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Dodger Bats Break Out Big in May

Unfortunately I had a major dental procedure that has left me in some pain. So this will probably be a short one. The best part, I get to do it all again on Thursday.  However the Dodgers game had me feeling much better.

Taijuan Walker looks like he just quit out there.  Bad throw from Brandon Marsh in CF on a play at the plate, standing between 3rd and home on the field of play, he tried to be the cutoff and he just waved at it, allowing two runners to move up and score on a Freddie Freeman single.  He then made a poor throw to 2nd on Freddie’s single and Freddie was safe.  He looked disgusted with a couple of pitches and would not let it go.  There were a couple of other situations.  He reminded me a lot of Julio Urías when things do not go well for him.

Another player with a forlorn look last night was Mookie Betts.  After his ground out in the 2nd inning, he was pictured in the dugout muttering to himself.  Whatever he said to himself seemed to work.  He singled, doubled, and homered his next three AB.  At some point in the season, the Dodgers are going to get Mookie, Freddie, and Will getting hot at the same time.  When that happens, we are going to see a lot more of the games we saw on Monday.  8 for 15, 2 HRs, 2 doubles, 7 RBIs.

Tony Gonsolin pitched well for 4.2 innings, but could not get that 3rd out.  After two quick outs in the 5th, Tony walked Bryson Stott, gave up a single on an 0-2 pitch to Trea Turner, and walked Kyle Schwarber on a 3-2 pitch.  I know Doc wanted to start Phil Bickford in the 6th, but he was forced to bring him in after Tony reached 80 pitches.  He gave up a 2-run single to Nick Castellanos on a fastball he did not get up in the zone enough.

Victor Gonzalez retired the side in order in the 7th.  One of the outs was an outstanding play by VGon to dive and hard shuffle the ball to first to get an out.  In the 8th, VGon surrendered a one out, excuse me swing oppo single, and gave way to Shelby Miller who retired the two batters he faced to finish the 8th.

In the 8th inning, after David Peralta’s run scoring single, Phillies 1B, Kody Clemens, came in for relief.  After striking out Michael Busch, he walked Miggy Rojas to match up against the hard hitting Shelby Miller.  It was clear that the umpire did not want to sit for the position player throwing 50 MPH, as he called 2 clear balls (missed by a bunch) before Miller hit a ground ball down the 3B line that forced the 3B to leave his feet and tag 3B for a force out.

Shelby Miller stayed in to pitch the 9th.  He allowed a walk to Edmundo Sosa, but got three outs to complete the win.

But it was the bats that proved to be the story of the night.  They scored 13 runs on 15 hits.

  • 4 HRs – Will Smith, solo; David Peralta, 3-run HR; Jason Heyward, solo; and Mookie Betts, 2-run HR.
  • 7 of the 13 runs were directly the result of the HR, but they were also 6-12 WRISP.
  • 3 Doubles
  • Mookie 3 hits (single double, HR), Freddie 3 hits (double), Will Smith 2 hits (HR), David Peralta 2 hits with 4 RBI (HR), Jason Heyward 2 hits including a double and HR.
  • With two out against Craig Kimbrel, Michael Busch drew a BB that preceded a HR by Mookie. After a double by Freddie, Kimbrel was pulled.  We got to see a lot of that last year.
  • Michael Busch in his first start at home, got a couple of hits and a walk. One of the hits was off a tough lefty.  I still contend,  he has nothing left to learn at AAA, but he does need a spot on the roster.  When JDM returns, I assume that Busch will be optioned back to OKC.
  • Miggy Vargas has now had 3 hard hit ground ball outs in the last week. 2 turned into RBIs.


Tony Gonsolin did not get the win.  As he said after the game, he tried a little too hard with 2 outs in the 5th.  His words – “I was trying to be overly nasty”.  Doc thought that he ran out of gas.  Regardless of the outcome, Tony was up to 80 pitches, so he should be good to go next time out.  Gonsolin only had 3 Ks.  He is not a big strikeout pitcher, but instead pitches to soft contact which is what he did for 4.2 innings.

The Dodgers are now alone at the top of the NL West by a 0.5 game ahead of Arizona.  They have now won 4 in a row, and are 4 games over .500 for the first time in 2023.  But they are not the only team in the NL West starting to get hot.  San Diego has won three in a row, and only trial the Dodgers by 1.0 game.  It is going to get wild in San Diego this weekend.

Julio Urías will start for LAD on Tuesday against Matt Strahm, who has pitched relatively well in the rotation.  Julio will look to get back on track against the Phillies.  And on the night that Bryce Harper returns.



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”He should be good next time out.”

He did still look a little rusty. 3 earned in 4.2 (5.78) 1.7 WHIP. 80 pitches should easily get him 5 innings and the win. I think we got lucky. Throwing him without first stretching him out in rehab starts is, to me anyway, indicative of a lack of starting pitching depth.

Top of the order 8 for 15. That’s more like it.

Peralta. Squirrel found nut. Thomas next?

Heyward still chasing. Knock that off and his OPS will tick up.

Outman. Has the balloon landed? Last 7 days, .200/.310/.280. 15 Ks.

Interesting piece in the Times this morning about moving Vargas to second. Pretty much says what I’ve been saying. I still wonder if it’s a temporary move.

That throw from Marsh that got away was a strange looking play. What was Walker doing standing where he was? On a throw from the outfield pitchers should be backing up a base. He was standing in no man’s land between home and third. Did Marsh try to hit his cutoff man, thinking Walker was him? Weird.

Philly looked awful last night. Fine with me of course. Padres playin better. Arizona 5-5. Umpiring still gets a C-

I wonder how that strike zone challenge experiment is going?

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger



Thompson. Obviously. Didn’t catch it in time.

Any thoughts on the post?


Nice win. The team is better with Mookie at SS. Dodgers still striking out too much in my opinion. Outman SO rate is concerning. We really need the good Urias to show up tonight. Go Dodgers.


I’m warming up to Betts at SS.

I also like Busch in the lineup.

The biggest development from yesterday is the sudden appearance of Gonsolin as a fourth horseman in the rotation.

Heyward appears to have settled into a pretty decent OF option. I’m still not sold on Peralta. We need to make sure Roberts doesn’t fall in love with the past stats. But the HR did shut some people up.



We need to make sure Roberts doesn’t fall in love with the past stats. But the HR did shut some people up.”


Ouch Jefe. Hate when that happens. I got approved for my surgery on my left eyelid. It sags due to the Bells Palsy I have. Loved the game, and it was fun watching Jason Heyward prove my point that sometimes fans are just a little too quick to judge a player. He has looked like a different guy up there the last several games. Harper comes back tonight. Should be interesting.


On a different plane, Yankee fans calling for Boone’s scalp.


Unsolicited request.

I really liked Jeff’s “what did we learn” piece after a recent series.

maybe a regular thang?

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