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Clayton Kershaw Ties Big D With 209 LAD Wins

Clayton Kershaw was the starting pitcher, and because he only went two innings in the “rain” game in Cleveland, Roberts said he would be limited to 5.0 IP and 75 pitches. He got through 5.0 IP and 79 pitches.  Beginning the game, Clayton was below 50% strikes.  However, he did end up with 42 strikes, an underwhelming 53.2%.  This was not one of Kersh’s better performances, but it was a gritty outing.  He did allow a patented solo HR in his 5.0 IP.

I know there have been comments that the Dodgers are going to be facing good pitching in the playoffs.  While very true, for the second straight night, the Dodgers were facing one of the best pitchers in MLB.  On Monday, the Dodgers dispatched one of the leading candidate for NL CY award, Zac Gallen. Before Monday’s game, for the month of August, Gallen allowed 6 runs in 31.1 IP.  In 5.1 IP, LAD scored 6 runs on 9 hits.  He allowed 2 HRs in August, and on Monday, the Dodgers hit 4 HRs.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers faced another top CY candidate, Merrill Kelly.  Before Tuesday, Kelly had started 15 games against the Dodgers and has not yet beat them.  He didn’t beat them on Tuesday, and is now 0-11.  He came into the game with a sub 3.00 ERA.   In his last start, he pitched 7.0 scoreless innings on 1-hit against Cincinnati.  In 30.1 IP during the month of August, he allowed 7 runs.  Last night he got spanked for 7 runs in 5.0 IP.  While no HRs against Kelly, he did allow 12 hits.

The Dodgers punched out 16 hits on the game, including 3 from CT3 (2 doubles) and BB on his birthday and Bobblehead night. 3 more from the two old men, Jason Heyward and David Peralta. Their two hits generated 2 RBIs each.  In the 6th, Mookie Betts broke his season HR record with his 36th.  It was a monster shot off Scott McGough 428’ into the left/center bleachers.  2 batters later, Will Smith hit a moon shot down the left field line for his 17th HR.

Gus Varland relieved Kershaw, and pitched well in his first inning, but was obviously overpitching in his 2nd inning.  Newly re-acquired RHRP Tyson Miller relieved Varland with runners on 1st and 2nd.  He got a DP and an F-8 to strand both inherited runners.  He pitched a second scoreless inning.

Victor González came in the 9th and pitched very well.  He has some excellent pitches, but does not have the consistency.  All three LHRP have been outstanding, and not good this season.  I do not think all three make the playoff roster, but two of Caleb Ferguson, Alex Vesia, and Victor González should make it.

The Dodgers should get one of their relievers back this home-stand.  Shelby Miller is due to be returned from his 60 day IL.  That means someone from the 40 man is going to move to the 60 day or get DFA’d.  Yency Almonte’s knee is not responding.  He is a potential 60 day candidate.  So is Joe Kelly whose elbow is still hurting.

During the game, there was a graphic that showed what the Dodgers have done over the last 7 games – Batting Average .345, OPS .991, 50 runs.  That is impressive.

For the month of August, the Dodgers are 23-4.  The Tampa Bay Rays won 22 in April, and Atlanta won 21 in June.  I think there have been 5 teams in the last 40 years that have won 23 games in a single calendar month.

After starting the season 3-5 against Arizona, the Dodgers have now won the last 4 and have won the season series against the DBacks.

The Dodgers bats beat two very good pitchers, and badly.  They have now won 9 straight series.  On Wednesday, Ryan Pepiot (start or bulk inning reliever) faces Brandon Pfaadt for the sweep.


But the night belonged to Clayton Kershaw.  Kershaw has now won 209 games as an LAD, and has tied Don Drysdale for 2nd All Time behind Don Sutton’s 233 victories.  He now has 2,927 strikeouts closing in on his quest for 3,000.  He will not reach it this year.  Will he get the 3,000 Ks as a Dodger?

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I think, and probably am wrong, that Arizona shows how and why baseball has moved.

Getting on base, stealing bases? It used to work in past years, and it works when your opponent’s pitching is under-performing. As the dodgers staff was earlier this year

But over the large sample of a season, its just too hard to get on base with regularity. Hitting the ball where it can’t be caught had the least downside and will more often result in success. You just need the players, coaching and match-up to make it happen.


It works in the lower leagues. Baseball by design was made for smaller athletic players. But many of today’s pros have the size and strength of football players. And, they are swinging at fences the same distance I did in high school, in some parks they are shorter.

Its now about pitching and slugging


“The numbers will be there”


Another fixed swing?

Kolten Wong has only been in Oklahoma City for 13 ABs and 3 games, but he already has seven hits (home run plus two doubles)


27th man?


Fun game to watch. Just like when they beat the Giants, I get all warm inside when they dispatch the Snakes. Cobb of the Giants just missed a no-hitter last night losing it with 2 outs in the 9th. Lost his shutout too. Bader was waived by the Yankees and the Angels waived 5 players including Giolito and Renfroe.

Singing the Blue

Now that he’s caught Big D, I wonder if Kersh might be tempted to stick around a couple more years to catch Sutton and be #1 all time in victories for the Blue.


I believe Kersh is not motivated by that. His family is and always has been his main focus along with his charity’s. That is one reason why I believe if he chooses to play another year, he will go home to Texas to be closer to his family. I would not fault him for that one bit. He is 35 now. Pretty much a lock to make the Hall. He has little to accomplish as a Dodger to cement his place in Dodger lore.


I have no idea what motivates him. He has given us so much I’m expecting him to move after this season. He certainly has earned the right.


Make it worth it to him and he might stick. Texas will pay him for two years. Will Friedman?


Player option handles that.

And we don’t know what he wants. He may want to finish his career helping the team he grew up watching win something. It would be worth it to Texas to have him


According to some, he may be so upset over a Dodgers event he’s more inclined to go to Texas!


Sometimes Jefe, your logic equals that of Mr. Spock! I salute you! Live Long and Prosper.

Scott Andes

Agree with this


Sutton won 300+ games and it would seem shallow to say yeah but I won more in a Dodger uni.


Gutsy performance by Kersh last night. I think he will pitch next year and get 3,000 SO. I hope he comes back next year as a Dodger. Will take 2 years to overtake Sutton.


I think if he wants to spend more time with his family he would retire.


Just a topic for conversation. Jeff and other posters here, how would you go about fixing the Angels? I know the first answer will probably be to get a new owner. How would you fix them assuming Moreno remains the owner.


Three easy-peasy steps:
1) Hire Brandon Gomes
2) hope he’s as good as the other Dodger front office castoffs.
3) Once the budget is set, get the owner out of the way of any and all baseball decisions.


All that makes sense to me.

I wonder what Trout might want. He’s not what he usta was but he could help a contender. Anaheim (not LA) is going nowhere anytime soon and the first moves were just made so he should get out. With the right management in place this winter it could be turned around in a few years. It should have started with the trade of Ohtani, but it didn’t, so, make the changes you can now.

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