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Tyler Anderson Now 7-0

Tyler Anderson pitched 6 more shoutout innings.  He now has 26 consecutive scoreless innings, so he has a looooong way to go to catch Orel and 59 scoreless innings.  Tyler leads MLB in victories with 7.  He now has a 2.59 ERA and 0.95 WHIP.  53-6 strikeout to walk ratio.  That is phenomenal.  He has walked 2 since the beginning of May.  That is 6 starts and 38 IP.

Where would this team be without Tyler Anderson and Tony Gonsolin (1.59 ERA).  Let’s not forget that while Walker Buehler (3.22 ERA) has not dominated against that one complete game shutout, he still wins games.  He is 6-1.  Clayton Kershaw is 4-0 (1.80 ERA).  That is 23-1 for 4  starting pitchers.  That is some fantastic starting pitching.

Kershaw goes to RC on Sunday for his rehab start.  He is hoping to go 3-4 IP and maybe throw another in the bullpen.  If all goes well,, Kershaw could be back next weekend to face SFG.

Andrew Heaney and Max Muncy are headed to OKC for rehab starts this weekend.

Trea Turner now has a 26 game hitting streak.  CT3 has a far more modest 5 game hitting streak.

Mookie Betts has to sit.  His OPS has dropped to .998.😍😍

Tyler Anderson Scoreless 6 IP with 5 Ks




Cody Bellinger going deep for #6.


Zach McKinstry going deep for #1 (That was for you Badger).


Trea Turner insurance run single 


CT3 insurance run HR


Daniel Hudson getting 4th out in a 4 out save.



Okay, I am calling it.  Walker Buehler finds his 4-seamer on Gil Hodges Day, and dominates the Mets.






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Harold Uhlman

Baseball is the game of the unexpected although AF might have expected something like Tyler Anderson is giving. I doubt even he expected a start like this.

Things turn on a dime but let’s just enjoy this ride as long as it goes and hopefully right into October.

You know I smile ever time Zach does the unexpected.


Anderson just keeps doing it. He’s the biggest surprise to me. He’s never done this before. His career, 6 years before this one, he’s been a mid to back rotation 4.5 ERA guy. I find this start amazing.

Zach. I expected the 2 Ks. I did not see a home run coming in his first game.

This team is hard to figure out. If they could ever put it all together, I see no team in this league that could beat them 4 of 7. That said, who knows what the post season roster will look like in 4 months.


I dunno Badger, I find this team super easy to figure out.

it’s really good. That sounds more flippant than it means to.

from run differential to run prevention, really, really good


Good isn’t that hard to figure out. I just meant things like who’s the ace? Don’t tell me it’s Tyler Anderson. Will we need another starter, will Cody ever return to MVP form, will Justin Turner even hit .250 this year? Will Will Smith get going? Walker Buehler. Kimbrel, Julio, Kershaw, Gonsolin, Muncy, bench, bullpen, IL, etc. We stink it up against the Phillies and Pirates, but appear to get it back together against the team that had the best record in the league

Is this a championship caliber roster, or is it another early exit from the playoffs?


Ah. I see.

No offense, but I don’t think those questions are that important in the larger picture. They’re pretty granular and small potatoes.

Who cares who the ace is? There’s tons of great pitching.
As stated by Jeff, I think it’s more likely they trade a starter away than bring one in.
Doubtful Cody’s that good.
Of course Turner will get it going, but he’s aging. He may not be as he’s been in a recent great season. It doesn’t matter.

For the past half-decade continuously it’s been a championship quality roster. No reason to think that’ll stop. Then again, I am 100% sure it was the best roster in baseball last year, but you seem to imply that it wasn’t.

I’m back from lovely Montecito, so I’m feeling bucolic. Life if great. The Dodgers are probably the best team in Baseball and will be all season.

Don’t sweat the Phillies series now. Don’t sweat the Pirates a week ago. Don’t sweat it if the team loses in the playoffs to a team that gets hot like the Braves did. Or cheats, like the Astros did.

It’s baseball, the best team doesn’t always win. The best players don’t always succeed. The best organizations don’t win the World Series.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

I don’t sweat baseball. Just curious. But, I will admit, I’m not as confident as you are. Just a gut feeling based on nothing objective.

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