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Theory On Why Elite Pitching Is Not Being Traded

IMO, because the playoffs have been expanded to 12 teams there are a great...

Mookie Named Everyday 2B

The Dodgers did get some press on Monday when Dave Roberts said that Mookie...

The Dodgers and the Winter Meetings

I struggled a little as to how I should approach this topic. I could...

Remembering The 3-Dog

I saw the photo that accompanies this post on X the other day, and...

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Dodgers Fall To Cleveland In Game One

The Dodgers were greeted with Noah Syndergaard as the series opening pitcher for the Guardians.  There are three things Noah ...
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Tale of Two Rookies

Many fans (no, not all) have a tendency to put highly rated prospects on pedestals, claiming they only have to ...
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Sunday MiLB Game Summaries and Box Scores

Salt Lake City Bees (LAA) 7 – OKC Dodgers 5 Converted OF James Jones was the chosen opener for Emmet ...
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Mookie, AB, Pitching and Defense Dominate Miami in DH Sweep and Series Win

I have been looking forward to watching Eury Pérez pitch against the Dodgers.  I first saw Pérez in 2021 pitching ...
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