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Trevor Bauer To Be Released?

It is getting to the end of the year, and with the dearth of Dodgers transactions, there is not a lot to gossip about.  Still the Trevor Bauer saga continues to stymy the Dodgers plans, or does it?

I continue reading how the Dodgers are going to simply release Bauer.  I guess it is the poor PR that they expect as a backlash.  Does anyone really believe that the Dodgers will not lead MLB in attendance in 2023?  Heck, the race may be far more competitive that more fans will flock to the stadium in September.  No, the PR will hit certain sites, but even Trevor Bauer cannot hurt the Dodgers brand.

These people (journalists/pundits) who claim to know that the Dodgers are going to release Bauer are the same ones who told us that the Dodgers were in on every high priced FA.  From Jacob deGrom to Justin Verlander, to the four elite SS, and to Carlos Rodón, LAD was linked to all of them.

Now the know it alls are saying that Bauer will be released by January 6.  I am not buying it.  The Dodgers have never let their intentions out to the press.  They are not going to start now.  Does that mean that I think Bauer will be retained and not released?  No.  I have no idea.  I do not have an ear to the front office, and AF has not called me to let me know so I can be the first out here to report what is going on.  I wish he would 😂.

By not releasing Bauer, that gives the team additional time to trade him.  Why the rush?

I understand that the LA Times’ Bill Shaikin is not sold on Bauer being released either.  In his opinion, the longer this saga plays out, the likelier that Bauer will be retained.  Maybe, maybe not.

I also am not buying many of the players have told management they do not want Bauer in the clubhouse.  I think if you took a poll of the players before the Dodgers signed Bauer, there would be more than a handful who said they did not want him at that time.  Since when does the front office run to the players for an evaluation of a player’s transaction?

Yes, I know this is different.  But perhaps a response to those players might be that if they had not shat the bed in the NLDS after winning 111 games, maybe there would be more of a consideration.  But that team as it was constructed could not get it done.  Suit up and play to win regardless as to who is on the team.  You are paid millions to compete and that includes the playoffs.

I also understand that the Dodgers asked MLB if they could review some of the evidence that was compiled in the MLB investigation to help with their decision making process, and were told NO.

If the goal is to get rid of Bauer, and they cannot trade him, then perhaps there should be a conversation by LAD execs with Bauer something like…”We cannot trust that you are built up enough to be starting pitcher this year, so we are putting you in the bullpen.  If you do not like that option, perhaps you should opt out.  If you are agreeable to the bullpen, then we can move to that goal.  Make it clear that he will not be a stretched like a starter during ST.

Kasten/AF/BG will do what is ultimately best for the Dodgers to win a championship.  I have no idea what the urgency to release Bauer is.  If they do not do it by January 6, they can certainly do it later in the Spring or Summer. If you are going to release him, do it when it is in their best advantage, not 6 weeks before pitchers and catchers are due to report.

For me, I do not understand the urgency to release Bauer at this time.  I do not buy into the PR hiccup, because it will be forgotten before the season starts.  I do not buy he would be a distraction in the clubhouse.  He may not be liked, but we know that a 100% harmonious clubhouse means squat when it comes to winning championships.  Who gives the Dodgers the better chance to win…Hanser Alberto or Trevor Bauer?  We know who the better teammate would be, but he did not make the playoffs roster.

AF is a smart man.  If there was a way to get Bauer to opt out, he can do so.  But to simply release him so the Dodgers can pay him $22MM for the Padres/Mets/Braves/Phillies to pick him up for free does not help the Dodgers in 2023.  Paying him $10MM to go away also gives those teams the same chance to sign him, but the $12MM savings will go a long way to help the team either this winter or at the trade deadline.

BTW, guilt or innocence of the MLB charges makes no difference to me.  Bauer was not criminally charged, however Bauer was slapped with the longest suspension in MLB history for domestic abuse.  I have been clear that I do not like Bauer, and did not want him on the team when AF signed him.  I do not mind the antics coming off the mound, just as I do not mind the bat flips.  It had nothing to do with his social media exploits.  He is a narcissistic reprobate who cares not a twit about his team.  Only about how it affects him.

AF, do what is best for the Dodgers chances to win the WS.  If it includes Trevor Bauer so be it. There is no question that he gives the Dodgers a deeper rotation.  If not, do your best to trade him.  If he cannot be traded, then release him before Game 1, not January 6.





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He is going to wear #28.

Singing the Blue

Jeff, you make a point that I’ve been thinking about also. Assuming they don’t want him on the opening day roster, or even in ST for that matter, what’s the huge rush in releasing him by Jan 6th?

It could very well be that AF is talking to teams in the attempt to set up a trade. Also, I’m certain he’d rather move him to a team that won’t be challenging us for a divisional or NL title if he has that chance.

Before they just dump him, and considering that they won’t have any chance to study evidence gathered by the arbitrator, I would hope they at least sit down with Bauer and have him explain why he thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong, or at least enough wrong to be cut. Let him have his say and present his evidence to the team so they can make their decision based on something other than supposed fan backlash. I saw a poll on Twitter that asked if the Dodgers should keep him and I believe there were over a thousand responses with 2/3 voting to keep him.

If Bauer had a different personality, he’d be a great pitching coach. His videos are really excellent. He has a tremendous grasp on the art of pitching. Too bad the good lord chose to combine that skill and intelligence with Trevor’s personality.

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Just releasing him and taking the hit on the salary is a financially unsound move. Does not matter if they wait until the end of spring or the day after. If they release him it still cramps their options.

Sam Oyed

We have the following scenarios:

1. Dodgers release Bauer;
Make some fans happy
22 million dollar hit with nothing to show for it.
No financial flexibility.
Ends up pitching for a contender.

2. Bauer Opts out;
Dodgers save 12 million
Some financial flexibility
Ends up pitching for a contender

3, Dodgers keep Bauer;
Strengthens pitching staff.
Makes some fans happy.
Limits Dodgers financially,

4. Dodgers trade Bauer (to pseudo contender):
Save X amount of money.
Makes most fans happy.
Get something in return
Some financial flexibility.
Limited trade partners.
Might need to include other players in trade.

Scenario 4 would appear to be the best option. I suspect AF and company would agree. As for Bauer, scenario 2, would be his best option (if Kimbrel can get 10 million, I think Bauer could do far better with an incentive laden contract).

I also have trouble thinking the Dodgers haven’t games this out previously.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sam Oyed

1 – If other teams know that the Dodgers have to make a decision about Bauer and believe that they are otherwise inclined to dump him, they will be in no hurry to trade for him if they can get him for the league minimum if they wait.
2 – The absence of criminal charges is irrelevant to the league’s disciplinary policy and it should also be irrelevant to the Dodgers’ decision making. The fact that he received the longest suspension under the Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy is relevant.
3 – One of the important factors in the arbitrator’s decision, from what I read, is the fact that there were complaints from 3 women in 3 different cities.
4 – From the Dodgers’ standpoint, whether the blowback results in fewer butts in seats is not the only PR issue. How the team is perceived in the community is important.
5 – The fact that it was more important to Bauer to satisfy that particular itch, regardless of the potential impact that his decision had on the team and its World Series aspirations, also has to be considered.
6 – The Dodgers have released other costly players if they thought it was necessary (see Carl Crawford, for example).

Sam Oyed

One of the 3 women backed out for personal reasons. There is also an audio recording the police made where it appears Bauer admits to hitting the original women.


Bauer hasn’t denied engaging in rough sex. That’s what these women agreed to. The original accuser came back for seconds. As ugly and sick as this may sound to some, it’s quite common and as far as I know is not against the law.

It’s my opinion it’s past time to address this publicly and move on. Yeah, we have elements of perversion that exist in our society. If you don’t like it, don’t do it, but judge not and… PLAY BALL!

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Could you please post the link to Shaikin’s opinion changing? And about the Dodgers’ request for info from the trial. Its late and im only on the phone…


What trial?

Yes, there were complaints from three different women. What happened with those complaints? Could it be those other women wanted in on what they believed to be the lottery?

MLB does indeed have their own separate justice system. It pounded its own chest, flexed its Manfred muscles and handed out the longest suspension in its history. And that suspension is now over.

Where is Trevor Bauer’s PR team? If he doesn’t issue an apology and at least pretend to be humbled by this then he’s even more ignorant and arrogant than I thought.

Like it or not Bauer is a Dodger. If the Dodgers release him it appears to me like they are not willing to back their own. That, along with what looks like they were clearly not interested in improving the team suggests they might be waving a towel. Sure, they will be good. But there will be better.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Sorry I used the wrong word, was referencing this:

“I also understand that the Dodgers asked MLB if they could review some of the evidence that was compiled in the MLB investigation to help with their decision making process, and were told NO.”

Never mind, I think I found it here:

But it’s not quite aligned.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

That was interesting. Thanks Bluto.

Bill don’t know and when asked to guess he wouldn’t.

All I know is that the way this team looks now they could use him. The Dodgers are paying him for 2.6 WAR. Sure would be a bummer to miss the playoffs by 2 wins while he pitches in the playoffs for someone else.


I stilll am very confident that Bauer never pitches for the Dodgers again, and I really don’t think he pitches in the Majors again.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

I think you are totally wrong. He will pitch somewhere in the majors again. Bank on it.


MLB has announced that 10 umpires are retiring at the end of the month. None of these retirements are due to the new rules or the possible implementation of electronic K zones. Two of the best, Jim Reynolds and Ted Barrett are among the 10. Too bad Angel Hernandez is not on the list. He is by a large margin the worst umpire in baseball.


Bauer only made two starts after the sticky stuff crackdown in 2021, so it’s a tiny sample, but his ERA was 2.45 before and 3.75 after.


I saw that too. But he projects a winning record, a little over 3 ERA, 10k/9 and a 1.09 WHIP. Stretch that out over 150 innings and it’s 3 WAR.


Might as well repeat what I said about Bauer a few days ago. So here goes.

Criminal charges were not made against Bauer. He should be able to move on with his life as anybody else would who wasn’t charged with a crime. But, I don’t look at this as a guilty or innocent situation. He decided to put himself in a situation that a person in the public eye and making millions should not do. It was not in the best interest of his profession, baseball, teammates, and his employer.

He paid for his decision like a person that serves time in prison does. He didn’t cheat or bet on games. His offense was outside baseball. He should be able to return to baseball. Would his return turn off fans who in return would not buy tickets or buy merchandise? Who cares if they are right or not. It’s their prerogative.

There have been other players suspended and reinstated for MLB domestic policy violations. There is precedent. There have been players that have been suspended and reinstated for cheating whether it be use of corked bats or PEDS. On the other hand, Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life. The banishment came as a result of racial comments Sterling made.

Are there teams that are more sensitive to family values that wouldn’t want Bauer on their team? Undoubtedly there are.

IMO, the Dodgers got out of the Bauer contract cheaply enough. Signing him was a mistake and compounded by the amount of the contract. You can’t lose something you never had. A twenty-one and a half million dollar mistake in Baseball money, like in Monopoly money, is easier to chalk up to a learning experience and then move on.

If there are teams that would sign Bauer once he is released then there will be competition. Who would win that competition? The Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Padres, Giants to name a few.

If a team wants Bauer at $22.5M and not at a bidding war price, they would have to trade for him. I think he has trade value. But, if Bauer thinks there are teams that would bid for him then he should opt out, take his $15M, and try to get another $20M+.

That said, I am going to vote to keep him until they can trade him. I assume Bauer has the same 14 days to opt out as the Dodgers have to keep or release him. They can’t trade him before he can still opt out because no team would make such a trade. It’s going to be a waiting game. First one to blink loses. Dodgers can release him anytime this year.

Singing the Blue

I’m not a fan of Bauer’s personality.
I am a fan of his pitching and his approach to baseball.

When I try to decide how I feel about “the case”, two things stand out above everything else:
1) She came back for seconds
2) He has video of her after the second time they got together and that video shows her with no marks on her and apparently feeling just fine.
In my opinion, he’s paid his penalty and we should bring him back unless the Dodgers have other facts that haven’t been made public.

With regard to trading him, no team will take him without the Dodgers paying at least half his salary, probably more, but you can’t say a team that wants him would wait for him to be released so they could sign him for the minimum, because if two or more teams feel that way, you could have a bidding war.

If I’m a team like the Phillies and decide I want him to pitch for me, I go to AF and say I’ll take him if you pay 12 mil of his salary. Considering his talent, I would say he’s worth a 10 million dollar gamble. That also leaves the Dodgers about 10 mil under the cap for adding another player or two or making a trade in July.


I am guessing both the Dodgers and Bauer are aware of how many teams have an interest in Bauer.

If I am one of those teams I would take Bauer in trade, pay his full salary, but not give up much to get him rather than bid for him and wind up either not getting him or wind up offering close to $22M anyway.

If I am Bauer and think I could get $12M from one of those interested teams plus keep the $11M the Dodgers would still owe me, I would opt out and start fresh with a new team and city.

If I am the Dodgers I would try to trade him without paying any part of Bauer’s salary but that might require putting him on the active roster by January 6.

I wonder if the Dodgers can release Bauer anytime they want, be it before or after Jan 6 given the Dodgers have until Jan 6 to retain or release him. It seems like maybe there is a caveat that says the Dodgers can’t just string him along well past the start of spring training before they decide to release him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap
Singing the Blue

If they add him by the 6th, I think they can do whatever and whenever they want with him.

The 40-man is full right now so that would necessitate getting rid of someone, but other than that or a no-trade clause in his contract, I think they could trade him at any time up to the trade deadline in July.

Maybe Jeff or someone else has better information, but I saw something the other day that indicated he had a partial no trade during the season but not between seasons, and the in-season part of it may not apply to year 3.


I’m not clear on the reasoning here. If other teams are willing to take on Bauer, why aren’t we? A bidding war? What is it that other teams see that we don’t?


I think I agree about all that including – “contending teams would take on Bauer in a heartbeat if the cost was MLB minimum” – which brings me back to my question about the Dodgers reasoning. There will be teams that don’t care about the morality issue, they care about winning, or saving money on a good pitcher. If these other contending teams don’t care, why would the Dodgers?

What I choose to be true is that the Dodgers are currently working with Bauer on his contrition address to the Dodgers fan base. And being the open minded forgiving fan base that we are we will accept his apology and welcome him back.


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Fred Vogel

No soup for you.


I think the Dodgers will keep Bauer and continue to work on a trade. It makes no sense to outright release him so he can pitch for the Padres, Giants or other team on our dime. You can bet there will be teams lining up to get him if he is released. If we eat half his salary, I think we could attract a trade partner. Send Bauer and $11-12M to a team for a couple of low level prospects.

Singing the Blue

For anyone who isn’t planning a wild New Year’s celebration tonight but is into numbers, here’s a fun read for you to indulge in as the ball descends in Times Square tonight:

Every uniform number ever, ranked by value (


Happy New Year to all.

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