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Clayton and the Kids

Clayton Kershaw was supposed to go 4 innings in yesterday’s game, but the pitch count got too high.  Too many hits, walks, and strikeouts.  1st game against ML hitters and not pitching to a ML catcher.  As a fan, I like Hunter Feduccia, but Kershaw has never thrown to him.  Both of his catchers are in the WBC.  He just needed to pitch in an A game.  Check that off.

Outman got another  RBI single.  Maybe he is becoming another Andre Ethier.  Okay…not a fair comp at this stage of his career.  Dre was two years younger in his rookie season with a .842 OPS and a 113 OPS+.

Outman is not the only rookie showing off.

Hunter Feduccia – 2 more hits (including double), and 2 more RBI’s.  2nd on the team with 7, only behind Freddie’s 8.  Feduccia has 9 ABs and Freddie has 17.

Eddys Leonard – 6 for 17 – .353/.389/.412/.801 – 1BB, 3 K – 3 RBI – Playing a competently decent SS.  Leonard should begin the year at AA.

Jorbit Vivas – 4 for 13 – .308/.438/.385/.823 – 0 BB, 3 K – 4 RBI, 1 HBP, 1 SB – Playing a very good defensive 2B.  Vivas should join Leonard and Cartaya in Tulsa.

Neither Leonard nor Vivas look overwhelmed playing at this level.  It is clear that AF/BG understood what they were doing when they both were added to the 40 man after only completing low A.

Andy Pages – 4 for 13 – .308/.526/.385/.911 – 5 BB, 4 K – 3 RBI – Played all three OF positions.  I have only seen Pages swing at one very bad pitch, that was bad as soon as it left the pitcher’s hand.  Pages’ goal going into the AFL was to better his plate discipline.  He did that in the AFL, and is continuing that into ST.  Thank God for Arte Moreno for being a doofus.

Ryan Ward – 4 for 11 – .364/.533/.364/.897 – 4 BB, 4 K – 2 RBI

Drew Avans – 4 for 13 – .308/.400/.538/.938 – 2 BB, 6 K – 2 RBI

Devin Mann – 4 for 15 – .267/.421/.400/.821 – 4 BB, 5 K – 2 RBI

Andre Jackson – 3 more stellar scoreless IP.  2 hits, 0 BB and 2 K.  For ST, 3 games,  6.0 scoreless IP, 5 hits, 1 BB, 7 K.

Mark Washington – 1.0 scoreless IP, 1 hit, 0 BB, 0 K.  For ST – 4 games, 2.2 scoreless IP, 1 hit, 0 BB, 2 K.  My prediction – at least 1 of Mark Washington and Nick Robertson will make their MLB debut this year.  Both are capable.

Not a kid:

Bradley Zimmer – 4 for 11 – .364/.563/.455/1.018 – 4BB, 6K, 1 HBP, 1 SB

Split squad games today.  The kids should get a lot of opportunities.

Game 1 vs Chicago Cubs at home:

  • Miguel Rojas – SS
  • Max Muncy – 3B
  • JD Martinez – LF
  • James Outman – CF
  • Michael Busch – 1B
  • Andy Pages – RF
  • Yonny Hernandez – 2B
  • Jonny DeLuca – DH
  • Patrick Mazeika – C
  • Noah Syndergaard – P


Game 2 vs San Francisco Giants away:

  • Jason Heyward – CF
  • Miguel Vargas – 2B
  • Chris Taylor – SS
  • Steven Duggar – RF
  • Ryan Ward – DH
  • Luke Williams – 3B
  1. Bradley Zimmer – LF
  • Devin Mann – 1B
  • David Freitas – C
  • Dylan Covey – P

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Roberts said today that Bobby Miller will NOT pitch in a Cactus League game this spring. He is having a slow ramp up due to his increased workload last season. Urias 2-A.


I am 100% stunned that Ruiz’ agent let him sign such a club friendly deal like this, unless there are 2-3 opt out clauses

Singing the Blue

The Ruiz deal seems like a dramatic underpay by the Nats. On the other hand, can you imagine what 50 mil means to a kid with family still stuck in Venezuela?

He could suffer a career ending injury tomorrow and might just have decided that he’d rather play it safe and provide for his family. Can’t really argue with that.


Not surprisingly Jefe that was my first thought. He’s still pre-arb eligible so to get this kind of guaranteed money is huge for him.


WIlliams, Mann and Outman have homers today. WIlliams a three run shot against the Giants, Mann a two run shot against the Giants and Outman a solo shot to left against the Cubs. Cubs hit three in the 5th inning off of Syndergaard and Vesia.


I think I saw where Outman’s homer was against a lefty. An opposite field homer against a lefty seems major league like to me.

Heyward continues to give Outman room on the rail and Outman is applying the whip.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap
Singing the Blue

What do MLB rules say about one player whipping another?
Could lead to a long suspension.


Consenting adults. No problemo.

Sam Oyed

Thats right, just ask Bauer.


Tayler Scott darkhorse?

Must See

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