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Fred McGriff Finally To Be Enshrined in MLB HOF


The sixteen member Baseball Contemporary Era met and voted on 8 different players who were not voted on by the BBWAA, but have credentials to be elected.  Many of the nominees have warts attached.  Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Rafael Palmeiro have been accused of using PEDs.  Curt Schilling can’t keep his mouth or social media accounts shut.  The other four may not have controversy, but of Fred McGriff, Don Mattingly, Dale Murphy, and Albert Belle, IMO, only Fred McGriff have legit HOF credentials.

Deservingly, McGriff was elected with a unanimous vote.  All 16 committee members named him on their ballot.

Fred McGriff’s career bating line is .284/.377/.509/.886.  McGriff had an OPS+ of 140 or more 9 times in his career.

Yes, McGriff’s career bWAR is a tweener at 52.6.  However, that does rank higher than Ted Simmons (50.3), Orlando Cepeda (50.1) and Jim Rice (47.7).

McGriff slugged 493 HRs in his 19 year career.  In 10 seasons he hit at least 30 HRs.  He hit 30 HRs in a year for 5 of the 6 teams he played for.  The only team he did not achieve that mark was with the Dodgers in 2003.

It used to be that 500 career HRs was the standard for automatic inclusion.  If it were not for the 1994 strike, and cancellation of games after August 11, there is little doubt that McGriff would have topped 500, and he would not have had to wait for the Baseball Contemporary Era Committee to be elected.

He is one of only four MLB players (along with Mark McGwire, Sam Crawford and Buck Freeman) to win the home run title in both leagues.

There are a couple of other comparisons to HOF inductees.  His career OBP was .377 which is greater than Tony Perez (.341), Orlando Cepeda (.350), Eddie Murray (.359), and Harmon Killebrew (.376).

His career seasonal average HRs, RBIs, and SLG were also comparable to the same four.

  • McGriff – 32 HR, 102 RBI, .509 SLG
  • Perez – 22 HR, 96 RBI, .463 SLG
  • Murray – 27 HR, 103 RBI, .476 SLG
  • Killebrew – 38 HR, 105 RBI, .509 SLG.

He was not just a terrific regular season player.  In 5 post seasons, McGriff played in 50 games, 218 PA, and hit .303/.385/.532/.917 with 10 home runs, 37 RBIs.

Nobody is questioning that Fred McGriff was not a 1st ballot HOF.  But to garner a max 39% vote is incredulous.

Congratulations to the Crime Dog.


Following McGriff were:

  • Don Mattingly – 8 votes
  • Curt Schilling – 7 votes
  • Dale Murphy – 6 votes
  • All others < 4 votes

The committee will meet again in 3 years.  How many of Mattingly, Schilling, Murphy, Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, and Belle will be nominated in 2025.  At some point, the players will lose their eligibility for the Contemporary Era and that will leave the Classic Baseball ERA (1980 – Present) to elect them.

How do you feel about a MLB Hall Of Fame without:

  • MLB Hits Leader – Pete Rose
  • MLB HR Leader – Barry Bonds
  • MLB Cy Young Winner Leader – Roger Clemens (7)
  • Hitter with most 60+ HRs – Sammy Sosa (3)
  • 1 of 16 Pitchers with 3,000 K and Top 7 career SO/W – Curt Schilling

Schilling is also arguably the best post season pitcher, ever.  He pitched in 5 must win games and won all of them.  His ERA in those games was sub 1.50.  He has been on 3 World Series winners (2001, 2004, 2007).

Today during the Winter Meetings, we will learn the All MLB Team.

The Aaron Judge decision is supposedly coming soon.  The current NYY offer is 8 years at around $300MM, but are expected to go 9 years in the $330MM range.  Some are predicting the Giants will go 10 years.  At some point, Judge and his agent will say enough and agree with one of the two teams.  Yes, I have heard that there is a surprise team in the discussion.  I just do not think they are serious.  The Dodgers would never go 9 years for Judge.

The Dodgers are still “involved” in the Justin Verlander discussions.  I just cannot see them going 3 years for Verlander.

Bob Nightengale who does not have a good track record in his predictions is “hearing” baseball execs expect Carlos Correa to sign with LAD.  Not buying it for Correa or any of the 4.  But I will accept being wrong on any of the SS.

Monday will be the first full day at the Meetings.  Is Sean Murphy getting moved today?

Me and several others will update on the Meeting transactions and interesting rumors.




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I can see Boras putting that picture in the glossy brochure he gives the Dodgers.


“How do you feel about a MLB Hall Of Fame without:”

Personally I don’t feel anything.

I don’t see Correa as a villain. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, MLB should have held the Houston organization responsible for the cheating scandal. The right thing to do was strip the organization of it’s title. And of course, MLB didn’t do the right thing. At all cost, protect the brand. The cost here? Turns out it was absolutely nothing. Players get booed, but make millions. Organization hoists a title trophy. And our history books have a peculiar way of remembering things. As time goes on, all that will matter is who won.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

I would be satisfied with declaring the Dodgers co-winners with Houston and then find co-winners for MVP. Dodgers get everything but a parade but do get a new ring.

Add a wing of shame to the Hall. Then take a vote as to who gets into it. Otherwise, I don’t want to add to my concerns any thoughts as to who should be in the Hall.

Jacob Burch

Well, the whole think was a mess but it’s too easy to declare us anything when the Yankees might’ve had a case as well [unless they were cheating too]. What should’ve happened is the championship should’ve vacated but the Commish has no balls.

Jacob Burch

My dominant memory of Fred McGriff is that he was passed by Carlos Delgado in the Toronto lineup.

Jacob Burch

For the record, I don’t see us signing Correa.


He is a Boras client so the odds are in your favor of being right.

Jacob Burch

If I were a betting man, I’d put Correa in SF if they don’t get Judge. Cubs are the other team to watch for. Rodon is the wild card for me. I had him on the Mets but it looks like they are going after Verlander instead.

Singing the Blue

Giants have so much money to spend and such an awful roster that they could conceivably sign both Judge and Correa.

I think it’s going to be hard for them to get major stars to sign unless they show them they’re going to sign a few of them and make the team competitive every year.

Jacob Burch

I don’t know. A bunch of money and playing in that ballpark sounds good enough for me.


It’s my opinion if they don’t get Judge the giants might be better served in the long run to sign a few ballers and develop a pitching staff. Judge would put b.i.s.. I don’t believe Correa would.

The city of S.F. and the Bay Area in general is definitely not for everyone, but having lived on the periphery I know it can be a great place to live, especially if you’re wealthy. The fans there love and support their team – when the team is winning.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Does not bother me at all that those guys are not in the hall. Good for the Crime Dog.


Justin Verlander, the age-defying AL Cy Young winner and two-time World Series champion, is reportedly signing with the New York Mets.
The New York Post’s Jon Heyman reports it’s a two-year, $86 million deal with a vesting third-year option.

Jacob Burch

Well, if you make a deal like that you kind of have to go all in now. Pretty clear two-year window. Who else do they sign? Nimmo? Another SP?

Fred Vogel

43M/year. Pasadena.
I would prefer AF to explore the trade market.


Salary is actually 15 mil, with a 5 mil signing bonus

Singing the Blue

Rodon and Senga are the next guys in line as far as upper end starters.
Rodon telling people he wants 6 years and I’m guessing he’ll get it. Probably not from Andrew Friedman.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Senga in Dodger blue and I’m also a fan of Bassitt’s but he wants 4 years and I doubt AF will do that for him.

Tyler Anderson is probably kicking himself right about now. Signing for 3/39 is going to cost him a lot of $. He could probably easily get 4/50ish today.


I can see the Angels signing Rodon.

Jacob Burch

They really should. I could also see Baltimore wanting to make a splash.

Jacob Burch

At the lower end of the SP market I see us snagging someone for one year. Hell, maybe we should just re-sign Heaney.


It is possible that Buehler will be available for the 2023 Post Season.

Jacob Burch

Right now our SP depth chart is:

  1. Urias
  2. Kershaw
  3. Gonsolin
  4. May
  5. Jackson
  6. Pepiot
  7. Grove
  8. Stone
  9. Miller

Guaranteed we add at least one more.


Plus Buehler very late in the season which is when the Dodgers would need him.

Is this the year the Dodgers go to a 6 man rotation?


You forgot Bauer. Suspension should get reduced to one year.


Bauer could be available all season.


Well it would be nice to get it settled so AF knows how to proceed.


Rodon does not have a history of health. I don’t see anybody wanting to give him 6 years because of his history. The Giants might offer 3 years plus earned options.

Jacob Burch

But he benefits greatly by having deGrom & Verlander come off the board relatively quickly. I think 6 years is a stretch but he should be able to get 5. I will not consider it money well spent. I like him but not at that number.


What position will he play in 5 or 6 years?


Good for him LA will look elsewhere for his replacement. He wanted to go back to the East coast anyway.

Jacob Burch

For once the pundits were all right. Everyone was saying that from the get go.


Crazy time. Every year it gets more bizarro. $300 million is the bar. My wife just ask “where does it end?” The answer is – it doesn’t. As long as fans pay the bills, this sh*t will not only continue, but will escalate. I think I might live long enough to see $500 million. I guess I’m still in as I’m paying for SNLAHD, but, I don’t for how much longer.

oh, and we get a comp pick. Yay. After the 4th round

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

How is this shit? This is people making their near market value

iMO, everyone should have this opportunity not just pro sports players. Let’s celebrate it, not cuss it


Celebrate inequity?

Have at it.


Celebrate empowerment.
Work towards equal opportunity.


Equal opportunity? In MLB? Then you are in favor of a salary cap? That’s interesting.

Tell us how your work towards equality in baseball will operate. I do look forward to hearing this.


I don’t understand any of this. Perhaps I’m just MT-headed.


Equal opportunity as defined by:
Everybody having the opportunity to make as much as they can.


While I agree with your basic premise in principle, I find those goal posts rather narrow in this discussion. I would ask you first “at who’s expense.”

I’m going to avoid the broad cloth of the obvious cultural and social counter argument, it crosses political borders here, and just stick to MLB. Having lived among small market fan bases I know the frustration millions of fans have each time one of their favorite players gets bought up by what feels to them like corporate raiders. Small market teams do the selling and large market teams do the buying. That’s just a reality.

There will be no $300 million contracts in Oakland, Tampa, and several other organizations. There will be no real competitive balance without a real salary cap. You know, like those being used in other sports.

Equal opportunity? I don’t think so.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger
Singing the Blue

Cleveland might like him too and they have pitching.
Much as I’d like to see Arraez here, I don’t really think we match up as well as Cleveland, Miami and even Milwaukee.


I’m still in favor of doing what it takes to leave Lux at second base. Bogaerts is still out there. As is Correa. Maybe Swanson?

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Twitter is going absolutely bat shit nuts over Turner leaving and way too many idiots want Correa.

Jacob Burch

Best thing about signing guys as a free agents [Judge/Syndergaard] is it allows you to trade prospects at those positions [Pages/Pepiot] in exchange for a major league solution [?].


Syndergaard would basically be a reclamation project. He was not that great with the Angels or the Phillies. As for Judge, there is no freaking way AF is going to sign a 31 year old outfielder to a 8 or 9 year contract for over 300 mil, which is a conservative guess as to the size of the contract he is going to get. You are not going to get replacements at the MLB level for prospects that are worth a damn unless you package more than one. And then it depends on who you might be able to trade for. Right now, the pickings are slim. What would you give up for Reynolds? Judge plays the same position as Mookie. So RF is not a need. CF LF SS. and starting pitching plus beefing up the pen.


Silly old bear


Looks like Angels got a good on Tyler Anderson. 3 years/$39M. He could have gotten more if he had waited a few weeks.


Maybe. Things are spiraling up. But truth is, he wasn’t all that the 6 years before he got here.

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