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Yoshinobu Yamamoto Leaves After Two Innings Due To Apparent Triceps Tightness

Well this one got ugly.  The most unfortunate news was Yoshinobu Yamamoto was pulled after 2.0 IP with what is being reported as triceps tightness.

Triceps tightness can be caused by triceps tendonitis, which is a condition that occurs when the triceps tendon is overworked. This can happen over time due to repeated overuse or extension of the tendon, forceful movements, or poor form.  It is often caused by activities that require forcefully extending the elbow.

Maybe Dodgerrick can give us a little it of a prognosis as to what this may mean.  I am not sure that I am going to hang my hat on anything that comes out from the Dodgers.

His velocity was down considerably in this game.




That never sounds good.

Did he throw too hard in NYY?  Against the Yankees, Yamamoto threw his 19 hardest pitches, consistently getting to 97-98 mph with the four-seam fastball. On Saturday, Yamamoto’s four-seamer was down 1.4 mph from his season average, while his curveball and splitter were also affected with lower velocity and spin rate.

Too many pitches?  His last four starts:

  • May 20 – 100 pitches – 6 days’ rest
  • May 26 – 100 pitches – 5 days’ rest
  • June 1 – 101 pitches – 5 days’ rest
  • June 7 – 106 pitches – 5 days’ rest
  • June 15 – Pulled after 2.0 IP – 7 days’ rest

With all of the talk about AF the last few days, this is where he shines…depth, depth, and more depth.  Bobby Miller and Landon Knack can fill in.  Kyle Hurt is ready to come back as well.  Even Ben Casparius can sneak a start in.  That is how, Emmet Sheehan and Gavin Stone got starts last year.  Need another?  Justin Wrobleski is pitching extremely well at Tulsa.  Can he make the jump from AA?  Sheehan did last year.

After the game Yoshi was interviewed and said that he did feel some tightness while warming up, but it was not that serious.  It got a tighter as the pitched and told the coaches who pulled him at that time.  He said he felt fine in NY, but was held back two days for this start, and offered that it was because he was not recovering as he or the coaches thought he should.

No player feels 100% all the time. Should he have not started?  He knows his body.  Yoshi and the coaches believed he could make the start and pitch a “normal” game.  After the 2nd inning, Yoshi said he was not loosening as he hoped, and Doc and Mark Prior needed to pivot.

Doc said he would talk with Yoshi and the doctors before Sunday’s game.  If he needs imaging, they will do that.  Doc did say there is a high level of a possibility that Yoshi will go on the IL.  If there is any question, do it.  Yamamoto needs to be healthy in October.  If he misses 2-3-4 starts in June/July to settle that tendon, so be it.  They have options.

How does everyone feel now about my desire for Garrett Crochet?

The bullpen is now looking to be overworked.  And this was game 5 in 12 straight games.

Turn the page on this one.  Tyler Glasnow starts on Sunday, but he cannot try to do anything more than he is physically capable of.  He is not going to pitch a complete game.  Doc has Vesia, Phillips, and Hudson available for Sunday.  I am not sure how much help OKC can provide.  40 man options in OKC – JP Feyereisen, Jose Hernandez, and Gus Varland.  Nick Ramirez is on the temporary inactive list.  Ricky Vanasco is on the IL.





Sugarland Space Cowboys (Houston) 14 – OKC Baseball Club 5

River Ryan made his much anticipated start for OKC but it last all of 0.2 IP.  Ryan threw 32 pitches (18 strikes).  He allowed 2 runs on 3 hits and 1 BB.

John Rooney allowed a 2 run HR in the 2nd, for a 4-0 lead.

OKC cut the lead in half with two solo HRs in the 4th.  Kody Hoese and Hunter Feduccia both hit their 5th.

Kevin Gowdy gave up 2 lead off singles in the bottom of the 4th, got a 4-6-3 DP, but then gave up a run scoring single.

OKC tied the game with 3 in the 6th (1 earned).  Kody Hoese hit a 1-out double, and Austin Gauthier drew a 2-out walk.  Drew Avans hit a single that scored Hoese and Gauthier moved to 2nd.  Both runners scored on an E-5.

Gus Varland relieved Kevin Gowdy in the 6th after Gowdy allowed his 7th hit in 2.1 IP.  Varland got the final two outs of the inning.  But in the 7th, Varland allowed 2 walks and two singles for a run to give Sugarland a 6-5 lead, and left the bases loaded with nobody out for Michael Flynn.  Flynn struck out the first two batters, but single, walk, single, walk, and grand slam, gave the Space Cowboys 9 in the inning.

  • Kody Hoese – 2-3, 1 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (15), HR (5)
  • HR – Hunter Feduccia (5)
  • Double – Andre Lipcius (16), Ryan Ward (12)


Box Score


Arkansas Travelers (Seattle) 3 – Tulsa Drillers 0

Arkansas had 4 pitchers complete a combo 2-hit shutout.  Tulsa had three base runners all game.  Alex Freeland walked and singled, and José Ramos singled.

Jacob Meador started and completed 4.1 IP.  He allowed all three runs, on 3 hits, 3 walks, and 2 HBP.  Four Tulsa relievers shut out the Travelers the rest of the way.


Box Score


Dayton Dragons (Reds) 5 – Great Lakes Loons 4

For the second night in a row, Great Lakes was leading going into the bottom of the ninth, and for the second night in a row, they could not close the game out.  Friday night Dayton score 4 in the bottom of the ninth to walk off the win.  On Saturday, Dayton scored 3 to walk off another win.

Livan Reinoso entered in the 9th.  He walked the first batter, and that was followed by a game tying 2-run HR.  After the first out, Reinoso walked the next batter.  Kelvin Bautista was summoned and he walked the first batter he faced.  The next batter singled to bring home the walk off winning run.

Tulsa had 5 hits, and no Drillers batter had more than 1 hit.  Noah Miller (11) and Nick Biddison (7) each doubled for the only XBH.


Box Score


Fresno Grizzlies (Colorado) 6 – Rancho Cucamonga 5

Fresno went into the bottom of the 9th two runs down, and scored 3 for a walk off win.

19 year old RHP Sean Linan made his RC debut.  He pitched 4.1 innings, allowing 2 runs, 7 hits (including solo HR), 0 walks, and 6 Ks.

Ahead 5-3, Cam Wallace was asked to close the game for the Quakes.  Instead a walk and two doubles tie the game with a runner on 2nd and one out.  Wallace intentionally walked the next batter, and RC brought in Felix Cabrera.  Cabrera balked the runners to 2nd and 3rd, and then gave up the walk off winning single.

RC scored their 5 runs on a 2-run HR by Logan Wagner (4), and a 3-run HR by Josue De Paula (6).  Logan Wagner also had a double (7).  Samuel Munoz was the other RC hitter with 2 hits, including a double (6).


Box Score



ACL White Sox 4 – ACL Dodgers 3

The Dodgers had 7 hits.  There were no Dodgers hitters with a multi-hit game. Doubles by Joendry Vargas (5) and Jaron Elkins (5).

Top ACL Dodgers Batting Averages

  • Joendry Vargas – .358
  • Alexander Albertus – .354
  • Eduardo Quintero – .350
  • Angel Diaz – .347
  • Jose Hernandez – .304

Top ACL Dodgers OPS

  • Cameron Decker – .998
  • Joendry Vargas – .997
  • Eduardo Quintero – .986
  • Alexander Albertus – .979
  • Angel Diaz – .806


Box Score





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Scott Andes

So how’s that load management working out?


5 days should be plenty.

This could be nothing. No way of knowing. I suspect the IL will be used though. No sense taking chances with this guy.

So another bullpen game and 7 runs is the result. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This team has to score.


IMO, the only realistic way this team wins a championship is if AF can assemble an ELITE SP & RP staff combined with outstanding defense in the field by this fall. Then maybe the Dodgers will be suitably equipped to win enough low-scoring 2 to 1, or 3 to 2 playoff games they’ll need to win a championship.

Last edited 28 days ago by Wayne

Good take Wayne. Solid pitching for 180 games is a tough task. If the offense slumps in the Fall, pitching would keep them close.

Scott Andes

And they won’t score with 5 mendoza hitting utility players on the roster. Guess who’s in love with utility players? Friedman stinks.



Another example why I hate those planned bullpen games so much. After a planned bullpen game your starter goes down early and the bullpen has to do heavy lifting right back after one game. A sure recipe to run you bullpen into the ground.
Why not give a start to Knack or somebody else ? If we have so much depth use it for gods sake. Now you had two bullpen games in 3 days and a trip to Coors field looming.
Fingers crossed that Yoshi is not hurt too much. Need him in October.

Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, if Knack is the next guy up, why isn’t he here? Miller, who does not appear ready, will take Yamamoto’s spot in the rotation. Dodgers starting pitching looks vulnerable to me.


Yep, this is a vulnerable group and can’t be relied on at present.


I don’t think the team wants to burn a call-up for a spot start with someone like Knack.


That is probably right Bluto, but another bullpen game instead of using an asset who is next on the ladder? I don’t like it.


Totally agree with your take on BP games. With the much touted pitching depth in the system and yet AF continues to not use it. Then what’s the point?

Go Dodgers!!

TennisMenace (TM)

Wow, our best starter out now. I bet this doesn’t to a surprise to those who closely follow baseball. Everyone saw how much harder Yam was going after those Yankees in Primetime. That had to have some negative consequence….and it did. Ya think!

And how is the recent .200 hitter we added, BIGGIO not named Craig, is working out for AF? I see he went 0-4 with 3 Ks last night. Why did we need him? Oh yeah, to fill in for a guy batting .205 as well (Kike).

As far as I can tell, these last 3 series against Yankees, Texas, and KC will be much like the playoffs will be for us. Very iffy…we may not even get out of the 1st round again if the Big 3 play little, like they have been of late.

But, at least we can say this, “We won the West again!”

I apologize for this sarcastic, negative post. I really didn’t feel like waking up to read about yesterday’s game like this was.


Right on target TM.


Not that I think he’s a good hitter, I don’t know, but I do know he got robbed twice on strike 3. He’s got a good eye, but with two strikes he needs to be able to protect the edges with this crop of umpires. The entire lineup needs to do that. Obviously all hitters prefer not to expand the zone but when hitting with two strikes you gotta know how to do it.


These umps are brutal and knowing how to expand the zone is essential. Curious to know your take on our hitting coach?


Mixed feelings Sandy. The team scores a lot of runs but also leaves a lot of runs on the bases. My biggest criticism is the lack of a two strike approach. It’s important to put the ball in play. But, clearly it isn’t emphasized.



TennisMenace (TM)

My dad taught me this early, don’t take a ball if it’s close when you have two strikes. My dad was a smart man.


You know, in amateur leagues that’s what we were all taught. In the big leagues those pitches should not be missed. These guys are supposed to be the top of the class. I don’t see it.

Wally Moonshot

The old choke up with two strikes and hit the ball up the middle approach seems to be a lost art. And not just with Dodgers. When I played, I was embarrassed to strike out — the walk of shame back to the dugout was not fun knowing I’d get “ the look” from the coach.


I get it Wally. I worked hard on choking up about an inch hitting a line drive wherever it was pitched. Hated striking out. Had a “refuse to do it” mentality. Don’t see that much anymore.

Wally Moonshot

Exactly. It was called “having an idea” when you were at the plate. I don’t know if hitters were smarter back then but it sometimes seems like it.

TennisMenace (TM)

It saddens me to be right on too….but when you get into the playoffs, for the most part, say goodbye to the 4/5 starters…..definitely the 5th and only the 4th if there is a wide gap between the #3 and #4. The Philadelphia Phillies have 4 solid starters so they probably pitch all 4 rather than 3 (Suarez, Wheeler, Nola, Sanchez…Walker to the bull pen).

So, what does that mean? Well, it is simple to me. Great pitchers don’t usually make too many mistakes. A batter is going to have to hit a good pitch to do damage. The mediocre pitchers do make more frequent mistakes and the great batters clean up on these guys. So, I think it is safe to say our 3 super stars probably won’t be teeing off on Suarez, Wheeler, and Nola. But, I think it has been shown that if these three are not rocking, then we are in trouble. And I still hold to the old baseball adage- GOOD PITCHING PREVAILS OVER GOOD HITTING. This is usually why the All Star games are usually low scoring. Seeing that we usually win when balls are flying out of the stadium, chances are we won’t see that many in the playoffs fly out which means we may very well go home early again. We need to be able to manufacture runs, not just bombs away all the time. This is not new thinking….many here have been shouting this mantra more often and louder than me.

I sure hope our smart people are mulling over why we don’t do that well in the playoffs considering we always make it there. -TM

Last edited 28 days ago by TennisMenace (TM)

He has not been the best starter. He is at the top, but Stone has more wins. Bad news about Yamamoto. But their next 9 games are all against teams with a losing record. 4 with the Rockies, 2 with the Angels then 3 with the White Sox. Then they go to SF, who also has a losing record. They are still 7 games in front of the Padres who have lost two straight to the Angels. They have plenty of time to tweak the roster. As for Biggio, his first two K’s were very iffy. Both strike three calls were balls. Kike doesn’t hit righties at all. Good news is that Lux was smoking the ball. Ohtani and Hernandez still chasing too many bad pitches. And as always, they miss Smith’s bat. Barnes just weakens the lineup. Treinen was unusually wild.

Last edited 28 days ago by Oldbear48

No need to apologize. All valid points!!


Happy Father’s Day to all those that contribute and read this site!

It’s crazy the lack of durability with Dodgers pitchers. Maybe, the emphasis on spin rate and velo should be reevaluated. How about more concern with learning how to pitch to location instead of trying to throw the ball through a brick wall? That approach has worked pretty well in the past. As a fan, just sayin’.

Last edited 28 days ago by tedraymond
Singing the Blue

Seems to me that the lack of durability is not a Dodger problem, it’s an MLB problem.

TennisMenace (TM)

I cringe every time I see a SP throwing near 100 pitches before the All Star break. Needless to say, I’ve been cringing a lot seeing Yam’s pitch count.


Are you on your period?

Scott Andes

Enjoy the losing and scheduled bullpen game losses Dio. More losing on the way for you to enjoy 😉


TennisMenace (TM)

Lol….I’m way passed that stage Dion….


Exactly Jeff D!

Phil Jones

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads.

We all are waiting patiently to find out the extent of Yamamoto’s arm injury. A serious injury would be really bad news. The next man up scenario is getting very old.

Ted, your thoughts on the increased velocity and spin rates being a culprit appear to be spot on. Those have been identified more recently as the main culprits.
But nobody knows. 

I’ve been on a mission to keep pitchers healthy for years and it seems now days we are no closer to answers on preventing arm issues then ever. I was ahead of the curve on tons of things. Planned throwing routines where pitchers throw more but pitch less, elastic bands, cords and cans, flat ground, icing after throwing which is now discouraged, jackets to keep warm which aren’t see anymore, sleeves which aren’t seen anymore.

Think of the financial impact on the game with some of the best pitchers unable to participate. In any other business if there was something impacting their bottom line, like arm injuries do, there would be a massive effort to fix the problem. What baseball has landed on right now, while collecting data, is Load Management.  
It ain’t working.

“It’s been a 400% increase in elbow injuries in a 10-year span and there’s no end in sight,” injury expert Marty Jaramillo said on CBS Sports HQ.

It’s becoming more excepted that velocity and spin is the problem and the solution is to reduce the number of pitches ie. load management. We know that pitching hurts arms with high frequency. That’s probably the only thing we know for sure. 
“There’s just not a right answer to this,” said Ben Geier, an orthopedic surgeon. “We just don’t have the data as to what any one factor is and I suspect it’s a group of factors that have led to this surge in injuries”

We think we know that certain things increase the risk for injury within the realm of pitching: 

  • High velocity
  • High workloads over long periods of time
  • Poor mechanics
  • Maybe the pitch clock, but maybe not
  • Maybe breaking pitches at an early age
  • Far too many games, year round, at the youth level

Still, there’s just so much unknown and it all varies on a player-by-player basis. It’s difficult to know a path forward. 

I don’t know what the answer is moving forward. Better medical procedures to treat injuries arms? I have semi-jokingly talked about steel cables used as UCL’s, or bracing techniques? How about limiting velocity with a restrictive brace? Or does baseball just stay with load management? To what end? If you want to eliminated arm injuries – don’t pitch.  
We’ve steadily reduced counts from not counting to 150, to 125 and now 100 pitches and 6 innings. Building up now is going from 85 to 100. 
I listened to a game last week and the announcers were blowing a clot as the starter was approaching 100 pitches. It was expected that his arm was about to fall off.

I am pretty confident in saying I know injuries are sadly going to continue to be a major part of the game. Can it be fixed without morphing the game into something entirely different?
I don’t know. No one does.


A lot of great information and possible solutions Phil! Your baseball experiences always provide us novices with some real insight. Much appreciated.

If there was a 400% increase in the past 10 years how about going back 10 years to see what’s different from today? Maybe, not a total answer, but would be some useful information.


Salaries going up innings going down.


Who thought Stone would be the Dodger Ace this year? He’s now in the conversation. Well, at least in the one I just started anyway.

Muncy might be of age where he will struggle to stay healthy enough to consistently be in the lineup and do more than hit the occasional home run. The Dodgers need a younger third baseman that does a lot more offensively than those they have been running out there. I’ll live with Betts and the offensive he brings to shortstop and will continue to have patience with Lux.

I prefer watching games with Outman in the lineup. He is their best defensive center fielder and competes offensively as well as Heyward.

Not sure how many innings Miller and Buehler can last per game.

Who could have guessed a few years ago that the Dodgers would not have more MLB ready catchers available. If the Dodgers can’t get more production out of RF and 3rd base, Barnes will continue to be a weakness that hurts the team. He is more than fine if the Dodgers had more offense when Smith is out of the lineup.


I thought the 6 man rotation, 6 inning 100 pitch load management program would work. Looks like I was wrong. Velo must be reduced, change of speeds and location emphasized. But that might not be the quickest way to generational money before the age of 30. Baseball has a problem.

I like Outman too. Hope he gets back and sticks, or maybe he’s used in trade for a starter.

It’s important to hold serve against the less than clubs.


Don’t get too excited over the Dodgers having the next 9 games against teams with a losing record. They are 9-15 against teams under .500 this year so far.


Wow! Who would have thought that to be the case. I guess it could be considered a good thing. It means we are well above .500 against potential playoff teams.

Good stat Bkln2LA57!


Wrong. All the teams in their division are under .500 and they are 13-10 against them. 4-2 against DC, 3-0 against Miami, 4-2 against the Mets, 1-2 against the Cubs, 3-4 against the Reds, 2-1 against Toronto, 1-2 against Pitt, 1-2 against Texas. All of those teams are under .500. That is 32-25.


Damn statistics…..I guess that it was why it was hard to believe!

Ron Fairly fan

The Dodgers announced this afternoon that they’ve placed right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto on the 15-day injured list with triceps tightness. The club also placed right-hander Michael Grove on the 15-day injured list due to lat tightness. In corresponding moves, the club has recalled right-hander J.P. Feyereisen and selected the contract of right-hander Michael Petersen. To make room for Petersen on the 40-man roster, the Dodgers transferred right-hander Joe Kelly to the 60-day injured list


I was never quite sure why the Dodgers overpaid to sign Kelly. I was not on board with signing him at all.




Kelly 9+million to sit on the il. Pathetic
grove pitching multiple innings 3/5 days
treinen next throwing 39 pitches in one inning
how are the bullpen games working out now?
didn’t save Yamamoto but add grove.

Last edited 28 days ago by Therealten

After walking the bases loaded, leaving Treinen in to face the lefty was, in my opinion, a mistake. Banta was in the bullpen. Didn’t really matter in the end. Still only scored 2. Not gonna win scoring 2.


Hr. Or bust




Yeah, I just saw a video of him dong some BP work. Next day, 60 day IL.
What a way to piss away $9M. I never understood the signing when it happened. Especially, for that amount. What did he do last season to deserve such a contract?


I heard ball hitting bone when that pitch hit Mookie.
The sound of “next man up.”


Just heard on MLB Tonight. It’s a fracture. Surgery not needed. Probably out 6 to 8 weeks..


Mookie addressed it in the postgame show. It is broken. He will be out at least 6 weeks.


That casts a doubt on the offense.  😉 


There was already more than enough doubt.



I got it.

I think we’ll be fine. Mookie hasn’t been himself in a month. OPSn .697, 2 home runs in his last 109 PAs. This will give him plenty of rest and give the team an opportunity to get a real shortstop.

Last edited 28 days ago by Badger

We already have one. Rojas. We need to upgrade the outfield.


Rojas every day all summer?

Nope. Too old. He’s already got a “leg”. He’s the perfect late inning replacement/part time starter.

This could be a blessing in disguise. Of course, it might mean some tough choices. Lux, Kiké or CT might have to go.

Last edited 28 days ago by Badger

Agree with you once again. Rojas too old for full-time starter, and in a twist of fate, this Betts’ injury could turn into a blessing in disguise if it leads to moving him back to 2B or RF when he returns in mid-August.

Last edited 27 days ago by Wayne
Scott Andes

RIP Dodgers 2024 season. One or two more injuries and the Dodgers will have an entire lineup consisting of .200 hitting utility players, which is Friedman’s dream.

Please fire Friedman.





Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.

Singing the Blue

What are you so concerned about Scott? Mookie hasn’t hit all that well recently anyway and the rest will probably do him good, both mentally and physically.

Are you predicting a 60 game losing streak here, or do you figure we might win about 25% of those games?

Vargas is coming back. According to Doc, he’ll start games against lefty pitchers. I say that within the next 2-3 weeks he’ll be hitting so well he’ll wind up starting most games and this will be his breakthrough.

(something in the deep recess of my brain wants to counteract every negative statement you make here with an equal and positive answer) 😎

Last edited 28 days ago by Singing the Blue

Scott is just performing for replies.


Almost got me, but then I said…… Nah!


that’s the way to play it, porpoiseboy.


Let him have his fun. He’s playing the Statler Waldorf role here:

Statler: Well, that was different.
Waldorf: Yep. Lousy…
Both: …but different


Scott, get off of your pedestal. They are not going to fire Freidman and you know it. The Dodger season is not lost. Sheesh. Get a grip. The offense will suffer some, but AF will make a move or two. I could see them trading for DeJong of the White Sox. He would be cheap, and he is having a resurgent season. He has 14 homers and has played very good defense. No need to be such a Negative Nelly. This hatred you have of AF is not healthy.


Then AF needs to get DeJong (for the right price) because this would solve the Dodgers middle infield issues for the rest of the season, once Betts comes back and resumes playing 2B.

Last edited 28 days ago by Wayne
Singing the Blue

Why in the world would we want to get DeJong when we already have Rojas?

This year, MiggyRo’s defensive numbers are better than DeJong’s.
2024 stats show DeJong strikes out in 32% of his at bats, where Rojas strikes out 8% of the time.

This year their OPS numbers are just about identical. We don’t need DeJong who has had exactly one real good year in his entire career and that was his first year.
No thank you.

Last edited 28 days ago by Singing the Blue

Agree. If it is not a significant upgrade, why do it. Plus, DeJong’s splits are reversed. He hits righties better than lefties.

Last edited 28 days ago by OhioDodger

The league is 70% righties. Let Rojas have the other 40%.

Last edited 28 days ago by Badger
Scott Andes

I dont hate him Bear. Just think he’s stubborn.


So, remember, Scott, a while back when I said you were occasionally smart (when you agree with me)?



Scott Andes

You can’t take it back because you love me.

And yes I should be fired.



Strained rotator cuff.


Well crap. That’s an indefinite time on the IL.

Singing the Blue

Indefinite means he’ll be back sooner than if Doc says he’ll be back soon.
Just ask Max.

Last edited 28 days ago by Singing the Blue

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