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Dodgers and Snakes Split 4-Game Series

After losing a pair of 2-1 games, the Dodgers split the opening series 2 games apiece.  I do not need to hear about the run differential to distinguish the haves and have nots.  The Dodgers scored 13 more runs than did Arizona, and they still split the series and are tied with 2-2 records.

For the second game in the series, the Dodgers wasted a gem from a starting pitcher.  Noah Syndergaard pitched extremely well for the 6.0 IP + 1 batter in the 7th.

Outside of last year, Zach Davies has owned the Dodgers.  They have a hard time with that change.  d

For the two 2-1 losses, the Dodgers got solo HRs for their only runs.  Mookie in game 2, and Will Smith in game 4.  The Snakes use a 2-run HR for the Game 2 win, but used their feet for the Game 4 victory.

Corbin Carroll got 2 stolen bases on consecutive pitches without a throw, and scored on a Geraldo Perdomo bloop double.  Carroll easily scored from 3rd, but with his speed, he might have been able to score from 1st on the double.

Caleb Ferguson inherited a runner in the 7th but got out of the inning with no damage.  Evan Phillips allowed a single but he was erased on a DP, and held the Snakes scoreless in the 8th.

Brusdar Graterol entered the 9th, and did not show very well.  Ketel Marte was 1-14 when he walked to the plate in the 9th.  He promptly crushed a ball (103.8 MPH) down the left field line for a leadoff double.  Lourdes Gurriel Jr. followed with a single into RF.  Mookie charged from the onset of the hit and fired a strike on a fly to Will Smith to throw Marte out at home.  The play was challenged by Arizona, but the umpires said there was a tag and Smith did not block home.

Gurriel inexplicably stayed at 1B. Christian Walker then singled up the middle for the DBacks third consecutive hit off Graterol.  Corbin Carroll grounded a ball up the middle, but Miguel Rojas got the ball and beat Walker to 2B, but could not double up Corbin Carroll.  Carroll stole 2B.

With runners on 2nd and 3rd, Jake McCarthy laid down a perfect bunt for an RBI single.  It was his first hit of the year.  Graterol made a valiant effort, but even if he had fielded it cleanly, McCarthy would probably have still beat it out.  Once again, speed kills.

Later in the game, James Outman stole the first LAD base of 2023.  LAD has 1 for 4 games, Carroll gets three.

The game was tied at 1-1 in the 9th with Graterol taking the mound.  Nobody warming up…just in case.  This is a constant criticism of Doc.  He believes in his players so much that he has a tendency to leave some in too long.  He needs to show them confidence. This was a common occurrence with Kenley Jansen.  Pedro Baez and Chris Hatcher were also left in too long when they ran into trouble, and those were all before the 3 batter rule.

Brusdar is not a swing and miss type pitcher.  Batters usually make contact.  Why not have someone in the bullpen warming up…just in case?  I was not the only one thinking this.  Both Joe and Orel made comments to that point at least twice in the inning.  After three consecutive hits, two north of 100+MPH exit velo, and the third at 96.5, it was clear that Brusdar did not have it on this day.  Because of Mookie’s arm, the Dodgers were still tied.

I have zero problem with Graterol getting the call for the 9th, but there should have been someone backing him up.  Every reliever except for Andre Jackson should have been available.  Yency Almonte, Shelby Miller, Phil Bickford, and Alex Vesia should all have been available.  The first three were outstanding in the first game.

It wasn’t the pitching that did the Dodgers in.  It was the lack of hitting WRISP that beat the Dodgers.  In games 1 and 3, both LAD wins the Dodgers were 5-11 and 3-6.  In games 2 and 4, both LAD losses, the Dodgers were 0-6 and 0-7.  Shades of NLDS???

The starting pitching was brilliant.  Noah Syndergaard was fantastic for 6.0 IP.  4 hits, zero walks, and 6 Ks. He was losing velo as the game went on, but he was still hitting spots.  I think he has erased some doubts at least for one game.

4 games started and 4 quality starts.  25 IP, 4 runs, 15 hits, 1 walk, 1 HBP, 25 Ks.  Three SP had WHIPs of 0.67, while Dustin May had a WHIP of 0.57.  Outside of two relievers, the relief was excellent.  Even with those two relievers, if the Dodger batters were more successful hitting WRISP, those two pitchers would not have been scrutinized as much.

The Dodgers were 1-2 after their first series in 2022, and they went on to win 111 games. They were 2-2 after the first 4 games.  What does that mean?  Absolutely nothing.

The Dodgers entertain the Rockies for the next two games.  The Rockies are coming off a split in a 4 game series in San Diego.  Michael Grove gets the start for the home team LAD.  He has tough coattails to follow.




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Hi Jeff,

I’m excited about this season because of the changes that have taken place and the insertion of 2 high quality rookies into the positional rotation. Outman and Vargas have looked good, so far. From our poor showing in the playoffs last season, I expected changes, but I was really hoping for a major signing or two, and moving away from some of the regulars who have not performed so well for quite some time, those being Muncy and Taylor, primarily. They are both way too inconsistent at this point in their careers at the plate and I don’t expect it to change. I know fans live on hope, but there are also stats that tell another story. There are some great minor leaguers waiting to get their chance and I’m all for seeing them. Feduccia certainly looks like someone who should replace Barnes in spite of Barnes popularity with Kershaw. Neither Smith or Barnes seem capable of throwing out runners trying to steal 2nd. Feduccia cannot possibly be worse and his bat would be awesome to have. Smith moving to DH and Feduccia starting is something that could be interesting. I’m feeling JD’s history at the plate, but not seeing it currently. He looks explosive so I understand why he’s here but we need players who are younger and hungrier, not those who are looking to extend their careers beyond their prime years. The Dodger fascination with the HR is akin to the Warriors fascination with the 3 ball. It’s killed them more times than we want to admit. It’s still early and I will wait patiently to see what develops.

The pitching does not look as strong as last year no matter what anyone tells me. Buehler out for the year, Gonsolin injured(too often for my taste), Kershaw, an accident waiting to happen, although I do love him. Syndergaard a very big question mark, to compliment Urias and May whom I hope will be healthy for very long stretches of the season. I’m not enamored currently with any of the minor leaguers like Pepiot, Stone, etc. They need more seasoning I believe. I still can’t believe they wouldn’t sign Anderson and let Heaney walk, yet pay money for Muncy & Taylor. Just venting, a little since I don’t post regularly and don’t want to spend too much time on something that I cannot control at all. Best Wishes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff

Very disappointing series. I guess we will just have to endure some growing pains while the Dodgers put players out there to see what they have. The first month or two of the season is like the shade down runs of a new ship. Gotta try out all the pieces to see what is working and what needs to be fixed.
It would be great if we could unload KT3 as I have little faith that he will be a productive offensive piece. We can survive as he is, or should be a part time player. Trayce or Heyward can platoon with Peralta in LF and they can put Outman in CF and let him play everyday. Then Taylor can play once or twice a week to give the infielders a day off.
On the other hand, if Muncy and JDM do not produce, we are not going to be very successful.
Hopefully they won’t stick with the unproductive players too long and make the necessary changes.

Last edited 1 year ago by OhioDodger
Sam Oyed

The Dodgers record in close games the past few years has been, at best, mediocre. Their all or nothing approach being the culprit. They’re even telling Miguel Rojas to let things loose.

I know the Dodgers aren’t set up for speed, but they need to try and steal more bases. Otherwise, their middling record in close games is going to continue.


We suck again.


Big if true.


The Dodgers held the opposing team to two runs. Pitching and Defense wins games or at least doesn’t lose games.

I will again say they need one more bat.

My preference based on who I want to watch play is for Outman to be the regular CFer and Peralta and Thompson platoon in LF through April.

If Taylor plays, IMHO he should be part of the SS 3B trio.

Corbin is going to steal a lot of bases. Would he if he were a Dodger?


I agree. The team looked great in two games, sucked in the other two. Arizona is going to win half their games just like this. Score more than 2 against them and you likely win.

I think this is going to happen with this Dodgers squad They will gel or they won’t and if not moves will be made. We won’t know what we have for a while. I’ll say 50 games. We’ve got 2 rookies, a middle aged DH, shortstop and 3rd baseman, and a few starting pitchers that I consider questionable to take the ball every 5 days. One of them is already on the IL.

Patience. There will be days like this.


Thor looks Kenley Jansen slow to the plate. Is he?


Is he remotely a prospect? I’ve read his tools are still there . . .


ABS. Please.


This ump is just horrible tonight

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