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Did Scott Boras Get Schooled This Offseason?

Prior to the Cody Bellinger signing with the Cubs, we were heading into the...

Baseball Cards Older Than You Think

Kids collecting baseball cards. It has been going on for over 100 years. But...

Dodgers Rout Padres in ST Game 1

The kids came to play for the Dodgers; both position players and pitchers.  The...

2024 Spring Training Game 1 – Baseball is Baaaaack

What might we expect in the first Spring Training game of 2024. It is...

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Seager, Turner, and Lux

Everyone realizes that it takes two to make a contract.  Apparently Scott thinks that as long as the Dodgers are ...
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Something Needs To Change

Bluto said: Picking up on what Friedman usually does…. Once again, I want to point out Friedman’s MO. He goes ...
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40 Man Under Construction

Now that we have resolved the plight of the front office and the coaching staff, it is time to look ...
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 Time To Blow It Up?

Another year, another disappointing finish. Not much can be said other than, excuse the language, they got their asses handed ...
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My Initial Thoughts on the Season

Disappointed but not overwrought.  The team was not supposed to be as good as it was.  Certainly nobody anticipated a ...
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