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I know there is still a month in the schedule to play out, but I thought I would look at the playoff possibilities.

As of right now, the 6 teams in the NL playoffs would be:

  • LAD – #1 Seed
  • NYM – #2 Seed
  • St. Louis – #3 Seed
  • Atlanta – #4 Seed
  • San Diego – #5 Seed
  • Philadelphia – #6 Seed

The Dodgers are 8.0 games ahead of NYM for the overall best record and home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs with 29 to play (NYM 27 to play), and 6.5 games ahead of Houston (AL best record) for WS.  That puts them 12.0 games ahead of NYY.  The Dodgers would have to fall hard not to get the overall best record in MLB.

Milwaukee is still in the Wild Card race only 2.5 games behind Philadelphia and 3 games behind SD.  The top 4 seeds are almost locks for playoff berths.

Besides the final 2 Wild Card teams, the one race that has absolutely tightened up is the battle for the top spot in the NL East.  NYM is now only 1.0 game up on Atlanta.  The two teams face off against each other for three games (9-30 to 10-2) in Atlanta.  NYM figures to have an easier road, as they will play teams with a losing record 21 out of their remaining 27 games, while Atlanta has 14 games against teams with a losing record out of their remaining 27 games.

Whoever wins that Division figures to play heavily into who the Dodgers may face in the NLDS.

The Wild Card games will be #3 seed vs #6 seed, while the #4 seed faces off against the #5 seed.  The Dodgers will play the winner of the #4/#5 seed teams in the NLDS, and that figures to be either Atlanta or NYM whichever team does not win the Division.  The #2 seed (NL East winner) will play the winner of the #3/#6 seed series (currently St. Louis vs Philadelphia).  Either NYM or Atlanta would be the home team for all three Wild Card games, and figure to beat any of the three potential Wild Card teams, whichever ends up #5.

The schedules lean heavily towards the deeper starting pitching teams.  The Wild Card games will be played October 7 thru October 9 (if necessary) at the site of the highest seed (all games).

The NLDS will be played:

  • October 11 – Home
  • October 12 – Home
  • October 13 – Open
  • October 14 – Away
  • October 15 – Away
  • October 16 – Home

Note there is no open date between 10/15 and 10/16.  Regardless whether the Mets or Atlanta are the Wild Card team, it would figure to be either Jacob deGrom or Max Fried on October 7.  That would make it highly unlikely that LAD would face either Ace more than once.  I cannot see the October 7 pitcher pitching in Game 1 NLDS (October 11).  And if the earliest the WC Game 1 pitcher pitches is Game 2 NLDS, without the open date between Games 4 and 5, he will probably not come back to pitch Game 5.  It would figure that Julio Urías would pitch Game 1 and be available for Game 5, both at home.  The WC team would necessarily need 5 starting pitchers, while the Dodgers could get by with 4 starting pitchers.

The NLCS schedule is even more onerous with only one open date between Games 2 and 3.  Assuming the Dodgers reach the NLCS, the schedule will be as follows:

  • October 18 – Home
  • October 19 – Home
  • October 20 – Open
  • October 21 – Away
  • October 22 – Away
  • October 23 – Away
  • October 24 – Home
  • October 25 – Home

There are two affiliates that are guaranteed playoff berths:  AA (Tulsa) and A+ (Great Lakes).  Both teams won the first half of their divisions and automatically qualified for the best 2 of 3 divisional series.

Rancho Cucamonga (A) is extremely unlikely to qualify for the playoffs.  They did not win the first half of their division, and are 5.0 games behind the 2nd half divisional leader with 6 games to play.  Their elimination number is 2.  They would need to sweep the 6 game series against Lake Elsinore, and Inland Empire would have to be swept in their 6 game series against the worst team in the division.  Those are long odds.

AAA plays a full season without 1st and 2nd half winners.  Currently OKC has the best record in the PCL East by 2.0 games over the Rough Rider Express (Texas) and 3.5 games ahead of the El Paso Chihuahuas (San Diego) with 21 games to be played.  OKC has the following remaining games:

  • Tacoma (Seattle) – 6 (H)
  • Albuquerque (Colorado) – 6 (A)
  • El Paso (San Diego) – 6 (A)
  • Salt Lake City (LAA) – 3 (H)

If OKC perseveres and wins the PCL East, there will be a 1 game playoff against the PCL West winner (currently Reno Aces – Arizona) on 9/30.  The winner of that game will play the winner of the International League in a 1 game winner take all AAA championship on 10/2.

The Dodgers Rookie Level Arizona Complex League finished with a 25-29 record and a 5th place finish (out of 6 teams) in the West Division, 7.0 games behind the Division Winner.  They did not make the playoffs.  It was an NL West Championship series with the Giants beating the Rockies 2 games to 1.

The Dodgers had two Dominican Summer League teams, both in the 8 team Northwest Division.  With a 34-25 record, LAD Bautista came in 3rd place, 3.0 games behind the Divisional winner, LAD Mega.  LAD Mega had a 37-22 record and lost in the first round to Boston Blue (2 games to 1).  DSL Phillies White beat DSL Rockies 2 games to 1, to win the 2022 DSL Championship.




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The Dodgers will be winding up the season making sure players are given some rest and then wait to play again until all the wildcard games are completed. A few years ago Colorado couldn’t lose until they had to wait for a team to complete all their playoff games. They went ice cold at least as compared to how they were playing before the wait.

Heaney and Anderson might not be back next year. Pepiot can’t get through 5 innings. Miller might not be able to either. Kershaw might retire. Buehler can’t pitch next year due to TJ. This off season will be fun watching what the Dodgers do.


Bauer could be an option if arbiter reduces his suspension to one year.




Is this speculation on your part or do you have specific information that the players would not welcome Bauer back?


Thanks. I do wonder if any other team will take him in. I am thinking the Astros, Yankees, Padres, or Giants.

Fred Vogel

Sorry for re-posting this from last night but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this exchange in the dugout that was caught on TV:
Whatever Longoria said to Kapler during the second inning worked. Heaney was tipping his pitches and Longoria spotted it.


Makes sense. If you know a 93 mph pitch is coming right down the middle you could certainly hit it. With Heaney even if you don’t know when it’s coming, you know it’s coming so just wait for it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

I missed it. I hope it’s true.


The Dodgers did really well with a great top 3 in the lineup and Smith rather than Muncy at cleanup followed by the next 5 who were less than good until Justin began to hit. So it seems imperative they re-sign Trea but I hold out hope that Lux can assume shortstop and then play Betts at second.

The Dodgers will have a ton of payroll flexibility if Trea is not re-signed, Cody is non-tendered, Kershaw and Justin retire, Kimbrel goes away, Bauer comes off the payroll. What will they do with that flexibility?

If Dodgers do not re-sign Trea they will have payroll for Ohtani and Soto when they become free agents.

Not re-signing Trea would leave an infield of Vargas, Justin, Muncy, Betts, and Freeman. Justin might not return.

If Bellinger doesn’t return then it would seem a trade for an outfielder would be needed. The Pirates’ Reynolds might be available in a trade. Trace might have one or two years of good in him. Taylor might fix himself like Max did.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap
Singing the Blue

“Not re-signing Trea would leave an infield of Vargas, Justin, Muncy, Betts, and Freeman. Justin might not return.”

Did you mean to say Lux instead of Justin? Otherwise you have no shortstop there.

Why would JT retire? He’s been the best hitter in the league since the beginning of July.

Although Mookie plays a good second base, why move him there if he’s one of the three best right fielders in the game?

Bauer doesn’t necessarily come off the payroll. I believe he has a 10 million dollar player option. If no one is willing to give him more, he’ll probably exercise that option. Doesn’t mean the Dodgers need to let him in the clubhouse, but it would mean he’s on the payroll.

No matter what the Dodger payroll situation in winter 2023, I believe they will go after Ohtani. Whether he wants to play here will be his choice, but I think the Dodgers will have as good a chance as anyone to sign him.

The following stats courtesy of Jeff Passan:
Player A: .283/.351/.572, 33 HR, 74 RBI

Player B: .270/.361/.538, 32 HR, 85 RBI

Player C: 147.1 IP, 27.1% K%-BB%, 2.20 ERA, 2.64 FIP

Player D: 136 IP, 27.0% K%-BB%, 2.58 ERA, 2.54 FIP

Mookie Betts is Player A. Shane McClanahan is Player C. Shohei Ohtani is Players B and D.

Last edited 1 year ago by Singing the Blue

I don’t know if Smith can play third or not but while he was a prospect his bat didn’t justify grooming him for third. Now he has a clutch bat and that bat plays at third. He would be one of the faster third baseman in the MLB. I would guess he could play third.

Trea is a question mark. He gets to choose where he will play next year. If he signs elsewhere then Lux most likely moves to short or the Dodger fans might be booing Corea if the Dodgers sign him instead of Trea.

Vargas/Justin/Max at third.
Lux at short and Betts at second. Taylor adds depth.
Freeman and Max at first.

It’s just a thought.


We have third basemen in the system. Two of them. I suppose we could move them.

just a reminder:

Current values (per 1350 (150*9) innings played) are:

  1. C: +9 runs
  2. SS: +7 runs
  3. 2B: +3 runs
  4. CF: +2.5 runs
  5. 3B: +2 runs
  6. RF: -7 runs
  7. LF: -7 runs
  8. 1B: -9.5 runs

Now that was from 2017. Those values have no doubt changed a bit with the emphasis on launch. But up the middle defense has always been the most valued.

Every now and then the Dodger defense plays like someone put magic mushrooms in their omelets.

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