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0 For Last 19 WRISP – What Is A Frustrated Doc Roberts To Do

0-19.  That is where the Dodgers are for the last 19 times they had runners in scoring position.  On Friday they were 0-9, although they did get a ONE sac fly.

1st Inning – Runner on 2nd – 1 out – 0-2

  • Freddie Freeman – Called out on strikes
  • Will Smith – Strike out swinging

3rd Inning – Runners on 1st and 2nd – nobody out – 0-3

  • Mookie – line out 3B
  • Trea Turner – Called out on strikes
  • Freddie Freeman – Walk
  • Will Smith – Pop out

5th Inning – Runners on 2nd and 3rd  – nobody out – 0-2

  • Mookie – Sacrifice Fly, runner moves up to 3rd
  • Trea Turner – Pop out
  • Freddie Freeman – Ground out 5-3

6th Inning – Runner on 2nd – 1 out – 0-2

  • Justin Turner – Strike out swinging
  • CT3 – Ground out 1-3

That is Freddie 0-2, Trea Turner 0-2, and Will Smith 0-2.  Smith was 0-2 WRISP in Game 2 as well.  This is from a team that was #1 in MLB hitting WRISP.

Tony Gonsolin is not ready to pitch in the regular season much less the playoffs.  It took 42 pitches (25 strikes – 59%) to get 4 outs.  In his 1.1 IP he allowed 4 hits and 1 BB.  He got all of 1 K.

Andrew Heaney did what he normally does.  He grinds it out working through traffic, but gives up a line drive HR by Trent Grisham, which turns out to be the game decider.  Yes, Trent Grisham who was one of the worst hitters in MLB during the season, but somehow some way clutches up for the playoffs.  The Dodgers good field no hit CF (?)…not so much.  Yesterday I asked who is the Dodgers Yordan Álvarez.  Okay, there is only one Yordan Álvarez.  Well, who is the Dodgers Trent Grisham?

Yency Almonte and Tommy Kahnle proved their mettle again.  Yency is putting his name out front and center for the 2023 closer.  Kahnle seems like a prime candidate to be re-signed.

Alex Vesia got the LHH’s out, but walked the RHH’s.  However, with 2 runners on and Manny Machado coming up, Doc went to Evan Phillips.  Phillips struck out Machado to end the threat and keep the score within reason.

Phillips got the side retired in order in the 7th, with a strikeout and two ground ball outs.

Hindsight is always 20-20, but I thought that Tyler Anderson had a better chance to go deep into the game. Watching Tony Gonsolin sputter out there, reminds many of us that wouldn’t it have been terrific if the Dodgers traded for Luis Castillo.  No Castillo okay, but the Dodgers are sending out a pitcher who was hurt with a forearm strain the last month plus of the season.

One can argue the depth of the Dodgers pitching, and that is helpful during the 162 game season.  But the playoffs?  I admit I had my hopes up, but I am not paid to make these kind of decisions.

But again, it is not the pitching that has kept the Dodgers from sweeping the Padres.  The pitching has been excellent.  The Padres pitching has been better, especially when it counted.

Saturday, the Dodgers will run out Tyler Anderson against Joe Musgrove who is coming off one of the best pitched games in postseason history.  The Dodgers need to win on Saturday and then throw Julio Urías in Dodger Stadium on Sunday to advance.  If not,…well you know.


  • Mookie Betts – 2 for 11, 1 BB, 2 K
  • Trea Turner – 4 for 13, 0 BB, 4 K, 2 HR
  • Freddie Freeman – 2 for 10, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HR
  • Will Smith – 3 for 13, 0 BB, 1 K
  • Max Muncy – 4 for 11, 1 BB, 4K, 1 HR
  • JT – 1 for 10, 2 BB, 3 K
  • Gavin Lux – 3 for 9, 0 BB, 3 K
  • Trayce Thompson – 1 for 9, 3 BB, 5 K,
  • Cody Bellinger – 1 for 6, 0 BB, 4 K
  • CT3 – 0 for 4, 0 BB, 2 K
  • Austin Barnes – 2 for 3, 0 BB, 0 K

Joey Gallo and Miguel Vargas have not played.

Got to win #2 before looking to win #11.



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Catman wasn’t ready. I didn’t think he was. But pitching didn’t lose this one.

What can Roberts do? Nothing. Managers don’t win games, players do. Things like this can and do happen in a short series.

Time to wake up Blue.


I think he was physically ready to throw 70 pitches and the adrenalin messed with his control.

Smith caught 40% of Kershaw’s games but still if Barnes was going to get a start in this series it should have been with Kershaw. Bellinger stays in the lineup against lefties throughout the regular season and then doesn’t in the Playoffs. Thompson mostly starts against lefties in the regular season and then starts against righties in the playoffs. Gallo starts against righties and then doesn’t get into a game in the playoffs.

That paragraph is less a criticism of who has played in the playoffs and more of a question of how players were used in the regular season.

A solo homerun was the difference in this game. Both teams tossed good games in the clutch. Hader was nasty, especially against Taylor with a surprise changeup nobody was expecting.

The steal, the bunt, the hit and run are tools that need to be deployed in the regular season even if they are not statistically justified just so when the playoffs come and runs are more difficult to comeby, they are not strangers to the offence.

I liked Vargas getting a feel for the playoffs but wonder if the dugout couldn’t have used someone to relax the team.

Singing the Blue

Let me start by saying I’m a major Tony Gonsolin supporter.

That said, with regard to your first sentence, he never seems to be able to get his adrenalin under control in a big game (playoff or All Star) and that usually leads to performances like the one we saw last night.

I hope that time will eventually help him conquer that problem or he’ll never have the career his skills should otherwise lead him to.


In Gonsolin’s three previous years he pitched 40, 46, and 55 innings. He pitched 130 this year. He has had injuries. This was a breakout year for him. I don’t feel his post-season history is reflective of who he has become this year.


While I agree with this take in principle, Gonsolin’s issue was predictable. In my opinion he should have had a vacation after 100 innings. I felt the same way about Urias, though I didn’t want him going over 150. He’s up to 180 now. The Dodgers have no horses in the starting rotation at this point. The best pitchers are 5 inning guys.


Winning 111 games and coasting the last month to the division championship and the 5 day lay off has been a curse.


im not sure it’s the layoff. To me this is the MLB playoffs prone to variance and a total crapshoot.

Fred Vogel

What good was Trea’s single to lead off the 8th if he didn’t even attempt to steal 2nd? Down one run against a surprisingly excellent Padres bullpen; not sure if it was Trea’s decision or Doc’s but it made no sense. You need to be aggressive in that spot.


You mean like Boston/Roberts against the Yankees in the Playoffs a few years back when everyone knew Roberts was going to steal? Rumor has it that Roberts still doesn’t have to pay for his drinks in Boston.


Trea is becoming more affordable.


Not really


Certainly not becoming more expensive


Certainly not more expensive than what?

Pre-playoff? How would we know?

Even if we could, he’s hit 2 homers. Showed his speed. Do you think his defensives plays are going to be a downward force on his contract? Seager wasn’t too impaired.

He’s going to cost a lot. A shit-ton.


Agreed, we don’t have a benchmark to compare what he might have received based on his stats prior to mid-September and what he might get now. Either way he will get paid, a lot. With that, I predict he will get less than Seager or Lindor received and what Correra will get.


Looks to me like the top of the lineup has a great shot at getting to him.

I wonder what Trea’s finger feels like today.

Mookie, Freddie, Justin, Will…. lead the way.

Singing the Blue

If Trea can’t go, does CT start at short? Hanser?
Does Gallo get a start today out of desperation?
Does Vargas get a start today out of desperation? (the answer to that one is definitely not).


Anybody watching the Braves Phillies? MLB just has to engage the ABS system and soon. These umps are ruining at bats.

Fred Vogel

The umpiring has been embarrassing and frustrating.


They said umpiring cost the Dodgers .82 of a run last night.

If you believe that, it almost makes your point.

Singing the Blue

I’ve texted the MLB office to adjust last night’s score to read:
Padres – 2
Dodgers – 1.82


And I was able to subtract .19 runs from SD.

Padres 1.81
Dodgers 1.82

Well done cohort.


Say good night Atlanta.


Roberts probably can’t do much, but I think it may be time for a new voice in the dugout.

Watching the 6th inning of the Phillies/Braves game.

Maybe a hit batter (not overturned on replay)
A flare hit. A soft-grounder. A broken bat.

Not a single hit, I believe, over 80mph exit velocity.

Who said the MLB playoffs aren’t total crapshoots.

Singing the Blue

OK, Bluto. You get your wish for a new voice in the dugout.

Give me your top 3 choices.


I don’t know anything.

I’ve read that the Red Sox coach Will Venable is highly regarded by the analytical community (including Dodgers)

Singing the Blue

Do we have to wait until after the WS to make the announcement?

I think my vote still goes to the Grey Fox, Mr. Utley.


I think there’s zero chance Utley would want the job.



Andre Bocelli?

Singing the Blue

OK Fred, I’ll bite.
Why Andrea Bocelli? Oh wait a minute, a new voice. Now I get it.
Good choice, if we’re looking for voices, he’s got one of the best.
But that might not be fair to Doc. Have you ever heard him sing?


“A new voice in the dugout”? As in a new manager? I bet there is zero chance of that.

Though it may feel like it, this series isn’t over. I look for an awakening tonight.

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