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Spring Breakout Series – Dodgers vs Angels

Here’s the Dodgers’ Spring Breakout roster with MLB Pipeline’s rankings:

Jackson Ferris, LHP, No. 8
Justin Wrobleski, LHP, No. 16
Ronan Kopp, LHP, No. 17
Patrick Copen, RHP, NR
Alec Gamboa, LHP, NR
Edgardo Henriquez, RHP, NR
Joel Ibarra, RHP, NR
Jared Karros, RHP, NR
Juan Morillo, RHP, NR
John Rooney, LHP, NR

Dalton Rushing, C/1B, No. 1 (MLB No. 75)
Thayron Liranzo, C/1B, No. 10
Yeiner Fernandez, C/2B, No. 28
Jesus Galiz, C, NR

Trey Sweeney, SS, No. 22
Jake Gelof, 3B, No. 23
Alexander Albertus, INF, No. 24
Austin Gauthier, INF/OF, No. 26
Noah Miller, SS/2B, No. 27
Alex Freeland, SS, NR

Josue De Paula, OF, No. 4
Kendall George, OF, No. 12
Zyhir Hope, OF, No. 21
Samuel Munoz, OF, No. 25
Jose Ramos, OF, No. 29
Damon Keith, OF, NR


In the first ever Spring Breakout for the Dodgers and Angels, the Dodgers jumped all over 23 year old RHP, Jack Kochanowicz (LAA #10) with 6 runs, on their way to an 8-1 shellacking over LAA.

Before I identify the offensive stars in this game, we must pay tribute to the true stars of this game…the LAD pitchers.  Five LAD pitchers, no earned runs, 4 singles, 3 BB, 14 K

LAA threw out their top pitching prospect, 20 year old Dana Caden (LAA #3 – AKA Thor Junior).  Caden did not disappoint as he issued just one walk with 3 Ks in his 2.0 scoreless innings.  The Dodgers countered with Justin Wrobleski (LAD #16) who completed 2.0 scoreless innings of his own.  He allowed a harmless ground ball single up the middle to Angels CF Nelson Rada (LAA #2).  He did not issue a walk, and struck out 4.  While both starting pitchers pitched well, the Dodgers lefty appeared to slightly outpitch the higher rated Caden.

Caden exited after 2.0 IP, and Jack Kochanowicz entered.  With 2 outs, Kendall George (LAD #12) doubled and scored the game’s first run on a single by Josue De Paula (LAD #4).  Dalton Rushing (LAD #1) singled and Thayron Liranzo (LAD #10) obliterated a pitch to RF for a 3-run HR and a 4-0 lead.



Jackson Ferris (LAD #8) entered in the third.  He gave up a leadoff single to 18 year old catcher, Juan Flores (LAA #22) that was followed with a BB to LF Jorge Ruiz (LAA #12).  Nelson Rada then hit a bouncer to 1B Liranzo.  Liranzo attempted to get the out a 2B, but hit Ruiz in the back, allowing the run to score, and move the runners up to 2nd and 3rd.  Ferris buckled down from there.  He struck out both Kyren Paris (LAD #4) and Cole Fontenelle, before getting Sam Brown to pop out to end the inning.  Ferris has an outstanding curve.



Kochanowicz came out for his 2nd inning in the 4th, and once again got the first two outs.  Alex Freeland hit a line drive single to CF.  Next batter, Kendall George, hit a triple into right center field, plating Freeland.  Kendall is sooooooooo fast.



Josue De Paula hit his second run scoring single to bring home George.  It could be that George and De Paula will be batting #1 and #2 for Great Lakes.  We will see.

Ferris pitched a scoreless 4th inning.  Overall he allowed the one unearned run on 2 hits, 2 walks, and 3 strikeouts.

Hard throwing RHP Walbert Urena pitched a perfect 5th, getting 2 K’s (Liranzo and José Ramos).

My dark horse candidate for 2024, Jared Karros, came on to pitch in the 5th.  He issued one walk, but was otherwise perfect.

The Dodgers got to Urena in the 6th.  Batting for Jake Gelof (LAD #23) was catcher Jesus Galiz, who walked.  Alexander Albertus (LAD #24) batted for Austin Gauthier (LAD #26) and doubled down the right field line with Galiz moving to 3rd.  Alex Freeland hit a sac fly for the Dodgers run #7.  Zyhir Hope replaced Kendall George and singled, moving Albertus to 3rd.  Samuel Muñoz hit the 2nd sac fly of the inning.

Karros set the Angels down in order in the 6th with a ground out and two pop outs to Freeland.

22 year old 6’6” RHP, Patrick Copen, out of Marshall University was the next pitcher for LAD.  Copen is the highest drafted player out of Marshall.  He allowed an infield single but struck out 4 in his 2.0 scoreless innings. Copen threw hard.



Finally, hard throwing Edgardo Henriquez struck out the side in the 9th.  He looked unhittable.  It is going to be fun to watch him pitch this year.

Kendall George, Josue De Paula, and Zyhir Hope each had a pair of hits.  George scored a pair of runs.  Thayron Liranzo had three RBI, while De Paula had 2.

George had a double and triple, Albertus had a double, and Liranzo had a HR.  The Dodgers were 4-8 WRISP with 2 sac flies.  Two out RBIs: George (1), De Paula (2), and Liranzo (3).

The Dodgers pitching was outstanding, but the hitting did not disappoint.  Kendall George and Josue De Paula looked especially good.  One other observation.  Thayron Liranzo has the Alex Verdugo multiple chains around the neck look.  And he can sure hit the ball hard.

Who needs mascots:





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Henriquez, like Duran, is coming back from surgery. I likened him to King Felix before his injury. Bigtime stuff. I didn’t know he was back.


Maybe closer of future?

Duke Not Snider

Maybe…. Nice to see Henriquez back. Copen also looks good.
It’s hard to imagine that any other organization has as much pitching depth. With his injury, Henriquez fell off the radar, but he just looks terrific. Could he reach the majors this year?
Also love the highlights from Kendall George and Liranzo. While others say “Juan Pierre,” I’m sticking with my Tim Raines comp (best case) for George. Exciting talent. If all goes well, he might push Outman to a corner in a few years.


If he can be a 4th OF/PR I’ll be thrilled. Or trade bait. He is fun though.

Duke Not Snider

Yes, a lot of fun. He’d be a weapon off the bench. A few years away though….as is De Paula and Liranzo and Jeondry Vargas….
And Zyhir Hope could be a gem.
I read the Dodgers were planning to draft him the same round the Cubs got him. Definitely not a throw-in in the Busch trade. The Dodgers’ brain trust wanted him.


Has River Ryan been pitching?


Service time considerations

Duke Not Snider

Another spot?
Perhaps another deal in the works?


LA crushes Kiwoom 14-3. Mookie and Ohtani go ofer, Shohei struck out twice. Only homer hit by Freeman who along with Heyward had three hits. Heyward drove in 4. Lux was 2-6. Phillips and Brasier gave up the runs. Both have high ERA’s this spring.

Duke Not Snider

May be a bit early to say that Phillips and Brasier are struggling, but if it continues, then perhaps Hurt would step into a late-inning role. Plus, Hudson and Treinen are back.
Brusdar is ailing, but should be back soon.
The Angels’ Caden Dana–or is that Dana Caden?–looks promising.


Phillips had a quick two outs. The runs scored on a booming double off of the center field wall. Bad location I would guess.


Korea looked like maybe a AA level team. Fastballs between 87-92. Decent breaking stuff though. Vargas swung and missed a couple of those fastballs middle in. He should be able to make contact on those. He didn’t.

A poll shown at the Times, from Dodger Dugout, on who should play shortstop for the Dodgers and it isn’t Betts. 6,800 votes, 69% Rojas, 11.7% trade for Adames. Lux, Betts and Taylor, in that order, split the remaining votes.

Last edited 4 months ago by Badger

Fans have no clue. They will go with what they have for the foreseeable future. Lux will be fine at second, and Rojas will back up Mookie. I am betting on Betts athleticism to get him by.


But… aren’t you a fan?

I agree that Betts will “get by”. So will Lux at second. But it’s a long grueling season.


Read the new Dodger rumor on MLBTR. Interesting in that AF still considers Lux a SS and that will be re-evaluated at the end of the year. Yes, I am a fan, but I also know that fans pushing for a trade for Adames are not factoring in the cost monetarily and in prospect capital. Plus most of them forget that the other team has to WANT to trade the player, and then has to want what you are offering. I guess I just do not buy into all of the hyperbole about Adames. He just is too much swing and miss for me, and I do not think his defense is that much of an upgrade over Betts and Rojas together.


Adames is a 3+ WAR excellent defensive SS that bangs 25 home runs and drives in 80. Strikeouts have little to do with evaluations anymore Bear. Can a player OPS .750 while putting up positive dWAR numbers? Neither Lux or Rojas can do that and this is the reason fans are looking elsewhere.

That said I’m not sure Adames is the answer. What happens to Lux if Adames is added?

I’m ok with Betts at short to start the season. I’m concerned at his age it might wear him down quickly and I also believe our up the middle defense will probably be below league average with this arrangement. My concerns are likely to be ameliorated by giving Betts more time off than he typically would take. This offensive squad can both afford giving players rest and score enough runs to cover defensive inadequacies.


I understand all of that, but I just don’t like the guys game and I do not think they should be messing with the chemistry this team had. Lux would have to be traded somewhere if Adames came over, but like I said, I do not like rentals, and that is all he is, and I do not like giving up prospects for rentals. Especially guys like Adames.


Granted, the last two seasons he has hit 55 homers and driven in 178 runs, he has also struck out 331 times and his BA is barely over .220. I would rather have the 2021 version that had an OPS of .866 and only struck out 105 times, he also hit .285. The fans might be looking elsewhere, but they do not care about the cost. I will go out on a limb and say he does not get traded to LA at all. If they feel they need a SS, they will go after one in the winter.


My problem with Adames is a lot:
1 He’s a rental.
2 If he is re-signed it pushes Betts back to outfield and you lose a superstar at SS which is a leg up on other teams that don’t have that.
3 Betts in the outfield means not only you don’t have a superstar at SS but you loose the opportunity to get a superstar/star outfielder from free agency without trading prospects in the future and the outfield is the easiest position to get that kind of player in the future. I could actually break this up into 2 reasons.
4 If Betts plays 2B, you might/probably lose Lux.
5 Lux is far more of an OBP hitter than Adames.
6 You never know, Lux might develop some power.
7 The Dodgers have plenty of power they don’t need more.
8 Adames is a strikeout machine and the Dodgers have enough of them.
9 Defense is not much of an upgrade, while losing an overall better hitter (I’m not 100% invested in defense like most are).

Damn, 9 reasons, I’m on a roll. lol.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Also defense stats are not accurate considering there are variables in them.

Oops # 5 should say: Lux is far more of a contact/BA hitter than Adames, using Lux stats when he was finally given almost a full year in 2022.

10 reasons.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Have you looked at Ha-Seong Kim’s slashline? I can name several next year outfield free agents that have better slashlines than him and platoon guys too and you listed a few SS besides Kim that are all glove and not much hitting, which means we have a different philosophy for SS and that’s ok to differ. I also said stars, it doesn’t have to be a superstar outfielder acquired.

If you like those predictive stats better than slashline result stats, that’s fine we differ.

We also differ on Vargas, I don’t see him fitting with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have A LOT of high strikeout guys, having a few of them as everyday starters (everyday except days off that players get) is fine to me, but A LOT is not.

Also Kim is not a guarantee free agent after this year there’s a mutual option. Not that I want him, but you do.

Different philosophies and that’s ok.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

There’s several free agent outfielders on your list that are a better option than SS/2B Kim.

Kim is best against LHP which is about 25% of all pitchers which means if he’s platooned and he should be considering his slashline against RHP, he’ll only start about 25% of a season.

As for a star outfielder, it doesn’t have to be a free agent, it could be a trade, my fault I didn’t mention a trade. I prefer free agents because you don’t have to give up anyone. There are 3 positions in the outfield and a lot of outfielders can play more than 1 outfield position, SS is only 1 position. I’m sure you know about odds. 3 gives you better odds to find a star that you can make a deal happen, plus a lot play multiple outfield positions, whether it be a free agent or a trade. SS is limited.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Different philosophies.

“And maybe you do not value WAR as a metric, but baseball decision makers do.”

Dodgers went with Lux, it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to and they didn’t turn to Rojas (he’s the greatest thing since Ozzie Smith and sliced bread according to some) to be the starting SS, they turned to Betts. That goes against the WAR stats and the glove first philosophy. And I like their decision.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

I don’t know what a bWAR is. I know what a dWAR is.

I looked through your list yesterday and found several better than Kim. I don’t remember and I don’t want to take the time again.

Different philosophy about SS and apparently any position.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Oh and it does go against the glove first philosophy because some doubt Betts and Lux can handle SS and 2B and glove first would be Rojas. You know, the guy that’s the best thing since Ozzie Smith and sliced bread according to some.

“But nice hyperbole on saying some believe Rojas is a better defender than Ozzie Smith.”

And there you go again putting words in my mouth, just like you did about the other publications besides fangraphs.

saying some believe Rojas is a better defender than Ozzie Smith.”

I didn’t say that. Go back and read the last sentence of the first paragraph in this post. Notice the word “since”? It means, in the intervening period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration, typically the present.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

“Fangraphs fWAR? Kim 4.4, Belli 4.1, Santander 2.6.”

Fangraphs is a joke, they didn’t even have Stone in their top 10 Dodger prospects and they still have Cartaya in their top 5 at #3.


You’re putting words in my mouth now. I like Baseball America and MLB Pipeline and I do think fangraphs is a joke compared to others.

I told you, different philosophy about SS and apparently everything else. That’s fine.

About your list, I gave an explanation a few posts above. But since you’ve asked several times I’ll be back with an answer. But keep in mind none of them on the list excites me and I wouldn’t sign any. Actually nevermind, because I remember you told me something like SS are valued more than outfielders. So no matter if I point out the best on that list besides Soto and Bellinger, you’ll come back at me with a predictive stat like WAR that also includes defense so why bother. oWAR is a hell of a lot better.

As for the 2 stars, Soto and Bellinger. Soto has an attitude problem, no thank you. Bellinger depends on the money and years, but I doubt he’s looking for what I have in mind.

AGAIN. Different philosophies and that’s fine.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Geez it’s like I hit a nerve. The first response to you, I said several times, “different philosophy” and “we differ and that’s fine”. I said it again in following posts.


Geez it’s like I hit a nerve. The first response to you, I said several times, “different philosophy” and “we differ and that’s fine”. I said it again in following posts.


Another thing, Adames slashline has declined A LOT 2 years in a row since 2021. 045 BA and .101 OPS.

11 reasons now.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric
Duke Not Snider

Yes, defense stats are tricky.
But that is no reason at all to devalue defense.
Half of the game is offense. And half is defense, which includes pitching.
Miguel Rojas probably won a few games with his D last season. A mediocre SS doesn’t get to the ball, or doesn’t make the accurate throw…
So many games turn on a single play.


I look at it as 3 things not 2: Offense, pitching and defense. I don’t lump defense with pitching.

Miguel Rojas probably won a few games with his D last season. A mediocre SS doesn’t get to the ball, or doesn’t make the accurate throw…
So many games turn on a single play.

I have to agree to disagree, especially with the last sentence I put in bold. But it’s fine to differ.




My problem with Adames is adding that K rate of his to the already K heavy lineup they have. Somebody has to be more of a contact hitter. And there are no guarantees he shows the kind of power or defensive prowess in LA he has shown previously. And yes Jeff, I just seriously do not like the player or his game. I am about as sick and tired of strikeouts as I can be. I know they do not carry the same stigma they did years ago. But to me, Adames wasted 331 trips to the plate over the last two years. Hell, I could not stand Don Sutton. Damn the age, I like Rojas at SS better. He might not be the same hitter as Adames, but he makes fewer errors.

Last edited 4 months ago by Oldbear48

I am totally with you on Adames Bear. Especially since he is a rental and would likely cost Lux and a top pitching prospect at the least. Not worth it. I am OK with Rojas and Mookie at SS. Funny, I was not a big fan of Don Sutton either.


Let me be clear about this:

I don’t want Adames at shortstop, I want Lux at shortstop.


If Sutton was pitching I would break out the rake and make my wife happy, I still do not like the fact that he in the Dodgers record book




The difference between renting Machado and renting Adames is simple. Machado addressed a need. Seager was down for the year and Taylor was getting most of the reps at SS, so the trade made sense. And outside of Kremer, none of those five players have made impacts at the major league level. If they had gotten the Machado who was raking at Baltimore, .324 at the time of the trade, it would have been nice. But he was so-so with the Dodgers and for the life of me, I cannot remember one big Machado moment when he did something to win a game. So, when he left as a free agent, it did not bother me at all. If they could have retained Trea, I would have liked that because of his speed and his offense. They needed Machado. They don’t need Adames.


Hurt should make the bullpen. Good development.


Roberts said today that Hurt most likely will be in the pen for the opener. Since Treinen probably won’t be available. But the Dodgers still consider Hurt as a starter.


I just want him pitching in the big. He’s got the stuff. I’m sure we’re already thinking of him as a postseason weapon along with May.


Hurt is better than Kelly in my opinion and is by far better than Grove, if Grove should somehow make the bullpen roster.

I never wanted the Dodgers to sign Kelly.

Just my 2 cents.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

I didn’t mind them signing Kelly, but, they overpaid. Same with Taylor.

Last edited 4 months ago by OhioDodger

My new covet is Matt McClain.

He is not any more available than any of the other players I have been intrigued by.


Those two would be great!

My only worry is that they don’t fit Friedman’s MO, which ASAIK is:

Pursue superstars, under-valued major leaguers or minor leaguers with upside. Leave the rest to internal drafting/signing/development.

Not sure either Kim nor Bichette falls into either of those. My silly, uninformed mind thought Westburg fits because he is (with Halliday and Henderson) undervalued now.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bluto

Fair! I guess Bichette could be a target.


Duke Not Snider

I’d be surprised if Toronto loses Bichette. He and Vlad Jr. are their two big homegrown stars.
We are, of course, making a lot of assumptions in our speculations.
But what if Mookie really thrives at SS?
Let’s say he plays at least average defense– but his offense still cooks and makes him an MVP contender? As AF has suggested, don’t bet against Mookie.
Jeff has noted the Dodgers want to move him to 2B to reduce the wear-and-tear, and SS is certainly a more demanding position. But Mookie is not that old and he can always move to 2B later… like maybe when Jeondry Vargas is ready.
If Mookie succeeds at SS and Lux at 2B, the Dodgers can make other investments….starting with an extension for Will Smith.


“If Mookie succeeds at SS and Lux at 2B, the Dodgers can make other investments….starting with an extension for Will Smith.”

 👍  That was my point in other conversations and is my point and I think they will succeed.


Very impressive showing by the prospects. It’s amazing the pitching talent the Dodgers continue to develop. Hopefully, there will be a spot for them with the Dodgers in the future. Lots of big guys that throw really hard.
Thanks for the write up and the videos Jeff.

Duke Not Snider

This “Spring Breakout” series is a great concept. Really fun to see the next generation of talent for different teams all playing together, and each other.
Why didn’t MLB come up with this sooner?


I actually wish they’d expand this to become some sort of “tournament style” and not just 1 game.

Let’s see a spring breakout championship!


Good idea Bobby. I would watch.


ESPN put out their top 100 players in baseball list. The Dodgers have seven players on the list including three in the top 10. Acuna is # 1 followed by Judge, Soto, Betts, Freeman, Seager, Cole, Alvarez, Ohtani and Carroll. Other Dodgers on the list, #45, Yamamoto, 46, Will Smith, 64, Tyler Glasnow, and coming in at #100, Walker Buehler.

Duke Not Snider

Soto is too high, as usual. A top ten guy, but not better than Betts, Seager or even a non-pitching Ohtani. As an offensive talent, similar to Freddie, but Freddie brings better defense.


Looks like the Astros are balking at Snell’s asking price. Reportedly he wants a two-year deal for 60 mil with an opt out after the first season. Dodger nation thinks the Dodgers should jump all over that. I have my doubts.


Wtf is “Dodger nation”?

Duke Not Snider

It’s a website with a youtube channel:


Gavin Lux Scouting Report Baseball Prospectus

Arm 50 Might be a hair below average arm strength, but quick transitions and an accurate arm lead to more than enough ability to get the ball into 1B in time on the vast majority of plays

2020 scouting reports for BA: Lux is a leader in the infield at shortstop. He attacks the ball, reads hops well and gets the ball out quickly. Lux has the athleticism, lateral range and above-average arm strength to stick at shortstop, but longstanding throwing accuracy issues make him more reliable at second base.

Huh? Accurate or not?

And what has happened to Lux’s arm since he was scouted? His arm strength was lost? How?

And as far as accuracy is concerned 5 years in the organization working with professional coaches should have fixed that.

If this can’t be fixed it’s an organizational failure. He was drafted in the first round as a shortstop. This is his 6th year in the organization and they believe he can’t play that position? I’m not buying it.

I keep reading about other teams prospects. Those teams are not going to trade any of their better prospects unless they get better players in return. This is just not going to happen. And if the team decides in 4 months they need to make a middle infield move then maybe Adames will be an option. I suspect there be others as well. In the meantime I suggest the Dodgers fix it themselves. Get Lux back to 6.

Singing the Blue

Yes, you and I were both on McLain. I don’t remember suggesting the McLain-Pages trade you mentioned above, but I could very well have done so. I might be less inclined to suggest that one today because of what I saw from Pages this spring. We’re going to need outfielders next year and he seems just about ready.

At this point, I’d really like to see how Lux performs for the first half and then adjust accordingly (or maybe not need to at all).


Friedman picked up Paxton and others because we lost almost our entire starting rotation last year. We do have an abundance of pitching talent right now but most of our experience guys have injury history. It could all fall apart quickly so the depth is needed until it isn’t. If we get to the trade deadline with few injuries then AF could have some surplus pitching to trade.

if available and the Dodgers decide to go ss shopping Kim would be my choice. Very good d a pesky hitter a stolen base threat a reasonable contract probably. Can play multiple positions.

Duke Not Snider

The Korean National Team is what it is, but Gavin Stone was still awfully impressive. Great command and great movement. Fastball up to 97. Miller was good, but Stone was awesome.
I have zero interest in Blake Snell. Investing $30m+ in him means he’d play no matter what. He’d be taking the spot of guys like Stone, Sheehan, Knack, Hurt and eventually River Ryan.
Big bucks are invested in Glasnow and Yoshi already. The rotation of Glasnow, Yoshi, Miller, Paxton and Stone seems fine, and we should see Sheehan and Buhler before long, with Kershaw due after the all-star break.
And next season, we’ll see Shohei pitch too.


“I have zero interest in Blake Snell. Investing $30m+ in him means he’d play no matter what. He’d be taking the spot of guys like Stone, Sheehan, Knack, Hurt and eventually River Ryan.”

👍 Yep. The reason I don’t like the Paxton signing. Yeah Paxton is 1 year, but so what.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

Got up early and watched the game. Miller did a decent job, but Stone was lights out. Named 5th starter by Roberts after the game. Korea kept changing pitchers. Some had some pretty nasty stuff. Teoscar struck out three times. Max hit the ball hard and Taylor with a homer to right. Had to go lie back down, I was tired. Bring on San Diego, it’s clobbering time!


I believe the Dodgers official statement on Gavin Stone was “Gavin Stone is permanently our #5 starter. For now”

Singing the Blue

Back from 4 days in AZ. Only got to see one Dodger game (their last before Korea) but it was a fun afternoon. YY looked great until he looked awful, but from the way he walked off the mound, I don’t think he was bothered all that much by his outing. Looked like he might have been experimenting a little.

DePaula got into the game in the late innings and made a very nice running/diving catch in right field. Made me think that he might not be restricted to DH after all.

First time back to ST since 2019 and ticket prices have really zoomed in the last few years.

Also, there has been a distinct change in weather patterns. When I first went in 2011 it was unusual to be at a game where the temp was below 90 degrees. This time, we had a game rained out and one night game that got so cold and windy that we left in the 7th (probably wouldn’t have done so if it had been the Dodgers but we were watching Reds-Rangers). My son, who goes every year, tells me this seems to be the norm these days.

There were 8 of us in an Airbnb and 2 of the guys were great cooks, so we ate very well, including rib eyes on the bbq the last night. A great group of varying ages, backgrounds and heritages which made for some great conversation when we weren’t talking baseball. It reinforced my opinion that it’s still possible to gather different types of people under one roof for a period of time and have absolutely no nasty behavior. Lots of different opinions but we all left as friends.

Singing the Blue

Snell to the Giants.

2 years, 62 mil with an opt out after the first year.


We’ll shell him.


It will take him at least a month to get ready.


Snell to the Giants. Oh joy! Sauce for the goose. We’ll still kick their ass

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