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We Saw It All Live On The Radio!

I was enjoying today’s game on TV. I have actually found a station on Spectrum here in Colorado where I do not have to pay to see the Rockies games, and I realized how lucky fans are today.

When the Dodgers moved to L.A. in 1958, the only games on TV were the game of the week on NBC with Curt Gowdy. The Dodgers only telecasts were the 11 games they played on the road in San Francisco.

Since the Giants were the only other team on the west coast, this made sense. And still being the Dodgers arch-rival, it made even more sense. Before I ever saw a Dodger game in person, I saw the game through the eyes of the greatest broadcaster who ever called a game. Vin Scully.

Vinny did not just call a game, he painted a picture for those of us who could not see what was happening on the field. In 1958, color TV’s were not as prominent as they are today. Very few TV shows were in color until the 60’s and the first I remember was Bonanza.

Even after I went into the Army, I did not get a color set until I returned home from Germany in 1973. I watched the Apollo 11 landing in El Paso on a 19 inch Sears black and white TV. Most of the games overseas were only on the radio.

In a way, it took me back to when I was younger because when the Dodgers were on the radio, they usually used the Dodger broadcast for the feed, so I still got to listen to Vin.

I listened to Koufax’s first 18 strikeout game on a transistor radio in my bed when I was living at the foster home in Highland Park. If I remember right, the radio was the gift I had asked for on my birthday.

I remember him describing how far Frank Howards homer traveled in Philadelphia when he hit one into the light tower above left field. The crack of the bat on that homer sounded like a cannon shot.

It was almost a ritual for me to get into bed, and when the house parents had gone to bed, turn the game on and listen deep into the night. Before I ever set foot in the coliseum to see a game, I knew what the outlay of the field was going to look like. No one painted a picture like Vin did.

I listened to a lot of games by different broadcasters in those years when I was in the service. I always got a kick out of Harry Carey with his Cubbies. Jack Buck and the Cardinals was an easy listen too.

Mel Allen was a little harder for me to listen to, but he wasn’t awful. Liked him better when he was on TV doing This Week in Baseball. Tom Prince in Pittsburgh was a fun listen also.

But Vin was the cream of the crop. Of course, you had to listen to Jerry Doggett for two innings a game, usually the third and the seventh. Doggett was not a bad announcer, but like Charlie Steiner, he mispronounced some names really badly.

Biggest difference between today and back then was there was not an analyst or color man to be found. Vin pretty much did most of his own research on the opposing team and it’s players.

I remember as compensation for doing a post-game interview, they would always give the players some sort of gift certificate. Draft brewed Blatz beer was the big sponsor.

Today, you see the game in a whole different way. Visualization is the name of the game with replays, slo-mo, umpire cam, base cam, the camera on a wire that travels is also a big thing now. Back in the infancy of telecasts, there were nowhere near as many cameras and tracking the flight of the ball was a lot harder than it is today.

Announcers tend to drone on about inane subjects that have nothing to do with the game. Analysts add as much data as they can since today’s baseball geeks have to have their stats. BA, RBIs, Wins, and Losses are just not good enough anymore. Fans want to know the pitcher’s tendencies while pitching with a loose jock strap. Ahhh,  that is an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Sometimes, I just miss the simpler times when Vin’s voice showed me everything I needed to know.






 Albuquerque Isotopes (Colorado) 8 – OKC Baseball Club 5

Chris Vallimont continues to struggle.  After pitching 6.0 scoreless innings in his OKC debut, he has gone south.  In his last four starts, Vallimont has completed 8.1 IP, 14 runs (all earned), 12 hits, 4 HR, 8 BB, 6K.  That is a 15.12 ERA and a 2.40 ERA.  In Thursday’s game, he allowed 6 runs in 5.0 innings.

OKC was down 4-0 in the 5th.  Drew Avans led off with a triple and James Outman hit a 1-out 2-run HR.


In the 6th, Vallimont allowed the first four batters to reach, with two of them scoring.

In the bottom of the 6th, Drew Avans hit a run scoring double.

Down 6-3 in the 7th, Andre Lipcius opened with a single.  Outman was HBP. Both runners moved up on a Kody Hoese F-8.  Trey Sweeney grounded out and Lipcius scored with Outman moving up to 3rd.  Outman scored on a WP and OKC was down 6-5 after 7 innings.

Albuquerque scored two in the 9th off Nick Martinez to finish the scoring.

  • Drew Avans – 2-3, 2 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (16), triple (7)
  • James Outman – 2-4, 1 HBP, 2 runs, 2 RBI, HR (7)
  • Double – Ryan Ward (13)


Ben Casparius was placed on the 7-day IL.


Box Score


NW Arkansas  (KC) 5 – Tulsa Drillers 4

22 year old RHP Jerming Rosario started his second AA game.  It did not go as well as his 1st, but it was not all that bad either.  In 5.0 IP, 3 runs on 3 hits and 3 BB with 5 K.  He left with Tulsa ahead 4-2 and a runner on 1st.

In the 3rd, Alex Freeland hit a 2-out solo HR.  In the 5th, Brandon Lewis hit a leadoff solo HR to tie the game at 2 apiece.



In the 6th, Damon Keith led off with a single.  With one out Brendon Lewis doubled with Keith moving to 3B.  Diego Cartaya doubled both runners home and a 4-2 lead.

In the 6th, Rosario allowed a leadoff single   Ronan Kopp could not hold the lead.  He allowed a BB, PB, and two sac flies tied the score.

With Ben Harris on the bump in the 9th, the leadoff hitter doubled.  After a sac bunt and IBB, Juan Morillo relieved Harris.  The first batter he faced singled home the walk off winning run.

  • Alex Freeland – 2-5, 1 run, 1 RBI, HR (7)
  • Diego Cartaya – 3-4, 2 RBI, Double (7)
  • Double – Brandon Davis (13)
  • HR – Brandon Lewis (8)



Box Score


Quad Cities River Bandits (KC) 7 – Great Lakes Loons 0

Peter Heubeck started and completed 5.0 scoreless innings.  He allowed 2 singles, 1 HBP, with 6 K.



Heubeck was relieved by Livan Reinoso who surrendered 3 runs, including a 2 run HR in the 6th.  Madison Jeffrey and Jonathan Edwards allowed 4 additional runs in their 1.0 inning each.

Great Lakes was shut out on 2 singles, both by Jake Gelof.  GL had three other base runners via BB.


Box Score


Inland Empire 66ers (LAA) 8 – Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 6

RC jumped out to a 6-1 lead after 4.0 innings.  4 singles in the 1st plated two runs.  In the 4th, Jose Meza was HBP.  After three WP, Meza scored.  Three walks loaded the bases.  Josue De Paula singled 2 runners home.  After Jeral Perez was HBP to load the bases again, Samuel Munoz hit a sac fly giving RC a 6-1 lead.

Christian Zazueta allowed 6 runs in 1.1 inning for a 7-6 lead after 6 innings.  Noah Ruen allowed 3 hits and a run in the 7th for the 8th run.

  • Josue De Paula – 2-4, 1 HBP, 1 run, 2 RBI
  • Logan Wagner – 1-2, 3 BB, 2 runs, 1 RBI


Box Score



ACL Dodgers 7 – ACL Guardians 3

  • Eduardo Quintero – 2-4, 2 RBI
  • Alexander Albertus – 2-3, 1 BB
  • Home Runs – Easton Shelton (1), Jaron Elkins (3)


Box Score









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Very nice blog today Bear!
Good win for the Dodgers with Stone pitching very, very well again. Young man is playing better than we could have hoped for. The case of him being the best pitcher in the rotation is growing with every outing.
And I say it again: Give Vargas an occasional start at 3b to keep his bat in the lineup. his defense certainly is below average there but I do not think he would hurt us too much. Roberts always says he is managing for the big picture and October, not to win every game, so put Vargas in regularly. The reward is a lot higher than the risk IMHO.
cartaya heating up.If not for anything else he raises his trade value.
DePaula also on a little hot streak though his second hit yesterday easily could have been ruled an error on the 2b..

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t see how they play him at 3b.Vargas has only played OF this season. Does he even take ground balls during warm up? He started as a 3b prospect but last yr they used him at 2b and now he’s an outfielder, left field. They must not think much of his defensive ability.


They obviously don’t trust Vargas’ glove in left, you must be delusional if you think they’re going to let him have any consistent time at 3B


I am saying give him an OCCASIONAL start at 3b.No where did I say they should play him there consistently. You are making things up. As was said the guy came up as an infielder, played all his baseball life. You do not forget the fundamentals there. Give him some work at 3b and I am pretty sure his glove will not hurt as much in comparision to Biggio.
His bat will make up for it.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Last edited 23 days ago by dodgerram

Biggio was traded for simply because he hits left-handed. He has played six games at third. He is obviously better at second than third since his fielding metrics there are much better. His error the other day cost them a run. I think the problem is that the Dodgers do not trust Vargas to play the position as well or better than Biggio. But Biggio is simply a band-aid until Max returns. They also do not seem to think Vargas does as well against RHP as he does LHP. If you check his splits, that is very real. He is hitting .500 against LHP and .143 against RHP. In over 200 at bats in the majors, he is hitting .197 against RHP. So, at this point in his career, he is simply the better option against lefties. That is why he is not playing more and probably won’t.


How can he get better vs RHP if you do not play him ?

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With over 200 at bats they seem to think they know better than you or I.


His defense at third so far has been abysmal. He hasn’t played anywhere but the outfield all during spring and this season. Putting him at third would be a total disaster especially if he made an error that cost the team a game. The blow to his confidence would be the worst.


Interesting how valuable a single season win all of a sudden is for some fans.
When Roberts is trotting out his usual abysmal Sunday lineup we always here how the Dodgers are playing chess while all others playing checkers. Lol.
IMHO his career fielding percentag at 3b is not so bad that you could not give him a start there every now and there when there is no room for him in LF.
Stats say his fielding percentag at 3b is a couple percentag points below Biggios and 4 below MM . That is a difference of 2 or 4 errors over 100 chances.
Neglectable if you ask me. His bat makes up for that at least over Biggio before MM returns.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I suggest that you take your complaints up with management.


Oh, there it is : The unbeatable “argument”. Lol.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the word you were searching for above is negligible. Neglect suggests just neglecting the subject. And yes, management will have all the answers you seek readily available.  😂  🙄  😜 


And they aren’t sharing.


Interesting .

i feel like modern blackout rules are really fucking with fans and impairing the ability to watch and connect.

that doesn’t impact radio, or has it been?


No. I can still listen to the radio feed on MLB.TV when the Dodgers game is blacked out here in Colorado, or on national tv. Right now with Charlie Steiner out, the broadcast team is Neverett and Rick Monday


Speaking about Dodger broadcasting.
I thought Stephen Nelsons 9th inning play by play in that great comeback win was really, really fantastic. Many fans do not like him too much but I think he is underrated. and those 15 minutes might have been the best he has done so far with the Dodgers.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I could not listen to that as I was watching the Rockies feed on their station, and I had the sound turned down. Which was a blessing since Drew Goodman sucks giant rocks.


I agree with that; Nelson was quite good. As was Neverette’s call on 570 (I saw/heard it Instagram)

Duke Not Snider

Wonderful tribute to Vinny, Bear. He really was without peer in his ability to make us see the game on radio. He was a poet without any of the bluster common in the sportscasting trade. He was also an extraordinarily accurate broadcast journalist, while his peers often blundered..sometimes in an endearing way. Vinny was endearing because he was so damn good.
Except for say “It’s time for Dodgers baseball!,” he rarely repeated himself. I recall him describing a certain bunt as “landing like a poached egg.” Aa perfect description. Did he say this more than once
Personally, I can only recall one moment that Vinny made a factual error. Frankly, I don’t fully trust my memory, but I recall him telling a story in which he refered to Lasorda as “Durocher.” He paused, as though he recognized his error. But simply moved on.
But again, Vinny was so good that I’m not sure I can trust my memory….

A collection of essays about Vinny have been compiled in a book that is now on the market:

The Voice: Vin Scully is Dodgers Baseball

Last edited 23 days ago by Duke Not Snider

Duke, in the last few years in the booth, Vin would make some mistakes, but not real glaring ones. The one you mention might have happened during that period. But 99.9% of the time, he never missed. He also was excellent at pronouncing the names of some players who I have had a tough time with. Pausing was something Vin did better than anyone. He knew when to shut up and just let the moment sink it. Two great examples, at the end of Fernando’s no-hitter, and after Kirk Gibson’s homer in the World Series. There is a brief pause after his final call. Then he says, If you have a sombrero, toss it to the sky. And of course after Gibby’s homer, In a year of the improbable, the impossible has happened. Classic Vin Scully. Sounds like a book I should get.

Last edited 23 days ago by Oldbear48

Warm summer Canoga Park breezes through the screen window in my bedroom, the sound of crickets and Dodger baseball with Vin & Jerry on the radio. Great memories. Games started at 8 back then so often I fell asleep and had to read the results in the box score the following day.

I had Vargas at third two years ago. But then, I had Blake DeWitt there several years ago too. What do I know? I think both Vargas and Outman can play at this level but they are getting kinda old to be called prospects.

It’s now summer so, in my opinion, it’s time to start seriously sharing dog day innings. Vargas, Outman, Rojas, Kiké, Taylor, Pages, Barnes, Biggio (where the hell is Muncy?) 6-7 man rotation with nobody throwing more than 90 pitches, (and spot strikes, don’t throw it 98 mph) It’s a 40 man roster from now until it cools off. Let’s see what we got.


Highland Park was pretty much the same. No A/C back then. Always had the window open.


There was a story on the Google news stream about four pitchers the Dodgers could target, all starters. Kikuchi, Severino, Elfin and Luzardo. Luzardo would probably cost the most in prospect capital. But it is an interesting list.


Tyler Anderson was on another list I saw. He’s having a great year.

Duke Not Snider

He is, but I think Paxton is arguably better from the left side, and we all hope Kershaw will come back strong.

If AF decides to go after a starter, I think a young lefty with years of control and ace potential makes the most sense–somebody like Luzardo or Crochet. With Kershaw approaching the twilight of his career, it would be nice to have a southpaw to mix in with Glasnow, Shohei, Yamamoto, Stone and Miller over the next few years. (It’s hard to be optimistic about Buehler.)

But with the way Stone is pitching, and with Miller and Kershaw getting into the mix, I’m not sure a starter is a priority now. If he isn’t traded, Knack provides depth. Wrobleski is making swift progress and could get into the mix too.

With the continuing uncertainty over Max–and the poor performances from Taylor, Kike and now Biggio–perhaps the Dodgers should target a UT upgrade.

The Angels’ Rengifo is having a career year, batting over .300 with a .350 OBP. With their weak farm system, the Angels might be willing to deal….Who else might be a good fit?


“If AF decides to go after a starter, I think a young lefty with years of control and ace potential makes the most sense.”

I agree that does make sense. So does getting whatever it takes to finish this year with a W. Any additional starting help, to make sure 1-3 are well rested, should be welcomed.



I dunno. I really don’t see a starter, no matter how hard I squint. But I’m wrong a lot.

In fact, I think I could see the Dodgers moving a starter more than acquiring a starter.


Agree. Would rather have 2 high average, OBP bats and /or a high leverage reliever like Scott from the Marlins.

I think we are pretty much set up with our starters.

Especially if CK comes back


I know Cleveland would not trade him, but I would love to have Steven Kwan.


I’m not as content with our starter situation as others are. I feel a vulnerability.

Jeff Dominique

Neither am I and my post tomorrow will reflect that.


I look forward to reading it.


I second that feeling.


Vulnerability is an interesting word in that context, what do you mean by it?


I just don’t see anyone there who I trust can take the ball every 6th day through November. Look how many on this staff that are already injured. I find none of them to be workhorses. I believe all of them will need time off between the All Star break and October. Do we have the necessary arms in the minors and currently in rehab to cover time off? Buehler isn’t ready. Is Miller? Is Kershaw? How serious is Yamamoto’s injury? It’s important he’s at full strength in October.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Jeff has to say about this subject tomorrow.

Last edited 23 days ago by Badger


I mean if you are saying “If there are injuries and if the players don’t come back the team may be short-handed.”

That’s true.

But how does that vulnerability not apply to every positional player who is above average.

If Freeman gets hurt, the Dodgers are vulnerable at 1B.
If Ohtani gets hurt, the Dodgers are vulnerable at DH
If Muncy doesn’t return, the Dodgers are vulnerable at 3B.
If Betts doesn’t return, the Dodgers are vulnerable at SS.
If Teoscar gets hurts, the Dodgers are vulnerable with RH power bats.

At least at starting pitcher there is a teeming amount of pitchers who probably will be able to take the ball.

Teeming so much, that the #s don’t make sense unless there’s a trade or two.

Last edited 23 days ago by Bluto

None of the guys you mention have been injury prone. Every pitcher in the Dodgers starting rotation has been. And yes, there’s always a number of pitchers ready to step in. Who among them do you want to see in October?

Maybe my concerns are unfounded, but I’ve learned to trust my instincts over the last several decades. The Dodgers are going to need more better starting pitching. Maybe they have it already. Maybe it just needs to heal up.


This will be my second year wanting to move a starter for a position player/bat.


I think it’s more for a player or not on the 40.

generally, I have observed the teams don’t replace a pitcher on the 40 with a position player on the 40

Duke Not Snider

“Sometimes, I just miss the simpler times when Vin’s voice showed me everything I needed to know.”
Perfect ending, Bear.
Thanks again for this one.


You are welcome my friend.

Phil Jones

Great line Bear – “Sometimes, I just miss the simpler times when Vin’s voice showed me everything I needed to know.”
I still miss him, especially when I hear a 3-man booth fight each other for air time. And guys who can’t shut up.
I’m not a Stephen Nelson fan and even Joe Davis offers up too many useless and unnecessary stats to fill air time. Let the game breath.

Vinny used to call curveballs, a change up. Technically correct curves are a change of speed. I wonder how he would have called the 14 different pitch types in use today? “Oh, Mays goes down on a slutter”.

Ryan McMahon is something else at 3rd base, for the Rockies. Does he play like this all the time? I see he’s a career .246/.759 guy who’s having a career year at age 29, hitting .274/826. But he looks like Nolan Arenado at 3rd. No offense to Brooks Robinson who had highlights throwing guys out from foul territory but he never, to my recollection, threw somebody out from where the infield dirt ends and the outfield grass begins, in foul territory. That’s were McMahon threw out, was it Pages or Rojas? That’s like a 140+ feet throw to 1st. That’s unreal.

I hope Stone didn’t have a physical issue in the 6th. That’s always my first concern when a guy just loses it. If not, Stone had shades of Blake Snell, who can just be sailing along and suddenly can’t throw strikes. It wouldn’t seem fatigue at 77 pitches. Just youth, I hope.

I don’t like it when we don’t score after the 4th. We seem to lose some intensity and mail it in sometimes with an early lead.


McMahon has been closer to .250 since he became the regular third baseman in 2021. He has always had some power. He has improved defensively the last couple of years. Not always spectacular, but solid. He hits lefties ok, not great, but the knock on him is the same as most Rockies. He hits a lot better at Coors than on the road. .268/.223. It was Miguel Rojas he threw out, and he beat him by plenty.

Last edited 23 days ago by Oldbear48
Singing the Blue

Those home/away stats are for his career, but for some reason he’s actually hitting better on the road this year than at Coors.

Home stats are right in line with his career numbers but the road stats are dramatically better this year.

Singing the Blue

I wonder if Stone’s problem was simply altitude related. Maybe it finally caught up with him.


I like it. His pitches started to get high.

Singing the Blue

We should take our act on the road.

Phil Jones

Soon, hopefully.


This. He only really threw two pitches last night, he abandoned the slider in the high altitude.


Listening to Vin sitting in Dodger Stadium was a thing. If you forgot your radio, you could hear him from speakers in the food areas or overhear someone else’s radio. The Big replay screens didn’t exist so if we looked away and missed seeing a play we still heard Vin paint it for us. We always knew the count, outs, and stories about the hitters/players.

The 7 second delay that was mandated ended the transistor radio phenomena at Dodger Stadium. I’m sure some were annoyed with it but I loved it. Players could hear what Vin was saying about them as they stood in the batters box and of course umpires were aware that Vin was’t being critical of them.

Since only a few games were on TV, we sat outside in the warm dry air at night listening to the game instead of sitting inside and watching it on TV nowadays.


Yankees just DFAd Victor Gonzalez and called up Phil Bickford. Get rid of one exe-Dodger and bring up another.

Singing the Blue

That’s kind of surprising because VGon was having a decent year, at least he was the last time I looked at his stats.

Someone will definitely pick him up. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was an NL West team since they know him best.


Anyone else very comfortable when Knack is on the mound? So far I really like what I see, and I hope we don’t just “throw him in” in some trade in the next month.

If we trade him, we better get some good value in return!


I like him. Not crazy about this lineup. Guess they figure they can beat the hapless Angels playing all the bench players at the same time.


What a pathetic loss.

Last edited 22 days ago by OhioDodger

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