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2022 CY Award Winners

Yesterday was the vote for the CY winners.  It was almost a foregone conclusion that Sandy Alcantara (NL) and Justin Verlander (AL) would be the winners in a runaway fashion.  As it turned out both Alcantara and Verlander were unanimous vote getters.

He was the first Marlins pitcher to win the award, and the third player from the Dominican Republic to win it.  Pedro Martinez (3 time winner – 1997, 1999, 2000) and Bartolo Colon (2005) were the other two pitchers from the DR to win it.


Alcantara had six complete games in 2022.  That was more than the other 29 ML teams combined.  The Marlins acquired Alcantara in 2017 along with RHP Zac Gallen, LHP Daniel Castano, and RF Magneuris Sierra from St. Louis for Marcell Ozuna.  The Marlins later traded Zac Gallen to Arizona for Jazz Chisholm.  That indicates that St. Louis traded pitchers that were #1 and #5 in the 2022 CY vote for two years of Ozuna.

What caught me by surprise was that Max Fried was the runner-up.  Max was named on 23 ballots, Julio Urías was named on 22 ballots, Aaron Nola on 17 ballots, and Gallon on 20 ballots.  So according to 8 voters, Julio Urías was no better than 6th best pitcher in the NL.



There were 4 voters from The Athletic, and three of them did not vote for Julio Urías:

  • Maria Torres
  • Sahadev Sharma
  • Andrew Baggarly

Jayson Stark was the only The Athletic writer who voted for Urías (3rd place).

The other voters who did not include Urías on the ballot were:

  • David Brandt – AP
  • Meghan Montemurro – Chicago Tribune
  • Thomas Harding –
  • Jack Etkin – At Large
  • Ryan Fagan – The Sporting News

I do not pretend to understand what goes on in the minds of voters.  But Urías was the NL ERA leader and #3 in WHIP, behind Zac Gallen.  How does someone with those numbers not deserve at least a #5 vote.

He had the least number of IP of any of the top vote getters.  Six teams had two pitchers with more IP than Urías, who led LAD in IP: Miami, Arizona, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, and Atlanta.  Individual awards are not even remotely as important as team awards/championships.  But since they are voted on, they can be commented on and discussed.

I certainly would like to ask any of the 8 voters who did not vote for Urías the reason why.  Not to change their mind, but to try and understand their reasoning.

On the AL side, Justin Verlander won his 3rd  CY Award.


Verlander dominated the AL.  He led MLB in ERA (1.75) and WHIP (0.83).

He is the 11th pitcher to win the award 3 or more times.  Only 4 pitchers have more CY Awards:

  • Roger Clemens – 7
  • Randy Johnson – 5
  • Greg Maddux – 4
  • Steve Carlton – 4

Other pitchers winning 3 CY Awards:

  • Max Scherzer
  • Clayton Kershaw
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Jim Palmer
  • Tom Seaver
  • Sandy Koufax

That is three current MLB pitchers with 3 CY Awards.

Verlander was joined by a couple of newcomers atop the vote totals.  ChiSox RHSP Dylan Cease and Toronto RHSP Alek Manoah. , who were 2nd and 3rd respectively.  These were the first CY votes received by either pitcher.

Verlander will try to bankroll his dominating season into a record breaking contract.  This downside of his quest is that he will entering his 40 year old season.  He talks about wanting to pitch to 45, but talking about it, and believing he can accomplish that at a championship level is something else.

Congratulations to both Sandy Alcantara and Justin Verlander.


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Why do people suspect Barry Bonds of using PEDs but not Judge? Why suspect Clemens but not Verlander? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing Judge, he’s a young player that mught be naturally phenomenal. But who would ever believe a 39 yr old pitcher could have TJ surgery and immediately dominate the league?


I’m not at all surprised

Verlander is a freak. Is he worth $40 million? Yeah, sure. 5.9 WAR at $9 million per WAR says so. That makes Judge worth #90 million a year.


Sorry, I got called away and didn’t proofread that post.

One more thought. Bellinger. In the world I live in, which is a few levels below the penthouses in which these folks live, Bellinger would accept the contract that he has earned. He’s already been overpaid so why would the Dodgers do that again? Well, they don’t live in the world which I live, therefore I fully expect him to get overpaid by someone. NY maybe. Perhaps Chicago. We won without him last year, we could do it again. Will we? How the hell do any of us know? All we can do is speculate while we wait. I would prefer a contract that at the end of the year he is paid what he has earned. Set it at $8 million per WAR. You get a million a month to get by on, sounds ridiculous I know, then at the end of the year it’s quite possible you will be paid more than anyone in baseball. And yes, I currently live in Fantasyland.


That land of yours also doesn’t have a Player’s Union it seems.


It’s Fantasyland. Everyone works together for the common good.


This will sound funny, but we have the same fantasies!


I think I know what you mean by that Bluto. A whole-system perspective is lacking in many. Happy to hear you share the vision.


Fabian A at the Athletic kinda (but not as glowingly) echoes Mr. Law:

They should remain in touch with Heaney’s reps throughout his free agency, but Heaney likely won’t be atop their priority list. Their success with the left-hander is a proof of concept of a plan they’ve been able to execute well If Heaney signs elsewhere, the Dodgers have shown the ability to do it again with another Heaney type.…


The Athletic just said a poll of MLB people said Dodgers would not sign Verlander and instead sign Correa.

Singing the Blue

Now you’ve ruined it for all of us, Fred. That’s like telling someone the ending of a mystery novel when they’re on chapter one.


Urias won 20 games in 2021, placed 3rd in Cy Young in 2022, and could actually win the Cy in his last year entering free agency. He is going to be in strong free agency demand.


I’ve often wondered what kind of career Urias would have. He’s had already had a few surgeries, he has never looked fit (there have been more than a few great players who never looked fit) and to me it always looks like he’s working too hard. Does any of that mean he will have a short career? Probably not. Unless it does of course.

A poll of MLB people. Well, they should know.

I first thought the Dodgers would want to make a splash, if for no other reason than to clear the stink in the air left by the dump they took in San Diego. Now I’m not so sure. They could do nothing and still be favored to win the West, and that is the goal every year, right?

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