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Dodgers Take Series Against Miami and Now Face NYM

First of all, I just want to say how encouraging it was that the Dodgers were able to get a win in what really was a throw away game.  They lost their Ace who was originally scheduled to pitch on Monday night, and the batter that was tearing the Marlins a new one was set down on a scheduled day off.  The Dodgers need Mookie with fresh legs for the post season, and with a 19.5 game lead over the Padres and 7.5 games (now 8.0) over NYM, this seemed like a good idea.  Freddie Friedman and Trea Turner were not playing on the outfield artificial turf, so their legs were not an issue.

The Dodgers took 3 of 4 in Miami, and the only game they lost, they got beat by maybe the best pitcher in MLB this season, Sandy Alcantara.  They were also in a position to win with better defense.

Michael Grove assumed the starting job and pitched admirably.  He got through 4.2 innings on 66 pitches, and he came out because Doc preferred the lefty David Price to face the LH hitting JJ Bleday.  Bleday proceeded to double and Garrett Cooper walked to load the bases, but got the hot hitting Jacob Stallings to hit into a 6-4 forceout.

After a leadoff double, Caleb Ferguson battled and stranded the runner at third with one out.  Evan Phillips, Phil Bickford, and Craig Kimbrel in the 9th were excellent.  But asking Kimbrel to go back out in the 10th was a head scratcher.  After loading the bases on a pair of walks and one out, Doc called on Chris Martin.  C-Mart struck out Garrett Cooper on 3 pitches, and got Jacob Stallings to pop out to Freddie in foul territory for his first save of 2022.  I am guessing he might get a few more chances.


On a day that Will Smith committed to play for Team USA in next year’s WBC, he got the 2-run big fly (19) to give the Dodgers the lead and a chance at a victory.  Overall this was a good team win.  Magic number down to 15 (IN AUGUST).


Now they travel to New York and take on the NYM in what many expect is a preview of the NLCS.  The Dodgers and Mets have the best records in MLB, with the Dodgers having an 8 game lead over NYM with 34 to play.  You can never say that is enough, but it sure feels safe.

The pitching matchups beginning Tuesday will be:

The Dodgers are #1 in MLB in:

  • BA at .263 – (NYM #7 at .257)
  • OBP at .338 – (NYM #3 at .329)
  • SLG at .453 – (NYM #11 at .407)
  • OPS at .792 – (NYM #7 at .736)

The Dodgers lead the Mets in hits, SB, doubles, triples, and HR.

LAD also has better numbers in hitting WRISP and WRISP w/2 outs.  The Dodgers are best in MLB in OPS in both categories.

The Dodgers also have better numbers in the pitching department

  • Overall ERA – Dodgers #1 (2.84), Mets #5 (3.53)
  • Overall WHIP – Dodgers #1 (1.05); Mets #5 (1.19)
  • Overall BAA – Dodgers #1 (.210); Mets #9 (.236)


  • Starter ERA – Dodgers #1 (2.67); Mets #5 (3.51)
  • Starter WHIP – Dodgers #1 (1.04); Mets #6 (1.16)
  • Starter BAA – Dodgers #1 (.210); Mets #10 (.237)


  • Relievers ERA – Dodgers #3 (3.11); Mets #10 (3.63)
  • Relievers WHIP – Dodgers #1 (1.07); Mets #16 (1.24)
  • Relievers BAA – Dodgers #3 (.210); Mets #10 (.233)

The Dodgers do not have to face Max Scherzer on this trip, But they will in the playoffs.  And while the numbers seem to favor the Dodgers in a 162 game season, those numbers do not automatically reflect how they will play in the playoffs.  Scherzer and deGrom will be extremely formidable and in a short series that will carry weight.

That is not to dismiss the strengths in the LAD starters.  Julio Urias, Tyler Anderson, Dustin May, Clayton Kershaw will also be very formidable.  If Tony Gonsolin is not as hurt as is now being reported, then he could be the difference maker.  Badger made the comment that he will believe it when he sees it if Gonsolin only misses 2 starts.  I understand the skepticism.  If the injury is truly a forearm strain, I do not care how early you catch it, there are going to be procedures that will necessarily end his season.  The Dodgers will not take a chance with pitching Gonsolin if his UCL will snap.  Two weeks rest is not going to “fix” a forearm strain.  That is my non-medical degree hypothesizing.

The other option is it really was not a forearm strain, and the Catman needed a break.

I would like to see Dustin May start against NYM.  It will give the decision makers a better idea as to how he will fare against better competition than Miami.  He did not back down against Sandy Alcantara, and I do not expect him to back down against any NYM pitcher.

Bring on the Mets.




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“And while the numbers seem to favor the Dodgers in a 162 game season, those numbers do not automatically reflect how they will play in the playoffs.”

And for me that is most important element going into post season play.

This team has been outstanding. Is it time to take the foot off the pedal? Plaschke thinks so. More or less anyway. No need to make an attempt at setting a regular season win record. There is, and has been, what I would argue an obligation to rest certain players. There’s still time. At least I think there is. It’s wise to give guys days off. It’s judicious to go to a 6 man rotation. (Mitch White, please come home). We’ll see what the plan is now, and how it’s going to work.

Kershaw, even at 80% is going to help of course. May is going to be counted on. Pepiot, not our best prospect at AAA, will be asked to come through. It may be the bullpen going 4, or even 4+ every night that carries this team to the finish line. Hopefully that finish is near, or in, November.

No matter how this plays out, it’s going to be historic. Dodger fans will be talking about this season for years.


Good point about the 11 days. The Dodgers will be in their own homes for quite a awhile. Home field could be decided somewhere in there and it should only take a few days for most to rest up.

Everyone is tired by this point so a few days R&R would be in order. Arms may be different.

I just read an article on “Dead Arm” that made sense to me. “A few weeks” is generally considered the time needed and then a re-evaluation is required. There’s a difference between soreness and pain. Soreness is fatigue, pain is injury. We don’t know which is going on with Gonsolin, we only know what we were told, and we know from experience that doesn’t mean squat. I believe Gonsolin needs weeks of rest and when he comes back he should be held to pitch count. It’s my opinion he should have an MRI now, but the team is apparently hesitant.

Even up I think we can beat the Mets. It could be an extended series but I believe we’re better and would prove it. This series doesn’t mean much in my opinion. I think it could mean more to them than us.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

You could argue that Friedman tried the “Top Two” starting pitcher tactic multiple times in the past with varying results. With Darvish, Scherzer, the year we won it (Buehler and Kershaw).

So maybe something new is in order?

I dunno. I’d sure love to have DeGrom on my playoff roster.


I’m hoping Atlanta pushes NY in September and both Mets aces have stressful outings the rest of the way.

Singing the Blue

Some very encouraging news:

Baseball America has just published their AAA best of 2022 ratings, and they picked Miguel Vargas, not only as the best PCL batting prospect, but…………………..(wait for this)……………………..the best DEFENSIVE third baseman in the PCL.

Jeff Dominique

Next year 3B is his to lose. And I do not think he will lose it.

Singing the Blue

Roster moves:
Grove and Bickford to OKC
Eddy Alvarez dfa
Reed and Heath Hembree to LA (actually NY).

I’m certain that Mr. Hembree will be headed to DFA Land by Thurs/Fri.


He who?

What’s the O/U IP for him?

I was a Rios guy. Wahappin?


In that case I really like letting Reed get his revenge with the save

Singing the Blue

Doc mentioned he saved Reed for the 9th because he only had those 4 pitchers available tonight and Reed was the one who could have gone multiple innings if the game didn’t end in 9.

Singing the Blue

Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic reporting that Vargas was pulled after the second inning tonight in OKC and is headed to NY. Will supposedly be activated on Thursday.

I guess they felt they needed a righty hitter more than Rios or Outman (both lefties). I hope they give Vargas a fair amount of at bats instead of just sitting him on the bench.

I have nothing personal against Gallo but I’d really like to see them dfa him right now and bring up Outman or Rios to take his spot. I really don’t see any need for Gallo at this point. Given the choice, just speaking about offense, I’d rather have Rios. On the other hand Outman plays the same positions as Gallo and would probably be better on defense and offense.

Singing the Blue

Before Outman hit for the cycle the first time, no OKC player had done it in eleven years. Then twice in four games, and by the same player.

He deserves to be rewarded with a call up. I agree, Gallo won’t be here next year, so let’s wish him well and send him on his way now.

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