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Theory On Why Elite Pitching Is Not Being Traded

IMO, because the playoffs have been expanded to 12 teams there are a great...

Mookie Named Everyday 2B

The Dodgers did get some press on Monday when Dave Roberts said that Mookie...

The Dodgers and the Winter Meetings

I struggled a little as to how I should approach this topic. I could...

Remembering The 3-Dog

I saw the photo that accompanies this post on X the other day, and...

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If Not Ohtani? Who? 

Many think Ohtani to the Dodgers is pretty much a lock. But if they miss out on Shohei, who should ...
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Retired Numbers: Best Way to Honor Stars?

Last season the Dodgers retired Fernando's #34 officially. Some say it was way overdue. I felt the same way when ...
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My Organizational Position Review – 2B/SS

It is time to see where the real holes in the LAD organization truly are…2B/SS.  As of right now, the ...
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Rule 5 Draft Protection and Final AFL Stats

By 3:00 PM on Tuesday, we should learn of the names of the Dodgers prospects who have been added to ...
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The Price of Winning

Everything has a price. Nothing is free. Winning as consistently as they do, the Dodgers pay a price. The price? ...
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