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How Is The 2023 Roster Comprised

I think two comments that have bothered me most about the Dodgers are:

  1. The 2020 WS does not count because it was only 60 games. Maybe I missed something, but every team played 60 games.  The gauntlet that was a “tournament” of four series, and needed to win 13 games.  No other team did it.  They were the last team standing.  They deserve to be called WS champs.  Those who complain would be the first to say that there team would have deserved it if it turned out for their team.
  1. The Dodgers just buy their team.

It is not as if the Dodgers don’t have the wherewithal to pay larger salaries, but some might find it interesting to learn that two players with large contracts have huge, deferred payments.

  • Mookie Betts – 12 years of deferred payments totaling $120MM (2033-2044).
  • Freddie Freeman – 13 years of deferred payments totaling $57MM (2028-2040).

Now why the deferred payments?  I have my thoughts, but I will let that ruminate for a while and discuss in a future post.  I will leave it that there is a difference between wealth and liquidity.  The Dodgers owners have accumulated wealth, but until we can actually see financial statements, I am not sure about their liquidity.

But how was the current 40 man roster accumulated.



There are 50 players listed, but 10 of those players are on the 60 day IL and do not count towards the 40 man limits.

The Dodgers have exactly one multi-year free agent, with a 9 figure contract: Freddie Freeman.   They have 6 one year MLB FA, and 3 MiLB FA with 2 contracts purchased by LAD (Heyward and B. Hudson), and 1 player remains in MiLB (Nelson).

The Dodgers still have 4 players remaining from the Ned Colletti era: Clayton Kershaw, Caleb Ferguson, Julio Urías, and Victor González.

17 players were either drafted or signed as International Free Agents (IFA) in the AF era.  There were an additional 7 players who were released or waived that the Dodgers signed.  They were certainly not high priced free agents.  Any team could have signed them.

The other area where they have acquired multiple players is via the trade.  Including Mookie Betts, the Dodgers have 13 players on their 40-man acquired through trade.  Contrary to what many Dodger Haters believe, Mookie was not a free agent.  He was acquired via a trade for Alex Verdugo, Connor Wong, and Jeter Downs.  He signed a long term deal with the Dodgers that Boston was not willing to do.


Game Observations:

The Dodgers have no answer to Max Fried.


Julio Urías seems disinterested.  I am not saying he is, he just gives that impression to me (and Joe and Orel).  I think the proverbial straw was when Julio did not back up home and just stood on the mound.

I am getting the same feeling about Urías that I did with Buehler and Gonsolin.  Gonsolin pitched well after coming off the original season IL stint.  But his elbow was sore and his velo was dropping.  Urías pitched a few good games after his return from the IL, but has been getting hit a lot harder for most of his games.  Especially his last two games when he has given up 6 HRs in 11.0 IP.  His velo has been dropping quite a bit for a “healthy” 27 year old.  Average Four Seamer MPH:

  • 2020 – 94.2
  • 2021 – 94.1
  • 2022 – 93.1
  • 2023 – 92.7
  • Friday night – 91.9

Maybe it is nothing, but then again…


I do not understand taking out Mookie and Freddie in the 8th.  It is like Doc just quit on the game.


Gus Varland let the first four batters get hits, but with the bases loaded and nobody out, he got Michael Harris to chase for strike 3, and then got Ronald Acuña Jr. to hit into a DP.  In the 9th, he retired the 2-3-4 batters in order, striking out Riley and Olson.  He may not be ready for playoffs, but he should be on the 26 man next year to begin the year.


This is why Kolten Wong.  Welcome to the Dodgers.



09-01-2023 – MiLB Game Summary Report


Round Rock Express (Texas) 4 – OKC Dodgers 2

Nick Frasso started and seemed to breeze thru 5.2 IP.  But after he got two quick outs in the 6th, he gave up a single and HBP.  After 86 pitches (53 strikes), Tanner Dodson was brought in to get the final out of the inning.  He did just that, but not before he allowed three straight singles for 3 runs.  He allowed both inherited runners to score, plus one of his own.  Jake Reed finished up the final 2.1 scoreless innings with 1 hit.

OKC had 6 hits to go with their 2 runs.  Steven Duggar had both RBIs.  In the 2nd, 2 walks and a single loaded the bases.  Duggar walked to force in the first run.  Duggar slugged his 8th HR for the Dodgers 2nd run.

Drew Avans was 2-4 including his 26th double.  Óscar Mercado also was 2-4.


Box Score



Arkansas Drillers (Seattle) 9 – Tulsa Drillers 2

River Ryan started and held Arkansas scoreless for the first three innings.  But the 4th and 5th did not go as well.  He allowed three singles, a double, a HBP for 4 runs in the 4th.  He surrendered a 2-run HR in the 5th before being relieved by Ben Harris. Ryan did strike out 4 batters. Neither Harris nor Jack Little provided much relief.

The offense generated 5 singles, a double, and a HR.

Key Offensive Performers:

  • Yusniel Díaz – 2-4, 1 RBI, double (19)
  • Imanol Vargas – HR (18)

Box Score


Great Lakes Loons 6 – Dayton Dragons (Reds) 1

21 year old RHSP, Jerming Rosario, was brilliant.  He pitched 5.0, 2-hit scoreless innings.  He did allow 1 BB, but registered 8 Ks.  Three Loons pitchers finished up the final 4.0 innings, allowing a single run.  Ronan Kopp finished the final 2.0 IP without a run to earn his 1st save.

Key Offensive Performers:

  • Griffin Lockwood-Powell – 2-4, 1 run, 2 RBI, HR (13)
  • Kenneth Betancourt – 2-4, 2 runs
  • Yunior Garcia – 2-4, 2 RBIs


Box Score


Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 8 – Stockton Ports (A’s) 1

Gabe Emmett also pitched 5.0, 2-hit scoreless innings for the Quakes.  However he had 4 BBs to go with 4 Ks.  Four Quakes pitchers were needed to finish up for RC.

The offense utilized 13 singles, and 3 BB, to score their 8 runs.  Every Quakes hitter except Luis Rodriguez had at least 1 hit, although he did reach on a BB.  5 RC batters had 2 hits, including 2023 1st round draft pick, Kendall George.  After having a very .362/.451/.414/.865 in 71 PA, he backed that up with .389/.500/.500/1.000 in 23 PA.  Overall in 94 PA, George is batting .368/.462/.434/.896.  Not bad for a HS player playing in full season A ball to finish the season.

Offensive Key Performers:

  • Kendall George – 2023 Draft Pick #1 – 2-4, HBP, 1 run
  • Thayron Liranzo – 2-3, 2 BB, 1 run, 1 RBI
  • Jake Gelof – 2023 Draft Pick #2, 2-5, 1 RBI
  • Joe Vetrano – 2023 Draft Pick #5, 2-4, 2 runs, 1 RBI
  • Wilman Diaz – 2-4
  • Jordan Thompson – 2023 Draft Pick #15, 1-4, 2 RBI


Box Score



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Scott Andes

I think its pretty clear the difference between the Dodgers and the Braves, it’s starting pitching. The Braves have clearly prioritized very good starting pitching and it shows. Fried, strider and Elder are three of the top starting pitchers in baseball and will be very hard to beat in the postseason. The Dodgers simply do not have the pitching to win the Word Series this year and this is the difference between being very good (Dodgers) and elite (Braves) and with a bullpen game tomorrow, there is no way they beat the Braves. More than likely this is a sweep, and the Braves have shown why they are the best in the majors. It’s very clear that the Braves will win the World Series this year.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dodgers are a very good club, but they put all their eggs in the gonsolin and May basket and those two are not likely to have lengthy major league careers as neither can stay healthy or provide innings.

As for Urias, and this is my opinion on watching him, he looks fat and out of shape. Maybe there is also an injury we don’t know about, but I see him laboring and out of breath by the 3rd or 4th inning. Hanging pitches, profusely sweating more than usual, he’s very pathetic this year. Love the guy, but no way the Dodgers can count on him this year.

That means the 3 starters in the postseason need to be Kershaw, Lynn, Miller and if a 4th starter is needed it should be Pepiot. Not sure what they would get out of Buehler. The Dodgers top priority for the winter must be starting pitching and a drastic organizational reframe about innings and pitching philosophy. They need to stop preaching 5 innings and 80 pitches and hook and teach the kids how to not only be effective starters but go deeper into games. There is no reason why a major league starting pitcher can’t pitch 7 innings in an mlb game and or make 30 starts and toss 150 innings in a season. Not asking for much here.

I saw an interview with David Wells and they asked about these garbage 5 innings and 80 pitches philosophy that the Dodgers and a lot of other MLB teams have nowadays and he said that the teams baby these pitchers and don’t let them pitch.

Starting pitching is the name of the game and the one aspect of baseball that can’t be changed, ever. And Bluto can argue with me until he’s blue in the face. The Braves have Excellent starting pitching and the Dodgers don’t this year. Plain as day.

Friedman better make an adjustment and get to work this winter.

I guess I was wong about Wong lol

Last edited 8 months ago by Scott Andes

“I think its pretty clear the difference between the Dodgers and the Braves, it’s starting pitching.”


I’ve been saying it all year and nothing tells me it’s any different now. We gotta score 8. Ok, maybe 7. Urias with an ERA of 9 for this game and 4.6 for the year. Our #1 looks like #2. As for looking fat and out of shape, he’s looked that since he came up. He can maybe beat the dbacks in a playoff game. If we score.

Kershaw, Lynn, Miller and Pepiot? We gotta score 7. Against the Braves anyway. Those guys look like us, when we’re doing what it is we usually do. 1 at bat from a waiver pickup our only offense? Gulp.

Ok, those two are done. Next game.

As for coddling starters, look around. 3 of ours are down with TJ. I don’t think it’s garbage to protect them, I find it sagacious Ok, that sounded abstruse. Let’s go with …. prudent. Stack the pen with commanding, rested arms, get to opponents bullpens as quickly as possible and do all this while resting everyone judiciously between now and October. That’s my plan. I seek only agency from all of you so tell me I’m right and we won’t have a problem.


I agree w alot of what you said but I would add that at the beginning of the season the Dodgers expected to have Kershaw,a healthy productive Urias, May ready to break out, Gonsolin coming off an AS yr, Thor with a high ceiling and a bunch of young pitchers ready to use. Now becsuse of injuries and whatever is wrong w Urias they have to count on Kershaw, the young guns and Lynn.


Re next yrs pitching. Do you pay Urias/ Boras? I would make the qualifying offer and let him walk unless he accepted a reasonable offer. I would no longer bank on Buehler or Gonsolin.
I would sign Kershaw, maybe Lynn if he pitches well.
So next year we have Kershaw, Miller, Pepiot,Lynn, Buehler, Sheehan, Stone, Grove. That’s alot of potential but very little reliability. IMO they need to acquire a #1 or 2 that has been reliable.


Urias hasn’t pitched well enough to offer him the big money. I think what the team will offer depends on how he closes the season. He proves he’s a reliable end of year finisher, then yes, make an effort to re-sign him. We keep Kershaw if he wants to stay. That’s easy. Buehler? Pencil him in at the back of the rotation and hope for the best. In fact, do the same for the other young guns. It’s my opinion there will be winter additions to the starting rotation. I have no real idea who, but Friedman does and I trust his judgment. The bullpen will work itself out. Always does


Blake Snell is probably the best available starting pitcher this off season. With Ohtani off the table as a pitcher for at least next year, the pickings for elite starting pitching is pretty thin.

Last edited 8 months ago by OhioDodger

i agree Snell would be a good fit. But… he’s a Bora$$ client.

Ohtani belongs in LA. Make it so Andrew.


And “aquire” includes a trade. We have lots of chips to bargain with.

Sam Oyed

Don’t forget Yamamoto from Japan.


I had the feeling that something else was wrong with Urias besides his leg when he went on the IL and even thought that nothing was actually wrong with his leg. I also had this feeling that if the Dodgers could get a special position player that it would be a good idea to trade Urias before the season started.

Last edited 8 months ago by Bumsrap

I will guess the Dodgers will sign Giolito if someone doesn’t do a big overpay. He would be in the #5 innings eater rotation spot.

I will guess Kershaw will retire and Urias will pitch elsewhere.

The 2024 rotation will include Miller, Sheehan, Stone, X, and Giolito. Depth will come from their existing suspects, I mean, prospects.

I want more hitters. I have doubts about Busch and Vargas and can see packaging them with other prospects for better young controllable players.

We already knew Atlanta was good. The Dodgers are good as well. Two games will not decide who goes to the WS.


“Two games will not decide who goes to the WS.”

They might in October.

Giolito would be ok. Urias is a free agent. I think it’s possible Kershaw will stick around for one more. Might depend on how the team finishes. I wonder if May will be any good anytime soon. Buehler is the mix. As is Pepiot. I think I’d rather have Snell than Urias. We could be ok if we score a lot again.


Yamamoto, Miller, Pepiot, Buehler, Sheehan, Stone, Giolito, Lynn, and maybe Kershaw. Trades aren’t needed nor are big contracts for Snell and Urias.

I would love it if DeLuca could be Russelled/Lopesed into a great fielding 3rd baseman.

Add hitters. Pitching is covered.





RC Dodger

Excellent article Jeff.
The Braves have come into town and not only won two games, but controlled the games. Dodgers deserve credit for hanging in the games, but so far the Braves have been the better team.
I also don’t understand removing Betts and Freeman from the game in the 8th inning of a 6-0 game with 2 runners on base. Even though Wong hit a 3 run HR, he could have pinch hit for someone else and hit one out. Let Mookie and Freddie hit in the 8th and then remove them in the 9th if you don’t score.
in my opinion, Julio has some sort of arm injury. He had major shoulder surgery in 2017, and Keith Law and others, did not expect Julio to return as an effective pitcher in the mlb after that surgery. But Julio has been really good until this year. His career ERA was 2.82 entering this season which is among the best in MLB. Probably only Kershaw and DeGrom have better career ERAs coming into the year. However, this year Julio’s ERA is 4.60. He didn’t just forget how to pitch this year and the combination of his lower velocity and ineffectiveness points to arm issue. I hope I am wrong, but this does not resemble the Julio of the last 5 years.


Before we go anointing Atlanta, remember what happened last season. The NL teams with the best record did not make it out of the postseason. In the postseason, Morton and Freid are 1-1 and 0-2 respectively against the Dodgers. You have to beat your competition on the field, not on posts on some blog. Once on the field anything can happen and often does. Last year, Strider, Morton and Freid all lost their starts to the Phillies in the NLDS. And guess who they are lined up to meet again??? That is right, the Phillies. Now they might have some revenge in mind, but the Phils have been hitting the cover off of the ball, and their starting pitching and bullpen, including Kimbrel, has been very good. Even Trea Turner is returning to form, and scarier than that is Harper is hitting the ball like he did his MVP season now, Let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride. RIP Jimmy Buffett. Margaritta Ville is closed.


“You have to beat your competition on the field”

You mean like the Braves just did to us? Twice.

Best concert I ever went to – Jimmy Buffet in North Carolina. Started with a Parrot Head party in a parking lot, a bus ride to the Charlotte Coliseum, 3 hours of fantastic music and full costume puppet parades inside the building, then the bus ride back. Parrot Heads know how to have a good time and Jimmy Buffet knew how to put on a show.


Those two losses won’t mean a thing in October. Dodgers beat Braves two of three to begin the seasons series. I am not sweating losses now. In October, then I will be concerned.

Singing the Blue

Dave, up above, suggested we make Urias a Qualifying Offer. If the front office has any clue that something might be wrong with his arm, that could be very dangerous. We might wind up paying him $18MM to sit out 2024 rehabbing from TJ.

Snell is going to get himself a very nice contract. I’m concerned about his injury history. Considering the Padres, Yankees and Mets will all be needing pitching, I’ll be happy to let one of them outbid us.

Assuming Ohtani won’t pitch next year, I wouldn’t mind seeing the following guys in the opening day rotation (assuming all are healthy):
Buehler, Kershaw, Miller, Pepiot, Hyun Jin Ryu (welcome home!)

Ryu has pitched very well since coming back from surgery, he’s 36 year sold, so wouldn’t require a long or expensive contract. If CK retires, I would think about bringing back Lynn, if nothing else because he’ll give us innings.

We’ll also have Stone, Sheehan, Grove and possibly Knack and Frasso who might be ready to start some games when others go down with injuries. In the meanwhile one or two can be part of the bullpen since they could all go multiple innings. These days, that’s more important than ever with bullpen usage being what it is.

And absolutely sign Yamamoto if we can get him.

Last edited 8 months ago by Singing the Blue

Snell looks ok to me. He’s pitched 128, 128, and now 150+. He will be 31 next year. His biggest negative is his agent.

Yes on Yamamoto.

I regurgitate, Urias to date has not pitched well enough to justify $18 million. If he finishes strong, maybe. I don’t expect it, but, will look for it.


He won’t take it anyway. Not with Borass calling the shots. I see no problem making the QO.

Singing the Blue

He’ll take it immediately if he knows he’ll be needing TJ surgery in November.



Singing the Blue

I would think he’d try to sign with someone before he has surgery or he’ll have to go a year without any salary. Since the World Series doesn’t end until late Oct-early Nov, that was my reasoning.


Oh. Ok. Whoever intends to offer would want him to pass a physical. Nobody is going to want him if he needs surgery.


Just saw a crawler on my screen that said Reds up to 4 pitchers testing positive for Covid. Gulp,


Covid, comeback player of the year.


Things that bother me about the Dodgers:

Mickey Owens’ error.
The Shot heard heard around the world.
Reggie Jackson’s butt.
Craig Nettles’ 3rd base defence in WS against Dodgers.
Failure to not change signals against Astros


not walking Jack Clark

Singing the Blue

Not walking Acuna with the bases loaded the other night.  😁 

Singing the Blue

Ya gotta admire Nettles. His defense that series was incredible.

Singing the Blue

Badger, continuing our Urias conversation from above, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boras get him a deal even with the knowledge that he’ll need surgery.

Something like 2 or 3 mil, to keep him fed during the year he misses, and then a team option of something like 20 mil for the following year.

That way Urias gets paid while he sits out and has a pillow deal to prove himself in 2025, assuming he recovers well from the surgery. He’ll still only be going into his age 29 year in 2026 and could then get himself a good size/good length contract.


Wait a minute! We don’t know if Urias has any kind of injury at all. That’s just conjecture!


True. But something is amiss with him.

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