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Emmet Sheehan Rises From The Dead

This had to be a tough game for fans who seemingly quit on certain players after some bad performances. And yes I know that everyone here is a Dodger fan, no matter the complaints.  Some fans are glass half full, while others are half empty. I think we all have a tendency to get disappointed in losses and then hold specific players accountable.  We have no control over any of the outcome, so we can only react in a way that we are most comfortable.  It’s has to be somebody’s fault.  But sometimes, the other team is just better on that given night.  S*** happens!

Last night we had some fans give up on Bobby Miller after only the 1st inning.  He then reeled off 4.0 excellent scoreless innings. Bobby Miller is arguably the second best starter in the LAD rotation.  I believe that has something to say about the state of the rotation.

After two quality starts to begin his MLB debut, Emmet Sheehan had four not so good (okay just plain bad) consecutive games.  His last four games he completed 17.1 innings.     He gave up 20 runs (all earned), 24 hits, 12 BB, 15 K.  He had a 10.38 ERA and a 5.13 FIP.  Many said he was not ready and needed to be sent down.  Fortunately, AF/BG and Doc did not agree with those fans, and Emmet started and pitched 5.0 scoreless 2-hit innings.  1 BB and 5 K.  He probably wasn’t ready, but the Dodgers needed a SP, and Emmet has tried to fill in.  So often rookies are thrust into a MLB game and just not ready.  They have to fight through the adversity and continue to develop at the MLB level.

What was the big difference?  Per all those commenting during and after the game, he was attacking hitters.  Max Muncy thought that he was guiding his pitches against Texas.  On this night at least, he trusted his fastball, especially in the zone.  That is his best pitch, and he seemed to make up his mind, that if he is going to get beat, it is going to be with his best pitch.

In the game against Texas, Sheehan threw 58% 4-seamers, 20% changeups, 14 % sliders, and 8% sweepers.  In the game against the Reds, Emmet went away from the change and increased his 4-seamer usage to 72% and change at 9%.

With Lance Lynn joining the rotation, and Clayton Kershaw seemingly ready to rejoin the rotation, it seems that Emmet Sheehan will indeed be heading back to OKC.  But if he does go back to OKC, he is going to go with a much better mental makeup than if he had gone back after his Texas outing.

Good for Emmet to come out and take charge.  He will continue to learn, and those growing pains will probably include games like he had with Texas.

Max Muncy has been maligned, but they have been muted lately.  He has not heard any DFA comments.  Move him down to #6 in the lineup is one that has been made and made often..  Don’t let him hit against LHP.  Okay, I agreed with that one.  James Outman is better offensively against LHP.  On this night, the Dodgers were facing a RHSP (Luke Weaver) and managed 2 hits.  Both hits were HRs by Max Muncy accounting for all three runs.

Max is crediting getting his hands in the proper position.  Hitting a baseball is difficult, and if everything is not working in synch, positive results are difficult.

Kiké Hernández and Amed Rosario had positive results in their LAD debuts (Kiké reunion).  Unfortunately while they may have played well, their performances did not produce a win.  On Friday, Joe Kelly made his reunion debut, and pitched well enough for the win.  With runners on 1st and 2nd in a tie game, he came in to a rousing and rowdy celebration from the LAD faithful.  He promptly threw one of his patented wild pitches to the backstop.  Walked a batter, and then struck out a batter to end the threat.  Typical Joe Kelly outing.  Always walking a tight rope, and the crowd loved every pitch.

And they won this one without Mookie.

The 4th new Dodger, Lance Lynn, will assuredly get his first LAD start at home against Oakland.  Will there be others?  We will have to wait and see.



07-29-2023 – MiLB Game Summary Report


Reno Aces (Arizona) 8 – OKC Dodgers 3

Reno scored three runs in both the 6th and 7th innings.  The 3 in the 7th were unearned.  With Gus Varland pitching, one runner reached on a BB  With two out, Yonny Hernández’s  fielding error kept the inning going.  Next batter a 3-run HR.

On 4 inning Saturday, Gavin Stone completed 4.0 innings on 68 pitches (17 batters faced). Two runs, two hits, 2 BB, and 3 K.

Key Performers:

  • Michael Busch – 2-5, 1 RBI
  • Miguel Vargas – 2-5
  • Ryan Ward – 2-4, 1 run, 1 RBI, HR (12)
  • Devin Mann – 2-4, 1 run
  • Doubles – Drew Avans (20) and Hernández (12)

Box Score



Tulsa Drillers 4 – Springfield Cardinals 2

River Ryan started and completed 4.0 scoreless innings.  2 hits, 2 walks, and 6 K.  60 (39 strikes), 15 batters faced.  My question.  This is the end of July.  If the goal is for a starter to go deep into the game, why is a SP who has 4.0 scoreless innings, only thrown 60 pitches. and not getting thru the lineup twice, getting lifted?  Tulsa scored 4 in the 7th to take a 4-2 lead, and held on for the 4-3 win.

  • Austin Gauthier – 2-4, 1 RBI, double (10)
  • Diego Cartaya – 1-3, 2 RBI, HR (13)
  • Imanol Vargas – 1-4, 1 RBI, double (18)


Box Score


Dayton Dragons (Reds) 5 – Great Lakes Loons 2

Just like River Ryan at Tulsa, Justin Wrobleski pitches 4.0 scoreless innings on 1 hit, 2 BB, and 7 K.  59 pitches (34 strikes).  15 batters faced.  Same question for Wrobleski as with Ryan.  This is the end of July.  If the goal is for a starter to go deep into the game, why is a SP who has 4.0 scoreless innings, only thrown 59 pitches. and not getting thru the lineup twice, getting lifted?

Key Performer:

  • Taylor Young – 3-4, 2 runs, 1 RBI, HR (3)


Box Score



Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 5 – San Jose Giants 3

20 year old RHP, Christian Romero completed 5.0 innings allowing 3 runs (1 earned).

Sauryn Lao and Kelvin Ramirez pitched the final 4.0 scoreless innings to get the victory.  RC scored single runs in the 7th and 8th for the final victory.

Key Performers:

  • Josue De Paula – 2-3, 2 BB, 1 RBI
  • Wilman Diaz – 2-4
  • Simon Reid – double (10)
  • Jose Izarra – triple (3)


Box Score



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Sheehan pitched great last night! I was surprised he didn’t get to go at least one more inning. To me it seems risky to pull a pitcher that is doing well and then hope that the next 4 pitchers all perform well. And last night it only took the first one to give up the lead.


Welcome to the Dave Roberts experiment. I still havent forgiven him for pulling Rich Hill after 4 ip in Game 2 of 2017 WS.


That loss is on the pen. Hill could have went longer no doubt. But Maeda came in and pitched well and the rest of the pen was fine. Jansen blew that game. He gave up the game tying homer to Marwin Gonzalez of all people. Then in the 10th, Altuve and Correa hit solo shots off of Fields. Dodgers tied it again, and then Springer hit a 2 run shot off of Brandon McCarthy. Culberson homered in the bottom of the 11th, but they fell a run short. BP does there job, nobody talks about Roberts pulling Hill.


2 hits and 2 walks and they win. Amazing. Ferguson was not sharp last night, and Kelly came in and put everyone into a frenzy. But the nerves did not calm down until he struck that guy out. Impressed with Sheehan’s outing. Orel still talks too much and there was a lot of back slapping going on in the booth. Stick to the damn game.


Sheehan works his ass off for 5 innings, Kelly gets 1 out and gets the W. A great example of why wins by a pitcher don’t mean much. It’s probably too late because of history but how that stat is determined needs to change.


I think much like Batting Average, wins for a pitcher has been far outpaced by other stats.

Scott Andes

You can probably put saves in that category too


I guess. Kinda.

no, not really.

oddly, I think it’s been accepted that high-leverage situations are different. Obviously there are high leverage situations that aren’t saves, but the majority usually is.


Orel and Joe think their continuous bantering is entertaining. I don’t find it so.

If he had gone 7, I would call Sheehan’s outing outstanding. 5 is, good in today’s game. But in my opinion starters who aren’t nursing an oft injured arm should be able to throw 105 pitches every 5 days. But then, young starters maybe shouldn’t be coming out of their shoes throwing it as hard as they possibly can for as long as they can, in this case 5 innings. I hope he lasts til the end of the year throwing like that. Buehler and May couldn’t. When we get another front of the rotation starter, maybe Sheehan can take that Wild Thing stuff to the bullpen.

Fangraphs has Freddie near the bottom in DRS. Interesting. I thought he was one of the better fielders in the game.

I will be relieved when this deadline season is over. When the dust settles there will be 57 games left in the season. That’s a lot of games. A lot can happen in 57 games.


Thanks for reenforcing my opinion of the Orel-Davis connection. It has taken me a while to even warm up to Davis, whom I consider a Joe Buck clone. But I like his backup, Nelson, better than him right now.


I think Davis could be great if he spent more time researching players and telling great stories the way Vin did in his prime. There are times Orel is fine, but there are times he rambles aimlessly and says things that make no sense – like when he said a back door slider spun the wrong way. That’s against the laws of physics Orel. And the two of them together frankly just talk too much. Frankly I don’t need either to enjoy a game. I know what I’m looking at.


I agree with your first sentence Badger. It’s like the game is intruding with their conversation. I like Nelson as well Bear. He has a border line fan approach without being a obnoxious homer.


I’ve never deep dived into defensive metrics, so I’m not sure what they’re penalizing Freddie for (probably range), but I’ve noticed that too. Do they give credit for cleanly scooping one hop balls from the left side of the infield, because I think he earns his defensive check on that alone.


Grove pitching today. Need a good game from him.


Miller and Sheehan and Grove, oh my!


Yeah. That is my reaction as well.

These guys are all good pitchers, and this is excellent experience for them.



I changed a comment from I think to I hope yesterday regarding the ability for Grove, Sheehan, and Miller to stay in the rotation and be good. I wish I had left it as I think after Sheehan excelled.

Sheehan was pulled early by Roberts perhaps to let him have the days until his next start thinking about his success instead of maybe having to dwell on a bad 6th inning. I wanted to leave him in up to 105 pitches.

I have for the most part wanted to acquire young controllable position players before the trade deadline and go with Kershaw, Urias, Buehler, Miller, Grove, Sheehan, Gonsolin, Stone, and Pepiot. Lynn didn’t cost that much so that worked. I would have even traded Urias plus others to get someone like Henderson.

If Friedman trades for Verlander I will be happy but realize at the same time he and I aren’t on the same page. Or, he tried to get the young star position player and couldn’t.


I was one of those hoping Sheehan would get one more start. He did and took advantage of the opportunity. The key for these rookie pitchers is to attack the strike zone. Sheehan is pitching for the Dodgers because the FO believes the he has MLB stuff. When they have a rough outing it’s usually because they try to be too fine and don’t attack the hitters. Hopefully, Sheehan has learned this.

I wish we could get an honest explanation why the Dodgers keep pulling out starters when they’re doing well and still under the magic “100” pitch count. As Jeff mentioned in the MiLB summary these young guys go 4-5 solid innings and they yank them out of the game. How do they expect these prospects to develop some arm strength and face some adversity while pitching if they’re not given the chance?

If a starter is rolling along why not leave him in the game until he starts to get hit? The manager is watching reality. What is actually happening. To randomly take out the starter and bring in a reliever who the manager has no idea how he going to perform makes little sense to me. This happens over and over again. I don’t blame Roberts as it most likely predetermined before the game by the FO and coaches how long the starter will stay in the game. Then post game Roberts gives the media the three most common reasons:

“I wanted him to leave on a positive note” – these guys can’t be that fragile.
“We want to keep him fresh for the playoffs” – in June?
“I was just going with my gut feeling” – so your decisions during the game are based on what you had for lunch?

There is no attempt to give the BP a break. Eventually that has to catch up with the relievers. This is one of the most irritating things the Dodgers (and most of baseball) do with their starters. It would be nice to know the reasoning behind it.

I heard on a broadcast that Urias has never pitched into the eighth inning as a starter. I found that amazing.

Anyway, it’s not going to change. It seems like a waste of resources.
Anxious to see how Grove does today and Lynn on Tuesday.
Carry on.

Last edited 8 months ago by tedraymond

I definitely agree that attacking the strike zone is a must. ML hitters won’t chase a guy that has difficulty throwing strikes. But what I’ve seen from these young guys are mistakes in the strike zone. They must learn command, and the only way to do it is experience against the best hitters on the planet. They are getting that.


So, if they win today I believe they will have won 3 of the last 3 series against quality opponents.
If they lose today I believe they will have lost 4 of the last 5 games.

Numbers and streaks are quite pliable.


My tea leaves say Verlander. Not everyone will be in on him, and it is quite possible NY will send a suitcase of money with him.

With a true ace added, this is a Dodger team that can beat anybody in a short series.


Love this:

Dodgers game notes list pitching probables for the next series against the A’s

Tuesday: TBD vs. TBD
Wednesday: TBD vs. TBD
Thursday: TBD vs. TBD

N.B. Dave Roberts did say Saturday that Julio Urías, Lance Lynn, and Tony Gonsolin would start against Oakland, in some order….

Scott Andes

Great outing from Sheehan last night. Yes agree he was trusting his fastball, also was attacking hitters more. Good to see some improvement.

On a different note, why in the world are the Dodgers still wasting at-bats on Rojas after acquiring Rosario? I don’t mean to complain after a nice win last night but it’s annoying seeing him in the lineup every day. How low does his batting average have to go before they wake up? Does it have to sink to .180? .150? .Barnes territory? .050? I believe it would have to plummet to almost 0. Believe me it can happen.

Scott Andes

Not that hard Rosario looked just fine at short and can actually hit above the mendoza line.

Scott Andes

Cleveland needs a lot this year. I like defense too but I prefer not having one of the worst hitters in baseball in my lineup. If the Dodgers aren’t convinced he’s a SS then why trade for him? Yes I love offense but like defense. See the difference?

Scott Andes

From what I’ve read they have a couple of young shortstop prospects and isn’t Rosario a free agent next year?

Cleveland isn’t a world beater this year. They’re a .500 club in a weak division Jeff with a free agent shortstop that they’re not going to resign. They have no chance of beating Texas, TB, Baltimore.

Yes he’s a pretty good hitter and last I checked Rojas is the worst hitting SS in MLB. Sorry I know you like him but its the truth.

Scott Andes

And how many times does he come up with runners on base? It’s debatable that Rosario is the worst defensive SS, but there is no debate that Rojas is the worst hitting shortstop in MLB and possibly the worst hitter in MLB period. Do you want automatic outs in the lineup in October? I’m sure that you do not.

There is nothing worse than automatic outs in the lineup no matter how many other good hitters are in front of him.

Just saying is all.

Scott Andes

Don’t mean to go back and forth about this.

Scott Andes

Honestly if they’re that concerned about run prevention maybe they can start by having some actual starting pitchers first. Run prevention begins with good pitching.

Scott Andes

I’m seeing on Twitter that Verlander is going back to the cheaters. According to passan.

Last edited 8 months ago by Scott Andes

For everybody to revisit but especially Jeff given Friedman himself identifies what it means to be aggressive:



Once again, I have no clue what you are on here. I fear again, for some reason you are reading too much into my comment.

I’m not talking about history, about things working out, I’m not talking about what moves were made, if those moves were smart or reckless nor am I taking from that article what is the difference between reckless and aggressive.

ALL I AM saying is how Friedman defines being aggressive. I seriously doubt that changes from one year to the next. It certainly doesn’t for me.

For clarity this bit and ONLY this bit:
“I think our position was to be aggressive,” said Friedman. “As far as process, conversations and how aggressive we were, we feel really good about what we can control,” he added. “If you expect to win a deal from a value standpoint in July, you’re not going to make deals,” he said. “We made plenty of offers that were definitely underwater from a value standpoint but felt good about making because of the team that we have.”

And my distillation of that, the Dodgers can define their approach as aggressive and not make big moves, small moves or any moves. They define being aggressive as how they “attack” the market.


Longshot wild ass guesses.

Dodger additions:
Arenado, Wacha


Edwin Rios outrighted off of the Cubs forty man roster.


My point really is being lost isn’t it?


That’s it! I’m actually not sure I have a definition of aggressive in this context, I was just saying (as you note) that the Dodgers probably are being aggressive, and we should be prepared for their aggressive tactics to not result in much more

Singing the Blue

So are you saying I shouldn’t expect to see Verlander and Bednar in Dodger Blue come Wednesday?


Process over outcome, STB.

process over outcome.


I am following your logic Bluto.

Scott Andes

At what point do the Dodgers move on from Grove? What can they possibly see in him at this point? Why are they so stubborn about this stuff?

Hes got one good pitch, gives up 5 runs every start. Its almost August. This isn’t acceptable in a playoff race.


He’s young Scott. He may be better as a reliever. But has more potential value as a starter. Let’s see how he develops!

when Kershaw and Lynn integrate there’s not a spot for him.


We have multiple injuries in the rotation.


Stratton went to Texas in that deal also. Of more concern to me is the injury to Will Smith and the ongoing Soreness of Martinez’s hammy.


On the bright side, Grove doubled Verlander in Ks.

on the less bright side is the 8x runs.


And Outman is CF.

And why Rojas is not a relief pitcher.

Last edited 8 months ago by Bumsrap

That sucked

Guess we gotta score 10.

Singing the Blue

How about Maeda or Ryu. I read where the Twins might actually be willing to listen on Maeda.


They are also listening on Gray,4-4 on the season.

Singing the Blue

OK, after serious consideration and paying no attention to what the other GM might have to say about it, this is my list for Andrew:




Maeda is 2-6 with an ERA above 4. I prefer Gray who’s ERA is in the low 3’s.

Singing the Blue

At the end of April he gave up 10 runs in 3 innings and then went on the IL for 2 months.

He hasn’t been spectacular but he’s been better than Grove and Sheehan since he’s been back.

I’d still take him back if the price was right.


At least he saved the pen a little. Probably punched his ticket to OKC. No help down there, although just like in the big-league game today, a position player pitched the last inning. In this case though, Yonny Hernandez got the save as OKC beat Reno 16-15. Busch hit two homers, so did Dahl. Vargas had a homer also. Vargas and Busch went 3-6. Busch now hitting ,318 and Vargas .317. With the glut of middle infielders on the MLB roster, Vargas will probably NOT get called up until September or if someone gets injured.

Scott Andes

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? As soon as I saw that Grove was pitching and Rojas was back in the starting lineup, I knew they would lose. Didn’t think it would be 9-0 but still.

I can put up with roster and lineup tinkering in April and May but not in July and August in the middle of a playoff race. They’re punting games again and it’s not acceptable.

I dont mean to start an argument with Jeff about Rojas. I know he likes his defense but from this point on there is no reason for him to be in the starting lineup again. Period. He’s a pathetic hitter and if they’re that worried about run prevention then maybe start putting better pitchers out there first before worrying about infield defense. Can’t defend the balls that are flying out of the ballpark.

I’m not saying Rojas should be cut from the roster, but he should never start another game again. The at-bats they’ve wasted on him makes me furious. To be honest he really is a waste of a roster spot when roster spots are valuable at this point in the season. Not only that but he’s struggled to play consecutive games most of the year due to nagging injuries anyways.

On the pitching side, im done with Michael Grove. Since when did this guy become a rotation mainstay? He’s one of the worst starting pitchers we’ve seen this year. He gave up 4 runs within the first several minutes of the ball game. Whats even more irritating is they won’t let guys go into the 6th inning that are pitching well but let Grove pitch into the 7th inning today to wave the white flag. What an insult to our eyes.

This everyone plays mentality is not going to cut it. Just put your best players on the field from here on out. This is not acceptable in a playoff race. I hate losing but Hate losing even more when its not your best players. Now with Mookie, JD and Smith all hurt it will give them excuse to go back to playing Barnes and Rojas in the lineup every day again. Then we’ll really start seeing more losses.

Just stop punting games in July. Ok thanks for listening guys. End rant. Lolz

Last edited 8 months ago by Scott Andes


Singing the Blue

Remember the other day when I asked you to wait until the actual deadline before going off the deep end, Scott? We still have a couple of days to go.

If you’re this upset today, I can imagine what I’ll be reading if, by some chance, Andrew doesn’t do anything else by Tuesday.

And as far as Rojas is concerned, you complain that he’s playing too often while at the same time complaining that he can’t play because he’s always injured. You’ve got to choose one or the other. He’s either playing too much or not enough.

Another thing to remember, Miller, Sheehan and Grove were all brought up sooner than expected this year because of injuries to other starters. I doubt that the front office expected any of these guys to be part of the rotation for most of the season.

So, if you want to vent, start yelling at Buehler, Kershaw and May for being injured and Gonsolin and Urias for being ineffective, and leave the poor rookies alone.

OK, I’m done. Just want you to know I’m reading your comments.  😎 

Scott Andes

Couldn’t help it, not with the punting. Thanks though STB, I appreciate you reading my comments and rants. Now its time for me to head over to my site, write some articles and really let the aggression out.


I’m a big advocate of Sheehan, well, more specifically his fastball. But I was ready to send him down after the Texas game. It’s not his ability I question, but the innings load. He’s pitched a little over 80 the last two years and he’s creeping up on 80 with two months left. Maybe stagger his starts in OKC or keep him under 60 pitches, see if the mechanics and command gets a little more consistent. If he’s feeling good, bring him back up for the post season. Now, I’m not so sure, I thought his performance against the Reds was the best he’s pitched. Big part of that was consistently throwing competitive balls and not give free passes. He’s a young guy, maybe he’s found a second wind.

You wouldn’t think Max has a high maintenance swing, but I guess with the Texas two step it’s going to open up vulnerabilities up and down. Pre-injury Max was still a hot and cold guy, so if he’s back to Good Max, I expect he’ll carry it through most of August and then flip a coin. He’s important and I hope he comes through. He seems to be getting comfortable with 3B too.

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