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The Kids Have Arrived

We have enjoyed Bobby Miller for most of the 2023 season.  He has 17 starts and 8 of them have been quality starts.  June and July were learning months.  His biggest weakness was letting his emotions get the better of him.  He has made a concerted effort to curb those emotions.

There have been 3 Bobby Miller’s this year.

Bobby Miller 1 was his first 4 starts.  He accumulated 23.0 IP and had an ERA of 0.78.  His FIP was 2.17 so he was dealing his first 4 games.  The batting metrics for those games – .150/.218/.213/.431.

Bobby Miller 2 was his next 4 games.  He had 21.0 IP but his ERA was 8.57.  He did have a bit of bad luck (not much) with a FIP of 5.36.  The batting metrics for those games – .310/.381/.517/.899.

Bobby Miller 3 was post All Star Game.  He has 9 starts and has thrown 50.2 IP.  He has a 3.20 ERA and 3.65 FIP.  The batting metrics are – .225/.275/.372/.646.

Doc Roberts was quoted as saying:  “He’s put himself right there, in front of the conversation, as far as starting a playoff game. He’s earning it.”  Come on Doc.  He’s earning it?  The 2 veterans in the rotation, Clayton Kershaw has a very sore shoulder, and Lance Lynn can’t keep the ball in the yard.  No Doc, he is already a playoff starter. He is looking like he is earning Game 1 starter.

Last night the Dodgers may have found their Game 2 starter…Ryan Pepiot.   Pepiot flirted with a perfect game.  He retired the first 20 batters he faced.  He made a great pitch to Josh Bell, but Bell reached out grounded it into CF for a clean hit.  Pepiot did not pout after the hit.  He struck out Jazz Chisholm to end the inning and his night.

Pepiot was dominant all night.  He faced 22 batters in 7.0 IP throwing 84 pitches: 60 for strikes (71.4%).  He only had 3 K, so he was pitching to soft contact all night.  In almost every dominantly pitched game, there are some special defensive gems to support the pitcher.  Here are back to back web gems from Miggy Rojas and Amed Rosario in the 4th.


Amed Rosario made another outstanding defensive play in the 7th.



I know it is a small sample size, but Ryan Pepiot has allowed 2 earned on 9 hits, with 2 walks and 17 strikeouts in 21 innings in 2023, with an ERA of 0.86.   He is not a “Johnny Come Lately” coming out of nowhere.  Remember he was scheduled to be in the starting rotation before the injury in ST.

Caleb Ferguson and Evan Phillips were just as dominant, although Ferguson gave up a single because it hit 2nd base and bounced away from Rojas.  Doc needed to get Ferguson and Phillips some work.  Ferguson had not pitched since September 1, and Phillips had not pitched since September 2.

On the night that Ryan Pepiot pitched a gem, the LAD bats broke out.  They scored 10 runs on 16 hits.  The big bats came from a couple of players who have been lashed out against by many fans: Chris Taylor and Miggy Rojas.  CT3 had 3 hits and 5 RBI including his 15th HR and 13th double.

Besides his outstanding defense, Rojas had 3 hits including a triple (1).

Amed Rosario had 2 hits and 2 RBIs.  He is looking like a GG fielder at 2B compared to his dismal SS defense.  The Dodgers may have turned another career around.  Just in time for his FA.

Then there was the historical hit of the night.  Freddie Freeman hit his record breaking LA Dodger record for doubles with his 52nd.  This tied the Dodgers franchise record by Johnny Frederick.  Of course it went with a little hilarity.


The Dodgers avoided a sweep in the 2nd consecutive series.  They are off to Washington to take on the Nationals.  But there is a situation that may put a crimp in the Dodgers sails:



But it wasn’t just the MLB Dodgers pitchers that had good nights.

OKC had Alec Gamboa as a 2.0 scoreless and hitless IP opener for Kyle Hurt.  Hurt followed with 5.0 scoreless IP with 1 hit.  He allowed a BB and 6 K.


The third youngster pitching for OKC, Michael Grove, pitched 1 inning in his rehab start.  He allowed 2 runs on 3 hits, but he struck out 3 batters.


Then there was River Ryan in AA:


Ricky Vanasco is turning into a viable future relief option followed.  He was one of three pitchers who followed River Ryan:

A third pitcher, Great Lakes RHP Jerming Rosario, pitched five outstanding innings for the second consecutive strong start.


Casey Porter was just a bit off on this.  Rosario did allow a run in this one.  It was a solo HR in the 3rd.  Rosario is really starting to show why some of us consider him a prospect.

One other MiLB feat that occurred last night.  Jorbit Vivas hit for the cycle for OKC.

The Dodgers will throw a 3rd rookie SP tonight against the Nats.  We also might get a look at Gavin Stone before this weekend series is over.

The Dodgers are going to need their rookies to be impactful and fearless for the playoffs.  The experience they are getting is invaluable for 2024 and beyond, but they are going to need to pitch at an elite level for 2023 to make a statement for the season.

Miller #1 and Pepiot #2 for the playoffs.  That is not out of the line thinking.

The kids have arrived, and there are more following.

I am most excited about Payton Martin and Jesus Tillero in the looking ahead column.

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Fun game to watch. Great defense last night. Rosario, Rojas. Bad news, Mookie left the stadium on crutches. He will be evaluated on Friday in DC. Happened when he fouled a ball off of his foot. X-Rays were negative.


We slug we win.

x-rays negative. Hopefully just a bruise. Rub some dirt on it and get back in there.

We have an abundance of pitching. Trade some for the next Arenado at third.

Washington. They suck. 2-8. Can we win this series please..

Scott Andes

He’s getting a CT scan and not playing the entire weekend, it’s more serious than they are letting on.

No chance of winning a title this year, NONE

Looking forward to 2024 Spring training and seeing the young kids develop.

Last edited 9 months ago by Scott Andes

Gloom and doom, wait until the results are known. There were no broken bones on the x-ray. Just swelling, since you aren’t a doctor, you are just guessing and have no clue how serious or not serious it is.

Last edited 9 months ago by Oldbear48
Scott Andes

Well Bear, I’m assuming getting a CT scan is not good.


It is just to assess the time it may take for it to heal. It could be nothing worse than a deep bone bruise which is painful for a few days, but far from season ending. It is merely a precaution.


Hurt looks like Clemens. Ryan looks like Lincecum. What’s the story with Tillero?

Great column.


“From a Pythagorean W-L perspective, the Padres should be 77-63 instead of 66-74. It’s going to go down as one of the “unluckiest” seasons in MLB history.”

Pythagorean? Can that perspective be trusted? I don’t think so. Besides, I heard Pythagoras slipped on a semicircle, fell on his superior gemullus and henceforth suffered from metempsychosis.

Conclusion: run differential don’t mean s***. And the Padres prove it.


whatever perspective we use to judge the Padres, it’s still comical to watch them suffer this year.

Of course, I can’t say too much as they embarrassed us last October.

Singing the Blue

Thank you, Badger. I’ve always felt run differential was a ridiculous stat.

Team wins a game 10-0 then loses the next three 1-0 and has a run differential of +7 with a record of 1-3.

I wish they’d just forget about that stat altogether.


I think an impressive looking run differential along with a Top 3 pitching staff could mean something. Exactly what I am not sure, but I would like the Dodgers to do it then see what it means. Currently the Dodgers are 3rd in RD and 11th in pitching. The pitching rank is concerning.

Last edited 9 months ago by Badger

Pythagorean is pretty good, but not my fave.

I tend to think it points in the right direction for overall quality of a team. But that’s about it, and I’m not sure what real value overall quality of a team has.


Thanks for this. A little disappointing but truthfully I think it’s for the best. We definitely need him for next year, so let’s put the focus on that.


Mookie should be OK. Hope he sits out until he is 100% healthy. Division is on ice, no need to play on a sore foot.

Singing the Blue

CT3 better look over his shoulder. The Dbacks nominee is Nick Ahmed and they let him go yesterday.


Padres activated Profar.


Magic Number is 10. Hopefully in 3 hours it’s 9 if the Cubs can beat Az


Cubs are really hot right now. Too bad I got banned from Bleed Cubbie Blue for trolling Al Yellon. He’s the worst site manager in SB Nation. Won’t butt out of the discussion.


Magic number is 9. They won yesterday. D-backs have 23 games left, LA has 21.


magic number is 9 because there’s still a way we could 3 way tie with SF and AZ, so being there’s that tiebreaker issue, the number was 10.

Still 10 after Zac Gallen was fantastic today in pitching a shutout at Wrigley

Scott Andes

Hey guys, just a reminder that the Dodgers have zero ZERO chance of winning the world series this year with no pitching and now without Mookie.

time for football season.


Quit with the Debbie downer crap. Until the results are in of the CT scan, you have no clue what the hell you are talking about.


You’re wrong but you probably get off on people saying that so enjoy your weird flex. And even if we DO lose, that doesn’t justify your premature position. This site has less arguing and bickering than others, but that doesn’t stop people from posting ridiculous comments and expecting them to be treated with respect.

In short, your take is terrible. It’s untrue. Teams with weaknesses have won World Series before; hell, the Giants won THREE with teams that couldn’t even handle us head-to-head.

If you have given up on the team, do us all a favor and go post somewhere else. I’m a Dodgers fan and will follow this team until the day they are eliminated. Losers give up. Winston Churchill wouldn’t waste a puff of smoke on you.

Singing the Blue

Well said, Sandy. The other Sandy would be proud of you.

Scott Andes

I actually don’t get off on anything I post. Weird that you postulate that.

I dont think what I posted was anything ridiculous.

Sure, the Giants of that era, that had at least 3 reliable ace level starting pitchers, one that won two cy youngs, another that won a World Series MVP, another that was a front of the rotation All-star, plus a probable hall of fame catcher, All-star shortstop, lockdown bullpen, couldn’t handle the Dodgers of today. Weird comparison.

Don’t get so angry, but at the same time I’m not drinking the swill. Not this year. Not for the 8th out of 9th year. It’s the same thing every year and everyone says the same thing.

“they’ve overcome so much adversity, and still won the division and have the second or third best record in MLB”

“This is a special team”

“The playoffs are a crapshoot, anything can happen”

If I remember correctly, the 2016 club was special, and the 2019 club was special and the 2021 team, the 2022 team, etc. My guess is they get to the NLCS and lose to the Braves…..again. YAWN

Is that a good season? Absolutely. Is it exciting to see them lose in the playoffs for like the 10th time in 11 years? no it is not.

But the Dodgers could shut me up by actually you know, winning it this year. If that happens, I will happily admit I am wrong with tears in my eyes. That is what I hope happens, and I would gladly eat some crow from a few of you over here to watch what I want to see every year, or at least one more time before I grow old, the Dodgers winning another championship.

And that’s what this is all about isn’t it?

But hey don’t let me dash your hopes. This is just my opinion and as you pointed out everyone is free to express without being smacked in the face like you are doing to me. No offense though, I am not offended or upset.

Last edited 9 months ago by Scott Andes

What the fuck was the purpose of this post?

Is it meant to drive or lift conversation?

To cement yourself as someone who is not fond of the direction the team has taken?

To annoy people who enjoy rooting for the team they follow?

Last edited 9 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

It was specifically to annoy you Bluto….JK

You don’t think I enjoy rooting for the Dodgers too? being a life-long fanatic and writer?

I’m just saying let’s lower our expectations here. We’ve seen this movie so many times and know how it ends.

No need for any of the anger


It was and is a stupid post, it adds nothing.

Nobody needs uninformed voices weighing in on their expectations.

Let’s aspire to have nice, thoughtful conversation.

Scott Andes

As if you are so informed…GTFO


Which is exactly why I don’t tell people what their expectations should be.

Or opine nonsensically on what minimum number of innings a pitching prospect should reach before the Dodgers puts them into the rotation.

ADD to conversation.

Last edited 9 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

Fair enough. Just be nice to me lolz

I just want to see them win it all this year. It’s coming from a place of Dodger love.


Then act like it.

Er, write like it.

Er, post like it.

Scott Andes

I never called the Dodgers losers. Where did I say this? And when did I insult anyone?

No offense meant here Jeff, you know I have mad love for everyone here.

Last edited 9 months ago by Scott Andes
Scott Andes

Sorry for being a downer. I just want them to win it all again. Makes me mad when they lose in the playoffs. Thinking about it gets me irritated.


Good grief. When we make the playoffs we will have chance to go all the way. It may only be a 10 to 20% chance, but, even the best team only has a 25 to 30% chance.
Hell, last year, the two best teams in the NL, the Dodgers and Braves got knocked out early.

Last edited 9 months ago by OhioDodger

The Dodger payroll should be lean next year if/with Kershaw, Muncy, Bauer, Urias, gone. Ballpark $90MM+ gone.

Most will say Muncy should be brought back but what if they can trade for a younger less expensive 3rd baseman? His lefty bat might cost $50MM annually to replace if Othani is signed.

The Dodgers could sign Ohtani and still stay under the CBT if Miller, Sheehan, Stone, Pepiot, and Grove is the rotation. Maybe the rest of this year will make that rotation less worrisome.

Make KC an offer they can’t refuse for Witt Jr.


Max Muncy with two bad plays in the same inning. The first was an error that was ruled a hit and the second was reaching on a tag, and missing. Get him off third, the sooner the better. He was average at second, he’s a DH at this point.

Sheehan. Get strike one. You’ll be fine.


Good point. I didn’t even think of the tag at 3b that someone like Arrenado (or a younger JT) makes.


It’s a solo homer if Max makes both plays. Maybe 0 – 0 since those two plays changed the inning for sheehan.


And with opportunity we don’t put these guys away. 0 for 3 with the bases loaded. These are the Nats. They are in last place 28.5 games out.

Only the 5th. Long way to go.

Muncy is playing out of position. Has been all year.


Fantastic article Jeff. Watching the game. Certainly tired of Muncy’s ineptness at 3B. Whoa 😮! Huge HR by Max. I’ll be quiet.

Scott Andes

Thats why he’s in the lineup. 33 HRs, 90+ RBIs. He’s a legitimate middle of the order power threat. Do agree he’s not the best defender. Better to move him to DH at some point.




Wouldn’t it be something to have the Dodgers take Kershaw, Lynn, Pepiot, and Miller into the playoffs and they win it all?
Glad to hear Buehler is not going to pitch this year. He’s so competitive that chances are he might have reinjured his arm and they could have had another May situation.


RISP woes hitting them in the butt again. Bases loaded, no outs and they do not score. 2 k’s and a pop out.


It’d be great if Playoff CT3 starts to wake up


Hear me out. Next year:


No new contracts required. Hope that Pages & Vivas develop into midyear options at LF/2B, our two weakest positions.

Consider bringing back Rosario or Heyward. Rojas main bench piece. Keekay & Peralta probably gone.

Add a veteran top of rotation SP to replace Kershaw. Maybe spring for a closer. Ride the young arms hard.

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