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Bobby Miller Pitches A Gem and Looks To Become A Fixture In The Rotation

Bobby Miller was making his Dodger Stadium debut on Monday night and was overwhelming. ...

The Plight of Gavin Stone As LAD Loses Series With Tampa Bay

The Dodgers went into Tampa Bay looking to win the series and finish the...

Where Have All the Black Stars Gone?

There is a very good documentary about Reggie Jackson on Netflix. I watched this...

So You Want A Prospect SS

Earlier in the week, Bums wrote:  There are a lot of good shortstop prospects...

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Best Hitters – Post 50’s

In yesterday’s post, some moved away from Best in the Game to best hitter.  Dionysus brought up George Brett in ...
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The Best In The Game

This time of year, every year, MLB.TV starts showing their top 100 players in the game. This is of course based on ...
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Josue De Paula – The Next Potential Dodger Superstar???

The Milwaukee Brewers are full of legit OF in their system.  Four of their top five prospects are OF, with ...
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FanGraphs Is Final Major Baseball Publication to Report Top 100 Prospects

FanGraphs is the final major publication to report on their top 100 prospects. Again the Dodgers were well represented with ...
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Strikeouts: Once Bad, Now Accepted

Let me make one thing very clear, I have always disliked strikeouts. A wasted opportunity to help your team. Last ...
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