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NL Team Hitting and Pitching Statistical Ranks

It has been said that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  Yes, statistics can be manipulated to achieve the requested end results.  But the statistics I am chronicling are objective rather than subjective.  There are no WAR, FIP, SIERA, OPS+, ERA+, or xOBA type statistics that are not based on raw numbers, but have a subjective qualifier and quantifier.  I am not reviewing defensive metrics as those are probably the most subjective of metrics.  I might have some time over the winter to look at some of the Statcast revelations, but that is for another time.

The 162 game season is complete.  The 2022 stats are in the books.  The Dodgers dominated the team and individual leaders in multiple hitting and pitching categories.  In this post, we will look at the team results.  In a later post, we can look at individual leaders.

No team scored more runs than did the Dodgers.  Their 847 runs were 40 more than the #2 team, NYY.


  • LAD – 847 – ML Rank #1
  • ATL – 789 – ML Rank #3
  • NYM – 772 – ML Rank #5
  • STL – 772 – ML Rank #5
  • PHI – 747 – ML Rank #7
  • SD – 705 – ML Rank #13

I understand there has been some questions as to how valuable Run Differential truly is.  But when 2022 came to an end, it was interesting to note the 12 playoff teams were the top 12 teams in Run Differential.  I find it hard for anyone to discount Run Differential as a telling metric.  Major League ranking of Run Differential for the NL Playoff participating teams:

  • LAD – 334 – #1
  • ATL – 180 – #4
  • NYM – 166 – #5
  • STL – 135 – #6
  • PHI – 62 – #10
  • SD – 45 – #12

For Runs Against, once again the Dodgers were #1 overall at the ML level with 513.  Houston was #2 with 518.  Only the NYY (567) joined LAD and Houston with Runs Against less than 600.  In the NL, NYM (606) and Atlanta (609) were a distant 2nd and 3rd to LAD.  The Dodgers scored more runs than any other MLB team, and prevented more runs from scoring than any other MLB team resulting in winning an historic 111 games.  That is the definition of domination.  They may not win the WS (although I do believe they will), but there is no denying that they are the best baseball team in 2022…injuries and all.

In the more traditional metrics (BA, OBP, SLG, OPS), the Dodgers were ranked in the top 4 in all 4.  NYM, Atlanta, and St. Louis each had 2 categories where they were top 5.

Batting Average (ML Rank)

  • NYM – .264 – #2
  • LAD – .257 – #4
  • PHI – .253 – #8
  • ATL – .253 – #9
  • STL – .252 – #10
  • SD – .247 – #16

On Base Percentage (ML Rank)

  • LAD – .333 – #1
  • NYM – .332 – #2
  • STL – .325 – #4
  • SD – .318 – #8
  • ATL – .317 – #9
  • PHI – .317 – #11

Slugging (ML Rank)

  • ATL – .443 – #1
  • LAD – .442 – #2
  • PHI – .422 – #6
  • STL – .420 – #7
  • NYM – .412 – #8
  • SD – .382 – #22

OPS (ML Rank)

  • LAD – .775 – #1
  • ATL – .760 – #2
  • STL – .745 – #5
  • NYM – .744 – #6
  • PHI – .739 – #8
  • SD – .700 – #15

FWIW, if you assign 1 point for each ranking, the Dodgers are the clear offensive leaders:

  • LAD – 8
  • NYM – 18
  • ATL – 21
  • STL – 26
  • PHI – 33
  • SD – 61

Over a 162 game season, I still think that ERA and WHIP are the kings of the standard metrics.  There are countless pitching metrics, but I am going to ignore FIP, SIERA, BABIP, ERA+, WPA…for this comparison.

Overall ERA – ML Rank

  • LAD – 2.80 – #1
  • ATL – 3.46 – #5
  • NYM – 3.57 – #7
  • STL – 3.79 – #10
  • SD – 3.81 – #11
  • PHI – 3.97 – #18

Starter ERA – ML Rank

  • LAD – 2.75 – #1
  • NYM – 3.61 – #5
  • ATL – 3.72 – #9
  • SD – 3.80 – #13
  • PHI – 3.80 – #14
  • STL – 3.92 – #16

Reliever ERA – ML Rank

  • LAD – 2.87 – #2
  • ATL – 3.03 – #4
  • NYM – 3.55 – #10
  • STL – 3.61 – #11
  • SD – 3.83 – #14
  • PHI – 4.27 – #23

Overall WHIP – ML Rank 

  • LAD – 1.05 – #1
  • NYM – 1.18 – #6
  • ATL – 1.19 – #7
  • SD – 1.20 – #9
  • PHI – 1.26 – #14
  • STL – 1.27 – #16

Starter WHIP – ML Rank 

  • LAD – 1.04 – #1
  • NYM – 1.16 – #5
  • PHI – 1.17 – #6
  • SD – 1.19 – #9
  • ATL – 1.22 – #13
  • STL – 1.29 – #19

Reliever WHIP – ML Rank

  • LAD – 1.05 – #1
  • ATL – 1.14 – #4
  • SD – 1.21 – #8
  • NYM – 1.22 – #9
  • STL – 1.25 – #14
  • PHI – 1.39 – #25

It is clear that the Dodgers far and away have the best overall pitching staff in the NL if not all of MLB.

Over a 162 game schedule, the Dodgers were the best team in 2022.  But that means squat in a 5 or 7 game series.  Each series is usually led by a hot bat and/or a hot arm.  Often those bats and arms are not the usual suspects, i.e. Eddie Rosario or Jorge Soler.  That being said, it is hard for me to believe that the NL Pennant winner will not be one of LAD, ATL, or NYM.  I am going with LAD and Atlanta to meet in the NLCS with the Dodgers winning the NLCS rubber match and going to the 2022 World Series.

I have not followed the AL very closely, but I would be shocked if it does not come down to Houston and NYY fighting it out in the ALCS.  I am going with Houston because of their superior pitching.

The Dodgers do not play a game against an ML opponent for 6 days subsequent to their final game.




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Sam Oyed

I assume these stats include the contribution made by Hanser Alberto?


I too pick LA Atlanta with LA winning because of course I do.

I don’t see how NY gets through that SD series without using deGrom. If they do, shame on the Padres.

I have to admit I remain skeptical on Gonsolin being anything more than a relief pitcher in this post season. And I actually think that’s a good thing. My crystal balls are telling me we get to the WS with Urias, Kershaw and Anderson going 5 several times or we don’t get there at all.

Picturing this team with Gonsolin, Buehler, May, Bauer, Treinen and Hudson. Damm.


Dodger regular season stats include a major contribution by Gonsolin. They probably drop down a few places on the leaderboard without him. The Dodgers need him in the rotation.

Badger, I always thought you were a steel balls type of guy not that there is anything wrong with crystal.


I have always liked whip and era. I still like runs and rbi and ave. I also like ave/WRISP. If ave exit velocity and barrels % were all that, Joc would be rated much higher.

World Series thieves for me include Bucky Dent, Craig Nettles, and the umpire that didn’t call Reggie Jackson out for interference. Rosario was last year’s thief. Will Gallo be this year’s Chuck Essegian?


I’m glad you brought up umpiring. I was gonna, but now I don’t have to.

The Dodgers, as a team, allegedly don’t chase. I’ve watched them do it all year but sometimes it’s because they have to protect against a called 23” plate. Who gets screwed first?


Jim Bowdin picks his all MLB STARTING team. Here is his shortstop.

Shortstop: Carlos Correa, TwinsWAR: 5.4 OPS+: 140
After third base, shortstop was the most difficult position to call. I gave serious consideration to the Dodgers’ Trea Turner, who reached base at a 34 percent clip, hit 21 home runs and stole 27 bases. I thought long and hard about Dansby Swanson (Braves), who had a career year with 25 home runs and 18 stolen bases, as well as Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox), who led all shortstops with a .377 on-base percentage.
But I went with Correa, who had 22 home runs and an .833 OPS and played stellar defense.

Correa was a difference-maker the minute he walked into the Twins’ clubhouse, helping change their culture and create a positive atmosphere, according to manager Rocco Baldelli and team president Derek Falvey, who have told me that in conversations on my SiriusXM radio shows.

Correa has a $35.1 million player option for next season (and 2024) but is expected to opt out of his contract this fall because he seeks a long-term deal.

Michael Norris

Well to quote Jefe, won’t mean squat to the Dodgers. No way that guy is ever a Dodger.


There you go again with absolutes.

Michael Norris

Might mean squat, but it also means the other teams are going to have to play flawless baseball. LA will take advantage of mistakes. Best team does not always win, this is true. But if anyone else wants to be the NL rep in the series, they are going to have to beat LA first. Not all that easy. Mets are without Marte, and he was a big part of the four wins they had over the Dodgers this year.

Sam Oyed

Marte is on the Roster.


Gallo or Outman?

Correa. Yeah, he has “blood on his hands”. But most men who follow orders do. It’s the Houston Astros that should have been punished more harshly, but they weren’t. Is anyone really surprised by that? And Correa hasn’t exactly been humble has he. But, same question, is anyone really surprised by that? Houston got away with cheating. Shall we give close examination and offer critique on cheating in our country? I think not. Maybe it’s time to move on. If Trea leaves my pick is Bogaerts. But if the Dodgers choose Correa, I’ll be ok with it.


I talked forgiveness but also implied contriteness was needed first.


You aren’t likely to get contrite from Correa. If you do it’s reasonable to assume it’s disingenuous. And forgiveness is for you, not for him,


I get that Jeff, and of course I respect your position on that. I only embrace that guy if the Dodgers do. I sure would hate to see the giants sign him long term. Again, my choice is Bogaerts and only if Turner leaves.


this is why i implore everyone here not to overly weigh the playoffs.

The Dodgers’ season is one for the ages.


While that’s true, it will be quickly forgotten if they lose in the playoffs.

Singing the Blue

Question: If the Pads somehow manage to win it all, does Preller consider trading Tatis Jr?

We talk about how the Dodgers wouldn’t exactly welcome Correa to the clubhouse. If the Padres win a WS, how would they feel about having Tatis back when they won without him.

If I’m Preller, I at least listen to what others would offer.

Singing the Blue

My original thought was that if they don’t win it, they might think Tatis would be the difference next year and trading him for prospects wouldn’t help in 2023.

But Preller always thinks outside the box so he might very well contemplate the move no matter what happens this year.

I may be the only Dodger fan at LADC who feels this way, but in spite of his ridiculous immaturity I’d love to have him here. He really seems like a good kid (only 23, still) who is very immature, but I think this year will cure him of that. Of course, the Dodgers are the last team SD would be likely to trade him to.


Interesting idea Jefe. It got me thinking, that’s for sure.

Tatis is signed to a career contract that is quite friendly through his prime years. It doesn’t get heavy ($36mm) until ‘29, and who knows where contracts might be by then. He’s only 23 and I would think his embarrassing behavior has humbled him. It’s possible when he gets back he will be a 7 WAR player until he turns 30, which not coincidentally is 2029. San Diego would be crazy to trade him before that. Preller may be a lot of things but I don’t believe crazy is one of them.

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