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Dodgers Own San Diego …In The Regular Season

On August 14, 2022, I wrote a post about the Dodgers team being relentless.





oppressively constant; incessant


In just about a year, I find the adjective again defines the current version of the Dodgers.  I wrote that last year’s LAD team epitomized the above definition.  They are oppressively constant.  The Dodgers do not believe they can be beat.  Somebody gets hurt, and somebody takes their place.  Their confidence is sky high.

But this year’s team seems to be even more defined by this word.  They have had even more injuries than last year, and while they will not have a 111 win season, they will win their division, a very competitive division, for the 10th time in 11 years.

Last year both the offense and pitching was relentless.  This year the offense is relentless while the pitching is resilient.  Last year, Kershaw went out for a month on August 4, and returned September 9.  This year he has been out since June 27, but should be back this week.  Last year the Dodgers lost a

Just like last year, and 2017 (my favorite team), another game, another hero.  Sure Mookie and Freddie are superstars, but like last year with Gavin Lux at the bottom of the order, this year’s team is again getting timely hitting from the bottom of the order.  Every batter believes they will get a hit.

Since the All-Star break, the team has scored 143 runs in 22 games, or a 6.5 runs per game, and are 14-8 over those 22 games.  Since the trade deadline, the team has scored 59 runs or 8.4 runs per game.  Is it any wonder they are 6-1 in those 7 games?  They scored 7 or more runs in 6 of those games.  The one game they scored less than 7, they lost.

It was not just against a bad Oakland pitching staff.  Going into the 4-game series, San Diego had the best team ERA in MLB at 3.66.  After the 4-game series, in which the Dodgers scored 34 earned runs, SD is now #7 in team ERA at 3.84.

Miggy Rojas can hit .222 as long as he continues to make the defensive plays that he is making.

James Outman might still be striking out too much, but since July, he has become a new threat.

  • July – .309/.434/.471/.905
  • August – .444/.600/.722/1.322
  • July and August – .337/.472/.523/.996

David Peralta and Jason Heyward continue to clutch up with big hits.

Mookie has 31 HRs and is one of 6 Dodgers with an OPS of at least .800, and one at .799.

  • Freddie – 1.013
  • Mookie – .966
  • JD Martinez – .870
  • Will Smith – .858
  • Max Muncy – .812
  • Jason Heyward – .807
  • James Outman – .799

It does not take much to tear apart an AB, a start, a relief appearance, one game, or even a week.  Be patient and this team will find a way.  I try not to look at comments during a game. I am too busy watching the game. After the game, I saw where some were almost giving up after Gonsolin was torched for 5.  However, this team has the players that want to win and seemingly know how to.  On get-away day, a game situation they have been failing with, they found themselves down by 5 runs after 3.0 innings, but came roaring back.

Seth Lugo was sailing along and looked very much like the pitcher that had pitched 7.0 innings his last two games, and could get to the back end of the bullpen, including Josh Hader.  He’s had 3 straight quality starts, and 5 out of 6.  In this one, it started out simple enough with a single and fly out.  Then 7 straight batters reached, culminating in a grand slam by Mookie. In 0.1 inning, the Dodgers turned it around from 0-5 to 8-5.  Seth Lugo and San Diego were for all practical purposes done for.

When Gonsolin came back out in the 4th with a 3-run lead, while he did not dominate, he was efficient. He gave up a single in the 4th, 2 in the 5th (one erased in a DP), and a double and single for a run in the 6th.  By that time he had an 8 run lead (7 after the run in the 6th).  But he got through 6 on 84 pitches, which apparently is his game max.

The Dodgers would only need two relievers in this one.  Joe Kelly was masterful in striking out all three batters he faced on 13 pitches, including Tatis, Jr.  Bryan Hudson came in to relieve in the 8th, and did what a reliever with a 7 run lead should do…he threw strikes.  He may be auditioning for one of the LHRP needed for the playoffs.  He did give up a Luis Campusano HR in the 9th.  Campusano had 4 hits on the day, so he was not to be denied.

The Dodgers won the game, the series, and have now won the first three 2023 series with San Diego.  They are 8-2 against the Padres, and own them…in the regular season.



On August 4, the Dodgers traded RHP Aldrin Batista (20) and RHP Maximo Martinez (19) to CWS for International Signing Bonus Slot Money, the speculation began.  Who do the Dodgers have their eye on.  We have since learned that LAD is favored to land pitching prospect Hyun-suk Jang. The 19-year-old pitching phenom out of Masan Yongma High School in Changwon, South Korea, announced that he would forego the KBO draft in favor of pursuing his MLB career.

According to KBO insider Daniel Kim, Hyun-suk Jang’s MLB career may begin with the Dodgers. Kim stated online that several experts believe that the Dodgers are nearing an agreement with the lauded high school pitcher. This announcement may happen sooner rather than later as prospects need to declare themselves for the KBO Draft by August 15th.





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Angels are completely worthless if they can’t even knock off the Giants.


I’ll have to think about that . . .


While I do agree that this offense is relentless, have said so all year, my concerns going forward from here are the same as they have been from the beginning. Pitching.

Was just perusing fangraphs team pitching site, and no matter the page, Dashboard, Standard, Advanced, Win Probability etc, the Dodgers are middle of the pact in Major League Baseball. You know who isn’t? SF, Philadelphia, Atlanta, SD along with a few AL teams. I do believe we’ve shown improvement. Though Lynn and Yarbrough both look like they can help, it’s my opinion that Kershaw and Urias are the key players going forward. I’m not confident Miller can sustain the intensity into October. Maybe. He’s thrown 77.2 this year. He threw 112 innings last year, but most of those were in AA. Gonsolin is trending down and who else is there? I think Kershaw needs to step in and lead the way.

I’m counting on maintaining a lead going into September and maybe with that this staff can get a few days off and collect themselves. In the meantime, we continue to slug our way to wins.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger

Not exactly accurate Jeff. Pads and Dodgers have met exactly twice in the playoffs, and they are 1-1. LA swept them in 2020. I still think the 5-day layoff had a huge effect on the 22 Dodgers. Also not playing meaningful games for a long stretch.

Singing the Blue

We’re liable to have the same situation going into the playoffs this year. Hopefully we learned something last year.


My view is that the Dodgers have pretty much choked every year in the playoffs since 2016 [when the Cubs beat us] with the exception of 2020 [when we were fortunate to come back down 3-1 against ATL].

The one year we overachieved was 2018, when it sure seemed like Boston was the better team.


While I don’t disagree with the choking part, I don’t think we choked in 2017. We played an equally talented team, who blatantly cheated. That wasn’t choking.

2022 was the most pathetic of all the playoff runs the last decade, however.


Some prospect thoughts:

1. Don’t hate me but Frasso looks a little bit like Kevin Brown on the mound. I don’t think batters want to face him.

2. Another big dude, Kendall Williams deserves to be back in the prospect conversation now he’s in AA.

3. I admit I don’t follow the DSL that closely but the whispers are turning into screams on a handful of guys there.

4. OF looks like our weakest area, especially at the upper levels. We need Pages to come back strong, Ramos to continue developing, and maybe we shift one of these IF guys out there [Diaz, Doncon, J. Vargas]. DePaula is the star attraction right now but he’s years away.

5. Curious which arms we start to look at as long-term relievers. We have plenty of guys with the stuff [Pepiot, Hurt, etc.] but some dudes just seem better suited to be starters [Knack, Ryan, etc.] Sheehan I could see going either way.

Bonus–Some live for the lefties: Bruns, Kopp, Wrobleski all showing out this year.


….”the Dodgers could not hit WRISP.

That problem occurred several times during the regular season as well. It was a weakness that wasn’t addressed and it raised its head again during the playoffs.

Scott Andes

Agree with Jeff, Dodgers this year are one of the best teams hitting with RISP and scoring runs with 2 outs. Actually I think they are number 1 in two out scoring.


Those stats support the successes the Dodgers had. Big wins tend to pad stats but there were stretches where they were not scoring and I will venture to say it was because it was because they didn’t change their attack from when everything was going well.

Small ball has a place during a season and if not used then come playoffs against top Aces it is hard to flip the switch. A well timed bunt, a ground ball that moves a runner to third, a walk, or just trying to make contact instead of the big swing even though the big swing served them well in a lot of games.


Team with the best record does not always win and we all know that. Playoffs are a total crapshoot. Mets beat the Dodgers 11 times in 88 and lost once. Dodgers beat them in the NLCS. Padres are not going to get that far.

Scott Andes

If it’s such a crapshoot, then why do the same teams make it in almost every year. last 10 years World Series matchups have been

2013 Red Sox Cardinals
2014 Giants Royals
2015 Royals Mets
2016 Cubs Indians
2017 Dodgers Cheaters
2018 Red Sox Dodgers
2019 Nationals Cheaters
2020 Dodgers Rays
2021 Braves Cheaters
2022 Cheaters Phillies

How many surprise teams are in that list? The Nationals in 2019 could probably be considered a surprise considering their first half record. Maybe the 18 Dodgers were a surprise. The Phillies last year were definitely a big surprise. Maybe the Braves in 21? Otherwise the rest of those teams, winners and losers of the World Series you could make a good case were NOT a surprise to get there. All of them very good clubs. Some had the best records, or the second best records. But none were surprises. other than those 3 or 4 teams I mentioned above.

So is it really a crapshoot? Can’t we just give credit to the teams that play well enough, perform well when it matters and persevere to get to the fall classic? It takes a lot of chemistry, dedication, and as Jeff pointed above, a lot of relentlessness.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

I don’t think crapshoot is being used in the way that, nor means what you think it does Scott.

The focus is on the first nine (9) words. We’re not talking about who reaches the playoffs (that’s a very good test of the quality of team). We’re talking about winning the World Series being a crapshoot.

Team with the best record does not always win and we all know that. Playoffs are a total crapshoot. 

Since 1969, only fourteen (14) teams have claimed baseball’s best record and gone on to win the World Series. And one of those were the cheaters.

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

Just because the teams with the best regular season records don’t always win the World Series, doesn’t mean its a crapshoot.

For you to say that its just all luck, discredits every team that has ever won a championship.

I disagree with you, wholeheartedly. The playoffs are not a crapshoot. Takes a lot more than luck to win a title.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

first of all, what does it then mean to you?
second, who said luck is all you need?

Scott Andes

It means to me more than just best record doesn’t always win or playoffs are a crapshoot. You’re insinuating that most of it is luck based. If I’m misunderstanding you then I apologize.

To me it takes a lot of factors that are not quantifiable by numbers or stats.


can you rewrite that first sentence?


I mean the thing is that the difference between the best team in the league and the other playoff teams is pretty tiny. They are all good teams with strong players. And the playoffs are 10-15 games or so!

and baseball is a goody game full of bad bounces and what not.

So you just need a tiny bit of luck (a bad bounce, a player getting hot, players going cold) or a key injury or affecting weather and Voila! A lesser team wins it all!

Its a crapshoot and it’s why the best record after a long season is quite an accomplishment.

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

The postseason means more than you think it does. Maybe we should ask one of the players if they think it’s all a crapshoot. I’m sure they would disagree with you. I’m reminded of Orel Hershiser describing that 88 run and how the Dodgers had to be precise on every pitch/play. Does that sound like luck?

Is a little luck involved? Sure. Streaky players? Yes. Weather and injuries? Yes. Thats with any sport regular or postseason. But the playoffs are much more than just those things.

It seems like you value the regular season more than the postseason. Which is fine. That’s your opinion, but I disagree with you respectfully.


You dont think luck was involved in the 88 World Series!?!?!

Scott Andes

A little maybe. Or maybe the Dodgers just played better, had a better game plan. Performed better under pressure. They did have the MVP and Cy Young that year so maybe they were pretty good too. Maybe they outperformed Oakland? Maybe give some credit to the world series champions?


The 2006 Cards were like an 80-odd win team!

Even during the regular season, good teams lose to bad ones plenty. The Dodgers got swept by the Pirates this year – was that because the pirates had more “fortitude” or are a better team? No, it’s because baseball is an inherently random sport. Sometimes the ball drops for a hit, sometimes into an outfielder’s glove. Sometimes Bartolo Colon closes his eyes and hits a home run. Some days good players get bad results.

In the playoffs this is magnified.

All the dodos use hindsight bias. Oh hey we can see the Dodgers offense would slam when looking back at it means you didn’t know what it was gonna do at the time.

Scott Andes

You use one team as an example?

Then why even play the games if it’s all just randomness? All sports can be random! Sure there is some randomness to any game.

Just because there are some elements of luck or randomness doesn’t mean its all based on luck. You don’t think the Dodgers beating the Mets and the A’s in 88 had some fortitude involved?

You know nothing about this. How about you ask a player who’s won a championship if he agrees with you before you proclaim the playoffs are all luck. Stop discrediting what every player plays for his entire career and every team strives for each year with your nonsense.

You’re wrong Bluto.


What’s wrong, dear Scott, is you making stuff up.

Can you please show me anywhere (ANYWHERE!) I said it was all luck.

I understand you cant understand what I wrote, but that doesn’t mean you can put words in my mouth.

Oh wait. Are you rage posting again!?!?

Is that going to be your excuse again?

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

Believe me, if I was rage posting again you would know it. And I only rage post after Dodger losses. I was trying to be nice here.

I never put words in your mouth. What you posted above sure reads as if you think the postseason is mostly based on luck. Are you backpedaling?Maybe give some credit to the teams who play well enough to win championships? Even those 83-win Cardinals in 2006. (The only team to win a championship with less than 85 wins)

Or maybe you can be more clear in your posts?

You really are condescending though. I was told I was too snarky. Yeesh.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes
Scott Andes

I guess I forgot about the 14 Giants. Although they had won 2 championships prior so how much of a surprise was it? Mets had the most dominating pitching that year so no surprise to me.


Corbin will be hard to catch for 2023 NL ROY but Outman is climbing back into the vote.


Thanks for the link.


The Yankees are disintegrating and so is their Manager Boone. The Padres are holding it together though so far.


They are about cooked. AL WC looking to come down to if Seattle can catch Toronto. NL WC is still wide open with Padres still in good position to snag the last spot.

Scott Andes

Good position? They only have to leapfrog 4 teams, and play over .600 ball the rest of the way. Hard to see that happening, especially after the Dodgers dismantled them in their home park.


I would take their chances over any team outside of SF & Philly, who respectively hold WC1 & WC2 positions.


Considering their expectations and what they have done to date they could have taken the Yankees embarrassing path.

Scott Andes

They have a worse record than the Yankees.

Scott Andes

Holding it together? They’re 3 games under .500 lolz.


Record doesn’t matter. Just games back and teams to pass.

Scott Andes

It doesn’t? At this time last year SD was 10 games above .500. Not sure why you are so high on them, or scared of them.

sorry but Reds, Brewers, Phillies, Giants, even the Marlins have played better than SD.

Last edited 10 months ago by Scott Andes

Not scared of them at all. The NL mostly sucks and they have talent.

You can take the cubs and I’ll take s for wc3


Phi & sf are in right now. Brewers probably win nl central.

Talking about wc3

Scott Andes

we’ll revisit this at the end of the season.




You left JD Martinez out of the list of Dodgers with an OPS over .800 (.870).

The Dodgers won’t go anywhere in the post-season without starting pitching. Right now they don’t have it. Will the rotation sort itself out by October? That is the big question.



I don’t think that lineup precludes us from winning it all.


Lance Lynn has given up 4 HR in 13 innings as a Dodger. The guys who hit them are Zack Gelof, Brent Rooker, Jordan Diaz, and Gary Sanchez – not exactly a murderer’s row. Let’s face it – he’s allowed 32 bombs in 132 innings and has a WHIP of over 1.4 as well as an ERA of over 6.

Urias’ ERA is 4.7 and he hasn’t pitched well all year – he pitched 5 shutout innings against the worst team in baseball – that’s not proof that he has returned to his former self.

And Bobby Miller is a frail reed at this point. His last 7 starts he has an ERA of 5.45 and a WHIP of 1.4.

They have a starting 1, not a starting 5, and that’s after Kershaw returns. Urias, Lynn, et al might be able to represent a competitive starting rotation, but they haven’t done it yet.

Last edited 10 months ago by Dodgerrick

Kershaw Urias. If they don’t pitch well through October, beating Atlanta, and whatever other team might be hot by then, will be difficult. I think it’s possible, even likely, we will still have to score 6.5 per game to win in post season, and I don’t see that happening.

Bobby Miller a “frail reed”. I know what you mean, but it’s still funny to picture it.

Last edited 10 months ago by Badger



Good lineup


I’m not going to visit Vegas and bet on Dodger pitching. I do remain optimistic that by the end of September their rookie pitchers will pitch more like veterans.

It would be very entertaining if at least two from Miller, Sheehan, Grove, Stone, Pepiot pitched the Dodgers into and through the playoffs. I’m hoping Buehler also finds his way for meaningful innings.

When I play golf and I hit a good drive that might find a bunker, I enjoy the drive and don’t worry about where my ball might be. There is always plenty of time to say oh heck when I get to the ball if it is actually in the bunker.


Since only Miller is on the active roster, that might be hard to do…


Are you saying the active roster is frozen?

Singing the Blue

Good news! We’ve signed Jang, the 19 year old Korean pitcher we were after.
Signing confirmed by his agent.


Per Kiley M:

Jang has four pitches for strikes, starter traits, and above average stuff. His fastball sits 92-95 and has hit 97 mph for some scouts. 

He compares to recent second or third round caliber prep pitchers.

Singing the Blue

I predict three Cy Youngs, one MVP and the HOF.


But how’s his playoff record?


He is guaranteed to be lucky half the time!

Last edited 10 months ago by Bluto
Scott Andes

Is your favorite cereal lucky charms?



ETA 2026-2027?

Singing the Blue

I don’t see any reason he can’t be in the rotation next week.


This bullpen is not championship quality.

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