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Reconstructive UCL Surgery Epidemic?

I am in no way even close to being a medical physician.  I took...

In Memoriam: Carl Erskine

Other than in videos, I never got to see Carl Erskine pitch. By the...

Landon Knack’s MLB Debut Was A Success Even With A Loss

Of course it was bound to happen…the mighty Dodgers offense got shut out; on...

Mookie Betts Big Night and the Previous 11 Games

Yesterday, Phil Jones wrote: “It might be a good idea to put the WS...

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Dodgers Fail To Sweep, Drop Getaway Game

This is a game that the Dodgers did not lose, but the Twins won.  And there is a difference.  Once ...
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Tyler Glasnow Dominates Twins

Tyler Glasnow was absolutely electric.  He pitched a strong 7 shutout innings.  A allowed a pair of doubles by rookie ...
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Revolving Bullpen Chairs

There seems to be some gnashing of teeth about the relief pitchers changes.  The Dodgers do not have a lot ...
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Dodgers Unravel In The Rain

I have no idea as to who should be blamed for playing that game.  Stopping the game multiple time to ...
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It Takes A Team

Andrew Friedman is a master at building rosters for the long season.  He is also good at collecting elites…Mookie, Freddie, ...
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