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MLB Key Dates and the Dodgers

All Free Agents have now been declared as such, effective November 2.  That included 13 Dodgers.  The 40 man roster is now at 38, including 4 players under club options.  Lance Lynn has been added to the Free Agent list as his $18MM club option was not exercised.  Instead, the Dodgers have bought out the option for $1MM.

Pitchers (23)

  • Yency Almonte (R)
  • Walker Buehler (R)
  • Caleb Ferguson (L)
  • P. Feyereisen (R)
  • Tony Gonsolin (R)
  • Victor Gonzalez (L)
  • Brusdar Graterol (R)
  • Michael Grove (R)
  • Daniel Hudson (R) – Club Option
  • Bryan Hudson (L)
  • Kyle Hurt (R)
  • Joe Kelly (R) – Club Option
  • Dustin May (R)
  • Bobby Miller (R)
  • Ryan Pepiot (R)
  • Evan Phillips (R)
  • Alex Reyes (R) – Club Option
  • Emmet Sheehan (R)
  • Gavin Stone (R)
  • Blake Treinen (R) – Option
  • Gus Varland (R)
  • Alex Vesia (L)
  • Ryan Yarbrough (L)

Catchers (3)

  • Austin Barnes (RHH)
  • Diego Cartaya (RHH)
  • Will Smith (RHH)

Infield (8)

  • Michael Busch (LHH)
  • Freddie Freeman (LHH)
  • Gavin Lux (LHH)
  • Max Muncy (LHH)
  • Miguel Rojas (RHH)
  • Chris Taylor (RHH)
  • Miguel Vargas (RHH)
  • Jorbit Vivas (LHH)

Outfield (4)

  • Mookie Betts (RHH)
  • Jonny Deluca (RHH)
  • James Outman (LHH)
  • Andy Pages (RHH)

The Hot Stove League begins on Monday, November 6.  This is the date that all options must be decided, all Qualifying Offers must be submitted, and free agents are free to negotiate with any other team.  This is the date that the Dodgers can officially contact Shohei Ohtani and any other free agents.   They do need to wait until the Asian players have been posted by their respective teams.

NOVEMBER 7-9: General Managers will gather in Scottsdale, Arizona for their annual meeting.  Do not expect many (if any) FA to be signed at this meeting.

NOVEMBER 14: This date is not important for the Dodgers for this exercise, as they do not expect to have any players who will be issued qualifying offers (QO). We will know for sure on November 6.  This year’s offer is estimated to be $20.5MM.

NOVEMBER 14: However, the November 14 date will be important for the Dodgers as this is also the Rule 5 protection deadline. Teams have until this date to add players to their 40-man roster in order to protect them from being selected in the Rule 5 draft.

Landon Knack and Nick Frasso are almost automatic to be added to the 40 man, which would take LAD to 40 if all club options are exercised (not likely), and there are not additional players released.  If the team looks to non-tender players, they could be released on or before this date to free up additional roster spots.

Others that IMO will be considered:

  • Kendall Williams – 23 year old, 6’6” 205 pound RHSP who reached AAA this summer. He is pitching relatively well in the Arizona Fall League.


  • Yeiner Fernandez – 21 year RHH C/2B (or 2B/C) with outstanding bat to ball skills. In 2022 at Rancho, in 423 PA he had 46 BB and 55 K. In 2023 with 433 PA, Yeiner had 47 BB and 56K. He is not much of a power or XBH threat.  He is playing well in the Arizona Fall League, and is playing some SS.  He should be assigned to Tulsa to start 2024.


  • Hunter Feduccia – 27 year old LHH catcher who had a break out year in AAA this past summer. He will be a back up catcher in MLB this year.  Will it be with LAD?  IMO the Dodgers should protect him, and if they are insistent on bringing back Austin Barnes (not as much of a given with Kershaw’s situation), Hunter could be part of a package in trade with a team that needs backup catching.


  • Way Outside Chances include: 22 year old, 6’4” 200 pound RHP Edgardo Henriquez (rehab from TJ surgery all season), 22 year, 6’7” 230 pound RHP Carlos Duran (rehab from TJ surgery all season), and 22 year old, 6’1” 175 pound RHSP Jerming Rosario.


  • The Dodgers lost Gus Varland last year to Milwaukee, but he was returned later in the year. Do they dare to expose him again this Winter?

NOVEMBER 17: The non-tender deadline. By this date, teams have to decide whether or not to tender a contract to arbitration-eligible players. While it does surprise me, there are a couple of players who have been reported to be considered as non-tender candidates…LHP Ryan Yarbrough, and RHRP Yency Almonte.  Players who are tendered, do not have to agree to a salary.  It is merely a decision whether to keep the player on the roster or not. Players that are non-tendered become free agents without being exposed to waivers.

I would not be in favor of non-tendering either Yarbrough (estimated $3.0MM) or Almonte ($1.5MM).  The price is reasonable for both, and if they fall on their face, they could be DFA’d without much of a burden.

DECEMBER 3-6: Winter Meetings in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the focal meeting point for many FA signings and trades (major or minor).  While I think it is too early in the process (what do I know), some are reporting that they expect Ohtani to be signed during this period or before.  At least he is not a Scott Boras client, and this process will not be drawn out as it often is with his elite prospects.

DECEMBER 6: The Rule 5 draft. Teams with open 40-man roster spots are able to select eligible players from other clubs. A selected player cannot be optioned to the minors by the new club and needs to stay on the roster all year long or else be offered back to the original club.  There will be more on this topic after November 14, and just before the draft.  Like last year, I do not expect the Dodgers to select anyone in the MLB phase, but I do expect they will select some in the MiLB phase.


MLB Award Dates:


NOVEMBER 5: Gold Glove winners announced.  Dodgers as finalists:

  • Mookie Betts for both RF and Utility
  • Freddie Freeman – 1B
  • David Peralta – LF

The Dodgers best chance is Mookie at Utility.

NOVEMBER 6:  Finalists announced for Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Cy Young and MVP.

NOVEMBER 8: All MLB Team Finalists announced.

NOVEMBER 9:  Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger winners announced:  Dodgers finalists:

  • Mookie Betts as OF and Utility
  • Freddie Freeman as 1B
  • Will Smith at Catcher
  • Max Muncy at 3B
  • JD Martinez at DH

NOVEMBER 10: Platinum Gloves Awards winners announced.  Best overall defensive player in each league.  This will not be a Dodger. 

NOVEMBER 13: Rookie of the Year Award winners announced.  James Outman and Bobby Miller will get votes.

NOVEMBER 14Manager of the Year Award winners announced – Doc is a strong candidate to win this award a 2nd time.

NOVEMBER 15: Cy Young Award Winners announced. 

NOVEMBER 16: MVP Award Winners announced.  Mookie Betts should be 2nd behind Ronald Acuña Jr.  Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson will battle for #3. 

NOVEMBER 17Heart and Hustle Award active player “who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game.”  Each of the 30 teams has one player nominated.  The Dodgers nominee is Freddie Freeman.

NOVEMBER 28: Comeback Player of the Year Award winner announced.  Both Jason Heyward and JDM should be considered.

NOVEMBER 29: Rivera/Hoffman Reliever of the Year Award winners announced. 

NOVEMBER 30: Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award winners announced.  JDM will get strong consideration. 

DECEMBER 16: All-MLB Team announced. 

DECEMBER 16: Hank Aaron Awards announced for each League.  Best overall offensive player from each League.  Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman are two of the nine NL nominees.

Monday, the Hot Stove League fun begins.



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What’s up with Feyereisen?


Seems like a lot of awards. Everybody in the entertainment industry likes to hand out awards to themselves. I’m not much interested in most awards, but I do pay attention to the Cy and MVP awards. Gold Glove in theory makes sense, but some of the winners don’t. I wonder if Roberts will make the list. Considering how bad our pitching was, I think he did a decent job.

I have no opinion on the last few on the 40. I’ll take your word for it.

I say no to Yarbrough, yes to Kelly. How’s that for a strong opinion? oh, and sign the Asians.

Slow time of year. Baseball is over. We lost again. It’s winter. I’ve never liked winter much. Especially those 7 years in NW Wisconsin.

Last edited 8 months ago by Badger

Roster management seems to be one of AF’s strengths. Here is a mere speculation I would like to see.
Kershaw on the 60 day IL which opens a spot for the 1st half if the season. He comes back in July, motivated,fresh and strong from rehab, and does his farewell tour while leading the team to a WS Champoinship.
PS he coaches Charlie, who becomes a #1 draft pick for the Dodgers @ 2037 and becomes part of the first father son fuo to be HOFers!


A piece in the Times suggest they extend Kershaw. Let him know this is where he belongs. The Rangers play near his neighborhood. He’d be a limo drive away from the park. The Rangers have a few ex Dodgers, but I can’t see Kershaw being one of them.


This time off will perhaps help with his back as well. He is still young enough to pitch a few more years.

This seems like perfect timing. Kershaw doesn’t have to decide about retirement now. The Dodgers don’t have to commit payroll on someone that might not be able to pitch. Kershaw gets time to learn if he is healthy enough to pitch up to his standards.

The possible downside is that Kershaw will live full time in his home in Texas for the next year and a half and might like to stay there full time.


I think it’s time to move on from CK. Thought it before the surgery even.


In house Position players starters
Betts, Freeman, Smith, Outman, Lux. ?, ?, ?, ?
That’s a lot of ????
Maybe Muncy replaces one of them if the Dodgers don’t sign Ohtani.

In house Rotation
Miller, Pepiot, ?, ?, ?
That’s a lot of ???
Maybe Buehler and Sheehan replace two of those ??
Maybe Stone and Grove will break into the rotation

Last edited 8 months ago by Bumsrap

Rose, Griffey Sr., Morgan, Bench, Perez was quite the first 5 in a batting order. Perez seemed to be a clutch hitter and that skill surpassed his overall stats. Foster was down in the lineup and was a year or two away from being their cleanup hitter. Concepcion wound up hitting third ahead of Foster.

That was the lineup I used to match against a lot of Dodger teams.

Rose vs Betts
Griffey Sr vs Freeman
Morgan vs Smith
Bench vs Muncy
Perez vs Martinez

Rose vs Lopes
Griffey Sr. vs Russell
Morgan vs Garvey
Bench vs Smith
Perez vs Baker
Foster vs Cey

Rose vs Reese
Griffey Sr. vs Robinson
Morgan vs Snider
Bench vs Campanola
Perez vs Hodges
Foster vs Furillo
Concepcion vs Gilliam

Last edited 8 months ago by Bumsrap

He hit at bottom earlier in his career and #3 later in his career.


Chicago declines option on Tim Anderson, so he’s also a free agent.


I read that Flaherty might be a Dodger interest as well. I’d roll the dice on Flaherty before I would on Stroman.


Neither move the needle for me, but Flaherty is younger. Maybe Prior can fix his WHIP numbers.


That is why I prefer Flaherty
Not high on either.


A couple of things, Rosenthal still believes the Dodgers are the front runners for Ohtani because they NEED him. Hmmm. Eduard Rodriguez, who turned down a trade to the Dodgers at the deadline, opted out of his deal with the Tigers. Does AF pursue him???

Singing the Blue

The A’s need Shohei more than we do and they ain’t going after him.

If AF pursues Rodriguez, it will be with a baseball bat.


All is forgiven Eduardo. 3 years, $49 million. Exactly what he turned down in Detroit. Take it or leave it ingrate. He isn’t coming here.

Singing the Blue

Hopefully, soon-to-be new friend, Yoshi Yamamoto pitched his final game in Japan yesterday, throwing a 138 pitch complete game while striking out 14. This was done in game 6 of the equivalent of the Japanese World Series.

Not a bad performance, going into your posting within the next few weeks.

He gave up only 1 run, that being an oppo field homer to Bear’s all-time favorite player, Sheldon Neuse. I suppose that fact alone will have Bear screaming that we shouldn’t sign Yamamoto, but hey, everyone is entitled to one bad pitch.

Last edited 8 months ago by Singing the Blue

It was a good pitch, slider down and away, Neuse put a good swing on it and went oppo yard.

And that’s my bad pitch for Bullsh*t of the Year award. I know I have a lot of competition.


Anybody interested in Arenado?


No, we need to get younger.


Yes. Of course. We need to get better.

What’s the deal?

Last edited 8 months ago by Badger

Isn’t Lux our shortstop?


I thought Mookie was going to play second.


Does he offer enough versatility for the bench?


Two things I know:
USC has no defense, and
the Dodgers don’n need reclamation projects, they need to win in October.


USC has a defense. They were the little guys in red being pushed around by the bigger guys in white.

The Dodgers have done ok with a few reclamation projects, not so ok with others. And yes, we all agree winning in October would be preferable. How to do it? How about the stars shine around that time? If Betts and Freeman would have risen to the occasion there might not be as many calling for Roberts and Friedman’s firing.

Last edited 8 months ago by Badger

The Dodgers scored over 900:runs. That’s the most any LA Dodgers team ever scored. You gotta hit to do that. I’d say you can’t argue with success, but I know you would argue that. In August, when the the Dodgers won 24 games, both Mookie and Freddie OPS’d over 1.000. In the playoffs? 1 for 21. An infield single. As they go, the Dodgers go. They didn’t go.

I agree SC doesn’t tackle well. But I’m not wrong about them being pushed around. They need to recruit defense for a change. I also agree it’s time for a new coordinator, but if they don’t get bigger and better athletes on that side of the ball a new coordinator won’t make much of a difference.


I think I have a different view of things. I think the Dodgers have had a winning roster for several years. Regular season results seem to bear that out. The problem is the playoffs. I don’t subscribe to the “crap shoot” theory. Nor do I totally believe in analytics in short series. I think preparing properly during the regular season for the playoffs is important. Motivation, reacting to the current situation and playing knowledgeable hunches also play a role. I’m sure there are other considerations as well.
After the last two playoffs, I’m starting to think the Dodger braintrust is lost playoff-wise. They have the horses equal to if not better than other playoff teams. I’m not advocating changes in the front office or management but I do think that is where the playoff problem is.
Just my opinion.



What happened to Ahmed Rosario? I don’t see him listed on the Dodgers on the spotrac website. Do you think he is someone we should keep or just let walk? Dodgers seem to love utility players. This seems to be the Cheap Charlie approach to filling out rosters.


Any possibility that the Dodgers retain him? Can he play every day?

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