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Remembering The 3-Dog

I saw the photo that accompanies this post on X the other day, and...

Still Waiting For the Signings and Trades

There is still nothing happening, and my consulting gig is taking up a lot...

They Are Playing With Monopoly Money

I know I sometimes come across as being unhappy with the results of Andrew...

Shohei Ohtani – Yay or Nay?

I know every baseball news report lists the Dodgers as the overwhelming landing spot...

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Okay, the World Series is over.  The Dodgers are not replacing AF or Dave Roberts.  It is time to move ...
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Two Years After Losing 102 Games, Texas Wins 1st World Series

Two years ago before Dave Roberts was extended, I advocated for Bruce Bochy to be the manager.  Of course, a ...
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Who Is Watching This World Series

Before we start Game 4 of the WS: Here are the seedings of this year’s MLB playoffs. #1 Seed - ...
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The Aging Dodgers

One of my concerns with the Dodgers is that they do not have any elite young prospect talent ready for ...
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Who Are These Premium Talent?

There has been some discussion the last couple of days as to whether premium talent is required to win the ...
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