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There are several players who spent a short time with the Dodgers that I enjoyed watching. Some made impacts and others, not so much. Sometimes a name player can be traded and not really do much for the team he goes to. The Dodgers over the years have obtained some guys like that.

In 2021 they signed Albert Pujols as a free agent after the Angels unexpectedly released him from the last year of his 10 year deal. There were rumblings from the Angels side that Pujols demanded to play every day. He had gotten off to a horrible start.

After he had signed with the Dodgers, he denied saying that. He was signed to improve LA’s attack against left-handed pitching. Indeed in his first game as a Dodger, he drove home the first run in a 3-1 win over Madison Bumgarner who was pitching for the D-Backs.

Pujols himself credited the Dodger organization for renewing his love of the game. He went on to hit .254 in LA with 12 homers and 38 driven in. He went 5-17 during the playoff run for the Dodgers. When he returned to LA as a member of the Cardinals in 22, he got a standing ovation from the crowd at Dodger Stadium. When he proceeded to hit # 699 and 700 off of Dodger pitching, he received two more standing ovations. I had never seen that happen for an opposing player before.

Ned Colletti when he was the GM picked up a few players at the ends of their careers. He did it with Greg Maddux twice. Maddux, although not the pitcher he once was, made an impact on the young pitchers on the Dodgers at the time.

Ned picked up Jim Thome too. Thome, who at the time was nursing an injury, only appeared in 17 games with LA. He did not hit a homer and had only 4 hits. His stint, although much shorter, reminded me of 1977 when the Dodgers, obviously looking for some left handed power off of the bench, picked up Boog Powell six days after the Indians released him. Boog played 50 games as a Dodger and hit no homers. Most of his AB’s were as a PH and he was released at the end of August that year.

Juan Marichal was a Dodger for a short and not very successful two games in 1975. Dick Stuart, Dr. Strangeglove, played in 34 games for the 1966 Dodgers, he hit .268 and had three homers. He was released by the Dodgers after the season, spent 67-68 out of baseball and tried a comeback with the 69 Angels.

I think outside of Pujols, my favorite short time Dodger was Manny Ramirez. When Manny was traded for at the deadline in 2008, he immediately brought huge excitement to Dodger Stadium.

Left field became Mannywood. # 99 jersey’s were everywhere as were the dreadlocks Manny sported when he arrived in LA. He hit spectacular homers and struck out just as spectacularly.

He went on an offensive tear pretty much unlike anything I had ever witnessed. In 53 games he hit .396. He had an OPS of 1.232. He hit 17 homers and knocked in 53 runs. He hit a pinch-hit homer on his bobblehead night when he could not play because of a slightly pulled hammy.

He continued his punishment of pitchers in the postseason series against the Phillies and the Cubs hitting .500 over both with 4 homers, 10 RBI’s and 2 doubles. A free agent after the season, everyone was wondering where he would sign.

Manny being Manny, he kept everyone waiting and finally on the 4th of March, 2009, he signed a two-year deal with the Dodgers proclaiming, ” I’M Back!” But 2009 would prove to be Manny’s downfall. He failed a PED test and drew a suspension for 50 games.

He hit .290 in 104 games for the Dodgers. He had 19 homers and drove in 63. But in 2010, for whatever reason, he just was not the same player. On August 31 that year, he was taken on waivers by the White Sox. He was hitting .311 at the time with 9 long balls. Over his 223 game Dodger career he slashed, .322/.480/.580 and had an OPS of 1.012. He hit 44 homers over that time and drove in 156 runs.

Yep, Manny was very entertaining. I often wondered if he had not done the PED’s and been healthy, what kind of difference maker he could have been. I did not experience that level of excitement over one player until the arrival of Yasiel Puig in 2013.

Well, those are a few of my favorite short timers. How about you?????


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John Tudor


I remember him simply because they traded Pedro Guererro for him. He did not do all that well.


Going on the record as saying the Dodgers will exercise their 2024 option on Muncy (I was dead wrong about our offering arb to Bellinger last year btw).

In these inflationary times, his contract is not unreasonable and if nothing else he can DH full-time.


Inflationary times?!?

what do you mean by that?

inflation has hit MLB?

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto

Half a joke [“in this economy?”] but also half-serious in that the buying power of Muncy’s 2024 salary is probably less than you think it is.

Scott Andes

if he keeps hitting 30+ home runs every season, yes.


As much as I dislike Muncy’s game, 28HRs, 75RBIs, & an.826OPS, makes him a valuable player at a decent price. But, do you keep both JDM & Muncy on the team next season?


Good pt about Manny. It seems clear while he did ped’s he was a .300+ hitter and without ped’s he was a .270 hitter.


No, he was one of the best RH hitters in the majors. .312 career hitter. He was one of those guys who pitchers hated facing.


He was a .300 + hitter until he was caught using ped’s, then wo them he hit @.270, still good but not the same.


Dave, He wasn’t caught using PED’s until the end of his career. He was a great hitter for most of his career. He played for only 2 years after he was suspended. He was 37 years old when that happened. He hit over 300 12 times in his career. Had he not been suspended at the end of his career he would easily be in the Hall of Fame now.


I guess my pt is how long was he doing peds. If he was doing them his whole career then his numbers were inflated. Personally I tend to believe if someone is caught cheating it has been going on for awhile. I could be wrong about him but for sure he was hitting .300 w the Dodgers and immediately dropped down to .270 when his elixir was taken away.


He did have a bad second half. One of the few times in his career. He finished the year at .290. He was hitting .355 when the suspension came down and he hit .255 the second half. But the next season he was hitting .311 when he was let go. Except for his first full season, Manny never hit below .290. He was a pure hitter. He tested positive for a female Fertility drug that stimulates testosterone production. But he only started using that in 2009. He would test positive again when he was with the Rays in 2011, but retired after the test because he was going to receive a 100-game suspension for the second positive test. But like Bonds, who would have been a Hall of Famer without the help of PEDS, Manny had the numbers to get in before he decided to use the drugs in 2009.He later said that using was the biggest mistake of his life, and you will pay a price when you do something like that. Bonds was 36 when he started using the cream. You don’t put up the numbers he put up from 36-39 without help. He never hit under .328 that entire four-year stretch. Bonds hit .328 his first year with the Giants in1993 and hovered around .300 and a little below before his first season when they had evidence, he was using PEDS. That was the .328 year. 2001.


For me it was Manny. The excitement level was different with him.

Times headline this morning. – fresh arms. The needed pitching just may be available for months 9 and 10.

Watched the Netflix documentary Facing Nolan last night. If you haven’t seen it I recommend you do. Different breed of cat definitely applies to him.


I really liked Sal (The Barber) Maglie!


I liked Rafael Furcal


Raffy spent parts of six seasons with the Dodgers, but he was also injured most of 2008 and 2010. He was traded to the Cardinals at the deadline in 2011 for Alex Castellanos. He was about the same hitter with LA as he had been with the Braves. The Dodgers signed him as a free agent twice, 2005 and 2008.


Made a brutal error in the postseason too.


I forget. Which year/playoff series was the error?


Game 5 2008 NLCS


I think Roberts said he was holding his breath while Kershaw was pitching because of the nature of his injury. That’s not confidence building.


Dodgers post season pretty much depends on Kersh and Urias.




Congratulations to Dalton Rushing, the Dodgers highest rated prospect. Busch at #2 and Cartaya at #3.

Also, speed rankings of Dodgers. Deluca is the fastest.


Sheehan is still rookie eligible.

Singing the Blue

Rushing is now hitting .221 and was just put on the IL for the second time this season after suffering a concussion earlier. This is rapidly becoming somewhat of a lost season for him.


His lost season rocketed him to #1. Is that a good sign for the Dodgers system?

Singing the Blue

It just means that Buehler should get the Cy Young this year.


Stolen from Twitter:

Kendall Williams was dominant tonight in his first start at One Ok in Downtown Tulsa. 6 innings scoreless, 7 Ks, no walks and just 3 hits. 4 seam was good, plus the split and a good slider. Williams is showing a modicum of consistency!


You love to see it


Today, I noticed that Kike has 18 errors this season. We saw two of them tonight. Any utility player with 18 errors cannot be considered a useful ‘utility’. Playing the infield, especially 3B, is not going to make it on my team. Next season, what are the chances the Dodgers sign him? His current $10M is unsupportable. I like Kike but I don’t want to see him on the club next year. Busch, Vargas, etc., should easily take the field in his stead.


The second error was changed to a hit later in the game. Most of the errors came when he was playing SS every day in Boston. He made 14 errors there. He also had an error at second while playing in Boston. He has made one at second and one at third with the one being changed last night, since he came to the Dodgers. He was the starting SS in Boston due to the injury to Trevor Story.

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