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16 Hours To End of Trade Deadline for LAD Improvements

We are now down to 16 hours (as I am writing this) before the trade deadline expires.  It seems we have been talking about how to improve the Dodgers for two months, all the time knowing significant changes (trades) were not going to happen until the final hour.

Dodger fans, and LAD beat writers, and national baseball journalists, believed that with all of the injuries, the Dodgers needed a front of the rotation level starting pitcher.  But who was available?  Many of us were hoping for Lucas Giolito as being the best of a mediocre group of starting pitchers.

As of right now, the Dodgers have seemingly settled on Lance Lynn. Lynn was desired by AF in 2020, but Texas wanted too much for him at the time.  The 2023 Lance Lynn is not the 2020 version.  The 2023 version could be considered somewhat of an innings eater.  Certainly more than any of the LAD pitchers.  He has a good K/9 of 10.83, and a  reasonable K/BB of 3.38.  However his ERA of 6.47 and his WHIP of 1.46 are not very good.  He has allowed more HRs than any other MLB pitcher.

His ERA is last (63rd) in MLB for all qualified pitchers.  His WHIP is 57th in MLB for all qualifiers. Interesting to note that the worst MLB qualified pitcher for WHIP is Jack Flaherty (1.55).  His peripherals are not great either.

Lance says he is ready and eager to put March-July behind him and begin his new season with the Dodgers, starting August 1.

The Dodgers baseball personnel believe that they have found something with Lynn that they can make changes to.  We will not have long to wait before we see Lance Lynn in a LAD uniform. He is set to take the bump against Oakland in Game 1 of a 3 game series tonight.

With Lynn the Dodgers also got RHRP, Joe Kelly.  Kelly’s ERA of 4.97 is not very good, and neither is his 1.310 WHIP.  But his 3.24 FIP gives encouragement.  He is above MLB average for strikeouts with 32%.  His 9.4% BB rate is above MLB average of 8.2%.  I recognize that Joe is a fan favorite, but the Dodgers will not be facing Carlos Correa again this year.

I am still puzzled about the Kiké Hernández trade.  At first I thought that Chris Taylor may be included in a trade to shed some payroll, and maybe it still is.  The prospect capital was insignificant.  Kiké is not as good defensively as CT3.  My one salvo that I can latch onto, and appreciate, is Kiké’s positive post season exploits.  Dodger fans have given grief to management for not having a good bench for the playoffs.  Kiké helps with that.

The fourth acquisition is SS/2B/OF Amed Rosario.  He is a professional and says that he is willing to do anything to help the club win, and he is more than believable. He had never played 2B before Sunday, but he had been out early working with the coaches on playing 2B.   He appears to be the consummate team player, ala Jason Heyward.

But Amed Rosario is a Dodger because of his offensive metrics against LHP.  He is a very good offensive player, both with the bat and his feet.  He will help the Dodgers.  He will undoubtedly hurt the Dodgers at times with his glove as well.  Then again so does Max Muncy.

Another positive with the Rosario acquisition, is that LAD was able to move Noah Syndergaard and actually get a good player in return.

Dodgers Additions:

  • Lance Lynn – RHSP
  • Joe Kelly – RHRP
  • Kiké Hernández – Utility Swiss Army Knife – Potential playoff weapon
  • Amed Rosario – SS – RH batter against LHP

Dodgers Losses:

  • MiLB RHRP Nick Robertson (Kiké Hernández)
  • MiLB LHP Justin Hagenman (Kiké Hernández)
  • RHSP Noah Syndergaard (Amed Rosario)
  • MiLB RHSP Nick Nastrini (Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly)
  • MiLB RHRP Jordan Leasure (Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly)
  • OF Trayce Thompson (Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly)

The Dodgers are still involved in talks with NYM for Justin Verlander, but the chances seem unlikely.  AF is not going to be bidding against himself on this.  Everyone knows the Astros farm system is barren.  If NYM wants to trade JV, they will get a better deal with LAD.  But, the sticking point is that JV would prefer to play for Houston and may be only willing to waive his no-trade for Houston.    16 hours from now we will know.

AF has undoubtedly done his due diligence on multiple potential players, and an probably get a deal done very quickly.  It has GM/PBO to put a time limit on decisions for major trades so they can pivot to the next deal (if there is one).  Currently the only other players I have read where the Dodgers may be in play are Eduardo Rodriguez and Mitch Keller (highly unlikely).  Would they take a Jack Flaherty or Rich Hill or Michael Lorenzen as a fall back SP necessity?

Perhaps the player with the highest ceiling that I would really like to see the Dodgers take a gamble with is KC RHRP Carlos Hernandez.


I do not see a rental that would entice me to want to trade any LAD top 10 prospects.  I understand that there is no real position for Michael Busch this year on the LAD roster, but he sure deserves a good 2 month run.  I would hope that the Dodgers hold onto him for next year.  His bat could be special.

Unless the Dodgers do some trimming of the MiLB rosters, I foresee a lot of players taken in the Rule 5.  I know fans do not want to trade the prospects, but there comes a time that you add them, move them, or lose them.

Then there was this:


Starting Pitching:
·      Michael Lorenzen
·      Jack Flaherty
·      Eduardo Rodríguez
·      Paul Blackburn
·      Rich Hill
·      José Quintana

Relief Pitchers:
·      Scott Barlow
·      Paul Sewald
·      Keynan Middleton
·      Brent Suter
·      Brad Hand
·      Brooks Raley
·      Giovanny Gallegos
·      José Cisnero
·      Carlos Hernández
·      Alex Lange
·      Kyle Finnegan
·      Aaron Bummer (the 2023 version)

·      Jeimer Candelario
·      Tommy Pham
·      Dylan Carlson
·      Mark Canha
·      Paul DeJong
·      Teoscar Hernández
·      Tim Anderson

Which of the above are you willing to give top prospects for? Top prospects: Which top 5? Which top 10? Other teams that occasionally compete are willing to pay that cost. Teams that consistently compete do not.

Top Rule 5 Draft 1st time eligible:

·      Landon Knack
·      Nick Frasso
·      Kyle Hurt
·      Yeiner Fernandez
·      Kendall Williams
·      Edgardo Henriquez

Previously passed on Rule 5 draft and still eligible:
·      Hunter Feduccia
·      Devin Mann
·      José Ramos
·      Alec Gamboa
·      Gus Varland
·      Carlos Duran


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Thor had a nice debut in Cleveland that was ended when he was hit by a batted ball. He had no K’s and walked two against a powerful Astro’s lineup. LA actually picked up a half a game on the Giants and Padres who both lost. Padres got beat in 10 innings. They loaded the bases with no outs in the 10th and did not score. An error by Manny Machado on a tag play at third gave the Rockies a chance and they scored on a sac fly with one out. It took Az 11 innings, but they beat the Giants who also had chances in the late innings. The Rockies game was delayed two hours by rain. We had some here in Canon too. Late last night, the D-Backs added Jace Peterson in a trade with the Brewers. According to reports early this morning, Verlander prefers Houston, but LA is still talking.


Verlander may prefer Houston but Houston doesn’t have the need we do, they are 3rd in starting pitching, we are 26th and they don’t have the assets we do. If AF wants Verlander he can get him. Another team where Verlander is a fit is Baltimore. They are 16th in starting pitching and 1st in system ranking.

The trade chatter from yesterday was interesting reading for me, a few teams made moves that could help, but the team I’m most interested in has done very little. It’s time to decide what the finish to November team, the last 65-70 or so games will look like.Maybe we don’t need Verlander, but we need pitching. Maybe we don’t need another hitter, but it feels like a few of our veterans could use some time off.

I trust AF will get it done.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

Counting tonight’s game, they have 58 left. Arizona and the Giants have played 3 more games than the Dodgers. Lynn makes his debut against the A’s tonight. If they do get Verlander, it might go down to the last minute like it did when he was traded at the August 31 deadline from Detroit to Houston. Yep, they mentioned this morning that the Orioles might be in on the conversation for Verlander. There is also talk that the Dodgers want enough time left to pivot to their next option, so if he does not agree by a certain time, they will be able to pursue their other options. Makes sense to me.


58 regular season games plus X number of post season games.

It does make sense to allow pivot times. The pitching that could help us also helps other teams in the market.


I ‘ll count the postseason when they clinch a berth. Until then, I am only counting the regular season. 7 of their last 11 games, against the Giants. If they are still close, those games are going to be huge.


Probably a safer outlook. I anticipate a playoff berth and I want the team to be prepared to play through October.


Considering the starters we know we have next year(Gonsolin, Buehler,Miller, Sheehan) I’d like to see them get someone under team control thru 2024.
Regarding Busch, I would accept trading Muncy and his salary and playing Busch at 3rd. I would include Taylor if that’s what it took to get the right pitcher.
Even paying part of Taylor’s and Munvy’s salaries it might get us under the luxury tax threshold and improve us for a postseason run.


That is one reason why they are kicking the tires on Mitch Keller of the Pirates.


The Dodgers also need to make a decision on where Vargas plays next year. The infield would look better with Betts in it. But those are questions for next year, which might be easier to make if Busch is traded for a front of rotation pitcher for this year. His bat has to interest any team AF is dealing with.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

Jeff D. A very thorough article today. It covered the things we should know going into the final day of trading players. Let’s hope it’s an exciting finish for the Dodgers today.

At 3 pm I’ll be sitting in the Vancouver, B.C. airport waiting for a flight to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I’ll be there for 10 days visiting friends. I used to go there once or twice a year. But, with Covid it’s been four years since my last visit. Looking to seeing my friends and getting out of this LA heat for a few days. Last time I was there my friends hooked up a sports channel so I could watch some Dodger baseball. It was very cool.

Carry on.


Love that area


Me too. My last visit was around ‘16, drove Hwy 3 from Vancouver area over to Nelson (did the hot springs there) then back down to my buddy’s house in Paradise. That house burned to ground in the Camp Fire two years later. He’s in Eugene now, a city we’ve visited a few times at various times of the year and it didn’t resonate for us.

Reading most of the links, the Times, BR, The Atletic, and the chatter that might make the most sense is Eduardo Rodriguez. I remain deferred to Friedman.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

Has Paxton been traded?


I don’t want to waste 2023 nor do I want to let 2023 subtract from 2024. Adding Verlander would improve the chances for the 2023 Dodgers to win a Championship. It would add payroll and bail out the Mets. It would add an aging pitcher for 2024 and probably 2025.

How badly does Baltimore want to win this year? Would they trade Henderson it helped them win this year plus gave them pieces to win in future years? Probably not but that is the trade that excites me, not a Verlander trade.

Whether it is a happy clubhouse, camaraderie, support for each other, trusting the next batter to deliver, plus talent it seems the total effectiveness of the group of Dodgers each interacting with one another is different or greater than the Padres’ effectiveness as it seems like they are acting in isolation from one another.

Trading Muncy and Taylor mid season probably isn’t a good idea. Trading Rojas might be even though he has been a leader. Why, because they now have Kike’ and Amed. However, if the Dodgers could get a big return for Urias I would roll the dice on Kershaw, Buehler, Miller, Sheehan, and even Grove/Lynn.


But, aren’t there other non-money deterrents to a big payroll? Buying and keeping older veterans with large contracts can’t be repeated every year unless the Mets are bailed out every year.

If Baltimore has a deep minor league system they are in a better position to trade someone like Henderson to win now.

We won’t know what is really going on with Kershaw until he returns. I’m sure if he is doubtful the Dodgers don’t want anybody to know that while trying to make a trade. Will Buehler really be good and available for the stretch run? Is Gonsolin injured?

If Kershaw and Buehler are on track to finish strong, I am of the mind, sane or otherwise, to offer Urias and Gonsolin plus AA level prospects for Henderson. Baltimore might laugh but again, that kind of trade talk is fun for me, Verlander isn’t.

Last edited 10 months ago by Bumsrap

I hope we stay away from Verlander. I know it’s tempting but I don’t how it would make me feel.


E-Rod seems like the best fit for us.


Pretty fascinating deadline with only one dominant team out there [ATL].

It’s time we ruin someone else’s dream season instead of vice versa.


Hope the Dodgers pass on Verlander unless the Mets pay a significant portion of his remaining contract. And take Taylor and his contract.


Saw an offer of Frasso and DePaula for Verlander plus $18 million. Any takers on that one?

Frankly I wouldn’t mind having an over 40 Verlander on the staff next year. Just use him wisely all year, give him 2 weeks off mid summer, keep his innings under 140 and he could put up 4 WAR and earn his money.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

…..How about Stone and Pages and NYM pays off 2023 salary, and 1/2 of 2024 and 1/3 of 2025 if guaranteed.

I’d do that. If Betts and Lux are our middle infielders next year and Heyward and Peralta are gone, who will be the Dodger outfield now that Pages is gone?


But, but, we now have Amed and Kike’


Syndergaard last night!


Three prospects headed to Pittsburgh. Jackson Wolf, Estuar Suero, and Alfonso Rivas. Jays discussing DeJong with the Cardinals. They need a SS with the injury to Bichette. If Martinez cannot go tonight a IL stint is highly possible. My choice, call up Busch and make Muncy the DH. Bruihl going to the Rockies for cash.

Last edited 10 months ago by Oldbear48

Like Choi, heard good things about Estuar Suero who just turns 18 this year.

LOVE Rich Hill. As Bear well knows.


DeJong is going to Toronto. Bichette is hurt so they needed a SS.


I’ve read where Outman might see less starts against lefties now that Amed and Kike’ would be used against lefties instead. Outman hits lefties. It’s a platoon to keep bench players happy and ready. Meanwhile, Muncy won’t be platooned and he isn’t doing as well against lefties this year as Outman. Boo.


Yeah Bums, I don’t get it.

Scott Andes

Yup its done. Verlander goes back to the cheaters. Honestly I couldn’t see Friedman getting him. Just couldn’t see him picking up all that deferred salary for next year and the year after or whatever. Not for 40-year old Verlander.


Superficially? Looks like a fan account.

Scott Andes

Glad he’s not a Dodger actually. Hope him and cheaters lose every game the rest of the season.


Is that real?

Scott Andes

Is what he said real? Or what I said real?


what he was quoted as saying. I didn’t think he’d say something like that, so I assumed it was a joke by this Andy Martino guy


That Martino guy is not a reporter.

Scott Andes

Good question, I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he did say it.


I’ll predict Eduardo Rodriguez comes here for Knack, Hurt & Newell.


At this point, Brandon Mcarthy and Scott Kazmir would move some needle (maybe a needle in my arm to numb the pain)

Scott Andes

I would consider this another season where they lose in the playoffs again due to not enough pitching.


I thought they lost last playoffs due to the hitting disappearing!

Scott Andes

It was both


They surrendered UNDER FOUR ERs per game.


Scott Andes

I think you’re forgetting the bullpen imploding and blowing a 3-run lead in game 4.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

not forgetting at all.

it’s the playoffs! all the teams are good. They gave up under for Runs a game! Stop defending stupid points.

better yet, don’t make them!

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

All the teams are good is not an acceptable excuse. Their best relievers weren’t available because they were all hurt, injured or innefective due to overuse during the regular season because they didn’t have enough pitching, specially starting pitching.

To jog your memory, Tommy Khanle, and Yency Almonte, and Victor Gonzalez were the ones that blew the lead, their 4th, 5th, and 6th best relievers. Treinen injured, Graterol, not available. Vesia already used if memory serves me.

Not a stupid point, this IS THE POINT.

and we are likely to see it again this year. will be 3 years in a row now.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

if the Dodgers kept the opposing team under 4 runs a game two years ago they would have won.

im sure the same will be true this year as well.

why, oh why, are you on this hill?

Scott Andes

if the Dodgers kept the opposing team under 4 runs a game two years ago they would have won.”

They didn’t and that was the problem.

So there you go. Pitching. that’s the problem.

“why, oh why, are you on this hill?”

Now that’s an interesting pun. That’s the Dodgers problem in the postseason, they have nobody on the hill, bump mound whatever you want to call it.

Pitching wins championhips Bluto. You know this.


I can’t tell if you are joking now, or just being bull-headed.

I thought Houston’s hitting won the championship last year.

lMK last World Series that pitching won.


Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

If we’re going to talk about Houston now, (I was only talking about the Dodgers), they had one of the best pitching staffs in MLB last year. Didn’t Verlander win a Cy Young last year? They Had urquidy and what’s the other guys name? Don’t make me think about the cheaters again.

Houston’s 2022 rotation
Valdez 2.82 ERA 201.1 IP 31 GS
Verlander 1.75 ERA 175 IP 28 GS
Urquidy 3.94 ERA 164.1 IP 28 GS
Garcia 3.72 ERA 157.1 IP 28 GS
Javier 2.54 ERA 25 148 IP 25 GS

That’s 5 solid starting pitchers, all making at least 28 starts and 150 innings. How many Dodger starters pitched 150 or more innings last year?

Don’t understand why you are arguing with me about this.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

that still hurts


Yes. Pitching was not great, but, the offense was abysmal.

Last edited 10 months ago by OhioDodger

This is fascinating from Ken_Rosenthal: Max Scherzer told the Mets he’d prefer to stick around if they were planning to be a contending team in 2024, but they told him “our vision now is for 2025-2026.”

Mets’ opening day payroll was over $350 million.


Hopefully Shohei reads that statement.


Based on the Rosenthal article, it doesn’t sound like they are at all going to be interested in Ohtani.


Billy Eppler declined to address Max Scherzer’s comments about the Mets not competing until 2025/2026 but he reiterated they won’t have the same odds going into 2024 but will field a competitive team


Aggressive? To trade for a guy who has a no trade. Yes or no?

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers had a trade in place for left-handed starter Eduardo Rodriguez, but Rodriguez invoked his 10-team no-trade clause that included the Dodgers and the deal is now dead, sources tell ESPN.

Scott Andes

Welp if that’s true, can’t blame Friedman for that one. lol


Seriously! Did not envision anyone picking life in Detroit vs in LA

Scott Andes

doesnt make much sense does it?


What a pussy


This deadline seems crazier than others.


Nobody will know, but you have to presume that either/both Detroit or LA were told by the player or agent that it wouldn’t be an issue. Until it was.

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto

It would be the ultimate swerve if at this point, the Dodgers use the trade deadline to get under the threshold

Scott Andes

YAY!!! forget about championships, rings….the Dodgers got under the threshold! They win the payroll championship!


That Scott, unlike your silliness above, was a joke.

Scott Andes

Then we have both won the silliness championship!

Laugh a little Bluto. It helps


Who’s going to be the first person here to buy a Ryan Yarborough jersey??

Fred Vogel

Just keep him out of the BP:
“Yarbrough, who has a 3.08 ERA over 38 innings and seven games as a starter for Kansas City this season. Of course, that also comes with a 7.62 ERA over 13 innings as a reliever, but Yarbrough has looked very sharp since he was moved into the K.C. rotation in April.”

Fred Vogel

LHP, no?

Scott Andes

YAY!!! The bullpen!


Scott Andes

None of them

Scott Andes

Wasn’t Kolarek already gone a while ago?


Devin Mann and Derlin Figueroa headed to KC for Yarborough


does it look worse for the Tigers not to have been able to move ERod, or the Dodgers in not being able to acquire a pitcher like him?

Unbelievably this is a hard call.

Scott Andes

According to reports, he wanted to be close to family.


I got that, but there are two (2) whole months left in the season!

Even without the trade he’s going to be traveling away from his family for a lot of that two (2) whole months.

And I’m sure teams will take note of this when he hits Free Agency, no?


Plenty of teams on the East coast that will be interested.


Of course, but it’s limiting the marketplace.


Interesting take Jeff. I am sure AF did his due diligence on other options. We will never know what other teams were asking and why some deals were not made. It is a “Good Old Boys Network”.

Singing the Blue

Luckily for us, 73% of our remaining games are against the AL Central.

I know I was shouting about 3-4 weeks ago that AF should go out and get Lynn, but he didn’t realize that I didn’t want him to stop there. Oh well, I’ll look like a genius tonight when he pitches his no-hitter.

Scott Andes

Well they are playing Oakland/Las Vegas so it is a possibility lol

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

It’s funny everyone is using Oakland/ Las Vegas now. I live in Las Vegas and NOBODY here wants them except the Governor who pushed the whole deal through himself.


Maybe the reign must fall. Eventually I guess. But I like this trade and I will go with the reign will continue but then I live in the NW. See what I did there?


Sitting here at the Vancouver airport. Went over the trade headlines and saw that the Dodgers got Rodriguez…..until I opened the article and realized he said no thanks to our team.

Not quite as bad as last year’s deadline, but surely not I was hoping for. I trust AF did his best make make something happen. Like many here it seems odd they would pursue a player that didn’t want to be here. I guess we play with we we gots. STB, I remained patient like you suggested. It did not help. But, thanks for the guidance.


Andrew Friedman said in conversations with the Tigers and Eduardo Rodriguez’s agent, he was never directly told he would waive his no-trade. They were surprised it became an issue at the end of the deal.


From Plunkett:

Andrew Friedman made it clear #Dodgers were surprised when Eduardo Rodriguez wouldn’t waive his no-trade to go to LA. “There was every reason to believe that he would, through various conversations (including former teammates in LA reaching out). But nothing definitive.”


Who would have been traded from the Dodgers?


Hopefully we never know


Well, we got better. Not as better as I had hoped. Better enough to make it out of the NL? I don’t know. Maybe. I’m anxious to see the post deadline Power Rankings. The Astros staff sure looks good. Doesn’t look like the NL West did a lot. We should win it.

This was an odd trade deadline. Some real surprises.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

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