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A Pair of 2-0 Shutouts Over LAA WITH the Bullpen

I am not sure if the intent for Wednesday’s games was to become a full on bullpen game, or if Michael Grove was supposed to be a long man.  Whatever happened, Dave Roberts pushed the correct buttons on this one.  I know it is easy to bang on the manager when he makes mistakes (and Doc does).  But he also deserves credit for when he gets it right (and he did).

Clayton Kershaw went a fantastic 7.0 IP the night before and Caleb Ferguson and Evan Phillips each pitched a perfect inning with 2 Ks each.  It took a fortuitous bounce for Michael Busch to be the hero on Tuesday night, but the ball bounced the LAD way.  Good for Busch and good for the Dodgers.  Of course those hits even out with great defensive plays, but not on this night.  Just remember this one, Michael, when someone steals a HR, double, or single in a future AB.

The Dodgers drew Reid Detmers, who was a college teammate of Bobby Miller’s at Louisville.  Reid was the more revered pitcher and was the 10th overall pick the same year that Miller was the 29th overall pick.  Somewhat reminiscent of the 2015 draft when Vanderbilt had two pitchers go in the 1st round with the Dodgers getting the less heralded pitcher of the duo.  With the 8th overall pick, the CWS drafted RHP Carson Fulmer.  Fulmer is now a fulltime reliever in the LAA MiLB organization.  He was with the Dodgers at OKC in 2022.  I was hoping that he would have found his way to the Dodgers as a reliever last year, done well, and stuck.

With the 24th pick in that same 2015 draft, in his first LAD draft, AF selected RHSP, Walker Buehler.  While Buehler and Fulmer have seemingly gone in different directions since the draft, both Detmers and Miller are looking to have very good MLB careers.  Detmers is starting to pitch the way scouts envisioned.  He is still just 23 (about 2 months younger than Miller).  Miller’s birthday is 04/05/1999 while Detmers’ is 07/08/1999.  Miller is 24 (baseball age) and Detmers is 23.

It might have been fun to see Miller go mano a mano against Detmers.  Instead we got to see a vintage Clayton Kershaw.

What we have not seen a lot of lately was the outstanding bullpen work in back to back nights.  Caleb Ferguson worked out whatever it was that was ailing him in those 4 early June games, and has been brilliant in his last five appearances.  In those five games: 5.0 IP, no runs, no hits, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 5 Ks.

Evan Phillips followed Ferguson in the 9th in both games to record back to back saves.  Phillips has been a tad better than Ferguson in his last five games.  Phillips has thrown 6.0 IP allowed no runs, no hits, 1 BB, and 9 Ks.

He and Evan Phillips have gone back to back games in the LAA series, and with a day off on Thursday, they should be ready to face the Cheaters from Houston.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers countered Shohei Ohtani with Brusdar Graterol (2.0 IP), Victor González (1.1 IP), Yency Almonte (1.1 IP), Alex Vesia (1.0 IP), Ryan Brasier (1.1 IP), Caleb Ferguson (1.0 IP), and Evan Phillips (1.0 IP).  González allowed a double and Almonte allowed a single and BB.  Both hits were made by Luis Rengifo.  Those were the only two hits for LAA on the night.  Graterol, Vesia, and Ferguson issued the other three walks.  Mr. No Strikeout, Brusdar Graterol, had three in his 2.0 IP.  He struck out Mickey Moniak on a chase of a cutter up and out of the zone, Jared Walsh, same chase, and Taylor Ward on a slider chase that caught too much of the plate, but worked.

The Dodgers got a pair of solo HRs for the win on Wednesday.  Freddie Freeman hit his solo HR in the 4th off Ohtani, and Miguel Vargas had a one-out HR in the 9th off Aaron Loup.  Ohtani was otherwise brilliant.  In 7.0 IP, he allowed the one HR, with a non-scoring double (JDM) and 3 singles.  He struck out 12 Dodgers in 7.0 IP.  Ohtani is a RHP, so the Dodgers cannot say they could not hit LHP.

Both the Dodgers and Angels got outstanding pitching. It was just that the Dodgers was a bit better.  Not a lot of room for error in a pair of 2-0 victories.

Now the Dodgers get Houston.  Emmet Sheehan will get Game 1 against 28 year old rookie JP France.  Can Sheehan replicate his last Friday start against SF?  On Saturday, Bobby Miller looks to get back to the level of his first 4 games against 29 year old rookie RHP, Ronel Blanco.  On Sunday, Tony Gonsolin is looking at 6 days to recover against a third Houston rookie, 24 year old RHSP Hunter Brown.

After a day off on Monday, the Dodgers will go to Colorado for 3, to KC for 3, then home for 6: Pittsburgh (4) and LAA (2).  If the Angels stick with a five man rotation, it is conceivable that the Dodgers will draw Detmers and Ohtani at Dodger Stadium.


Rivalry?  I don’t think so.  Can you have envisioned Don Drysdale and Juan Marichal making the same exchange?  How about Mookie or Freddie and Tatis or Machado?

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Great game to watch. I pretty much was on pins and needles both games. Dodgers sent Tayler Scott to the Red Sox for cash.


Now they have enough money to buy Adell.


River Ryan!


Okay, the Dodgers solved their bullpen problems already. Kersh is now a 7 inning pitcher. Sheehan and Miller are good for 100 pitches. Urias is due back soon. Gonsolin is good for 5.2 innings. Buehler will be back for the playoffs. Hudson will join the relief corp soon. Everything is all fixed.

OK, maybe Vargas could use a breather in OK. Outman is making more contact so I think he won’t get that OK breather.

Busch has looked solid at third. Deluca hasn’t done enough to keep him on the Dodgers though.

I declare the Dodgers fixed. 😀

Scott Andes

Now we just need Giants and AZ to lose


I think rivalries are just for fans. Free Agency, salaries and improvements to communication make it much less of a reality for players. Astros excluded. Soto and Betts are quite friendly, I believe.

Jeff Dominique

And Freeman is friendly with everyone as they reach 1st. Soto does not fit in the “I hate LAD” crowd of Machado, Tatis, Grissom, Musgrove, Snell…


Soto, the 2025 Dodger left fielder?

I wonder if he regrets turning down Washington’s extension offer? I don’t think he will get that good of an offer again.

Will the Dodgers trade for Stroman or Giolito. Who would the Dodgers package with Muncy to get one of those two?


I also wonder how much SD regrets giving up so much to get him? It’s been about 125 games played and in those 125 games, Soto is hitting roughly .250.


People still look at batting average?

Scott Andes

Yes, why wouldn’t they?


Because his:
OBP is .415
Slug: .488
His OPS+ is 154

He’s #5 in offensive WAR!!!!!!

He’s doing just fine.

If Ohtani comes here (God willing) there’s obviously no room for Soto.

That’s a big if.


And 19hr and 53 rbi in those 125 games. I’m sure SD expected much more production than that.


Joke or serious?


Why ask that? I too think SD expected more.


He’s hit 27 HRs the last two seasons. It’s eminently doable he hits that number or exceeds it.

the rest of his numbers are too 10!

how much more do they expect in either of your perspectives?

RBIs are as valued these days as BA.


Maybe. Still, not much production for 125 games. Not for a guy who expects more than $440 million.

I value RBI’s. That’s hitting with runners in scoring position. You don’t value that?

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Not really. It’s more a product of the environment, if you have a high OPS and are at bay with runners on base you will drive them in, if your at bats come with no runners on base your high OPS won’t result in RBIs.


I get the environment thing. You gotta have runners on base. But I still look at batting average WRISP, both team and individual. I know when we leave a lot of runners on base people talk about it. I believe it’s talked about for good reason.


ok. And you think Soto has a below average OPS with runners scoring position?

Or batting average?

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

No. I simply agreed with Bobby. 19 home runs and 53 RBI’s is on pace for 24 and 69 and that would be disappointing to the Padres. I added it ain’t worth $440+ million.


Soto has a wRC+ of 152, which ranks him squarely among the top ten.

Zips projected his wRC+ for this season at 155 with a BA in the .270s. He’s pretty much in line with expectations. His best was two years ago when it was 163.

The Padres probably hoped his bat would carry them to a division title, but he definitely has not underperformed or been a disappointment.

The reason his projected contract is so high is not because he his head-and-shoulders above everyone else offensively, but because he is still very YOUNG, so if you’re signing him to, say, a 10 year deal, you’re going to be getting ALL of his prime years, not part of his prime/decline … and he is young enough to anticipate he could still get better.

Looking at RBIs to evaluate the value of an offensive player is like looking at wins to evaluate a pitcher. Nice to look at. Doesn’t say that much about the individual performance of that player.


Because it’s less relevant in assessing total offense as opposed to other metrics.


Bobby Dalbec who is raking at AAA, wants the Red Sox to trade him. He has been playing at 3rd, SS, first base and the outfield. RH hitter with 18 bombs at Pawtucket.


What’s his batting average?


Well played


.296. Career minor leaguer. Busch is better.

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