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Handling the Frustration 

Usually I am pretty good at this. But for some reason, I have had a really hard time watching Dodger baseball. And I realized that my BS meter is really at a low point now. This is actually horse manure baseball they are playing. They are not clean, the fielding, pitching and hitting have all been very inconsistent. And inconsistency has been this teams biggest bugaboo over the last several years.

I think Friedman and the ownership made a concerted effort to go in a different direction this offseason and so far the results have been very mediocre. The low risk high return players have at this point not paid off.

Case One: Noah Syndergaard has to me been the biggest disappointment. He has really imploded his last couple of outings. He has pitched much better at Dodger Stadium, but not enough to offset the way he has pitched lately. He might be a total bust.

Case Two: Miguel Rojas has not shown that he is even the same player he was last year. Granted, he has been hurt. But he was not supposed to be the starting SS in the first place. Lux’s injury has put the pressure on anyone who plays SS.

Case Three: David Peralta got a hit today to break a streak of 13 at bats without one. Problem is, Peralta has not performed at the level the Dodgers felt he would. In his favor is the fact that although he has not been getting hits, he has been hitting the ball hard. Just right at someone.

Case Four: Chris Taylor is best suited as a super utility player. But last season he had some injury troubles. This year there are times he looks totally lost at the plate. Then he will have a good game and you get your hopes up that he is coming out of it. Then he stinks up the joint like he did today.

Case Five: Let me first say, I have always liked Austin Barnes. He is a solid defensive catcher who has had some very important moments with the bat. But then he goes and makes a boneheaded play like he did today which instead of just being a bunt single, turns into a three base error which leads to a three run inning after the Dodgers took an all-important 2 run lead after the first inning. They never scored again. Barnes is not hitting. Period. Bring up Feduccia and see if he can add some offense.

Case Six: Heyward has been hitting the ball extremely hard and like Peralta has little to show for it. But he got two hits today and scored a run. Let us hope he can build on that.

Case Seven: Trayce Thompson is another player that I like. But even though I knew he could not possibly keep up his early pace, I did not expect him to totally fall flat like he has lately. He is on a very short leash.

Case Eight: The bullpen has been consistently inconsistent this season. One of the reasons they are at .500. Vesia, Bickford and Almonte are three of the main reasons. Jackson, who was sent to AAA, was another. A change of personnel might be in order.

Case Nine: Kershaw over the last two weeks has been the only reliable starter. Urias has been knocked out in three straight ballgames and looks nothing like an Ace, which is what he is supposed to be. Thor has looked awful. Gonsolin looked good and hopefully he can be the Catman once again. May looked a lot better his last start, but as a whole. they need to be a lot better.

Well there it is. And for our sake, I hope all of those cases see improvement . My solution?

  1. Make a deal for a really good offensive outfielder before or at the deadline.
  2. Move Mookie Betts to SS permanently.
  3. Put Vargas on the IL to let his thumb heal completely. He looks nothing like the player they thought he would be.
  4. If Grove is ready, bring him up. The bullpen is going to be getting some help then Nelson returns, which should be shortly.
  5. Give some of the better relievers in AAA a shot and send Bickford, Vesia, and Almonte down. Oh, and trade Urias at the deadline for another good starter.



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Fred Vogel

I agree with much of you have to say.
Let me add that the team shows no intensity, no fire, no personality.
They are a boring, robotic team at this time.


I agree Fred. They look flat and they also look like they are not enjoying playing the game. Freddie, who smiles a lot, has not been doing much smiling lately. Watching Stone pitch for OKC today. They are up 4-1 in the 3rd inning.


It’s notta so bad. Yeah, they can stink the park up, but they can also score in bunches. Muncy and Smith are gone, Mookie has been absent, JD…. no comment, Outman will of course settle back to earth. I never thought Heyward or Peralta were all that but figured they were worth a look. Heyward has barreled a lot of balls, if he keeps it up they will fall.

As you know I’ve not been sold on this pitching from the start. Relief, yes, but the starters just don’t look that strong. I think Thor will do better, but I’m prepared to be wrong about that.

It still feels the same to me, this team has to hit.

Singing the Blue

Regarding your above points, Bear:

A) Which outfielder did you have in mind. Give us a few possibilities.
B) Agree, Mookie becomes permanent SS.
C) I’m fine with giving Vargas time on the IL, if he’s still hurting. Maybe he’s healthy and just going through some rookie pains. If that’s the case, keep playing him.
D) You meant Stone, not Grove. He pitched his second good game in a row tonight. He’s definitely the next starter to call up, if and when.
E) If Julio is still pitching like this at the deadline, he’ll have relatively little trade value. If he’s back to normal Julio, we’ll need him down the stretch.


You are right, I meant Stone. Outfielders who could help, hmmm. A star outfielder would cost a lot, what I would be looking for is someone who is pretty consistent and has some power. I like Tyler O’Neill a lot and the Cardinals have a lot of outfielders. Dylan Carlson intrigues me too. We can surmise Reynolds is going no where. Mullins from the Orioles would be a nice fit too. I would like Hays, but doubt they would trade him. Not knowing who might be available kind of undermines my position. But I would think there will be a couple of good ones on the market soon. Julio is leaving anyway, And if I have to watch him flame out in the first inning time after time, I would rather bring up one of the kids.


Kellenak (sp) would have been a good trade.

If Betts hits .250 he better do it as a shortstop and not a RFer.

Yes, bring up Stone. Shoulda traded Urias when I first suggested it. Same with getting Kelenak

Jeff Dominique

I was writing for the Dodgers to trade for Austin Hays back in 2017, continuing thru 2020, before it was clear that Baltimore was not going to trade him.

I like both Dylan Carlson and Tyler O’Neil, but I am hoping that the scouts out there have uncovered the next Austin Hays or Jack Suwinski.


We have Outman, Betts, maybe Smith, Peralta, Heyward, Thompson, and even Taylor to play outfield. We have Muncy, Rojas, Vargas, Bush, Taylor with Williams next up to play infield. JD is the DH. This is our team. And it will be our team for the next two plus months.

This is the team we’ve chosen.

Your favorite guy is Kelenic Bum. And he’s a team controlled until 2029 player who ain’t coming here.


I wanted him before the pre-season began when he was hitting like Barnes and Taylor. Some here didn’t want him because he was considered worthless. I agree, it’s too late now.

Roberts was determined to hit Muncy 4th or 5th when he struggled to hit his weight. Now he insists on playing Taylor more than his bat justifies. He is stubborn that way. I say this because I think Betts should be the full time shortstop and he won’t be because Roberts wants to give Taylor at bats against lefties and that results with Betts back in RF and Taylor at short.

Once the rotation has Kershaw, Gonsolin, and Stone leading the way and with Muncy and Smith back in the lineup and with Betts full time at short, the Dodgers will be better.

Last edited 11 months ago by Bumsrap

Taylor is being paid to be an at the ready utility player. The last few weeks he’s been needed because so many starters have been unavailable. I have a gut feeling he’s going to find a few nuts going forward.

At several positions we are rather old. You know how it is. The joints don’t warm up until it’s 80 outside. Mookie, Freddie, Peralta, Heyward , JD, Smith, Rojas, even Thompson will all be better in June, maybe sooner if the weather cooperates.

I think we’ll be fine.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

I hope so. So will the Giants and Padres. AZ, they’re young so maybe not them.


I am with you on trading Urias as I don’t think we will be able to resign him. I also agree about moving Mookie to SS. Vargas needs to rest the thumb and an IL stint is indicated. Perhaps when Rojas is back. We really do need an upgrade in the outfield. A good lefty hitting right hander would be ideal. That is what Thompson is primarily there for and he isn’t getting it done. I think the Dodgers are going to let it play out at least into June before they make any moves. Not sure there is an impactful outfielder out there to acquire. Bring up Pages? Can’t do any worse than what we have now.


Pages is struggling at AA. He is not ready for prime time. I believe the roster is going to be looking a lot different on August 2nd.


Smith could be back in the lineup by Saturday against the Cardinals but most likely as the DH. Martinez may go on the IL if his back is not ready soon. It still leaves a black hole at catcher. OKC won a doubleheader yesterday. Stone and Cuevas both pitched really well. Cuevas’s win was a 1-0 game.


Urias seems to come unglued when things don’t go his way. Such as and error or not getting a call from the umpire.


OMG! Our team is a game above .500 and you’re frustrated? And it’s super early in the season? I thinks some peoples expectations are unrealistic. Playing at .500 to begin the season phts them in a position to make a move.


Damn right because they look like crap. The pitching has sucked and the offense smells worse than Bidens politics. .500 for the Dodgers is slump city. Our 300 million dollar man is hitting below .250. Move? Not with this bunch. They need some serious help.

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