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 The Price of Winning

The Dodgers are the winningest franchise since 2010 by a wide margin. In 2004 games, they won 1179 and lost 825. The Yankees, second on the list, have won 1145. They have accomplished this without leading the majors over that period in any of the major offensive categories.

The first couple of years in that span, the team was still owned by Frank McCourt. So, they did what they did with spit, glue and bailing wire. When the Guggenheim Group took over the team in 2012, things began to change.

They made the “Trade” with the Red Sox getting a Hispanic Star on the roster, and they began to spend money. And the team began to win.

All of the ownership was committed to winning not only titles, but multiple titles. And money seemed to be no object. They finally changed front office leadership after the 2014 season, also changing the manager in 2016. Mattingly was out and Roberts was in.

But although the payroll topped the league for several seasons, except for Betts’s contract, signed just before the 2020 season, and Freddie Freeman’s deal last year, none had been for more than four years and none were for more than 100 million.

They do have some 30 million dollar a year players, but they have for the most part avoided high profile free agents and the huge contracts they generate. They have tried more to retain their own vets. Usually at a reduced home-town discount.

This winter, most fans wanted the Dodgers to resign Trea Turner, or go hard after one of the other free agent shortstops. Many believe Gavin Lux does not have the skill set to play shortstop and is better suited at second base.

Turner ended up getting a huge deal from the Phillies. Scratch item one. Dansby Swanson signed with the Cubs for 7 years and a ton of cash. Scratch item two. Carlos Correa looked like he was signed by the Giants, then he wasn’t. Then the Mets and then he wasn’t and finally he ended up back with the Twins.

No problem. trade for an everyday shortstop. Whoops, not happening. What he did do was trade for a backup shortstop in Miguel Rojas, a great glove and a so-so bat. But a player who is great in the clubhouse and versatile enough to play other infield positions if needed.

Great. But instead of signing any of the major free agents, Freidman and company decided to go the other route. Low risk high reward signings. They let JT, Anderson, Heaney, Trea, and all of their other free agents walk. They non-tendered Cody Bellinger and Edwin Rios.

They signed Noah Syndergaard and Shelby Miller to one year deals. They signed a bevy of outfielders to minor league deals. Dodgers fans on most blogs I have read were incredulous.

At virtually the last minute before spring training started they signed David Peralta to a one year deal. To say that Dodger fans were underwhelmed at the activity by the front office this winter is an understatement. About the only move everyone was in agreement with was re-signing Kershaw. Even when they signed JD Martinez to be JT’s replacement at DH, some fans groaned.

If they were trying to get under the CBT so they would re-set, they failed. With Peralta and the trade for Rojas, they went over again. But their total tax will not be as high as it has been the last couple of years.

Dodger fans all over the internet have speculated on the reasons for this change of modus operandi. Meaning LA usually gets the one player they really want in free agency or a trade. No major trades made, no major free agents signed.

The first thing that popped into most of their heads is the rumor, not substantiated by any source, that they were clearing salaries so they can make a solid run at Shohei Ohtani when he becomes a free agent after this season.

They also have to decide if they are going to break the bank for Julio Urías. The problem there is his agent, Scott Boras. Boras loves to have his guys test the free agent market. And Urías is going to be a hot commodity. San Diego would like nothing better than to snatch a Hispanic star from the Dodgers. And they have been spending money like crazy.

I think the Dodgers would definitely be in a bidding war if they do indeed go after Ohtani. And the Mets would likely be right in the middle of that fight. Cohen seems to want to win no matter what the cost.

It boils down to this. A lot of Dodger fans think the team should say, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. In other words, spend whatever it takes to put as many stars on the field as they can. Two, three, even four 30 mil a year guys or more, they do not care, just get that ring.

Pretty fast and easy with other people’s money. And remember, having the largest payroll and deepest roster for a few years has not led to more than one World Series win. They are 1-2 in their three appearances. Last year they had the best record in baseball and did not get past the NLDS.

That was embarrassing and probably one of the reasons for the re-set this winter. Let some kids make their debuts, put a competitive team on the field, and hope to get hot at just the right time. Tweak the roster at the deadline if needed.

So my friends, what you see is what you are going to get and you may as well live with it. Ownership has not shown an inclination to not spend. But they have also shown a lot of restraint on who they spend their money on. The price of victory can vary quite a bit from year to year. I am sure, if you went back to 1959 and checked the total salary of that team, it would be less than what Mookie Betts makes in a year.

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No game today. More cuts yesterday, Busch and Cartaya sent to the minor league camp. Jordan Yamamoto announced his retirement.


I’ve been thinking about Leonard as a utility guy next season.

Sam Oyed

Definitely opened some eyes.


Leonard’s performance has been great. I would have no problem promoting that kid to the bigs.


In a real pinch, he could play a little SS for us this season.


Lux was a big part of their payroll plan.

Stone, Miller, Pepiot, May, and Gonsolin will be a big part of future payroll plans.

Betts and Freeman are fan favorites and the Dodgers could use one more big contract star. Who will it be if pitching is not a need?


ladodgertalk says diego c. has plus plus batspeed and lighttower power

Last edited 1 year ago by SandyIsTheGreatest

Then it must be true?



Jeff Dominique

I think the commenter credited Dodger Dugout with the comment, which would be Houston Mitchell, LA Times. I get Dodger Dugout, but I do not recall what was said or the context of the statement.

FanGraphs breaks down power into two categories. Raw Power and Game Power. Not that they are the truth when it comes to scouting grades, but it at least provides for some comparisons with others.

The first grade is where they are now, and the second grade is where they believe he will get to.

Diego Cartaya – Raw Power – 55/60; Game Power – 35/60
Josue De Paula – Raw Power – 55/65; Game Power – 25/60
Andy Pages – Raw Power – 60/60; Game Power – 50/60
Michael Busch – Raw Power 60/60; Game Power – 50/60
Rayne Doncon – Raw Power 40/60; Game Power 25/60
James Outman – Raw Power – 55/55; Game Power 40/50

MLB Pipeline Power Grades:

Diego Cartaya (60), Michael Busch (60); Andy Pages (60); Josue De Paula (55); Rayne Doncon (55); James Outman (55)

Baseball America Power Grades:

Diego Cartaya (70), Michael Busch (60); Andy Pages (70); Josue De Paula (60); James Outman (50) ; Rayne Doncon not in Top 30.

FWIW all of the evaluators grade Cartaya and Pages with the same power. I do not know if those equate to light tower power. And also FWIW, none of the evaluators are overly impressed with James Outman’s power. But they have been undervaluing him since he was drafted. He is not the same kid. Initial impressions are hard to forget.


Center field power for Outman


And that’s with a half-swing.


I think MLB Pipeline has Rushing with 60 power.

Jeff Dominique

Actually MLB Pipeline has him with a 55.


You’re right. It’s Dodgers Digest future grade on new Top 33.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dionysus
Jeff Dominique

Yesterday, Sandy asked if the $4MM the Japan League team is paying Bauer would be deducted from what the Dodgers owe. I was going to Fabian Ardaya (The Athletic) and ask, but someone beat me to it:

Does Trevor Bauer signing with the BayStars save the Dodgers $4 million on the luxury tax — like his signing with an MLB team for $4 million would have? — Larry S.

No, it does not — the non-duplication clause that would have allowed any other big-league club to sign Bauer to the league minimum this year does not apply to foreign leagues. Bauer will collect approximately $22.5 million from the Dodgers this year in addition to the reported $4 million he will receive from the BayStars. That also factors into the Dodgers’ luxury tax figure.

We now have an answer.

Jeff Dominique

In case you missed it –

March 13: Dodgers make additional roster cuts
C Diego Cartaya, INF Michael Busch, INF Jorbit Vivas, INF Eddys Leonard, OF Jonny DeLuca and OF Andy Pages were optioned. RHP Matt Andriese, RHP Bobby Miller and INF Jahmai Jones were assigned to Minor League camp.

Jeff Dominique

Freddie Freeman has left the WBC with a slight hamstring injury. No indication of the severity. I do not think it is likely that Freeman will appear in another WBC game, but I could also be wrong. I am sure that AF will be highly involved in any decision.

Apparently this is the play where Freddie was injured:

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Dominique

Stupid WBC

Jeff Dominique

There are reasons to not like the WBC, but Freddie having a slight hamstring injury is not one of them. He was playing in a professional stadium; DBacks Chase Field in Phoenix. He could have incurred the same injury in the LAD batting cages or a ST game. I cannot count the number of injuries that have occurred this Spring in ST camps.


“but Freddie having a slight hamstring injury is not one of them.”

I think it is. I think it’s exactly why I don’t want any Dodgers playing in that thing. Unless maybe they are minor league players, with younger legs and smaller expectations, I don’t want older every day players pushing that hard weeks before they have to.

Hopefully it’s nothing serious and won’t flare up from time to time throughout the year.

Jeff Dominique

Major league players do not get hamstring tightness in ST? What about the WBC made Freeman to have a hamstring tightness? He swung a bat in a game. It is because it was a WBC game that created the tightness? It looks like it will not be a significant loss of time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Dominique

I read one of the absolute dumbest arguments against the pitch clock I have ever seen on another blog today. I mean absolutely IGNORANT.

Jeff Dominique

Well, what was it???


It was suggested that pitchers, if they did not want to pitch to certain hitters would simply waste time by committing four pitch violations. And then the rule would need to be changed, I replied why would anyone do that since all they have to do is point to first base and put him on that way????? Totally ignorant.

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