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Can We Be Honest About The Current Rotation?

Let’s be honest.  The Dodgers are not going to win the WS unless:

  • Kershaw makes it all the way back, and stays healthy through October
  • Urías figures out what is wrong, and corrects it before October
  • Gonsolin can find a way to get back to his 2022 self, or at least get to 7 innings once in a while (not likely)
  • LAD finds other starters to slow the innings pitched by the rookies (I believe that is the reason for Lance Lynn). Lynn still falls in the LAD needs to score 8 to win category.

Getting Nolan Arenado was not going to change that dynamic.  The LAD offense is good enough to win games (Saturday and Sunday not withstanding).  Pitching, defense, and base running, not so much.

Urías and Doc have both said that the upcoming FA is not an issue, and is not the problem for Julio’s poor performance thus far.  Okay.  Is it physical?  Urías has always been pudgy, so I am not blaming his weight.  It may become a long term concern, and may become a health concern, but not a pitching concern at 26.  Is there something to his velo drop?

Is it mechanical?  If so, why can’t the Dodger pitching gurus figure it out?  It has to be psychological, physical, or mechanical, right?  Right now, the Dodgers are putting all their eggs in the mechanical basket.  Julio has a month to get it figured out before getting ready for the stretch run.

Tony Gonsolin has never been consistently able to pitch late into games.  In 2022, in his 24 GS, he did get through 6.0 innings half the time, and 7.0+ innings three times.  But he was not able to do that consistently before 2022 or since his injury.  In 2023, 4 out of 16 starts, Gonsolin has pitched 6.0 innings.  We have already heard he needs more rest because he does not recover well.  On June 13, Tony’s ERA was at 1.93.  His ERA jumped a run in his next start to 2.92.

In his seven starts since June 13, his ERA is 7.25.  His FIP is 5.53.  His OPS against is .827.  I do not think anyone would consider that good.  I am not convinced that Gonsolin’s poor performance is not health related.

Tony Gonsolin’s Pitching Percentile Rankings per Statcast:


Not much red at all.  This is not the Percentile Rankings of a WS Championship caliber starting pitcher.

His 4-seamer velo has dropped from 95.1 to 93.8 to 93.1 to 92.5.  He is 29.  Should his velo be dropping like that?  I am genuinely asking, not judging.

His 4-seamer has never been the swing and miss pitch for him, and his offspeed pitches are catching way too much of the plate this year.



Something sure has changed.  Gonsolin is not the same pitcher he was in 2022.  Why?


For comparison, let’s look at Bobby Millers Statcast Percentile Rankings:


A lot more red for Miller.  He does show some negative tendency for hard hit, exit velo, and whiff %.  But all three are well within the average rankings.

Neither Gonsolin nor Urías have ever consistently been able to pitch deep into games.



The above table indicates that Gonsolin’s effectiveness starts to go south in inning 4.  It also indicates that he rarely pitches into the 6th inning.  He has been a reliever almost exclusively for the 7th – 9th innings.

Urías has historically had a bad 1st inning.  Why?  Can’t a pregame approach be adjusted to more replicate what he used to do when he came into relief? His 1st innings pitched in relief were much better.  But the table also shows that Julio has trouble pitching past 5 innings.  Again, we have to consider that most of his innings pitched past the 6th were done in relief.

So that is two starting pitchers who have no history at all for pitching late into a game, and three rookies.  Thus the need for an innings eater, even one that is not pitching effectively in 2023, Lance Lynn.

So while everyone (including LAD management) says that the team needs starting pitching, getting the likes of Jordan Montgomery or Jack Flaherty or Eduardo Rodriguez, Michael Lorenzen or James Paxton is not going to solve the LAD pitching problem unless we go back to the beginning:

  • Kershaw makes it all the way back, and stays healthy through October
  • Urías figures out what is wrong and corrects it before October
  • Gonsolin can find a way to get back to his 2022 self, or at least get to 7 innings once in a while (not likely)
  • LAD finds other starters to slow the innings pitched by the rookies (I believe that is the reason for Lance Lynn)

That being said, AF/BG have to believe they can and will get it resolved, then go out and find the missing components to make LAD a WS Champion. No that is not Tommy Pham or Mark Canha.

As I am writing this, there are 1.5 days before the August 1, 3:00PM (PST) trade deadline concludes.  Is there another SP in their 2023 future?



07-30-2023 – MiLB Game Summary Report


OKC Dodgers 16 – Reno Aces (Arizona) 15

Landon Knack was not dominant, but he was effective.  He went the first 4.0 IP.  He did allow 1 unearned run, on 4 hits and 4 walks to go with his 5 Ks.  He threw 79 pitches (45 strikes), and faced 20 batters.  His relievers?  Not so good.  No earned runs in 4.0 IP IN RENO?  That’s pretty darn good.

  • Jimmy Nelson – 2-run HR in his 1.0 IP
  • Ryan Sherriff – 0.2 IP, 5 runs (all earned), 3 hits, 2 walks, and 2 Ks
  • Victor González – 1.0 IP, 2 runs (all earned), 3 hits, 1BB
  • Wander Suero – Gave up game tying HR in the bottom of the 9th
  • Ken Giles – Gave up a game tying 3-run HR in the 10th

OKC ran out of relievers.  Yonny Hernández came out to pitch in the bottom of the 11th with the inherited runner on 2nd.  Lo and behold Hernández got the save with only 1 unearned run against.  Once again Michael Busch and Miguel Vargas led the attack, but this time had help.


Key Performers:

  • Michael Busch – 3-6, 2 runs, 3 RBI, 2 HR (18)
  • Miguel Vargas – 3-6, 2 runs, 3 RBI, HR (4)
  • Ryan Ward – 4-6, 3 runs, 3 RBI, HR (13)
  • David Dahl – 3-5, 2 runs, 5 RBI, 2 HR (4)

Box Score


Springfield Cardinals 8 – Tulsa Drillers 7

Kyle Hurt and especially Antonio Knowles had rough outings.  Hurt started and went 3.2 innings.  3 runs (all earned).  On just 1 hit, but 7 BB and 5 K.  Knowles never recorded an out.  He gave up a single and 4 walks and left leaving the bases full.  Trevor Bettencourt gave up a bases clearing double.  Bettencourt gave up a run on his own that proved to be the game winner.

Key Performers:

  • José Ramos – 2-2, HBP, 1 RBI, HR (18)
  • Yusniel Díaz – 2-4, 1 run, 2 RBI, double (12), HR (6)
  • Doubles- Imanol Vargas (19), Josh Stowers (5)
  • HR – Hamlet Marte (1), Austin Gauthier (6)

He was pulled in the 8th inning.  It was not due to injury. ???????


Box Score


Dayton Dragons (Reds) 4 – Great Lakes Loons 2

Kendall Williams seems to be one of the few LAD MiLB pitchers allowed to pitch 5.0 innings.  Williams also did not dominate but was effective for his 5.0 innings.  He gave up 2 runs, 4 hits (including HR), 2 BB, 3 K.  He came out behind 2-0.  Dayton scored a third run off Lucas Wepf before GL scored 2 runs in the 6th.  Franklin De La Paz allowed a HR in the 8th to end the scoring.

Key Performers:

  • Damon Keith – 2-5, 1 run, 1 RBI, double (19)
  • Doubles – Alex Freeland (11), Jake Vogel (15)

Box Score


Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 5 – San Jose Giants 4

RC defeated the Giants 4 games to 2 in the 6 game series.  RC scored 5 runs on 5 singles and 7 walks.  San Jose scored 4 runs on 12 hits.  RC pitchers also struck out 14 batters, including Madison Jeffrey striking out the final batter on three pitches for the save.

Three 2023 draft picks collected all 5 of the hits.

Key Performers:

  • 21 year old 1B Joe Vetrano, Boston College, 5th round – 2-3, 1 BB, 2 RBI
  • 22 year old SS Sam Mongelli, Sacred Heart, 10th round – 2-3, 1 run
  • 21 year old SS/3B Jordan Thompson, LSU, 15th round – 1-3, 1 run

Box Score





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Ray Charles

Looks to me like we are tanking for decent Draft Picks….finally


Unless they finished in last place, they really would not get a high draft pick.


Based on his name, i think it was a joke


Maybe, I think he was serious

Scott Andes

Do they mean tenth straight loss on a Sunday?


Ramos getting pulled seems significant. Nastrini 2.0?

Probably for Pham or Canha or someone less than stellar.


Dodgers do not need Pham or Canha, a player I cannot see the fascination with. He is nowhere near the player he was 4 years ago. He has six homers, so he is not a huge power threat. Pham has worn out his welcome everywhere he has played. He has hit well, but he is no defensive whiz in the outfield. Would much rather have Thomas from DC than either of those clowns.


I’ve been a broken record for a few months.


Something will get done. In the meantime? 4-6. Only Colorado is out of it in the West. We need to go 6-4 the rest of the way.


Seems to me that the Dodgers have no clue about their pitching staff and it starts on the farm. We’ve talked about the babying of starters, and their curtailment of pitching longer in games. Speaking of Gonsolin, I thought last year had to be a fluke. He never exhibited the kind of staying power and luck in staying in games and getting the win. This was helped tremendously by our offense who were simply outscoring and out powering everyone. Plus, Gonsolin doesn’t have 20 game winner stuff! Urias has that potential but crashes with his giving up way too many HRs. I also think that Doc is a horrible manager of pitchers, either pulling them too early or too late. His choices of using relievers like Bickford and Vesia in tight games defy logic. He wants innings eaters. This in itself is a poor strategy. Change needs to come but the Dodgers are so corporate that change is threatening to the hierarchy. Mistakes are not acknowledged on this team.

Scott Andes

Mistakes are not acknowledged on this team.”…..


The other Jeff called it. Not acknowledging mistakes or results is a huge problem for management as they believe everything will work out all the time, and never plan for the unexpected.

The problem starts and ends as it usually does in the winter shopping season, which is where Friedman usually falls flat.

How many more innings do these relievers have in them for 2023? Or are they going to fold like they did in the 2022 NLDS?”


that’s probably what will happen. it happened last year and we were forced to watch guys like Tommy Khanle and Almonte pitching in an elimination game.

Is it possible to expect that the most powerful and richest team in the sport can use their vast resources to find reliable starting pitchers who can stay healthy and pitch deep into games? Why is this not doable for them?

Look, Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin are good pitchers, but they’re more fragile than an ice sheet. May has never pitched more than 60 innings in his career and I have doubts about his MLB career continuing. Gonsolin has had one year in which he tossed over 100 innings I think. Kershaw has about 10K innings on his back. It doesn’t take an advanced algorithm, to figure out that these guys are not going to provide them with the valuable innings they need to compete.

The rest of the guys are unproven rookies who they absolutely refuse to let pitch more than 80 pitches, or 4-5 innings per start. Do you think this is a good strategy, or organizational philosophy?

BTW Thanks for letting me vent over here Jeff, after today’s forfiet I needed it. lol


He is supposed to let the starters go deeper thus needing the bullpen for less innings. The Sheehan game is a good example. He was cruising, pitching a shutout and he gets pulled after 5. His pitch count wasn’t too high. This isn’t becsuse he can’t get past the 5th, it is because Roberts wouldn’t let him pitch past the 5th. Then Ferguson comes in and gives up the lead!
Expecting the bullpen to pick up 4 innings every game is risky!


The same damned pitchers he has but not micro managing them like a newborn baby. How many starters has he pulled pre-maturely? How many relievers has he left in too long? These are the moments that count in managing athletes. He is not responsible for either the conditioning or the stuff that the pitchers are throwing. You’ve got a starter that gives up 3 runs in the first few innings, you get him out of there. If you don’t have a healthy enough staff, you’ve got real problems. The Dodgers have real problems which are not addressed at all as far as I can see as they are ongoing from year to year. Conditioning, diet, and trainers who are up to the latest physio approaches to unlocking tight shoulders, hips, and hammies. Overweight players should be fined and docked. Hell, these players are. making millions. Let them earn it. Relievers need to learn to play back to back games. Even Jansen could do it. and he was way overweight. Imagine if he lost 30lbs and kept his conditioning and diet disciplined. Discipline is the way of the elite athletes.


Is “Jeff” trying a professional sports team with a group of people dedicated to optimizing performance about the “way of elite athletes?”


By the deadline, Busch and Vargas should be back on the team.


No room unless they unload a couple of the middle infielders they have. Rosario will not be traded, they got him for his bat against lefties. Rojas is their best fielder in the infield next to Freddie. Only trade chip left is Taylor and his contract makes that highly improbable. Muncy would only be dealt if the comeback is Arenado. Less chance of that happening by the hour.


I’m sure the West contenders are looking at the Dodgers and thinking they are vulnerable. Every team but Colorado is still in it so I expect all of them to be buyers.

I don’t understand the comments about “mistakes”. The team has lost 3 starters and the replacements haven’t proven they are ready. I don’t view this as mistakes, I see it as unfortunate. Even if they don’t get a proven starter, which would at this point likely be an overpay, I look at it as a choice, not a mistake. For all I know they might ride this team as is to finish line. Current World Series odds have us just behind Atlanta.

That said, I see a big splash coming today.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

Damn, Mr. Grove got his ass handed to him yesterday. A somewhat positive was he pitched six innings to help limit the BP use. So, I guess in order to pitch deeper into games a pitcher has to give up a large number of runs early in the game. I still think Michael Grove has a future as a starter or at the very least a BP piece. Being 26, Grove is going to have some urgency with his location and pitch selection development . If he can’t show improvement and have a defined role next season he may be passed by younger prospects.

Injuries to three position players is a bit concerning. Hoping the day off will help.

Waiting anxiously for the Verlander situation to play out. Even at his age he would add some stability and depth to a seriously deteriorating starting staff. Another starter has to be traded for by AF. Look at the depth that Texas has put together.

Roberts’ remarks on Kershaw have me thinking that his return is going to be delayed. Again.

Carry on.

Last edited 10 months ago by tedraymond

Honesty? Something rarely seen in fans or baseball teams. Actually, in all sports. Falsehoods about injuries until they are season ending. The 15-day IL itself is a testament to the league allowing players to get in season rest. When it was a 10-day IL, the Dodgers used it better than anyone else for tired arm syndrome and other phantom injuries. The truth is I had reservations about the pitching staff all winter. Especially when the only class A arm they brought in was Kershaw. Syndergaard was a project. The placed all their trust in Urias being Urias, Gonsolin repeating his success of 22. May being healthy. Kersh being Kersh. The depth was not veterans with a track record like 22. It was the kids, Grove, Miller. The team leader in stolen bases is their first baseman. No speed demon he, but a very smart player. Mookie’s stolen bases have declined significantly from his Boston days. Losing Lux put them in a bad spot. Despite all that has happened, on August 1st, they will still be in first place as games begin. They have one day left to fill holes and improve the team. Anyone here seriously believe that trading for Pham or Canha does that? Flaherty? He is 7-6 with a 4.43 ERA, and his WHIP is 1.550. He might benefit from a change of scenery, but he doesn’t look like a lifesaver to me. Some have mentioned Singer from KC, ERA over 5. Blackburn from Oakland, ERA over 4. 1.574 WHIP. Eduardo Rodriguez, yes, him I would like to see. ERA under 3 6-5 record for a really bad team. WHIP is 1.030. Strikeout per inning guy. Mitch Keller, Pirates. Yes. If they could get Bednar too, that would be nice. Keller is a high K low walk pitcher. He allows a few too many homers, but otherwise he is solid. And he would benefit from pitching in Dodger Stadium. He would probably cost the most in prospect capital. Verlander. No thanks. A true ace and a difference maker, but his age makes me nervous.


Well said Bear.

With the offense as good as it has been, they may just go for a reliable innings eater or two and ride the handful of others the rest of the way. Gonsolin and Urias might just need 15 days. Kershaw might be fine after a month off. Buehler is due back and might be able to start a few, giving others a day off. He and Grove in the bullpen could help too.

I’m still hoping for Verlander, but I won’t be surprised if it’s another Lynn.

Scott Andes

What would be the issue with getting Verlander for just this season if the price in prospects and cash is low?


Scott, according to all of the posts and stories I have seen and read, especially the one on MLBTR, the Mets want a bigger package for Verlander and are unwilling to pay down his contract. The biggest issue? The vesting option for 25. The option is, if he pitches 140 innings next year, he has the option to activate the 35-million-dollar salary. The Astro’s have balked at that. It seems to be the biggest hang up for a trade. 35 mil for a 42-year-old pitcher is highly risky.


If that’s the terms and return the Mets want for Verlander then he will not be traded. We’re talking about a possible $90M+ obligation for the rest of this year and 2024-25. And, top prospects? Who would do that deal?
No one. Cohen has already exposed his hand that he is willing to add $30M+ to make a trade. His way of thinking with the Scherzer trade was that he would add money in order to get (buy) a top prospect. Why wouldn’t he do that with the Dodgers?
Anyway, that’s why the site is called “Trade Rumors”.

Bear, I do like other options like Rodriguez and Keller. I think Rodriguez has an opt out and the end of this year (if I’m not mistaken) which makes most deals risky. And, Keller may cost too much prospect wise. We’ll find out shortly how AF navigates his options.

Scott Andes

Well for Verlander, considering his age and the money, and what Bear was saying about this vesting option, perhaps one good top ten prospect, and another lower level type propsect would be fair for both clubs.

I would’t deal Knack. Nor would I include Busch, or Vargas or any of the upper tier position players. Perhaps someone like Frasso and Michael Grove would work for the Mets?

Keep in mind I am just spitballing here.


Who else is interested?


Houston, and they and the Mets are still in discussions.


I believe that teams ask for more in a trade with the Dodgers than they ask/expect from other teams.

Scott Andes

Here’s the problem I have with their situation. The people claiming that there is nobody available and nothing the Dodgers can do to find and acquire reliable pitchers. I find this incredulous.

There are many ways the Dodgers can find good pitchers. I’ll name some.

Free Agency
Domestic Free Agency
International Free Agency
The Amateur draft
Undrafted and unsigned College players
The Dodgers Farm System (this option is the easiest one and one the club has clearly already tapped into.

I just named, what 6 ,7 different ways to acquire pitching. I understand this late in the season, options are limited. That’s why it’s important to stockpile arms during the winter season. I understand the Dodgers thought that their prospects would provide them depth this season, but too only sign Syndergaard this winter? Yuck.

But can we admit that the Dodgers should be able to use their vast array of Money, resources and influence to easily acquire good pitching from year to year?

For some people (not saying anyone over here) to assume that the Dodgers are tapped out of options or resources, I just don’t agree with. This is the Dodgers, the most powerful, richest and influential organization in baseball. If they want a player, they normally can make it happen, within reasonable exceptions. The Dodgers need pitching. FIND IT. (I’m taking now to the Dodgers, points finger like Tommy at the Dodgers). You’re the Dodgers. Go out and get some pitching.

Maybe it’s time to start looking at the international market more?

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

Cease’ name still being out there is curious. The fact that he’s a controlled asset is appealing.

I can’t see Verlander, but that’s mainly because I’m not sure how the salary counts if the Mets agree to pay it. I had a friend agree to cover legal costs for me once. I had to pay the lawyer and my friend paid me back.


Story this morning on MLBTR states the Guardians might be interested or moved to trade Civale.


Civale is a favorite of mine! Music to my ears.

But there are underlying metrics (FB veto and FIP) which are very daunting last time I checked (couple weeks ago.)


This week on the 90th Percetile Geoff and Matt welcome on Jonah Rosenthal Dodgers Carolina Area Scout to discuss the 20th round pick of former Clemson and current Oregon State quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei. While Uiagalelei did not sign, the process of scouting the quarterback is a unique look into a scout and team getting creative in the MLB Draft.

RC Dodger

Good points Jeff.
The starting pitching is in shambles. Dodgers posted the worst monthly starter ERA in LA Dodger history in July! Now there are 10 other teams trying to trade for starting pitching in addition to the Dodgers, and not too many attractive starters left. Verlander, Flaherty, Lorenzen and Rodriguez make sense to me depending on the prospect cost and competition. But the Dodgers bringing in Lynn and Kelly seems like a desperation move. I would have preferred Giolito or Montgomery even at a slightly higher prospect cost.
If the Dodgers do trade for another starter, they will still need to get Kershaw, Urias and Gonsolin right in order to be competitive in the stretch run and the playoffs. Fasten the seat belts.


LA Dodger history maybe, but the 1944 Brooklyn club posted a 7.17 starter ERA in July.

Singing the Blue

I’m very conflicted about dealing for Verlander, so I’ll go along with whatever ultimately happens.

I would like to see us bring back Rich Hill, just because he can give us some innings. He’s averaging over 5 innings per start this year which means he’s going 6 and even 7 every so often. Is he an All Star pitcher? No, of course not, but we have so many guys injured or soon-to-be injured or up against innings restrictions that we need another arm.

I’m sure the Pirates would be happy to send him our way for Devin Mann and poor Devin will never get a chance in L.A. so we’d be helping him as well.

I really hope that Andrew convinces the Pirates or Royals to send us Keller or Singer at a price that isn’t totally crazy. I guess we’ll know in about 25 hours.

Still (unrealistically) hoping for Bednar or Clase but failing that, we still need another bullpen piece. Hernandez, Raley, Sewald, Finnegan, Lange. Take your pick.

Don’t see anything at all exciting in your offense list. Maybe AF will come up with a surprise. If not, I’m ready to go with what we have and would then hope Busch would get another chance sooner than later, although it would be preferable if he was a right handed hitter. Maybe we can convince the Nats to send us Lane Thomas for two of our young pitchers not named Sheehan or Miller.

Last edited 10 months ago by Singing the Blue

As much as I would have rather he end up on the Dodgers or Sox.

I take great solace in the fact that a really smart team went for Civale!

I am reminded of the great Sam Miller line:

Speaks to the value of team control, as I quote Kiley McDaniel:
2.5ish years of Civale for 6ish years of Manzardo. Manzardo is a top 100 1B-only type that’s had a bit of a down year but can really hit and has enough power to profile.

Keith Law loved Manzardo’s hit tool

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto

I would! If Civale’s arm checks out.

Would the Guardians? Dunno!

I continue to be at a loss with how Busch gets meaningful playing time.


This is a nice thread of thought on it:


Yes! Sorry I wasn’t clear about that.

But we were talking about trading Busch from the Dodgers weren’t we?

Also, doesn’t Busch have one fewer year of control than Manzardo?

If so, Badger, this could be an indicator why starting the Arb clock is actually a big deal with a player’s value.


I was referred then to a 26 year old Knack.


Thought more about this. I don’t think Busch has enough thump for Cleveland.

not sure I’m right though


Josh Rojas, Dominic Canzone and Ryan Bliss headed to the Mariners. Civale deal was a one for one.


Seattle selling too.

Some WC3 team might win the WS this year.


Some WC3 team could with the WS every single year.

Scott Andes

Doesn’t look like Friedman is going to make another trade. Maybe they get Verlander, but it’s doubtful. If that’s the case then it’s over. The Dodgers will not win the World Series with this pitching staff. Dunzo.


I think they are hunting the big game.

They may be done with minnows.

I just wish they still had Nastrini.


Jarvis has a lot of helium about him. One online source has him up to #10 for Milwaukee by mid-season.

Also note:
The Mets are paying down Canha’s 2023 salary to the minimum. The Brewers are responsible for his $11.5 million buyout or $2 million buyout. Sorry for the confusion.


Mets got the green stuff . . .


Purely hypothetical from the Dodgers Digest Discord. Would you rather: 

• Dodgers win the 2023 World Series and see Shohei Ohtani sign with the Giants this winter

• LA doesn’t win and signs Ohtani this winter. Assume at least 10 years & record-breaking money (total and AAV)

I went with the second one. I am in the minority.


Not an option!

Nor was losing and not signing Ohtani.


Hypothetically you can do whatever you want! On your site.


Love it

I would ask for little else [sports-wise]

I want three rings to match SF


Cue the 5-game losing streak for CHC.


Seattle selling. Fans must be pissed.


AJ Pollock going to the Giants and Candelario traded to the Cubs.



I dont subscribe to the 45 FV talk.

Historically I dont think it holds water.


Don’t tell Andes but…

Noah Syndergaard has thrown five scoreless vs the Astros!

.. with 0 strikeouts and 2 swing and misses.

Four balls hit 350’+ and zero hits on them.

this is the best sport of all the sports.


Who is Andes?


Scott, Syndergaard was hit by a batted ball with one out in the 6th and removed from the game, the reliever immediately gave up a run and eventually the lead. Syndergaard went 5.1 with 1 ER and no K’s.

Last edited 10 months ago by Oldbear48

Roger, Wilco

Scott Andes

Of course he did bear. He’ll probably pitch a shutout in his next start just for irony.


What does one have to do with the other?


From Vassegh:

• There isn’t a feeling Dodgers are “all-in” on Justin Verlander and want him at “their price.” Thus not sure a deal can be reached.

• “Quite a bit of buzz” regarding their talks for Mitch Keller. BLUTO’S NOTE: Would love Keller. Controlled and has really developed. Will cost something largish though.

• Tommy Pham told 3 players on the team he “would love to play” for LA


Jeff, you’ve done a nice job with this blog. It might be the best one going. TBLA is trash, Mark is crazy and Dodger Digest has good prospect coverage and nothing else. Keep doing what you’re doing, my man.

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