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Is This the End for Kershaw?

It was just another regular season game. The Dodgers have virtually locked up a playoff spot and they are playing out the last four weeks of the season with a very comfortable lead.

But coming off of a lost weekend against Atlanta, they were looking for a little boost from their ace, Kershaw, against the Marlins.

It was quite obvious from the beginning of the game that Kersh, like his last start, was not firing on all cylinders. His control again seemed off. What was of more concern was the drop in velocity on his fastball, which was not even topping out at 90.

Add that to the Urias situation, and all of a sudden, the only viable veteran left in the starting rotation is deadline pickup, Lance Lynn. According to CK and Dave Roberts, his shoulder is still giving him some problems.

But like the warrior he is, Kersh is going to push through and pitch until he just cannot do it anymore. I am really beginning to believe that we are seeing the end of Kershaw’s time as a Dodger. If, and this is a big if, he needs some sort of medical procedure at the end of the season, I believe he will retire.

This also makes Buehler being able to come back and pitch come playoff time, huge. Buehler would probably be an opener. Piggybacking with someone like Grove or Sheehan. Maybe even Stone.

As of right now barring no setbacks, the Dodgers playoff rotation will be Kersh, Lynn, Miller. Then take your pick, Pepiot, Sheehan, Yarbrough. There isn’t much choice after that. Urias is not going to be a factor. Unless something really unexpected takes place.

I can live with what we have. If Striker can give them some innings, it will be a good thing. I do not expect him to go five, or maybe even four. But give them three solid innings and then piggyback with Sheehan, who I am really beginning to think is going to be a solid pitcher, and they should be fine.

I don’t think they match up well with the starters the Braves can throw at you, and maybe not even the Phillies rotation. We all have to accept that this is what they have.

It will be over the offseason that they will have to add and subtract. But I love the fact that this is a team. They have great chemistry and they do not quit. I believe getting JD back makes the lineup that much longer and harder to navigate.

Playoff baseball is a different animal. The pitching and defense is better. You have to play your best baseball to win it all. This might not or it may be the Dodgers year. But it is going to take a concerted effort by all of the players to reach the prize.

If it does end up being the end for Kershaw, we will have witnessed one of the best to ever wear a Dodger uniform for the last 15 years.




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CT scan on Mookie showed no damage. He will not play this weekend and will probably be back in the lineup on Monday. Buehler has been shut down for the rest of the year and will aim for a return in Spring training. Nice game tonight. Sheehan was not sharp, but the offense bailed him out. Martinez with a dinger in his first AB off of the IL. Congratulations to Freddie Freeman who broke the record for the most doubles in a season with his 53rd.


Muncy could have made Sheehan look a lot sharper if his defense was better.


Yes, he would have. He had a rough time over there last night. I would like them to find a very good defensive 3B this winter.


Kershaw will be 36 next year. It’s not like he’s had a lot of stress on his arm the last 3 years, not throwing more than 126 innings in 20’, ‘21 and ‘22. The problem of course are the nagging injuries.

I believe if he really wanted to hang around or even finish strong to 40 like Verlander, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Seaver, Maddux, Smoltz… the list actually long, he probably could. It would take dedication to a long off season of hard work. He could go to Driveline and get some giddy up added to his fastball. He could lose some weight and reduce stress on his back. He could sign a 3 year contract with options that give both sides easy outs.

I don’t think any of that will happen.

Kershaw is a family man with many outside interests. He’s made enough money to support generations of Kershaws. I hope I’m wrong, but I think he’s done.

Last edited 7 months ago by Badger

I’ll add my 2 cents to this. Kershaw loves baseball and he knows that this Dodger team is every pitcher’s dream come true for serious contention for the WS. With young guns coming and a batting lineup of Mookie, Freddie, & Will for starters, who’d walk away from that? Guys on the IL will heal and maybe with a couple of new starting pitchers acquired in the off season will further inspire him to hang around. I wouldn’t mind.

Are Gonsolin and May out for next season, too? That would be a bite in the butt but we can cover them, I believe.


If all it costs is 2 cents I’ll add this: Pride. If Kershaw doesn’t think he can be elite or be more than a 5 inning pitcher or keep his era below 4, he will retire. Self projection will have the most weight.


25 starts. 125 innings. 5 days between starts. Or, just give him July off to spend time with wife and kids.

Singing the Blue

Assuming he’s pitching well, I’d rather give him December off to spend time with wife and kids.

On the other hand, if this shoulder thing is really going to make him a shell of his former self, then we give him the whole year off plus all of the following years.

And when he gets antsy and wants to come back to baseball, we put him in the tv booth. He’s the best color man the Dodgers have ever had.


He would want to be in the booth when the Dodgers visit Texas. Orel would gladly offer those dates up.

A lot going on in September besides a pennant race.


Or, could he be a closer?


If he signs with Texas, he’d be closer to his kids. (see what I did there)

Singing the Blue

Sorry, can only give you one point for that one. It was just too easy.


I can use every point I can get.

Pitching at home might appeal to him. Who knows what he really wants.


Yes, May and Gonsolin will both miss the 2024 season.


Yikes, with this game in rain delay, I think I’d rather watch Tampa/Seattle on FS1 than any of these boring college games


USC is playing on Fox this evening. Stanford is the opponent.


What will be the 2023 Dodgers?

Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.Christopher Morley


I know that guy:

“A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.”

I guess I’m a very successful guy.

To your point, what will be the 2023 Dodgers. Well, we’re looking at it. Can they win in the playoffs with this pitching staff? Yes they can. Will they win in the playoffs with this pitching staff? Yes they can.

Last edited 7 months ago by Badger
Fred Vogel

Let me be the first to anoint Bobby Miller as our next Don Drysdale. I love his attitude and fierceness.


As you say that he just lost his cool. Should have maybe removed him right there.

Again, where’s the offense? This is the Nats. They suck.

Fred Vogel

Like they say, timing is everything 😋
I still like his grit.


I do too Fred. But his line suggests, once again, he was left in a few pitches too long.

The message seems clear to me. Don’t let these young guys stay out there that extra inning. This is at best a 5-6 inning staff. Plan accordingly.

Last edited 7 months ago by Badger

Personally, I like Roberts leaving Miller out there. It’s all a learning experience for him and the other youngsters. With their big lead in the standings, the Dodgers can afford to let these young guys experience and learn from situations like this. It sucks when it doesn’t work out, but I enjoy the process even with its ups and downs. Baseball is a game of failure. Embrace it. Learn from it.

The bottom line is that it’s going to take “Badger Baseball” (score eight for the win) for the Dodgers to be champions. Totally agree with Badger’s take.
Carry on.


Yes to all that and now how do you weave into the calculus the innings that still have to be pitched if the Dodgers were to be in the WS? The little pieces add up — see what I did there?

Last edited 7 months ago by Bumsrap

Don’t rush to things, Fred.

Jeff Dominique

Sorry for no new content this AM. I was with a Stanford alum friend last night watching the USC- Stanford game, and there might have been some liquor involved. As it turned out, I had a much better night than he did, but was way too tired to get anything cogent and coherent ready for this AM.

Dodgers lost, so I am sure there will be Chicken Littles calling for the end of the world as we know it, and I will get inspired. So in the words of tedraymond:
Carry On.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jeff Dominique

We’re 4-6 and playing like it.

And the sky IS falling!

Wait, that’s just rain.

Pac 12 Minus 10 has played well so far. Rams today. I fully expect them to be players in the Caleb Williams Clambake this year. Over/under for wins is 6.5. Don’t believe I’ll take the over on that.


Stanford and Cal B should not have panicked and instead stayed in the Pac 4. Hopefully whatever revenue streams owed to the Pac 12 and intellectual properties tied to the Pac 12 will all go to the Pac 2 and be used tp either help with a reverse merger or to pickoff schools one or two at a time over the next couple of years to again make the Pac X conference alive and well.

Last edited 7 months ago by Bumsrap

Oregon State a 55 – 7 win against Cal D.


Davis? I didn’t know they still played football there.

Embrace failure?

Here’s how to learn how to win Ted:

Don’t lose.

Leaving pitchers in just long enough to get clobbered does learn them something, that is true. What it tells me is Roberts doesn’t recognize trouble when it’s coming.

Gotta score 8. Especially against a last place club.

Arizona looks good again.

Last edited 7 months ago by Badger

SC game was 49-3 at the half. Ended up 56-10. Williams did not play in the second half at all. Yarbrough the starter today. Betts is back.

Jeff Dominique

Gus Varland on the IL with a knee injury. Wander Suero’s contract purchased.


Another frippen rain delay. Teams on the east coast should all have retractable roofs. But that won’t happen. I like Yarbrough’s demeanor. Doesn’t have the best stuff, but he competes.


Yarbrough fits right in here. 4 innings at a time.

We would have scored 8 if not for the 2 for 13 WRISP suckage.

The offense looks different when Mookie doesn’t hit. Bottom of the order made up for his Ofer.

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