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Let’s Go Dodgers!


Steady Freddie


The Unofficial Start of the Second Half

In a 162-game schedule, it does not take a mathematician to determine that 81...

Changing of the Guard: 1967-73


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The Vulture: Phil Regan

                         Over their long history, the Dodgers have had ...
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Time to Vent?

               Hey guys, I am able to post now. So, let's see how this ...
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Prior AF LAD Draft Series 3 of 3 (2021-2023)

2021  I have previously written about the 2021 draft.  I have included it below: 2022 The 2022 draft has ...
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Fans Seem More Concerned Than The Front Office

                 You read almost any Dodger blog and it seems the fans are ...
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Which Team Is The Los Angeles Dodgers of 2024

I was doing a little self-reflection in light of Bluto’s comment about his self-confessed overreaction to Thursday’s debacle. Was I ...
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