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World Series or Bust!

Since the Guggenheim Group took control of the team, this has been their goal....

Soapbox Commentary:  It Is An Honor To Be the 25th or 26th Man on a MLB Team

Sometimes I believe that some fans over exaggerate the importance of certain players.  It...

Dodgers Can’t Get the Brooms Working on Sunday

The Dodgers had one of their superstars at the plate with the game on...

Teoscar and Gavin Stone Lead LAD to Series Win In NYY — Now Bring Out the Brooms

Apparently all the Dodgers needed was to play a good team.  Jared Jones and...

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Then There Were Two

For a period of four years, 59-62, there were two All-Star games played a year. The reason was because the ...
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First Cuts of Spring – Nothing Unexpected (Except Why Not More?)

Gavin Stone is pictured, and NO, he is not one that should have been optioned.  He is looking at the ...
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Preacher Roe: Forgotten Boy of Summer

Elwin Charles Roe was born on February 26th, 1916, in Ash Flat Arkansas. He was one of seven children born ...
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River Ryan Named Top LAD Prospect by Fangraphs

Fangraphs has just published their top 49 LAD prospects. I am an advocate of Fangraphs’ methodology, although they make mistakes ...
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Expansion? For or Against?

The news came out this week that Rob Manfred will be stepping down in 2029. The other news that came ...
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