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2022 – 2023 MLB Calendar

2022-2023 Off Season Calendar


November 7 – November 10 – Annual GM meetings in Las Vegas

November 10 – Free Agency officially begins.  Players can begin to negotiate with other teams.

November 10 – All option decisions need to be made.

November 10 – FA Qualifying Offers need to be submitted.  QO stands at $19.75MM.


2022 Awards:


November 14 – Rookies of the Year Announced

November 15 – Managers of the Year Announced

November 16 – Cy Young Award Winners Announced

November 17 – MVP Winners Announced


November 15 – 40 man rosters need to be set in advance Rule 5 draft.

November 18 – Non-Tender deadline

November 20 – Deadline for Free Agent QO to be accepted or declined

December 4 – December 7 – Winter Meetings held in San Diego

January 13 – Arbitration salaries set

January 15 – International Free Agent signings start

February 24 – Spring Training officially starts

March 30 – Opening Day

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Fred Vogel

Jeff, what’s the difference between the GM meetings and the Winter meetings?

Fred Vogel

Thank you.


Reports there are quite a few rumors of Ohtani to SFG.
In chat:
James: Dave Roberts did nothing to warrant losing his job, right ?
Keith Law: Right. Really don’t understand the hand-wringing over the Dodgers losing a short series to a very good team. This is the playoffs. We have upsets. It’s not about crowning the best team, but about crowning a champion. You have to accept that distinction or stop watching.
Jeff: I wonder if the Dodgers “failures” in the postseason are more due to approach and strategy towards a short series more so than anything else. They seem to have a bullpen game in virtually every series including the most recent game 3 which was after not playing in round 1 and a day off between games 2 and 3. I know the postseason is a small sample size so its not entirely indicative of who is the best team but when you have so much talent and you lose more than you win, something has to be the cause other than the randomness of the outcome of a baseball game/series.
Keith Law: How could we truly distinguish that from the randomness of a short series? I don’t know if we could. I also kept thinking the series might have been different with a healthy Buehler, although that’s all hypothetical (and then don’t you have to ask the same about Padres/Tatis?).
Mason: So when do we cancel the playoffs and annoiunt the LAD rightful champs?
Keith Law: That was such a bizarre column – the first one, at least – and then someone tried to pit me against that writer on twitter, which I am not interested in doing at all.
Keith Law: And then other people piggybacked on this stupid idea. I think the Dodgers were the best team in baseball in 2022. The best team doesn’t always win – not in the playoffs, not in a series, not in any particular game


The Dodgers were not the best team in baseball. The best team in baseball won 106 games, got a #1 seed, and beat the crap out of every team they faced in the playoffs. The best team in baseball is the Houston Astros. The Dodgers are an afterthought.

What to do? Tee it up again and sell 4 million more tickets, I’d work on a new round of excuses in case, you know, the same thing happens again.


And obviously so

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto
Sam Oyed

Or maybe not. The Astros have been in the WS 3 out of the last4 years, winning once. The key for them this year, a bullpen that performed when needed and a timely hit or two. Two things the Dodgers didn’t do against the Padres.


Bluto’s content with 111 wins. That’s what he will remember and of course he’s entitled to remember it however he wants. For me it’s like a football team leading the game for 59 minutes then losing in the last seconds. (damm Rams) For me it’s how you finish. Always.


I watched the end of the Rams game. I couldn’t believe how they put taking seconds off the clock in ahead of making a decent attempt at a first down. Then proceeded to play deep defense all the way to their demise.

In the same vein that a blooper hit looks like a line drive on the box score, the Dodgers proudly held up the WS banner after their 88 win season. What do we remember about that year? Gibson’s home run and a World Championship.

We aren’t going to remember how great it felt to have a 111 win season. If we do it won’t be something like Gibson’s home run, it will be about how many strikeouts they had wRISP.

It was nice to watch the Dodgers set their all time win season. Nice–not a word I want to attach to a season.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap

Looked to me like Kupp had a shot at a first down and he went down instead. One first down. That’s all they needed and couldn’t get it. Rams and Lakers both lookin less than right now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Agree Badger. All we have to show for 111 wins is a nice 2022 West Division Champion banner and inclusion on a not so desirable list of teams with the most wins to not win a WS.


Yea, that’s somethin’ ain’t it Ohio? It’s kinda like a third place ribbon at this point. That’s a white ribbon, right? Wave the white ribbon everybody. Hmm. Symbolic?


Yeah, every since Bill Buckner I’ve looked at the MLB playoffs as an exercise in randomness.

Although that one is mostly on poor managers.


it’s been a while, but I remember Stapleton usually being the late inning defensive replacement for Buckner.

Doesn’t matter. It’s a fluke. It wasn’t an overly tricky play.


Because someone who knows a lot more about baseball than all of us combined considers the Dodgers the best team.

That alone invalidates the idea of the Dodgers definitively “being an afterthought.”



There is no banner for best team. No trophy. They did a great job participating last year.


Who cares about banners or trophies?

I’m just happy the team is so consistently good.

Nothing more, nothing less.

World Series titles would make me happier, but the lack of them isn’t off-putting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

The Dodgers were easily beat by a team that got beat by the team that lost to the best team in MLB. This is why they have end of the year tournaments, to see who this year is made of championship fiber. It sure wasn’t the Dodgers was it. Bluto is content in remembering how good the team was before the tournament started. Good for him. I expected more out of them.


Um. what?

All of those are partial parties. I was referencing Keith Law.

But thanks?

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto


I have no idea what you are driving at. You are coming across a little unhinged IMHO.

Nobody is saying Keith Law is the “final be all” (your words, not mine.)

Nobody is saying there are no journalists that think the Astros are the best team (your supposition, not mine.)

Nobody is telling you to believe what Keith Law says (your supposition not mine.)

I don’t think I ever said anything like that.

I’m not saying anything about my opinions or yours.

My only point is that Keith Law considers the Dodgers the best team. That’s it. I’m not, obviously, saying he speaks for every journalist. Nor am I saying he’s the best baseball analyst.


Is that it’s obvious the Dodgers’ season isn’t an absolute “afterthought”. Obvious because someone who actually get paid to follow MLB thinks something the contrary.


That word afterthought really got to Bluto.


a later or second thought

Years (and even days from now) fans will be talking about the World Series of ‘22 and the Los Angeles Dodgers won’t be mentioned. They didn’t even play for pennant. Who was it that made the playoffs that year? Well, let’s think about that for a moment. There were 6 Division winners the Dodgers were one of them…


Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

It was and is a silly and stupid word choice.

Just as that hypothetical is silly.

To go back to Jeff’s point.2001 Mariners. They come to mind just as easily as the Yankees who won the series.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

Stupid? So someone who offers a different perspective is both silly AND stupid.

That sounds very familiar.


You aren’t stupid in the least, the comment was.

I quite enjoy you!


And I you. I find your take unique. Not silly or stupid, just unique.

Singing the Blue

I’ve been one to say we should give Anderson a QO and possibly try to sign him for 2-3 years if he rejects it, but Steve Phillips made an interesting comment this morning that made me think about my position.

With the change in the shift starting next year, Phillips says “contact” pitchers (he named Anderson and Stripling as two examples) will be hurt by the new rule. He’s convinced that far more ground balls will get through the infield next year for base hits and balls which were fielded by the player positioned in short right field will now also be base hits. Strike out and fly ball pitchers won’t be affected much but guys who give up lots of ground balls may find their stats don’t look as good starting next year.

Last year was basically Anderson’s best year by far, a real outlier. Maybe it would actually make more sense to bring back Heaney, a strike out pitcher, who would be far cheaper.



There is still going to be placement of players on the infield, just not extreme. If someone hits a lot of balls up the middle, guess how close to second base one of the middle infielders will stand. Like AC said below, it’s the rover missing from short RF that will help lefty batters the most. Anderson being a lefty pitcher won’t be as affected as would a righty hitter.


Read the comments. First, Astros are the Champs and the last team standing. LA won 111 games and 1 playoff game=112 wins. Astros won 106 games and 11 playoff games=117 wins. Seems to me that the best team won. It is a cliche, but the playoffs are a total crapshoot. I think the 5-day layoff between games hurt the Dodgers and it definitely hurt the Mets and Yankees too. The Astros were the only team with a bye that went deep into the playoffs. The bottom line is simply that the Padres outplayed LA when it mattered most. A team they dominated during the season, cleaned their clock. They looked flat and uninspired. After game one, they looked like a beaten team. Especially after blowing the lead in game 2.


“They looked flat and uninspired. After game one, they looked like a beaten team.”

I agree.

In my world the best teams play like best teams when the time comes to do so. Houston prevailed. They were good all year and remained good when it counted. The Dodgers? Not so much.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

117 wins vs 112 wins–good call bear.

When the Mets owned the Dodgers in the regular season a few years back and the Dodgers eliminated the Mets in the playoffs, Dodger fans didn’t suggest the playoffs were a crap shoot and maybe should be eliminated.


Different era Fred. They were just happy to win. When the expectations are so high as they were for this team losing is a bitter pill to swallow. Especially when you dominate as much as they did. The playoffs are a crapshoot. Take what Atlanta did last year, and how many times since the playoffs became part of the baseball norm has the best team won. Go back and you will see that a lot of lesser teams popped up and bit the big dog. You outscore your opposition by more than 300 runs, and lose in the first round, you are not the best in baseball.


…”They were just happy to win.”

Are we now in the era that no one accepts loss? Woulda, coulda, shoulda, didn’t. Wait till next year.


Houston was the #1 seed in the AL. They marched through that bracket then disposed of a #6 seed from the NL. They DID what the best team is supposed to do.

Yeah, wait til next year. It could be us next time, says every fan everywhere.


The system is what it is. The playoffs are designed to give teams who get in a chance at the Championship. But no matter what anyone thinks, they are at best a total crapshoot. Best team does not always win. Worst team is not always eliminated in the first round. You look at it, the lower seed won all of the game’s leading up to the World Series except the Guardians who lost to Houston. Then and only then did the higher seed win. Had MLB done what the NFL and NHL do after the first round, the Dodgers would have played the Phillies and the Cardinals would have played the Padres. There will be tweaks no doubt to the system as time passes. They might even shake up the division’s again. Next year all teams play all the teams in both leagues. Only 13 division games against your rivals. Less chances to make up ground.


Everyone knows what happened. They accept the loss but want to place blame. It is always on the players especially when they play as bad as the Dodgers did against the Padres,

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