sound silly but now be plausible to the Dodgers.


I want Miller, Stone, and Sheehan to be successful and part of the long-term rotation. If they can add Giolito and extend him that would be great. Finishing 2023 with Kershaw, Urias, Gonsolin, Miller, Sheehan, Stone, and Giolito works for me.

So, get Giolito and depending on that cost make another trade for a young controllable 3rd baseman. If the Yankees trade for Soto like Jeter recommends then maybe they will want to refill some of the holes in their minor league system.

Muncy and some of the Dodgers pitching prospects that have been identified in the trade scenarios here for Oswald Peraza. That one is for you STB. You asked and I obliged.

Singing the Blue

OK, Fred, I believe you’re entitled to a response here.

First question is are you going to immediately install Peraza as the shortstop? He isn’t even batting .270 in AAA this year, nor has he ever. The Yanks liked Volpe over Peraza and Volpe hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Who is going to play third with Max gone? CT3? Busch? Rojas? Not saying they would be bad, just asking?

I’m giving you extra credit here because I don’t remember your ever mentioning Peraza in a trade before.


Peraza to play 3rd. Improve defense and base running. Interestingly. He is not listed in Yanks top 30 prospects.

Just wait until Dodgers reverse the spin he puts on the ball. I’m trying to sound knowledgeable there.

Singing the Blue

He has over 80 MLB at bats (including last year) so he may not technically be considered a prospect any longer.


We have Lux and Betts to play short and/or second. We have Muncy, Vargas, Busch, Rojas and Taylor to play wherever. Infield is covered. We don’t need that guy going forward.

This year we have Taylor coming back. Trayce Thompson is somewhere. Vargas, Busch, Mann and Calhoun are all at the ready. We need pitching. I don’t know how much pitching will be needed but you can’t have too much of it. Get one for sure. Giolito makes sense and he shouldn’t be that costly.

I keep hearing the second half starts on Friday. The Dodgers are 51-38. There are 73 games left. The first half was over a few games back. I’m assuming Atlanta will continue to play well which means they will likely have home field. Would be nice to be a 2 seed.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

Giolito shouldn’t be that costly? Not sure what you consider costly but there will be about 10-15 teams on him. That, by itself, should make him costly.


I mean the trade simulator doesn’t think he’s all that valuable. 10.6. Don’t know why. Maybe it takes into consideration he’s a 2 month rental.


If the Dodgers go after Ohtani they might not bring back Muncy next year and certainly not want to add Arenado’s contract.

Maybe we add Vargas and Busch with Peraza to get Witt Jr. and then put Betts at third, Witt at short, and Lux at second. Or, maybe Smith moves to third.

Last edited 11 months ago by Bumsrap

I believe the Dodgers will aggressively go after Ohtani. Vargas and Lux at third and short saves money.


Some good news coming out of the All-Star Break.

Ryan Pepiot is joining the OKC on a rehab assignment and is scheduled to start tomorrow’s game in Sacramento.

Will be great if he and Stone can both regain their form


That is great news.

Super-optimistic rotation thoughts:

1. Urias
2. Kershaw [when he returns]
3. Gonsolin
4. Miller
5. Sheehan/Noah/Pepiot
6. Stone/Knack

Still need to add a guy 100%


I forgot Grove.


Wow, that’s amazing. The last I heard he hadn’t even picked up a ball and started soft toss yet. Dodgers must’ve had him hidden away in a warehouse throwing pitches


Don’t listen to uninformed sources.

Singing the Blue

Who are the uninformed sources, the ones who said he wasn’t throwing or the ones who said he was starting tomorrow at OKC?


The former, the latter is pretty informed:


Yep. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Just wondering why you were inclined to post it


Plunkett said he began throwing at Camelback, on flat ground, around June 20th. If that’s the case, he could be ready for a few innings.

Jeff Dominique

You mean Dave Roberts and all of the journalists that reported what he was saying? This came out of the blue. Just curious what were reporters and bloggers supposed to say?

Count me as one of the uninformed (because I am), but I did write when Pepiot first began throwing, but I never heard he was throwing from a mound. NOT ONCE.

I have come to ignore what the Dodgers say on the status of the injured players. Usually it goes the other way, where the injury is worse than reported. I would not be shocked at all if we heard that Kershaw is down for a month. Not anticipating it, but I will not be shocked. I am not sure what they gain when do they do not properly report.

From now on I will preface everything I write on Dodger injury updates with FWIW.


You asked:
Just curious what were reporters and bloggers supposed to say?

Well in specific to whomever wrote what nonicname read “The last I heard he hadn’t even picked up a ball and started soft toss yet. ”

Nothing? Until they are given solid information?

There’s nothing wrong with saying nothing! Pun!

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto

I’m not sure what you are even talking about anymore.

how do you know what everyone’s source is/was?

it took thirty seconds to find that Roberts said on May 18 that Pepiot May not return until after the All-Star game.

that seems both informed and accurate. So yes! Let’s use Dave Roberts! We won’t be infallible, but he’s the coach. Much more accurate than the above reference who said Pepiot wasn’t even throwing.

again, I’m not sure what point you are making or if your point is different than mine.

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto


If your point is that “informed” voices like Roberts can be wrong or often corrects himself, it’s being discussed pretty widely RN.



Yeah. I don’t think I understand what the issue is.

but if about Kershaw (is it?) I think it was handled perfectly. The press reported what they found out.

isn’t that what we want from the press (or informed sources)?

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto


I don’t think anyone was ever talking about you, unless NoNicname was and I am nearly certain he/she was not.

It’s all good Jeff!

But, there’s a much larger difference than “timing” (in case you weren’t joking) with informed sources and uninformed. When Plunkett reports that Dave Roberts says Pepiot will return after the All-Star game, we should ALL preference that a lot more than some dopey fan speculating that Pepiot will return in August.

One has information that has inherent or associated value. The other does not.

As said elsewhere, Roberts isn’t the be-all and end all. He’ll be wrong, or murky, or obtuse at times. Situations change, there’s competitive vaue to the fullness of info disclosed, he may be speculating rather than relaying.

But informed is always closer to value, just not always right.

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto

No, not talking about Jeff. And yes, I was uninformed


Me too! Almost all the time!

Scott Andes

Definitely. Oblique injuries are pretty serious. Normally takes months of recovery. I’m not sure we’re going to see Pepiot pitch at all this year.especially since he’s had no time to build up after being out all season.

Singing the Blue

How do you guys feel about Arenado? It sounds like there might be an actual possibility that they would consider moving him although the odds are still not great.

I did some checking and found that his contract really isn’t all that bad.
This is his age 32 season. His contract runs through age 36. If the Pads traded for him they’d immediately extend him through age 50.

These are his net salaries (after deducting what the Rockies are paying him)
This year – 19 mil
Age 33 – 30 mil
Age 34 – 27 mil
Age 35 – 22 mil
Age 36 – 15 mil

His defensive metrics are way down this year but there are many instances where other players have had a bad defensive year and then bounce back after that.

He’d be a righty bat to put in the middle of the lineup, but, of course, he ain’t exactly a youngster any more.

Any takers? If so, what would you offer in trade?


Not me. Unless they recognize his age and contract make it difficult to expect a lot in return. We could use him, but what are you going to do with Muncy?

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

You could move Max back to second and if/when Vargas returns let him play some left field.

JDM isn’t going to be back next year so you move Max to DH and Vargas or Lux to second.

I’m not necessarily recommending a trade for Arenado but I do find it interesting to think about.


….what are you going to do with Muncy?

Let me take a crack at that. Oh, maybe offer Muncy for Arenado? I want to go young so it’s a no for me.


Cardinals wouldn’t want him. If they decide to unload a 32 year old potential HOF third baseman they will want a load of quality prospects. Throw Max in with a package of top prospects, and maybe.

I still believe in Muncy. Just not as a third baseman. As bad as he’s been he still has an OPS+ of 114. I look for a strong finish from him. The team has a $10 million option (plus $4 million based on PA). I think he’d make a good DH.


Would take him. Might have to send Muncy back.


Marisnick. Gallo 2.0. Hope it works out better than Gallo. At least we didn’t give up anything but cash to get him.


Maybe a platoon? He’s hitting left handed starters (small sample) and is still a decent centerfielder.

RC Dodger

Marisnick is 4th in MLB in defensive runs saved for CF this year with at least 100 innings. That is better than Harris, Bader, Grisham and much better than Outman, Hayward, and Bellinger. For example, Marisnick has 5 DRS compared to Outman at -5, Heyward at -2, and Bellinger at -2.
As a defensive replacement and possible RH platoon against LHP, this seems well worth it to take a low risk flyer on him.


Not that similar.


Lots of rumors concerning Giolitto. Not sure what to believe at this point.


Jeff, have you ever done a prospect deep dive on Liranzo? If not, I would enjoy reading one. Thanks . . .


Cool. He’s generating a lot of buzz right not.

Jeff Dominique

LAA is 7.0 GB Texas in AL West, and 5.0 GB Wild Card with 6 teams ahead of them, and tied with one other. Playoff odds at 10.7%.

Here are the current injuries:

·      Logan O’Hoppe – Shoulder surgery
·      Max Stassi – Hip injury
·      Zach Neto – Strained oblique
·      Brandon Drury – Shoulder contusion
·      Gio Urshela – Fractured pelvis
·      Mike Trout – Surgery broken hamate bone

With the injuries, below is their current lineup:

·      DH – Shoehei Ohtani
·      LF – Taylor Ward
·      CF – Mickey Moniak
·      3B – Anthony Rendon
·      1B – Mike Moustakas
·      RF – Hunter Renfroe
·      C – Matt Thais
·      2B – Luis Rengifo
·      SS – Andrew Velazquez

With Trout out…AGAIN…their chances at the playoffs are going south. 

It is not any wonder that the Angels are reportedly (Bluto, I do not know if they are informed or uninformed), reconsidering their stance on trading Ohtani. Just like with Juan Soto, it is still considered unlikely. How did that turn out?

Arte Moreno will not allow Peter Minasian to trade Ohtani to LAD. It will be bad enough for them to trade Ohtani. Their attendance will take a huge hit. They are not going to compound that by lifting up the hated Dodgers and trading Ohtani to them.

I would just as soon wait until he becomes a FA, and then putting whatever the best offer AF (and owners) can put in front of him.


As much as I would like to see Ohtani a Dodger for the final two months this year, I agree it may be better to wait. May be.

As for what team the Angels might trade him to, I find it colossally stupid not to include the Dodgers as a possible trading partner. Ohtani may end up in LA anyway and even if you know he’s coming back, which he isn’t, it just makes baseball sense to trade him. LA has exactly what they need to rebuild. Fleece them if you can Arte!

There will be less than 60 games to end of the year and for those 60 meaningless games they are going to hang on to him? I find that ludicrous.

Odds are he’s gone at the end of the year and the Angels will have nothing to show for it. This is about the future, get a handful of top prospects and start the rebuild. It’s the smart thing to do.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

I’m in agreement that for what we would have to give the Angels for 2 months of Ohtani, I’d rather just throw an offer at him in free agency.

And here’s a question. Let’s say AF doesn’t listen to us and Moreno actually trades Ohtani to us this month. What we do with Martinez? Make him the regular left fielder? Bench him? Trade him? I guess a trade would make the most sense as we could actually get something decent for him.

I’m still against an Ohtani trade, even though it would bring us a valuable pitcher to add to the rotation.

Singing the Blue

The Athletic had an article about Muncy today and I found the following paragraphs very interesting:

“Last year, just three qualified hitters had a lower batting average on balls in play than Muncy (.227). This year, even after the new restrictions on the shift made seemingly to benefit left-handed pull hitters like Muncy, that number’s gone down. Only the Mets’ Pete Alonso (.186) has a lower BABIP this year than Muncy (.192).
Both marks would be the lowest for a qualified hitter since baseball’s expansion in 1961, which would suggest some positive regression is coming.”

The biggest complaint people have about Max’s hitting this year is his average. He’s certainly contributing homers and RBI and he’s drawing his walks. He just isn’t getting enough hits. This might explain it.


Maybe his trade value is as good as you Badger think he is.


He’s OPS’n .802. That has value.

Something else I just read, Arenado is putting up a -0.3 dWAR. First time in his career that has happened. Maybe he needs a change of scenery. Or, maybe at age 32 he’s fading.

Vargas played today. 0 for 2 with a walk.

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I don’t see the Dodgers trading for anyone whose contract doesn’t end this year anyway.


Especially one with 9 figures left on it. Won’t matter. Vargas will be at third next year.

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