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Theory On Why Elite Pitching Is Not Being Traded

IMO, because the playoffs have been expanded to 12 teams there are a great...

Mookie Named Everyday 2B

The Dodgers did get some press on Monday when Dave Roberts said that Mookie...

The Dodgers and the Winter Meetings

I struggled a little as to how I should approach this topic. I could...

Remembering The 3-Dog

I saw the photo that accompanies this post on X the other day, and...

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MLB Pipeline Updated Top Prospects

With MLB Pipeline's Top 100, their three gurus, Jonathan Mayo, Jim Callis, and Sam Dykstra, will put together a draft ...
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Dodger Short Timers

There are several players who spent a short time with the Dodgers that I enjoyed watching. Some made impacts and ...
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Wilman Diaz – Back To Prospect?

With catcher Diego Cartaya in 2018 and outfielder Luis Rodriguez in 2019, the Dodgers signed the top ranked Venezuelan prospect ...
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Thinking Outside The Box

I had this mostly written before Julio Urías took the mound.  This was more reminiscent of 2022 Julio.  He looks ...
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Dodgers Own San Diego …In The Regular Season

On August 14, 2022, I wrote a post about the Dodgers team being relentless. re·lent·less /rəˈlen(t)ləs/ adjective oppressively constant; incessant ...
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